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Revenge Is A Dish Best Served With All The Colors

, , , , , | Working | January 10, 2023

I work in a fast-food place in a pretty white neighborhood. I’m the only person of color (Asian) and I have long hair. A regular customer likes to pick on me with snide remarks and micro-aggressions with racial undertones. It’s nothing I haven’t experienced my whole life, but it seems my indifference to his special attention is getting under his skin.

After being served he comes back with a complaint.

Customer: “Get me your manager! My sandwich had a long black hair in it!”

I get the manager and they discuss the situation, both staring back at me multiple times. The manager finally gives the man a refund and a replacement sandwich.

Manager: “You need to be more careful with your hair.”

Me: “I’m not the only one here with long black hair.”

Manager: “I don’t care. I had to refund him and give him a replacement sandwich.”

Me: “Did he show you his sandwich with the hair in it?”

Manager: “…no.”

Me: “Interesting.”

A few days later, the same regular comes in. Lo and behold, he returns a few minutes after ordering with the same complaint and pointing at me. Same deal, refund, and replacement.

Manager: “I thought I told you to tie your hair back.”

Me: “I’m literally wearing a hat over it right now.”

Manager: “Enough! I don’t want to hear it. Sort it now!”

Tired of this, I decide I am going to do something about it.

A few days later I am wearing my hat, extra tight to make sure absolutely nothing comes out. Same regular, same order, same complaint. This time both of them come storming up to me.

Manager: “[My Name]! This is the third time this has happened! This customer is beginning to suspect you’re doing it on purpose, and I am inclined to believe him!”

Me: To the customer. “You found a long dark hair in your sandwich again, sir?”

Customer: “Yes I did, and I know it was you!”

Me: “May I see the hair, sir?”

Customer: “You may not! I am the customer! Know your place, girl! In this country, the customer is always right!”

Me: “So you found a long black hair in your sandwich, today, and you think I did it?”

Manager: “Yes he did, and it’s looking suspicious [My Name].”

Me: “That’s very odd, you see…”

I take off my hat to reveal my brand-new hairstyle. It is a kaleidoscope of colors! Reds, blues, and greens, all fading into each other like a rainbow. My cousin is a hairstylist and specializes in Asian customers who want to color their hair, so I told her to go nuts! Sky’s the limit! It took ages, but it was free and fun!

Me: “…I don’t have black hair at the moment. If you could show me a hair that has all these colors then I’ll apologize, but if it’s just dark it has to belong to someone else.”

The manager and customer are both initially silenced by my hair and statement. The manager finally turns to the customer.

Manager: “You did say it was a dark hair, sir, so I’m afraid it can’t be my employee.”

The customer harrumphs and storms out. I eventually quit that place when I realized my manager wasn’t going to apologize and indicated he shared some of the outdated views as my customer/accuser.

Days That Make You Wish You Could Stay In Bed

, , | Right | January 9, 2023

One day at work, I was on my way to the bathroom to blow my nose as I had a cold and a runny nose. A customer asked for my help along the way, so I helped her before proceeding.

After I got out of the bathroom, my manager approached me.

Manager: “There’s been a complaint about you. A woman you just helped came to me and said you were sniffing the whole time you talked to her. She said it was disgusting and I should do something about it!”

This Guy Was A Gas Until His Employees Blew Up

, , , | Working | January 7, 2023

I worked in the food industry, and I was the night shift manager. Our boss made us work six days a week and compensate for our day off with a double shift when the morning shift had theirs. I know, it was hellish.

On one double shift, the power went off in the entire neighborhood. And because of municipal regulations, gas goes out in food establishments with the power, for protection, really.

I called my boss and let him know that, due to the power being out, we couldn’t work (we sold pasta).

Boss: “Don’t go anywhere. I’m on the way with a gas worker to bypass the security valve.”

As soon as I got that message, I told the team we were walking out. I closed the shop and left for home.

My boss called me completely enraged.

Me: “Under no circumstances am I going to endanger my coworkers like that. You can manage the shop without a security valve if you want to, but we won’t come back if it’s bypassed tomorrow.”

I quit not too long after that. He was cheating us out of 75% of our salary, and he wasn’t paying the corresponding taxes for having employees, which meant we had no insurance, no health care, and no retirement payments.

What Happens When The Monsters Come Out From Under The Bed

, , , , , , , | Related | January 6, 2023

I suffer from tinnitus, which is a persistent ringing in the ears. Because of this, I have trouble falling asleep. To combat the problem, I wear wireless headphones to bed that are connected to my computer, where I play “white noise” videos on YouTube. “White noise” sounds like a softer version of television or radio static; people who suffer from my condition listen to it to “drown out” the auditory ringing noise until the brain eventually is trained to tune the noise out.

One day, my wireless headphone set died. I was quite upset, as I knew I was going to have trouble falling asleep. I did manage to fall asleep eventually, but suddenly, at random, I heard music box chimes playing all throughout my dreams, which drove me almost crazy as I had no idea where it was coming from.

I woke up to find that my little seven-year-old sister had taken the little chiming music box that my dad would wind up and play next to her on nights when she would have night terrors, and she had put it next to my head — apparently concerned about me not being able to fall asleep.

I mentioned it to her the following morning and laughed about how I was hearing the chimes in my dreams, and I was looking all over the place in my dreams trying to find where it was coming from.

Days later, I got a new pair of wireless headphones, and this time I had checked in early after a long, exhausting day. I turned on my favorite white noise video on YouTube, put my wireless headphones on, and crashed for the night.

Suddenly, I began dreaming that I was robbing a bank and was in an intense shootout with the police and SWAT! 

Then, the dream changed and I found myself in an anime.

Then, suddenly, my all-time favorite song began playing. I began bobbing my head and started singing along as I woke up… to find my sister at my computer, her body trembling uncontrollably with stifled laughter, redhanded with her fingers on the keyboard. She had several YouTube windows open, and the next one she was aiming for was the classic final boxing match from the movie “Rocky IV”.


I leaped out of bed. My sister shrieked and ran off to her room, burying herself under a mountain of blankets while giggling hysterically.

Annoyed, I went back to my room to switch the video back. This kid had quite an interesting night planned for me: the other windows she had open were YouTube search results with phrases like, “You shall not pass,” “car chase,” “Jaws theme,” “[Video Game] final boss,” “Say hello to my little friend,” etc.

But on a positive note, since I had discovered that external sounds could influence my dreams, I went on to create a playlist that would include guided meditations that I would hear in my sleep. It proved to be an EXCELLENT anxiety reliever.

Thanks to that little monster.

I’d Prefer To Pretend There’s A Stork Involved

, , , , , , , | Friendly | January 6, 2023

I’ve sadly been struggling to conceive for a while now — my fault for waiting too long for Mr. Right before accepting that wasn’t happening and deciding to be a single mother by choice. It’s at the point where I’m going to have to do IVF to have any chance of becoming a mother.

I’ve decided I want my child to know something about his biological father, so I’ve asked a close personal friend to be my sperm donor for the IVF. He says he’s honored to help and can’t wait to babysit if I ever need it.

Since the clinic is a few hours away and I’m paranoid about getting stuck in traffic or something and missing my chance, I’ve insisted that my friend let me pay for a hotel room close to the clinic so we can drive up the night before.

I am talking with my friend/donor about the logistics when he says this.

Friend: “So, do you know what night I go to a sleazy hotel with you to get you pregnant yet?”

Me: *Laughing* “Could you say that any creepier?”

Friend: “Sure, if you insist. Are you ready to pay a bunch of money so you can sleep with a strange man you don’t love just to get pregnant yet?”