That Just Crossed A Line  

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(It is a slow night. I have no one in my line. My coworker behind me has two customers. One is taking very long to finish.)

Coworker: “Hey, [My Name], can you take her?” *points to the other customer*

Me: “Sure!”

(The lady and I start to put stuff on my line. I have my back turned to the register, and when I put some of the lady’s stuff down, I see that someone has just come on my line.)

Me: “Oh! Hello, I’m sorry but this lady is—”

Customer: *on my line* “WHAT THE H*** ARE YOU DOING?!”

Me: “I… I am taking this lady’s stuff on my line because she has been waiting. I’m sorry, but I did not see you. You can go to register five if you—”

Customer: “Where is your manager?”

(By this time, I am starting to check out the lady.)

Me: “I… I don’t know. I think he left.”

(I finish up with the lady and start to ring the other customer up.)

Customer: “I am going to talk to your manager. You should have not done this.”

(I finish and she goes to the front end. I am about to cry because I have only had this job for a few months and need money. My coworker behind me is trying to calm me down. One of the front end people comes to me and asks what happened. I tell her.)

Me: “I was just trying to help.”

Front End Coworker: “Okay, don’t worry about it.”

(She goes back, and I see the customer leave the store. My front-end coworker comes back and tells me that I am not in trouble.)

Me: “Thank you.”

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(My husband immigrated to the US as a child from a non-European nation. In order to fit in a little better, his cousins suggested that he go by an English name instead of his more difficult to pronounce legal one. Thus, I’ve gotten accustomed to having to spell his name whenever dealing with official matters at the bank, doctor’s offices, etc. Once in a while, I get to have the following exchange.)

Employee: “And what’s your husband’s name?”

Me: “I’m just going to spell it. It’s—” *spells distinctly non-English name starting with a W*

Employee: “Oh, what an interesting name! How do you say it?”

Me: “Bobby.”

Employee: *laughs*

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Will Not Espresso The Way You Expect It To

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(Sundays are notorious for being bad days; this one is no different. Not only am I working with two new hires, but it is very busy and customers have been extremely rude. I’ve just had several customers yell at me when I’m at my breaking point.)

Customer: “Miss, did you make my cappuccino?”

Me: *expecting to get yelled at* “I believe I did. Is there something wrong?”

Customer: “No, not at all! I just wanted to tell you that it was made perfectly! Thank you very much!”

(Customers like that make my day! Remember to thank your baristas; that small compliment made me forget about the rude customers.)

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Try To Out-Guess Yourself

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(A patron is complaining because he can’t come up with a new email address for himself. I’ve told him multiple times that he needs to be more original.)

Patron: “It’s doing it to me again! Will you come and take a look at it?” 

Me: “I can look, but it’s like I’ve told you: you need to come up with something original”. 

Patron: “Well, I don’t know what to do!” 

Me: “…” 

Patron: “I mean, I even put in my old email address!” 

Me: “You’re putting in your old email address as a ‘unique’ name?” 

Patron: “Yes!” 

Me: “But that’s an address that has already been used. By you, no less.”

Patron: “So, I have to come up with something else still?” 

Me: “Yes. Something no one else has used. Including yourself.”

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Needs An iTakeItBack  

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(I work at a popular game store where we have just recently begun taking in iDevices on trade. One day while I am working alone, this is the phone call I receive.)

Me: “Thank you for calling [Store]; this is [My Name]. How can I help you?”

Customer: “Yes, my son went in there a few days ago and traded in his iPhone. He had planned on using the money he got for it to get a new phone, but we decided we aren’t going to get one anymore.”

Me: “Okay?”

Customer: “Well, since we don’t want to get a new phone anymore, can we just get our old one back?”

Me: “Well… unfortunately, we can’t do that.”

Customer: “Can’t we just give you the money you gave us for it?”

Me: “Ma’am, there would be no way for me to do it. When we take an iDevice on trade-in, it automatically gets put as defective and we send it back to our warehouse to be restored and cleaned before we are even allowed to sell it. Even if your phone was still in our store, we wouldn’t be able to sell it back to you.”

Customer: *a bit irritated* “So, we’re just stuck, then? You can’t just void the transaction or something?”

Me: “Our systems won’t let us do that. If you guys would have changed your mind right away, or maybe even an hour later, we might have been able to help, but there’s nothing we can do about a transaction that happened two days ago.”

Customer: “This is ridiculous!”

Me: “Ma’am, when you traded the phone in, we had you sign a paper that told you basically once the phone was traded in it was no longer yours and that you were fine with losing all memory on it. Do you remember doing that?”

Customer: “Well… what if I told you the phone was technically my phone since the plan is under my name and he stole it from me and sold it?”

(I am highly confused since she has already informed me that they had traded in the phone in the thought of buying a new one, indicating her son didn’t actually steal it.)

Me: “Well, then, ma’am, you’ll have to file a police report against your son and when the police talk to us, then we can help you out with that.”

Customer: “Fine! I’ll just do that, then!” *click*

(We never heard from the police about that iPhone.)

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