It’s Not The Scanner That’s Broken

, , , | Working | February 16, 2020

(I do online shopping at a grocery store. Most store managers do not care at all about our department as long as we don’t have any late orders. They have to train in our department for two days before they’re officially managers, but after those two days, they usually never touch an online order again. We recently got a new store manager, and he doesn’t like that we have orders that go yellow — are due in less than an hour — all the time. We’ve been asking him to approve hiring another shopper, but he’s dragging his feet. Then, one day, someone from corporate comes down and says the manager has to do an online order by himself. We don’t know why, but we don’t care. And since this is a test, we aren’t supposed to help him like we would help someone we were training. We can only step in if he has a question or if we see him do something wrong. We give him a 35-piece order to do. This would take one of us 15 to 20 minutes to shop. He sits down at the computer.)

Manager: “[My Name], which cradle is connected to the computer?”

(There are five cradles/chargers for our handhelds.)

Me: “Second from the left.”

(He puts the handheld in the cradle and downloads the order, and then he grabs it and starts to head out the door.)

Me: “[Manager], wait! The order isn’t on there.”

Manager: “It’s not?”

Me: “No, you have to sync it. Put the handheld back in the cradle, then click on this diamond tab, and when the button turns green, click on it.”

(He does what I say and pulls the order up on the handheld. When you first see the order, all you see is the name. When you click on the name, it takes you to a screen where it gives you the name, time it’s due, order number, and any customer comments. You have to click a checkbox saying you read the customer comments, much like you click a checkbox saying you read the terms and agreements. Trainees are often confused the first time they see this screen, so we always make sure to tell them what to do. But again, since this is a test for the manager, I can’t tell him what to do unless he asks.)

Manager: “This handheld’s broken.”

Me: “What?”

Manager: “There’s no order.”

(He shows me the info screen.)

Me: “Click the little box, and then click on next.”

(He does.)

Manager: “Oh! It’s not broken.”

(He starts to shop. My coworkers and I laugh at “it’s broken” and then get back to work. Forty-five minutes later, the manager comes back. My coworker helps him upload his order, he calls the customer, and then I get him again to help him ring it through the register. He does a decent job overall. As he’s finishing his order, he says this:)

Manager: “Yeah, I’m going to approve hiring another shopper. This was horrible! I hope I never have to do it again! I don’t know how you girls stand it.”

(Hopefully, he won’t complain about yellow orders anymore.)

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A One-Person Announcement System

, , , | Working | February 15, 2020

(My family and I are enjoying a weekend away at a vacation park. On Friday evening, we decide to go to the main area to have a bite to eat in one of the restaurants present in the park.)

Hostess: “Hello, welcome. How can I help you?”

Me: “We would like a table for six for dinner tonight.”

Hostess: “Ooh, I am afraid I can’t help you with that at the moment; management made a slight error in the scheduling today, and they forgot to schedule anyone besides me to work in the restaurant.”

Me: “O…kay, we’ll just find something else to eat, then.”

Hostess: “That might be best, yes; our other restaurants are open.”

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Aye Aioli!

, , , , , | Working | February 14, 2020

(My mom is a vegetarian and hates the taste of anything resembling mayonnaise. She goes to a vegan restaurant for lunch and orders a BBQ “beef” sandwich. When the waitress brings her order, in addition to the BBQ sauce the bun is covered in this light orange goo.)

Mom: “Thank you, and I’m sorry, but I actually ordered this without the chipotle aioli.”

Waitress: “It’s not aioli; it’s chipotle mayo.”

Mom: *trying not to say that’s what aioli is* “Oh, my mistake. The menu said aioli, so that’s what I asked to be left off; I don’t like mayo or mayo-like products.”

Waitress: “Yeah, it says no aioli on the ticket but that’s mayo. It’s okay. We’re a vegan restaurant; you can eat it.”

Mom: “Yes, I know it’s vegan. I just don’t like it. A lot. I’m sorry.”

Waitress: *sighing* “Fine, I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t some stupid egg thing.”

(The waitress walks to the kitchen, which is open and about twelve feet from us.)

Waitress: “Can you remake this without mayo?”

Cook: “It’s not mayo; it’s aioli.”

Waitress: “But she doesn’t want it.”

Cook: “It’s okay; we’re vegan.”

(My mom is sitting at the table literally wanting to pound her head against it.)

Mom: “Excuse me, sorry to interrupt. Can I get it with nothing but the BBQ sauce, please? It’s okay that it’s vegan; I just don’t eat it.”

Cook: “Oh, okay. We can do that ‘cause, you know, the ticket did say, ‘no aioli’ originally.”

(It’s almost as if food should be made the way it’s requested.)

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Don’t Sit At That (Vege)Table

, , , , , | Working | February 14, 2020

(My university dining hall posts allergen information for the most common allergens. Unfortunately, some of us have less common allergies and the listed allergens aren’t enough, so I’ve learned to ask about ingredients.)

Me: “Hi. Could you tell me what vegetables are in the vegetable pot pie?”

Employee: “What does the sign say?”

Me: “It says, ‘Vegetable pot pie,’ so it doesn’t say what vegetables are in it.”

Employee: “I would assume it’s just vegetables.”

Me: “That doesn’t answer my question. There are many different vegetables. Some of them I can eat; others I can’t.”

Employee: *shrug*

(I ended up not risking it. But, seriously? This is not a weird question.)

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Their Mistake, Period

, , , , , | Working | February 14, 2020

My partner and I have ordered some new doors for our house. The salesperson was excellent; knowledgeable and friendly. He arranges for someone to come measure up our place.

A man comes out to our house to do the measuring; he turns out the be the owner. He, too, is very friendly. He advises he’ll go back to his office, draw up a quote, and let us know the price. 

He calls the following day and we are happy with the cost, so he says he will email an official quote through for us to pay a deposit. After a few days, we haven’t received anything, so I give him a call and he resends it.

The next day, I still haven’t received anything, so I give him another call and confirm my email address with him. It turns out he’s been putting a period in it (i.e jane.doe) when there shouldn’t be one. He says he’ll send the quote again.

I still receive nothing, so this time I email the owner, hoping he can just reply directly to me. Still nothing.

Another few days later, he calls me; I think he must want to discuss the emails, but nope! His shop carpenter has looked at the measurements he came and took from my house and told him they make no sense. He needs to come back out to the house and measure them again. So, we make a time and out he comes. 

When he is back in my house and in person, I discuss the email situation. He adamantly tells me he fixed it and shows me the order form he has in his hands to prove it… and what do you know, it’s still wrong. I write on his form my correct email address, even writing “NO DOT” next to it. Off he goes again.

Finally, he successfully sends me the quote, I pay it in full, and I email him remittance. I’m sure you can guess where this is going, but no receipt is returned. I call, ask for the receipt, he says he’s sent it. He reads the email address out to me on the phone…

“J-A-N-E-DOT-D-O-E…” and around we go again.

Our doors have finally been installed and are excellent — and thankfully the right size! — and the staff were nothing but friendly, but wow, what a trip to get there! And before you say I should have taken my business elsewhere when it started going wrong… I know. Hindsight is a b**** like that.

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