The Saturday Blues

, , , , | Right | January 25, 2021

I work four part-time jobs, usually about sixty to eighty hours a week, 5:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, 5:00 am to 1:00 pm on Sundays, and 8:00 am to 12:00 pm on Saturdays.

My car needs service, but as I work during the hours of operation for most businesses and can’t leave my car overnight, my options are limited. Finally, I find a dealership near me with extended Saturday hours. I make an appointment and bring my car in.

Technician: “Hello, how can I help you?”

Me: “Hi, my name is [My Name], and I have an appointment for 1:30.”

Technician: “Okay, I found you here. Let’s get you checked in. What seems to be the problem?”

I explain the issue.

Me: “I probably should have come sooner, but I work a lot, and this was the only time I wasn’t working and you were open. I work Saturdays, too, so this was the earliest I could come in.”

Technician: “Yeah… I work Saturdays, too…”

I felt so stupid and ignorant, complaining about working on Saturdays to someone who was working on a Saturday. It’s like the people who go shopping on holidays and complain to the workers that they shouldn’t be working, but they can’t be closed if you’re going to shop there.

The rest of the transaction went fine, though, with no resentment — I hope!

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Don’t Think! Just Buy!

, , , , | Working | January 4, 2021

I’m looking to buy a new car. I just want to get the bottom line price for comparison and get out.

I have some experience in sales; I understand some of the tricks and techniques, so I am quick to shut down any ploys.

Me: “Hi, I’m after a monthly cost for [Car Model] with [litre] engine, over three years, please. I’m just looking for prices today, not looking to make a sale.”

Salesman: “Okay, let me talk you through the options.”

Me: “The baseline model is fine for me, thanks.”

Salesman: *Taken aback* “Okay… Well, let’s talk protective coatings; the seats can be protected for as little as 9p a day.”

Me: “Sorry, but I just want the basic cost. If that’s affordable, we can talk about extras.”

Salesman: “Okay, so the paint protector covering—”

Me: “Again, sorry to interrupt, but I just want the basic price, no extras.”

Salesman: “What I’m going to do is put that in the quote, but as a separate line so you can see.”

Me: “That’s fine, thank you.”

Salesman: “I’ll just see if our finance team is available to go through the payment options for you.”

Me: “Again, no, thank you. I’m just looking at prices today.”

The salesman ignores me and starts looking around for the finance team.

Salesman: “It won’t take a moment; then you can ensure that you are cleared by a credit check.”

Me: “Again, I’m just looking for prices, if I can just have that printout.”

He reluctantly gave me the printout, and I thanked him and left. When I compared, this place was nearly 50% more expensive than anywhere else. No wonder they were so keen to get me to sign up and not think twice about it.

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Probably Found Out The Hard Way

, , , , , | Working | December 23, 2020

I am a scanning clerk at an auto dealership. My basic job, while simple enough to do, requires software training that nobody else but my coworker has onsite. Without us, there aren’t digital records of parts ordered, sales made, or repairs scheduled.

The health crisis is just starting to hit home in our state and businesses are cutting back and closing. My company employer is considered essential, but they’re furloughing nonessential departments. A meeting is held while my only coworker is out on a personal day.

Office Manager: “We’ll be sending home the majority of the accounting department, with the exception of [Senior Employee #1], [Senior Employee #2], [Senior Employee #3]. The sales teams will be cut down to a skeleton crew, and all other departments aside from parts and repairs will be cut down or closed.”

Me: “What about scanning? Are we part-time now?”

Office Manager: “No, you’ll both be taken off the schedule until [Governor]’s order is lifted.”

Me: “But what about the paperwork? It’ll back up and you won’t be able to access the fil—”

Office Manager: “We have it handled. Effective tomorrow, you’re both off the schedule. There are resources for everyone being furloughed on [Site associated with our employee records].”

I went home and told my coworker. We both slept in the next day, shopped for snacks, and met up to watch Netflix together. Before we got going, we both got a message from a different manager at our dealership that said, “Back to full-time, starting tomorrow. I don’t know what the h*** they were thinking.”

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Entitlement And Laziness Are Two Sides Of The Same Bad Customer Coin

, , , , | Right | December 18, 2020

I go to my car dealership to get an oil filter because I’m bringing my car to my usual mechanic for an oil change tomorrow.

I’m paying via debit and the guy hands me the machine. I’m used to paying with my iPhone, so I put it on the machine automatically only to see that there is a little sticker saying they don’t take Paypass. No problem.

Me: “Oh, sorry, you don’t take Paypass. I’ll use my card; just a sec.”

Worker: “Yes, sorry, you’re going to have to put your card in.”

Me: *Laughing.* “No worries. I’m just so used to paying with my phone that I don’t check anymore.” 

Worker: “At least you’re laughing. A lot of times, old men yell at me for that. Worst part is, most times their bills are over $100, so it wouldn’t work anyway…”

Me: “Wow, that sucks. It’s not as if there aren’t more valuable things to get angry about.”

People give me a headache. Getting angry because you have to take a card out of your wallet? Boy, have we become lazy.

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Something, Something, Brightest Bulb…

, , , , , | Working | December 4, 2020

I’m a woman. I bought a new car off the lot a few months ago, and it’s suggested that you bring the car back to the dealership after a few months to get a checkup. Sure, whatever, it’s free. So, as I hand my keys to the man behind the counter at the end of my signing in:

Me: “Oh, and my left high beam is aimed too high. Can I please get it aligned while it’s in?”

Receptionist: “Sure, I’ll show you how to do it right now.”

Me: “Sorry, what?”

Receptionist: “Come on; I’ll show you.”

Intrigued, I lead him to my car, where he asks me to unlock the door. I do, and I move to pop the hood, but he reaches in and pushes the headlight switch forward.

Receptionist: “There you go. You push this forward to turn on your high beams.”

Time stops as I blink at him slowly a few times.

Me: “Can I talk to someone else, please?”

Receptionist: “What?”

Me: “Like, anyone else. A manager, maybe.”

I’ve never asked for a higher-up a day in my life and don’t really know what to expect.

The receptionist walks me back and gets a manager. I explain what happened and the manager’s friendly smile falls, and then his mouth drops open.

There are profuse apologies, and I head out with a friend who’s picking me up for brunch to kill the few hours my car is in the shop.

I was greeted and helped by the manager when I returned, and he was careful to shield me from the receptionist.

To this day, I cannot imagine what he heard in my request to suggest that I didn’t know how to put my high beams on.

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