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It’s Always Nice When They Give Up Easy

, , , , , , , | Right | December 6, 2022

I used to work for one of the big electronics retailers before they closed in 2009. One day, I was walking through what was called the “Merch” department — video games, consoles, computer games, cordless phones, computer parts, and weird random things. I walked up to a guy looking through the bargain bin for clearance video games.

Me: “Hi, finding everything all right?”

The “customer” — and I use the term loosely — turned around with a “You got me” look on his face, said as much as he handed me the Gameboy Advance SP he had conspicuously sticking out of the front of his pants, and promptly walked out.

I was left standing there confused as I couldn’t believe someone would think no one would notice something half the size of a cereal box sticking out of their pants.

I told one of the managers, who put in for me to get a theft prevention bonus. That left me just as confused because all I did was greet the guy.

Sounds Like A Pain In The Butt

, , , , , , | Working | November 28, 2022

I work at a sign and vinyl application franchise. We do a lot of corporate signage, but occasionally, we get unique orders for use of our vinyl stock.

I answered the phone one day for a client whose business was in glass installation. He explained that he needed a reorder of a product he’d gotten in June: a three-by-five-foot protective vinyl application to a matching-sized pane of glass. 

We went through a few details and he mentioned that this time, the glass they’d bring in for production would be nearly an inch thick.

He explained that the client to whom he’d be supplying the glass had the pane as part of a glass coffee table. And three months after they’d installed the first one, an employee sat on top of it and completely cracked it, completely ruining it.

I kept my voice steady for the rest of the call — the poor guy sounded so dejected — but I couldn’t stop giggling at the thought of some poor employee finding out the hard way that you shouldn’t sit on glass coffee tables.

It’s Drive-Thru, Not Drive Past

, , , | Right | September 22, 2022

I work at a well-known fast food chain as an opening manager. This morning, I was in the order-taking and cashier role in the drive-thru. I was taking a person’s order at the speaker box. She was taking a bit longer to order than some, so the driver behind her pulled out of line. (I saw this on our CCTV.) I thought she was simply leaving, but instead, she pulled up to my window and demanded:

Customer: “Get me coffee!”

I could have helped her, and I would have if she’d asked politely, but instead:

Me: “Sorry, ma’am, but you need to get back in line.”

By this point, there were two more cars ahead of her. She actually did get back in line, and when she got to the speaker, she didn’t wait for me to greet her. She simply shouted her demand.

I went through my usual greeting spiel, as an attempt to “train” the customer, and she demanded her coffee. I gave her the total and went on to the next car. When she got to my window to pay, she didn’t want to wait as I took another driver’s order. She placed her money (thankfully, exact change) on the donation box outside the window and drove off.

Look, lady, I’m sorry you’re running late, but kindness still pays.

The Only Thing Better Than A Husky Is Two Huskies

, , , , , | Related | September 12, 2022

My wife and I have had our husky puppy for almost two years. He’s a handful, loves to chew, and is an escape artist. When I say he loves to chew, that might be a bit of an understatement. He’s chewed up spindles on the stairwell, drywall by a couple of windows, three different couches, shoes, TV remotes, cell phones, and the list goes on.

He gets long walks and we play with him constantly, but he still just wants to chew. Finally, we can’t take it anymore. One of the suggestions we’ve heard is to get him a playmate. My wife spends a few days going over pet adoption websites, and she finds a shepherd/husky mix (at least that’s what the site classified the breed as), but she looks like any other husky that I’ve seen except for her saddle, which does look more like the colors of a German shepherd.

The adoption place is a five-hour drive from our house in a neighboring state. We leave early in the morning and arrive at the place around noon, and that’s when we get to meet the dog at the adoption place.

The whole while, we’ve had our husky in the car; we thought it would be best to let them meet and not just bring home a strange dog. My wife’s car is a Rav4, so the back seats fold down to make a decent-sized area in the back for our husky. He enjoys the ride and getting to stop a couple of times to stretch his legs and enjoy new smells.

My wife goes in to get the dog, and I stay out in the small field area near the parking lot to let my husky run around and take in the smells. About five minutes later, my wife comes out with the dog in question, and there is an instant bond between the new dog and my husky. They run and jump and play immediately. We have a new dog that we are officially bringing home.

The car ride home is amusing. The two dogs in the back wrestle non-stop for several hours, and then they take about a ten-minute break. My wife and I think they have maybe, finally, worn themselves out. Nope, it is just a short break. The second wind comes in full force and they continue to wrestle for the next three hours until we get home.

The fun part is, as we’re driving down the highway and cars are passing, we get to see the look on the other people’s faces as they watch our car rocking back and forth as we drive down the highway with two huskies that are wrestling and tumbling around.

The change with our husky has been immediately noticed now that he has a playmate. He has stopped chewing on everything and stopped escaping from his kennel. These two huskies are best of friends until the end.

There’s Hope For The Future AND The Past!

, , , , , , , , | Friendly | August 10, 2022

This happened shortly after I moved into a new apartment building three years ago. The landlady and owner of the building lived right next to my apartment on the first floor. She was a very nice old lady, and we would often sit out on our shared little patio and talk from time to time. She even told me I reminded her of her granddaughter one day.

After I’d lived there for about six months, she approached me one night while I was sitting outside.

Landlady: “So, who is that man that I’ve been seeing come over?” 

Me: “Oh, that’s my friend, [Friend]. We have been friends for a while now.”

Landlady: “Ohhh… When are you going to go steady?”

Being a young person, I assumed she meant dating.

Me: “Oh, we aren’t dating. He’s just my friend.”

After making some food for the two of us and coming back out, she said to me:

Landlady: “You know, you are a very social person. You always have so many girlfriends over. I see all these different girls come over. You must be very popular.”

I was hesitant about telling her this information because I wasn’t sure how she would react. I tried to word everything in the best way possible, but I was freaking out inside. Not only was she my landlord, in charge of whether or not I lived there, but I had grown quite close to her in those past six months and I didn’t want to feel judged. Old ladies tended to have old-fashioned viewpoints. But I took a breath and said:

Me: “Um… Actually, I am interested in women and those women were my partners.”

Despite my held breath, she only looked shocked for a brief second before replying. 

Landlady: “Oh, well, that’s okay, honey. I used to sleep around a lot, too, when I was your age. You will find a nice lady to settle down with someday.”

I was completely worried about the wrong thing. She moved right past the fact that I’m a lesbian to the fact that I had been sleeping around. She proved to me that older people aren’t always stuck in their ways, and I see the older generation differently now.