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Old MacDonald Had A Son, E-I-E-Oh-No!

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The most entitled person I have ever met has to be my uncle. He is the oldest son of my grandparents, yet somehow, he was treated like the baby of the family. If he screwed up my grandparents bailed him out. Crashed a car, new car. In trouble at school, no not our angel. Ends up in jail because of a hit and run and he was drunk, they paid all his legal bills and supported him in prison.

He only lived out of my grandparents’ house for a couple of years before he burned every bridge in town and nobody would hire him.

He’s living with his parents and he’s around sixty years old. About eight years prior to this he convinced his father to stop leasing the farmland to a farmer who has consistently paid and leased that land for twenty years so that he could “farm”. He agreed to pay the lease fee for the land but wasn’t allowed to use the pole barns on the property.

He paid one year then stopped paying, and took over the pole barns with junk. I mean literal piles of junk everywhere. He also made it his mission to make everyone uncomfortable during visits to our grandparents. Glaring at people, screaming at everyone over imagined slights, running my dad’s equipment into the ground then not fixing it.

He also refused to help his parents or work with anyone to ensure they were cared for or that the farm didn’t end up in foreclosure.

Five years ago, the family farm went into foreclosure. He didn’t offer a single penny to his parents to try and save it even though he is the reason it was in foreclosure. My dad and I came up with $10,000 cash to save it.

Last year was the last straw. My grandma ended up in a serious accident. I stopped by the house to feed the cats and found an absolutely disgusting mess. The house reeked of urine, food expired by years, mold growing in the fridge, and holes in the floor.

At that point I had it. I threw a fit, I was ready to move my grandparents into my house that week. I calmed down and sat down with my dad and laid it out that either things started to get cleaned up or I was calling adult protective services.

We cleaned up the house, got care services arranged, and then we noticed bills piling up. They shouldn’t be as they received enough money to pay for their needs. We combed through the finances and found huge amounts of money just disappearing. Come to find out my uncle had been asking for money along with my aunt.

They were also forgetting to pay bills or paying them and not writing them down so accounts were over-drafting.

During all this, my uncle never checked on his parents even though he lived with them. We decided they couldn’t handle the farm anymore and it was causing too much strain on them to manage.

We found a buyer for the property and sat down with the entire family to discuss it. My uncle refused to listen and called us greedy. We decided to ignore him and go through with the sale.

During this time my grandpa had a heart attack. My uncle left him lying in bed and didn’t call an ambulance. My dad and I swung by to take them to dinner and found my grandpa in the bed literally dying. My uncle never called to check on him after he left with the ambulance.
We never took my grandparents back to the farm after that.

Unfortunately, the buyer didn’t work out for the farm, so my dad and I pooled our money together to purchase the farm.

We formally evicted my uncle, found an actual leaser for the land, and are building a new house where we will live with my grandparents.

We are also burning down the old farmhouse as my uncle destroyed it. He is claiming we stole the property, that he deserves his inheritance and that we didn’t do this legally. Our lawyer disagrees.

Karma does occasionally show up.

Holy Crap, This Unlocked Some Memories

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I am a manager at a video game store. In my off time at home, I often play PC games with my wife. In particular, we both like RuneScape, a medieval-themed MMORPG. One of my coworkers is also into RuneScape; he often talks and brags about his achievements to customers, much to their — and my — irritation. He has also had a habit of showing up late from time to time, and in some cases not showing up at all. This story takes place on my day off. My wife and I are playing a minigame on RuneScape when an announcement appears in chat.

Announcement: “News: [Coworker’s Username] has just achieved level 99 in all skills!”

Wife: “Wow, he finally maxed!”

Me: “Indeed. Shame he felt it necessary to skip out the morning shift to get it though, am I right?”

Wife: “I guess.”

Me: “Ah, well. I’ll congratulate him tomorrow. Maxing is a big achievement, after all.”

When he came in to work the following day, I congratulated him on maxing his account… and then fired him for excessive lateness because he was already on his last chance. Ironically, his RuneScape account would get banned a month later for using an unauthorized third-party bot program.

Looking For “The Thing” And Maybe It’s Blue?

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I work for a junk removal company that specializes in move-outs, hoarding, and decluttering.

We arrive at the house of a customer who is moving and needs her basement and attic cleared out. She gives us the tour and then we set to filling our box truck and trailer.

During the cleanout, we confirm that she wants photos and miscellaneous items removed. We fill the box truck and that truck’s driver takes those items to donation places like Goodwill, teen groups, Salvation Army, etc.

