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You’ll Never Meat Someone So Misinformed

, , , , , | Friendly | January 16, 2023

I’m at a high school club meeting. I’m casually talking to [Friend] and a freshman, and the topic of dietary restrictions comes up. Both [Friend] and I are vegetarian.

Freshman: “Oh, that’s bad. You’ll die if you don’t eat meat for more than ten years, you know.”

Me: “I’ve been a vegetarian since I was three.”

Freshman: “How old are you?”

Me: “I’m seventeen.”

Freshman: “You’ll die if you don’t eat meat for longer than fourteen years, then.”

[Friend] is Indian.

Friend: “My dad has been a vegetarian for his entire life. You do realize that there are entire cultures that are vegetarian, right?”

Freshman: “No, that’s not true. My dad said that humans are meant to eat meat, and you’ll die if you don’t.”

Sounds like someone’s parents are either very ill-informed or really don’t want vegetarian kids.

They Should Guard Their Mouth More Carefully

, , , , , , , | Healthy | January 13, 2023

I have been working at a few different entrances at a hospital during the global health crisis, monitoring visitors and handing out masks. One day, I’m working with a security guard who is newer and seems to be one of the better ones so far. I rethink this after the following situation.

On this particular day, I’m at a part of the hospital where all the labour, delivery, postpartum, and antepartum units are. We watch a female patient wheel herself outside using a wheelchair. Once past the doors, she gets up from the chair and walks the very short distance over to the smoking area.

The security guard then starts laughing.

Security Guard: “It’s a miracle!”

I stare at her.

Security Guard: “I just watched a miracle! She can walk!”

I just shrugged my shoulders. I should have said something, but I was having a frustrating shift and didn’t feel like getting into it with anyone else.

Unless you’re the patient’s nurse or doctor, you don’t know everything that is going on. For all we know — and I think this was a very likely possibility — this patient was on bed rest but was allowed to do minimal walking and was instructed by the unit to go by wheelchair anytime she left her room.

I’m sure [Security Guard] didn’t mean to be mocking, but a little sensitivity goes a long way!

Her Plans Of Saving Gas Went Up In Smoke

, , , , , | Related | January 12, 2023

Mom is a smoker. I am not. I have recently purchased a nice used vehicle for myself whose previous owner did not smoke in it. I am determined to keep it this way, which is fine with Mom. She doesn’t like that I won’t let her smoke in it, but she respects my decision and honors it.

We need to head to the store for weekly groceries.

Me: “Hey, which vehicle are we taking? Yours or mine?”

Mom: “Oh, it doesn’t matter to me. Whichever you want to take is fine.”

Me: “You aren’t allowed to smoke in mine.”

Mom: “We’re taking mine.”

Tales From The Park At Candy Mountain

, , , , , , , | Friendly | January 12, 2023

I was babysitting my friend’s kids, and we had all just come back from the park. The oldest retreated to her room as she often does, and I started entertaining the younger. I had worked up a sweat having to carry the youngest on my shoulders and his bike up the hill to the house, so I decided to strip off my shirt to cool down some. I figured a two-year-old boy wasn’t going to complain if the man watching him showed off his non-abs for a little while.

However, the kid found my naked belly amusing and started playing with my belly button. Surprisingly, he managed to notice the tiny, white — and usually nearly impossible to see — scar running along the length of my belly button and asked me what it was. So, I was obliged to try to explain that I had donated a kidney to a child around his age a long time ago, even though I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t fully understand.

Me: “So, now that boy has the two kidneys he always had and my kidney, meaning he gets three kidneys and I only have one.”

My friend’s son is still learning to talk, and to be honest, I only get about two-thirds of what he is saying, so this is just my best attempt to translate his babble.

Kid: “Me have three kidneys.”

Me: “You do?! Why do you get three?”

Kid: “Me have them!”

Me: “Well, if you have an extra kidney, I think you should share one with me. Then we would each have two.”

Kid: “No, my kidney.”

Me: “You’re not going to share?! But you have three, and I only get one. Is that fair?”

Kid: “No, me need them.”

Me: “Oh? Why do you need an extra kidney?”

Kid: “Me need three to be [Kid].”

Me: “You do, now? And where did you get your extra kidney from?”

There was a good bit of babble here I wasn’t able to translate, but this is the bit I was able to get.

Kid: “At the park. The bad, bad, bad park in a box.”

Me: “You found your kidney in a box at a bad park? Well, that seems totally legit. I’m sure no one is going to be asking questions about that.”

Later, when his mom got home, I couldn’t help but share that little tidbit.

Me: “And speaking of parks, did you know that your son told me he found a kidney in a box at a ‘bad, bad, bad’ park?”

Friend: “You know what? I’m not going to ask about that.”

Me: “Good idea — less to explain to the cops that way.”

Every Now And Then, Things Just Work Out

, , , | Right | CREDIT: realtomgl | January 11, 2023

One day at my old hotel, a guest came to check in. He was an elderly man with a walker, and he was very sweet.

Guest: “I really need an accessible room with a roll-in shower. Most of your regular rooms have tub/shower combos, and I can’t use lift my leg to get into a tub. I had to book last-minute due to a family emergency, and only standard rooms were available.”

I double-checked the inventory and, yes, all accessible rooms were either rented or had been reserved for today. I started checking the arrivals list. Maybe one of our regulars had booked an accessible room by mistake — it happens — and would switch to a standard. But only one reservation had booked an accessible room, and it was through a third party, so there was no way to tell whether that person really needed it or not.

I was about to explain to [Guest] that we just didn’t have any accessible rooms available when I overheard my coworker greet and begin to check in a couple that walked up. This couple had the third-party reservation. I quickly excused myself from my station, dashed over to my coworker, and interrupted.

Me: “Do you need an accessible room, or would you prefer a standard king with a standard bathroom?”

The couple seemed confused. The third-party site hadn’t specified to them what kind of room they were getting, but they didn’t need a roll-in shower room.

I quickly told my coworker to switch their room with [Guest]’s room.

I went back to [Guest] and explained what was happening, and he walked over to the couple and gave them a hug.

Somehow, Serendipity was on our side and everyone got the room they wanted. [Guest] was very grateful, and we got a glowing review online.