Radio Killed Whatever He Had In Store

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(My coworkers and I use portable radios to communicate. Each area has a call sign, 011-019. Management uses 001-009, with the lower signs being reserved for higher and higher levels of management. One morning I hear a call sign on the radio, 000, the big boss.)

Boss: *via radio* “Calling [Far-Off Area].”

Coworker #1: *via radio* “Yes, 000? How can I help?”

(There is no response from the boss, then, a few minutes later.)

Boss: *via radio, sounding angrier* “[Far-Off Area], come in!”

Coworker #1: *via radio* “I read you, 000.”

(Once again no response from our boss, until…)

Boss: *via radio, audibly annoyed* “[Next Area Over], come in!”

(Our boss proceeds to call every area, including mine. He then slowly works down the list of supervisors and managers. Each call and response takes a few minutes totaling up to 30 minutes of one-sided conversations. Our boss keeps getting more and more frustrated as it appears he is not receiving any answers! Finally:)

Boss: *via radio, practically shouting* “[Manager with whom he shares a large office], are you there?”

(Then, we all hear a distant voice through the Boss’s radio.)

Manager: “Hey, 000, turn your f****** volume up!”

(A thirty-second pause.)

Boss: *via radio* “All operators, I apologize. I seem to be having some technical difficulties.”

(Everyone I could see with a radio doubled over with laughter. We never did find out what he needed [Coworker #1] for.)

Their Head(phones) Aren’t In The Game

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(I have gone out for a few drinks with some friends after work. The bar we are in is less than half-full, so we find some couches at the back. After my two lemonades, I decide it is time to head home, but realize that I have misplaced my over-ear headphones. I look all over the bar — on the floor, behind seats etc. — then go to talk to the bar staff.)

Me: “Hi. I lost some pink headphones. Can you please check whether they have been handed in?”

Bartender #1: “I don’t know.”

Me: “Nothing has been handed in? Can you please check?”

Bartender #1: “I don’t know.”

(I go to another bartender.)

Me: “Hi. have any headphones been handed into you? I think I dropped some.”

Bartender #2: “No.”

Me: “Can you please check?”

Bartender #2: “No. Nothing has been handed in.”

(The same conversation occurs with three other bartenders. None even look around in the bar area to see if there is anything there. I find a manager.)

Me: “Hi. I lost some headphones. Can I leave my number with you so you can call me if they are found?”

Manager: “People don’t hand things into staff. Look around the bar.”

Me: “I have. Can you please just call me in case something gets handed in?”

Manager: “People don’t hand things to staff.”

Me: “Here is my number. Please just call me.”

(I went home. My friends called me an hour later to let me know that they had asked the bartenders again, and miraculously, my headphones had appeared! The bartender told them they had been on the floor for two hours and had only just been found. I looked around that whole bar, so I know that isn’t true! Lucky, my friends pushed the bartenders to not steal my headphones!)

Living Paycheck To Announcement About Paycheck

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(It’s Friday, and a payday Friday at that. I’ve already planned my bills, paid one through my mobile app, and decided what I’m getting for groceries, you know, like a normal budgeting adult. My coworker comes in and I say hello to her.)

Coworker: “Hello, [My Name].”

Me: “Hey [Coworker]. Happy payday!”

Coworker: *stops dead in her tracks, eyes go wide* “It’s payday?!”

Me: “Yes?” *laughs at her shocked expression* “How do you not know this?!”

Coworker: “It’s payday!” *does a happy dance off down the hallway* “Thanks, [My Name]!”

Me: “You’re… welcome?”

(Seriously. How do you not know when you get paid?! It must be nice not to have to worry about money!)

Boy Racer “Careers” Off The Road

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My wife is driving to interview three suppliers to install equipment in a new building. On the way to the interview, she was cut off by an idiot boy-racer in a sports car. He also wound the car window down and let her have a stream of abuse.

As she was driving to the interview location, she saw the idiot in front of her turn into the same car park she was going to. Boy Racer thought she’d followed him on purpose and let fly with more abuse.

My wife then followed him into the new building but said nothing to him. Ten minutes later, he had to go into the interview room to see my wife chairing the selection panel.

As you might imagine, they didn’t get the contract, and my wife was able to tell the company CEO exactly why.

Bet You Dollars To Donuts They Will Complain

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(I work at a popular donut chain in this state in one of the very few without a drive-thru. Most of the stores close at eight, but have a drive-thru open until midnight or later. I get a phone call ten minutes before eight.)

Caller: “How late are you open until?”

Me: “Doors lock at eight.”

(The caller then promptly hangs up. As it’s getting close to closing, I start going through the counts and moving most of the racks and pots to the cleaning station. At eight, I go and lock the doors and shut off the lights. Thirty minutes later, as I’m bringing the leftover donuts to the dumpster, I almost get taken out by an SUV. The driver and passenger get out and run to the door. I take a picture of them, holding my watch up so the time can be seen, as well, because I’m pretty sure this is going to be a complaint.)

Driver: “Are you f****** kidding me?! That b**** said they were open! Why are the d*** doors locked?!”

Passenger: “This is an injustice! We’ll have her job with this one!”

(They haven’t noticed me at the dumpster, and they tear out of the parking lot. The next morning, the owner is in the store and pulls me into this office.)

Owner: “So, I heard you closed the store down early and laughed in a customer’s face while they were politely trying to ask you if they could just get a coffee and sandwich.”

Me: “That’s ridiculous.”

Owner: “The man said he called at five and asked if you were open, and they showed up at six and you’d locked the doors in his face.”

Me: “First of all, the only call I got was at 7:50, and the people didn’t show up until 8:30; they were making all sorts of noise and being all sorts of rude.”

Owner: “Do you have any proof of that? At this point it’s your word against his.”

(I pulled up the picture I took showing my watch and the customers. The owner shrugged and I went to start my shift, without an apology, and I left two weeks later because if he wasn’t going to have my back in that situation or admit a customer could have been wrong, I didn’t need that job.)

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