He returns and we fill the box truck again to the point of us forcing the door closed. We also fill the trailer.

Customer: “Did you take it?”

Me: “Take what?”

Customer: “The thing out of the closet.”

Me: “What thing out of the closet?”

Customer: “I don’t know what, but it was in the closet and now it’s gone.”

Me: “Ma’am, you’re going to have to be more clear. We don’t know exactly what you’re looking for unless you tell us.”

Customer: “We need to look for it. It has to be in your truck.”

Me: “Ma’am, we can’t unload the truck here in your yard. You’re going to have to come with us to the warehouse. We will have you look through the stuff as we bring it out.”

At the warehouse, the customer looks through every can, box, bag, etc., until we have unloaded both trucks. She grabs multiple items but none are “the thing.” It has now been nine hours since the job began and it should have ended an hour ago.

Me: “Ma’am, are you positive we took the item?”

Customer: “Yes, I don’t know what it was but I know you took it. Can we check the stuff you took to donation?”

Our poor owner ended up taking them to the places we donated the stuff and spent the next couple of hours searching for “the thing.”

For those wondering, “the thing” was never found and we still don’t know what “the thing” was. She also never tipped us for the nine hours of labor to clear out her basement and attic on a very hot day with lots of stairs.

The boss did let me take a box fan home, though, so that was nice.

Sugar Never Tasted So Sour

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I’ve been out of the workforce for about a decade, due to illness and staying home with kids. I recently decided to try part-time work at a friend’s cafe. Since I just started, my boss has been in training and helping me. 

In walks a woman who seems a bit flustered.

Customer: “Do you have something like iced coffee?” 

Me: “Yes, we do!” 

Customer: “And can I get… caramel in it?” 

Me: “You sure can!” 

Customer: “Great. And cream and sugar.” 

We are a small cafe. We provide cream and sugar, but we never add it in. My boss steps in.

Boss: “We have cream and sugar down at the end here, and you can add it in yourself.”

She seems satisfied, so I tell her the total.

Customer: “And you mixed in the cream and sugar?” 

I can see my boss twitching, so I try to help.

Me: “No, we provide the cream and sugar for you to add. That way you’ll have it exactly as you like.”

Customer: “So you don’t mix any of it?”

Me: “Oh, yes, we will mix in the caramel, just not the cream and sugar.”

Customer: “So I have to do everything myself?! Does it come with sugar?”

Now this woman seems to be getting visibly distressed. I’m confused at what to do, but I keep trying.

Me: “We will mix together your coffee and the caramel. There is sugar in the caramel.” 

Customer: “Okay, but what about the sugar?!”

Me: “Would you like us to add sugar for you and mix it in?”

This is not our policy, but this lady is freaking out, and my boss is frustrated. It’s taking way longer than it should, and we are not understanding her request. 

Customer: “NO! I just want the cream and sugar!” 

Customer: “Right. So we will mix in the caramel, and you can add cream and sugar at the end.” 

Customer: “And what about the sugar?! What’s the point? I could’ve done this myself. I’m just so confused at this point. Just give me the coffee.” 

I’m still trying, because this woman mentioned she lives across the street, and that usually means repeat customers.

Me: “I’m trying to understand what you’d like. We can mix in sugar for you, and the caramel is already mixed in.”

Customer: “I have no idea what’s going on. I’ll just take it.”

We have no idea what’s going on, either.

She finishes adding whatever she adds, and I find coffee all over our counter.

Boss: “Yeah, it was probably that crazy lady who has never seen a coffee shop in her life. I don’t need her to come back.”

Shepherd Book Would Be Ashamed

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I recently attended a live show of the national tour of The Lion King. As everybody who’s ever attended any kind of show knows, there are signs all over reminding you that no photography or videos are allowed during the show, and they make an announcement just before the show starts. Usually, 99% of the audience has no problems with this and is happy to just immerse themselves in the show. 

This time, however, somebody decided she was above that rule. 

An older woman a couple of rows in front of me was sneaking pictures with her phone, purposely keeping her phone at her lap so as not to get caught. I didn’t want to say anything, because I knew I’d get the age-old excuse, “Mind your own business! It’s not bothering you!” 

At a dark scene, though, she messed up. She must’ve forgotten her flash was set to automatic, because suddenly, it went off with her picture. Several people looked back, and she quickly dropped her phone onto her lap. The kid with her whispered something to her, I’m assuming telling her to knock it off, and she didn’t take another picture.