Floored By That Bad Idea

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(I am working in the jewelry department when I notice that someone has placed jewelry all over the floor. I begin picking it up and putting it away when a woman storms up.)

Customer: “Excuse me. I had placed jewelry aside to show my daughter and now it’s gone.”

Me: “Do you mean the items left on the floor?”

Customer: “Yes, and now I don’t know where I got it all from.”

Me: “Ma’am, I put it away because it was a safety issue. If someone had tripped on it, they could’ve hit their head on one of our fixtures and seriously injured themselves. Worst case scenario, someone could’ve died because of your negligence. If you want something set aside, you can leave it on the counters or hand it to me.”

Customer: “Whatever.”

(She left and came back later with her daughter to look again while shooting me dirty looks. I’d rather get dirty looks than have a lawsuit, thank you very much.)

InGen Up To Their Tricks Again

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(My boyfriend and I are standing at the new clouded leopard exhibit at our local zoo, which recently expanded and added several new animals. Next to the exhibit, there is a sign comparing the clouded leopard’s jaw and teeth to that of a sabertooth tiger, as they are strikingly similar. Sabertooth tigers have been extinct for about 10,000 years. While we’re standing there, a family of a mom, a dad, and a roughly fifteen-year-old daughter walk up to the exhibit.)

Mom: “Oh, what’s this one?”

Daughter: *glancing at sign* “It’s a, uh… sabertooth tiger.”

Mom & Dad: “Oh, wow!”

(They leave.)

Me & My Boyfriend: *stunned silence, wide-eyed disbelief*

(Then, a man who appeared to be in his forties walks up with a little girl, probably seven or eight.)

Man: “Look, honey! It’s a—“ *looks at sign* “—sabertooth tiger! How cool!”

(My boyfriend and I stood there for the next five minutes trying to rationalize what we had just witnessed. We then spent the rest of the day trying to imagine what kind of provisions a zoo would need to take in order to actually house a saber tooth tiger.)

This Is One Frozen You Can’t Let Go

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Like most American teenagers, my first job was in a fast food restaurant. I went through my fair share of interesting stories, from the customer who laughed with me when his total came to $6.66 to an old woman who complained her milkshake was too cold, but the most memorable one didn’t even involve a customer.

Our walk-in freezer, naturally, didn’t lock, so as to prevent such incidents as those commonly seen on sitcoms. The outer freezer behind the first door was more like a fridge; the inner freezer behind a second door was much colder.

On an uneventful night, I go back to the inner freezer for more fries. As I go in, the heavy doors to the outer and then the inner freezer each swing shut behind me, as always. As I’m picking up the box, the lights suddenly go out, leaving me in pitch-black darkness. I then hear a commotion outside the inner door, followed by the voice of a female manager yelling.

The freezer is small and square, so, confused but not worried, I drop the box and easily fumble my way to the door, but when I push it open, I feel and hear it pushing against something on the other side. I squeeze out through the small opening I made to find a rack of salads half-blocking the door and the manager both trying to move it and screaming at a male employee my age. There was no freak power outage; he’d turned the lights off while I was inside and started barricading the door!

I barely know anything about this kid besides his name. We’ve had no significant or hostile interactions that I can remember, no arguments or anything that night. I don’t know if I did something to annoy him without realizing it, or if he just decided to play a joke on a random person. If so, none of the managers that night or the next day find it funny. I don’t even get to confront him myself; he’s sent home immediately. The manager who caught him apologizes to me profusely, makes sure I’m all right, and assures me he won’t get away with it.

Once she learns what happened, my mother calls them twice that night in outrage, but it’s unnecessary. None of the higher-ups hesitate or waste any time. He’s fired immediately, and I never see him again. Apparently, in the world of fast food, trying to barricade someone in a freezer with the lights out is a 100% indefensible action.

Unfiltered Story #142129

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Me: Here’s your popcorn, enjoy the show.
Customer: Thank you. 
*Customer just stands there*
Customer: *screams* you’re supposed to say you’re welcome!!!!” 
Me: Oh, you’re welcome. 
*Runs to my manager and tells him how terrible my service was* 
My manager just laughed.

They Seem To Think It’s All In The Wrist

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(I am helping a customer pick out a watch as a gift for his wife. She is not there.)

Customer: “Do you adjust the size of the watch?”

Me: “Yeah, you can bring it into any one of our stores and it’s free of charge.”

Customer: “But I’m leaving back to my country soon. I’m only here on business; can’t you just do it now?”

Me: “Sir, I’m sorry, but I have to have the person here so they can try on the watch and see how it fits.”

(The customer then pulls out his phone and video calls his wife.)

Customer: “Honey, hold out your wrist so she can figure out how many links to take out.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but that won’t work, either. I can’t really tell from a picture how big or small her wrist is. There was another watch you were looking at that offers some links that can be taken out yourself. All you have to do is unclasp them like a bracelet, so you could do that when you get home.”

Customer: “Well, talk to my wife and figure out how tight or loose she wants it, and I can take it from there.”

(He handed me his phone, and I then had to talk to his wife, who didn’t speak a lot of English, about sizing a watch for her. I ended up just sizing it to my wrist, but it’s amazing how often this actually happens. Then I get in trouble with the managers for “being on my phone talking” when, no, I’m just really awkwardly working.)

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