It’s Going To Be A Long Calendar Year

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(I work at a fast food restaurant that gives out calendars during fall. Like most places, it is a “while supplies last” basis, so we only order a large batch once. One year we give away all the calendars really quickly, and no customers think of it twice, except for one. I am working the drive-thru, which is always busy, and one lady, who I will reference as the Calendar Lady from now on, gives me a hard time. She pulls up to the window after ordering.)

Calendar Lady: “Don’t you usually hand out calendars?”

Me: “Yes; however, we already handed them all out. The coupons in the calendars are in the newspapers, too, if you are looking for coupons.”

Calendar Lady: “But I always get calendars every year.”

Me: “Sorry, but the demand was high, so we already gave them all out.”

Calendar Lady: “I come here every week, and I didn’t see them.”

Me: *getting frustrated* “Ma’am, they were displayed for the past few weeks.”

Calendar Lady: “How can that be? I never saw them. I get one every year.”

Me: *I don’t know what to do, or say* “Do you want to speak to the owner?”

Calendar Lady: “Yes, I would like that.”

(I turn around, and the manager is staring at me, so I tell her what’s going on. I then write down the restaurant’s phone number and give it to her.)

Me: “He’ll be in tomorrow morning.”

Calendar Lady: “Thank you. I’ll be sure to call.”

(She never did call the store. She came through again a year or so after and gave me a hard time about pricing changes when we add premium toppings on sundaes. I since quit working there, and I still get teased about the Calendar Lady.)

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(I wam training a new Crew Member and am at his side making sure he is doing his job well. This group of adults come in; they are younger and two of them I figure out are a couple. The male partner starts to do his order:)

Male Customer: *finishing up his order* “…and, I guess I order a family size Chili-Cheddar fry.”

(His party groans in disbelief that he ordered it. I react to this situation by laughing and apparently blushing.)

Male Customer: “You’re blushing Little Lady. At least you don’t have to sleep with me tonight.”

Curb Your Expectations

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(I work in a fast food restaurant that has a drive-thru. I have just finished taking a customer’s order and the middle-aged man pulls up to the window.)

Customer: *mumbling something under breath*

Me: “I’m sorry. What was that?”

Customer: *very angrily, he yells* “Nice place to put a curb!”

Me: “Okay.”

(I shut the window, and left it at that. I am 19 years old and going to college. I didn’t build the 15-year-old building.)

Should Have Checked

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(It was just announced that our store is closing. Since we are in liquidation, there are signs posted on the doors and at the registers that we do not take checks, nor any coupons. I am ringing out a customer who hands me a coupon.)

Me: “I’m sorry. We no longer accept coupons at this location due to our liquidation.” *seeing that she is starting to write out a check* “And we no longer take checks, either.”

Customer: “What! Since when?! I always write checks here.”

Me: *pointing at the sign at the register right where she’s standing* “Right here. It’s also on the door as you come in.”

Customer: “That’s ridiculous! I always write checks here! I don’t have another way to pay. I am never coming back here again!”

Me: “Okay.”

Location Is Your Vocation

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(Wherever I go, if I hear someone with an accent, I like to ask where they are from because I like placing accents. I am at work and am helping an exchange student from Ireland with my boss nearby.)

Me: “Pardon me, but where are you from?”

Customer: “Ireland.”

Me: “What city?”

Boss: “Hey, knock that off! You can’t ask foreign people questions like that. It’s racist!”

Me: “Actually, I am just trying to figure out his accent. He sounds like a friend of mine from college who is from Killarney.”

Customer: “Actually, I’m from County Kerry. Killarney’s county. You have a mighty ear.”

(My boss then started helping another customer without even acknowledging his outburst. I continued helping the first customer as we chatted about Ireland.)

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