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(Shortly after my boyfriend and I started dating and we were both still in
high school, I was over at his house.  His parents sent him to the grocery
stor a few blocks from their house and he took me with, mostly because I
have high functioning autism and am very nervous around people I don’t know
very well.  No idea how I got a boyfriend.  Anyway, we walked to the store,
got the stuff, and were heading back through the parking lot at the start of

Me: *cuts off what I am saying mid-word* “Omg, bouncy ball!” *pounces on it
and begins bouncing it as we walk*

Boyfriend: *waits a few moments* Um, continue?”

Me:  “what?”

Boyfriend: “You were saying something…”

Me: “I was?  Oh well, I can’t remember it.”

(There is a very large park exactly half way between his house and the store
and we just got to it.)

Boyfriend: *snatches ball out of the air before I could catch it and
examines it*

Me:  “hey!  Give me back my ball!” *grabs it back*. “You have your own
balls!”  (Not referring to bouncy balls.)

Boyfriend:  *very calmly* Yes, but if I were to bounce mine, it would hurt a
lot.” (Referring to the same thing I was)

(However, I did not expect it, did not expect any direct response to it at
all, and had to lay down in the grass by the gazebo because I was laughing
so hard and I stayed that way for a good ten minutes.  He sat down next to
me and waited patiently.  I was still chuckling about it by the time we
finally got to his house.)

Their Brain Is In Another Box

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I work at a medical courier company. Basically, I go to different hospitals and pick up and drop off blood and urine samples because different hospitals are equipped to do different kinds of tests. There are some cases where the samples have to be sent on a plane because only a couple hospitals in the country do those certain tests. I go to the airport, where I drop off the box of samples. The box is big and clearly marked, “Biohazard,” and there are some stickers that say, “Biological Substances.”

I’m in line, and a woman comes up to me, looks me straight in the face, and asks, “So, is that like… arms and legs?” I just looked at her for a good 15 seconds before saying, “No.”

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(I am a customer in this story. I was wearing street clothes that were very obviously not the uniform for the workers of the store. I had a cart full of items, and I had just spotted a box of generic cereal that was cheaper than the box I had in my cart, so I grabbed the generic box and then walked back and put the other box back on the shelf. Just then, another customer walked by and scooped a box of cookies I found on the clearance shelf out of my cart.)

Me: Um, excuse me. Those are mine.

Customer: I’m just helping you out.

Me *thinking it is a jab against my weight* Well I don’t need your help. Those are my cookies that I was going to buy.

Customer: Whatever. Just go back to stocking, I’m a customer, so I get first pick.

(She storms off, as I finally realize she thought I was an employee stocking shelves. I headed back to the bakery section, and I managed to find another box of cookies, but that aren’t on clearance. I then finished my shopping and headed up to the front to pay, using one of the self-checkout stands. Just as I was pulling the cookies, the same woman runs up and tries to grab the cookies away from me.)

Me: *slapping her hand away* Whoa, back off.

Customer: *screams at the top of her lungs* You gave me expired cookies! (The cookies I got originally were a day over sell-by date.) Give me the fresh ones!

Me: Lady, I don’t work here. These are mine, which is why I am buying them.

Customer: *screams incoherently and hits me in the face with her purse, before running off*

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(I have been a cam girl for 15 years. This has happened tons of times all over the world but this may be the funniest. I make my order at a fast food place and am waiting. A teen worker runs up front and this happens)

Teen worker: Oh my god! I know you!

Me: You do?

Teen worker: I mean, I know…. I…you look like. Uh.. sorry. (Does a couple circles likes he trying to think of a good cover.)

Other teen worker: Dude! What are you doing? You dont need to be up here at all! What the….! Sorry. We hire crazies.

Me: Its ok. I get that a lot but usually they arent that young.

(Its ok kiddo. I wont call your parents and tell them what you google.)

Doesn’t Provide Lip Service

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(I work for an HVAC company. We have a deaf customer, but she can read lips. We send a tech out to her home.)

Coworker: “I just got a call from [Tech] saying that [Deaf Customer] is completely ignoring him! He’s trying to explain something but she won’t even look at him; she keeps turning away!”

Boss: “What? Why?”

([Coworker] and [Boss] are discussing this while I’m on the phone with another customer.)

Me: *getting off the phone* “Who did we send out to [Deaf Customer]? She usually loves [Usual Tech]!”

Coworker: “Oh, no, we sent [Other Tech].”

Me: “You sent a heavily-bearded man to a deaf woman who reads lips?”

Boss: “Oh… no…”

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