This Story Would Be “Not Always Working” If It Was In A Library

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(I work in a bookstore.)

Customer: “You sure have a lot of books in here!”

Me: “Yes, I was thinking about selling some.”

A Cup-Cup For A Dum-Dum

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(I work at a bakery cafe, and we have self-serve drip coffee. When I sell coffee, one question I ask everyone is if they want their cup for here or to go, because some people are very particular that they want a ceramic mug, but generally, everyone else wants to take their coffee to go.)

Me: “So, a medium coffee. Did you want a ceramic mug for the coffee or a paper cup?”

Customer: “I want a cup-cup.”

Me: “So, a paper cup?”

Customer: “No! A cup-cup.”

Me: “A ceramic mug, then.”

Customer: “Well, yeah, duh.”

The Patients Are Not Patient

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(I drop off a prescription at the pharmacy counter.)

Pharmacist: “We’re pretty busy. Do you want to wait or come back in about an hour?”

Me: “I have some other errands to run. I’ll come back around 1:30.”

Pharmacist: “That should be fine.”

(I come back about 1:40. The woman ahead of me in line at the pick-up counter is obviously angry and snarking at the shy, young pharmacist. Eventually, she steams off.)

Me: “Hi. Do you have a prescription ready for [My Name]?”

Pharmacist: “I’m so sorry. We’ve been really busy. It will probably be another fifteen minutes or so. Would you like us to deliver it to your home?”

Me: “Oh, no. That’s fine. I’ll just run over to [supermarket] and come back.”

(About twenty minutes later:)

Pharmacist: “We’re just getting your order together. Do you mind having a seat for a couple of minutes?”

Me: “No problem.”

(A few minutes later, she calls me up to get my prescription.)

Pharmacist: “Thank you so much for being so patient. I’ve already had two people yell at me today.”

Me: “No problem. It’s not like it was your fault.”

Pharmacist: “They don’t seem to care about that. Thank you so much again.”

Me: “Hope your day gets better.”

Wish You Could Block Out Certain Words

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(I work as a customer service rep for a call center; I help with cell phones. A customer calls in to request a block be placed on a number that was calling her. After getting all of the prerequisite information:)

Customer: “You see, I need to put a block on a number that keeps calling me all hours of the night.”

Me: “I can understand that, ma’am. I’d be more than happy to apply that block to your line so you don’t have to deal with this anym—“

Customer: “Yeah, he told me he wanted to suck my a**. I’m just not into all of that kind of stuff.”

(I laughed so hard that I had to hand the call off to my floor supervisor. I never found out if she got that number blocked, but she DID tell every person she talked to that some creep wanted to do lewd things to her, and described those things in detail.)


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(I’m helping out a friend who is managing a booth at one of the biggest video game swap meets in Canada. It’s pretty busy, and people are offering quite a few high-value trades. We have a bin of common, relatively cheap NES games at the front; the most expensive is Super Mario Bros 3 at $30. A kid, about 12, zones in and grabs it as soon as the swap meet opens.)

Kid: “How much for the Mario?” *ignoring the sticker price on it*

Me: “It’s $30, sir.”

Kid: “Can you do $15?”

Me: “Sorry, no can do.”

(The kid puts it back without saying a word, but he roams around and browses our tables a few more times. Eventually, he comes back with a tacky Chewbacca bobblehead that’s probably worth a few bucks.)

Kid: “Hey, can you do a trade for this?” *waves the Chewbacca bobblehead in my face*

Me: “All trades have to go through my boss. I’ll let you talk to him.”

Boss: *comes up after a minute* “Hey, what do you have there?”

Kid: “Will you trade this Chewbacca bobblehead for Mario 3?”

Boss: “Sorry, I’m not really interested in taking toys.”

Kid: *pause* “So, will you trade this for Mario 3?”

Boss: “Sorry, but no.”

Kid: “How about if I trade a game with it?”

Boss: “Depends on what you bring me.”

Kid: “What if I trade two games with it?”

Boss: “It still depends on what you bring me.”

Kid: “So… will you do $15 for this and some games?”

Boss: “I’d still need to see which games.”

(My boss then walked away, and the kid just gave a frustrated look and wandered off. He came by at least one more time, still holding that Chewbacca bobblehead. I know he’s a kid, but he was still old enough to know no means no.)

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