We’re Not Kitten; This Lady Is Great

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Last week, we received word that the local shelter had been running low on food and supplies to feed the animals there, as many had turned to the shelter for help feeling their pets during quarantine. This takes place in our local grocery store.

Old Lady: “Run me over, why don’t you! My, that’s a lot of pet stuff. I’m guessing you guys have a bunch of pets.”

We have a cart full of bags of food and litter, as well as wet food.

Me: “It’s not for us. The humane society is running low on food, so we’re donating.”

Old Lady: “Oh, well, good for you.”

Her phone rings and she wanders off.

Me: “Huh. Weird.”

A few minutes later, the lady hunts us down in the dog food aisle and shoves a $20 bill into my mom’s hand. She refuses to take it back no matter what.

Old Lady: “I have pets, too, you know.”

We used that extra money to buy kitten formula and food, as it is kitten season. Faith in humanity: restored.

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(My coworker and I are cleaning up the shop about a half hour after we have closed. The door is propped open so we can bring the outside tables and chairs inside, however it is very clear from looking at the restaurant that we are closed. However…)

Customer: *walks past my co-worker and I through the propped open door and towards the front counter*

Me: Excuse me? Ma’am? We’re closed.

Customer: *stares at me*

(It’s important to note that not only are all of the lights off in the store, but the chairs are stacked up, the tables are pushed to one side, and all of the pastries have been removed from the display case.)

Customer: Really? You are?

Co-Worker: Yes…?

Customer: Okay, bye. *leaves*

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I work in an art museum and a man entered the gallery I was in, which is just past the ticket desk. A security guard came in a few seconds later.

Guard: Excuse me sir, you need to buy a ticket.
Man: A ticket? For what?
Guard: For the museum.
Man: What?! This isn’t a museum.
Guard: Yes it is and you need to buy a ticket to be in here.
Man: No it’s not and I don’t need a ticket.
Guard: Yes you do.
Man: No I don’t.
(They proceed to stare at each other for 15 seconds)
Man: Well I’ve never needed a ticket before. I just pop in for a bit to see something real quick and then I leave. It’s always been free.
Guard: Sir, it may have been free at one time but that was decades ago. Now you can buy a ticket or you can leave.
Man: Fine. But I don’t see why I should have to buy a ticket.

They both walked out and I watched the guard escort him towards the exit. Then the guy took off down a hall, the guard sighed, shook her head and told another guard to head after him since she couldn’t leave her area. No clue if they eventually found him and forced him to leave.

Not Giving Customers “Extra” Reasons To Complain

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My friend and I stop at a sandwich shop in the food court at the mall. There’s one couple, a man and a woman, in line when we walk up. I hear the guy order a meatball sub with extra meatballs. I happen to watch the employee PILE a TON of meatballs and sauce on the sub, but I think nothing of it; it’s what the guy asked for, right?

My friend and I end up walking away with our subs at the same time as the couple. The guy checks his sub and is more amusedly surprised than angry.

Guy: “Woah! Can you believe how many meatballs they put on this thing? When I asked for extra, I didn’t know it meant that much.”

Remembering my days in fast food, I can’t help but comment:

Me: “Probably because every time a customer asks for that and they put extra on, they complain that it’s not enough and they wanted more.”

Guy: “Yeah. They must’ve been thinking, ‘We’ll show this guy extra!’”

We all had a good laugh before going our separate ways.

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Always Be Honest At The Doctor’s

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I have to go get routine blood work and I am not required to fast. I normally get lightheaded and dizzy when doing blood work but only when I have to fast. Still, I’m not the best with needles so I always try to warn the phlebotomist ahead of time.

Me: “Hey, just so you know, I’m not good with getting blood drawn and I have nearly fainted in the past once.”

Phlebotomist: “Nope, not again. Stand up.”

She has me get up off the chair so she can recline it so I’m less likely to get woozy. 

Me: “What did you mean not again?”

Phlebotomist: “I’ve had three appointments already today where people have fainted because they neglected to tell me they had issues with getting blood drawn until after they were on the ground.”

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