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(I work as a service advisor at a car dealership that services multiple mak= es. I am a new employee and, unfortunately for me, specialize in one brand = in particular that already has a reputation for being notoriously unreliabl= e – being in the trenches I can vouch that the reality is even worse than t= he perception. The business has been operating since the 1800s but only beg= an servicing this make the week before this incident; another dealership in= the area for the same manufacturer closed recently and I had been employed= there for years, so my new workplace hired me for my expertise. As we are = still brand brand new we literally have one mechanic who knows the cars and= is certified to work on them – he came from my old store with me – but as = the cars are terrible and perpetually broken the demand for appointments is= extremely high. We’ve been scheduling at a rate of about one week&#03= 9;s worth of bookings per day and with unplanned cars towed in and disabled= we already have enough of a backlog of cars onsite to keep my tech busy fo= r another two weeks even though we’ve been open for less than that. My= phone rings – it’s a representative from the manufacturer’s cust= omer helpline calling.)

Caller: I have a mutual customer of ours, (name), who is having a charging = problem with his electric car. He says he can’t get an appointment for= a month?
Me: That sounds accurate. As you can probably see in your system we literal= ly just opened last week – we still only have one technician, so we aren&#0= 39;t exactly ready to keep up with demand yet. We’re working on gettin= g more bodies but we don’t have a timeline, so we’re certainly no= t going to schedule appointments for technicians that may not exist.
Caller: That makes complete sense. I’m trying to see if there’s a= nything I can do for this customer – he’s asking me to provide a renta= l car to him for a month until the appointment. Obviously I don’t thin= k we can do that, but I feel bad for him and I’m wondering if there&#0= 39;s anything we can work out.
Me: I’m not surprised to hear from you; I actually sicced him on you g= uys when he complained to me about it first this morning. Sorry! But when y= ou say you feel bad for him.. I have a feeling he didn’t tell you the = WHOLE story.
Caller: *laughs* When you put it that way I have a feeling he didn’t e= ither. What’s the whole story?
Me: He was one of the lucky very first people to secure an appointment. He = had one for yesterday for the charging system concern and the latest recall= .
Caller: Did he no-show?
Me: Oh no, he was here. I went out to his car and said, ‘Hi, (customer= ); I hear you’re hear today for a charging issue and the recall?’= And he said, ‘Oh, don’t worry about the charging problem. I alre= ady fixed that, so we don’t need to do anything about it. Just the rec= all, and I need to get out of here as fast as possible! I’m in a hurry= !’ So I didn’t ask any more questions about a charging issue and = we didn’t look into it, but we DID bend over backwards to get him in a= nd out within about a half hour on the recall. And today he called me and s= aid ‘Never mind, I had the charging problem again. I really wish you g= uys had spent a little more time looking into it.’ When he was the one= who told us to pretend we never heard about it in the first place, and was= in SUCH a huge hurry to get his car finished.
Caller: ..Oh. I see. Yeah, he definitely didn’t mention any of that. Me: I did tell him if he can leave his car with us on standby we’ll ge= t to it as soon as we can, but I certainly can’t guarantee we’ll = look at it right away or even the same day. Our priority is appointments, t= hen cars that are completely unusable because you can’t plan emergenci= es, then ones like his that are intermittent issues or inconveniences but n= ot disabling the vehicle. If he doesn’t want to wait a month, he could= try one of the other dealerships – they’re not that close, but they d= o exist.
Caller: That makes perfect sense to me too.. It sounds like he might not be= as reasonable though.
Me: Seriously. When he was looking for a pen so I could give him your helpl= ine number I could hear him grumbling to someone else about how it was stup= id that we only have one mechanic. I wanted to tell him, ‘Come on, dud= e. Two weeks ago there wasn’t even a dealership.’
Caller: As far as I could tell from his description, his car is working rel= iably too. He’s just getting a warning once in awhile. I didn’t e= ven really get why he’d need a rental until his appointment.
Me: Ha! Well now I have even less sympathy. Anything else I can help you wi= th?
Caller: No, I think we’re good. I’ve got all the info I need. Enj= oy the rest of your day!
Me: Good luck with him, and have a good weekend!

(I guess I’ll get an earful from him next month when his appointment r= olls around. Unless he decides he’s fixed his own problem again by the= n.)

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At the car dealership where I work, customers are brought up to the window to pay their down payment, then we go out to sign the paperwork with them. Today, we had a customer come up to the window, look at the card reader, which is clearly labeled “no chip”, meaning we can’t read chips in cards, so customers have to swipe their card. Then she says the following:

Customer: “Oh, so this doesn’t take chips, right? I have to swipe.”
Me: “Yep, it doesn’t have a chip reader, so just swipe the card.”
Me: (Internally thinking) “Gee, what gave it away? The label that says “no chip?”

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(I am working a temporary job at one of the largest car dealerships in the state. The dealership itself covers multiple acres and the building is huge with wall to wall glass windows and several vehicles inside on the showroom floor, including large trucks parked on elevated fake mountain settings. To get in, you must first park in the customer parking area and walk past several rows of for sale vehicles. I am sitting behind a desk near the entrance, I have a large SUV parked behind me.)

Customer: *walks up to desk* “Excuse me?”

Me: “Yes, Sir? Can I help you?”

Customer: *completely serious* “Is this Bob’s Discount Furniture?”

(He wasn’t joking. I ended up having to print out directions for him.)

As A Matter Of Fact…

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I work for a rather large group of dealerships. We answer the phones for fourteen dealerships and collision centers, plus our head office. I get a call on the head office line. It is important to note that each of our dealerships has service and parts departments that deal with specific types of cars.

Me: “Good afternoon, [head office]; [My Name] speaking.”

In the background, I hear a male voice say, “Parts,” followed by a closer, female voice.

Customer: “Um… parts… please?”

Me: “For which dealership?”

The caller asks someone on the other side, “Which dealership?”

Customer: “Um… It doesn’t… matter?”

At this point, my head is hitting my desk.

Me: “What kind of car do you have?”

Customer: “Ummm… Saturn?”

I screamed internally while I transferred them to the right dealership.

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That Wasn’t The Deal(ership)

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I work in the service department of a car dealership. I receive a call from an elderly customer.

Customer: “I need a repair for my roof. A garage door dropped on my car.”

Me: “Oh my, sorry to hear that. We can absolutely fix that for you. Would you like a cost estimate beforehand?”

Customer: “Why would I need that?”

Me: “Well, some people need one for the insurance company if someone else caused the damage, or they would want one for themselves if they have to pay. That’s up to you.”

Customer: “But you’re going to pay!”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Customer: “You have to do the repair work for free.”

Me: “I’m sorry but I don’t understand. Why should we work on your car for free?”

Customer: “You are a [Brand] dealership and I drive a [Brand] car.”

Me: “Sir, with all due respect, [Brand] is not responsible for this kind of damage to your car. I suggest you speak to the person who owns the garage.”

Customer: “But that’s my garage!”

Me: “Then I suggest you speak to the manufacturer of the garage door and ask them if they would like to pay for the damage.”

He did eventually pay for the repair himself, but it took us weeks to convince him that we were absolutely not responsible for a malfunction on his garage door.

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