Won’t Be A Nice Day For Anyone

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(I have just handed the customer his change and receipt.)

Me: “Thank you. Have a nice day.”

Customer: *frowns and snaps* “Don’t tell me what kind of day to have!”

(I am at first uncertain if he is kidding, but he looks angry and is staring at me expectantly. I’m bewildered as to what response he is looking for.)

Me: “I’m sorry, sir. Have… a day of whatever type you’d prefer?”

Customer: *smiles brightly and sounds genuinely pleased* “Thank you! You, too!”

Bad Parenting For Hundreds Of Miles

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(We are sold out, as is every hotel for at least a hundred miles. This is normal for a summer Saturday. A woman comes in at two am looking for a room. I call everywhere I can think of heading east — she’s going that direction — and then finally get a hotel in Billings that had a late cancelation. We book the room for her. She asks to use the bathroom and brings her daughter in. Then, she turns to me and glares.)

Mother: “Now, tell my sweet angel why you won’t give us a room, and why she can’t go to bed yet.”

Me: *looking at her in shock* “No. I found you a room and that is all I can do.”

(She left still complaining about my “unreasonableness.”)

Stealing Away Their Complaint

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(I am an assistant at a store. We wear red shirts and jeans or khakis. Typically we only have two to three people on staff per shift. My cashier hands me the phone.)

Customer: “I was just in there. I bought a lot of things, and a young man said he was told by the employees to take my things out to my car for me. He walked out, didn’t put them in my car, and said, ‘Bye, b****,’ and took off with my bags.”

Me: “I am sorry, ma’am, but there is not very much I can help you with. Would you like to file a police report? I might actually be able to pull up the video if you give me the time this happened. I could even burn you a copy to give to the police.”

Customer: “No, I don’t want to file a police report. The man said your employees told him to help me to my car; I need you to fix it.”

Me: “I don’t think I can help you, other than with a DVD of the incident. Was he wearing our uniform? Did you ask the cashier for help? I don’t see how we are at fault. I do apologize that this happened, but there really isn’t much I can do.”

(She continued to repeat herself and ask for someone higher up, so I asked her to call in or come back Monday morning. I got curious, checked the video, and found the man she claimed took her items. I went over and over the video; he bought dog food and toilet paper bagged in two separate bags. He did pick up two of her bags, but he also did take them to her car, and as I saw him leave he only had his two bags. Not sure if she was trying to scam us or genuinely believed the bags in his hands were hers.)

His Argument Is Getting Week-er

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(The YMCA where I volunteer switched from swiping cards to scanning them in March. As the machine we used to swipe the cards is attached to the front desk, we cover it in duct tape so that members will refrain from using it. It is now August.)

Me: “Good morning!”

(The member ignores me and gets out his wallet to find his card. After taking a few minutes to find his card, he attempts to swipe it over the duct tape.)

Me: “You can actually just scan your card over here, sir.”

(I gesture to the scanner, but the member continues to ignore me.)

Me: “Excuse me, sir, but we no longer swipe the cards; we have switched to the scanner.”

(I gesture to the scanner once more and the member finally takes notice of me.)

Member: “Why can’t I swipe my card?”

Me: “We have switched over to this scanner.”

Member: “When did that happen?”

Me: “We actually switched over a couple of months ago.”

Member: “I swiped my card last week!”

(I know this is not possible, as the swipe machine no longer works and has not for months.)

Me: “Okay… Here, let me do this for you.”

(I take the card from the member, scan it, and let him into the facility.)

Coworker: “He does this every week!”

Driving In The Fraud

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(Our college is part of a local bus card scheme. Students pay a £5 deposit and are eligible for discounted fares on local buses. However, students in receipt of a college bursary are entitled to have the deposit waived. A parent has come in to hand in a form for the bus card for her son.)

Parent: “I’ve been told that I just have to write ‘bursary’ on the front and it will be free.”

Me: “If your son is receiving bursary, then yes, you would be entitled to have the fee waived. Has he been approved for it?”

Parent: “No, I can’t get hold of them.”

Me: “Okay, not a problem. We can hold onto the form until it’s approved. When did the application go in?”

Parent: “I haven’t applied for it yet! I can never get hold of anyone!”

Me: “I’m sorry about that. In that case, you would have to either pay the £5 deposit, or make the application for bursary and return the bus card form when that has been approved.”

Parent: “For God’s sake, this is so complicated! It’s like pulling teeth! Why can’t you just send the form and tell them the bursary is approved?!”

Me: “Because that would be fraud, madam.”

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