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(I am an adolescent korean boy who wears glasses)

(Once,when me and my family went shopping for my birthday,this went down)

*Walks into store*
Other customer,college age:Hi,how would this laptop work for writing?

Me:I have no idea.I don’t really know to much about (laptop brand named after fruit)

Other customer:yes you do!You’re asian and you’re wearing glasses!

Me:dude,not only is that racist,it’s unfair to assume someone knows something because of how they look.

Other customer:Listen,you’re going to tell me what I want or I’m gonna kick your little a** you [racial slur]

(At this point,my uncle,a six foot metal worker who has a reputation as a fighter in my town)

Uncle:(taps on dudes back) Unless you want to have YOUR a** kicked you’re gonna leave my nephew alone.Now,do you really want things to get physical here?

(At this point the kid looks ready to wet himself,and runs out of the store.After this,my uncle got me a new laptop!)

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(I work in a popular computer store. A customer comes in asking to demo a *brand* laptop before buying. The display is broken, but I have the same one, so I get mine from my bag)
Me: OK, so here is the *brand* laptop. Mine’s a little dirty, but yours will be brand new!
Customer: OK, how long will it take to boot up?
Me: OK, so at the moment, it’s off. I’ll turn it on so you can see how fast.
Customer: OK, I’ll time this
Customer: 3…2…1…GO!
*I press power and it beeps; ten seconds later it asks for my password*
Customer: Wow! Can I see how fast programmes load?
Me: Why yes you can!
*I log in and my desktop appears. My wallpaper is a collage of me and my boyfriends holiday. Note: I am gay*
Customer: What the f**k is this?
Me: What’s the problem?
Customer: The wallpaper! Do you support LGBT?!?
Me: Actually, I am LBGT.
Customer: *grunts, continues to test*
Customer: I’ll take one!
Me: OK! I’ll grab one from the back room for you!
*On my way, I see the customer repeatedly punch my laptop and use a permanent marker on my computer. I bring two laptops; one for me and his one*
Me: OK, that’ll be (figure around $2000)
Customer: Hold up, this is only (figure around $1000)!
Me: I know, I’m billing you for two
Customer: Why?
Me: Sir, on my way I saw you destroy my laptop and graffiti it.
Customer: Because LGBT is wrong!
Me: Either pay for both laptops, pay for MY new one or I can call the cops and have them take you to court, who’ll probably make you pay for my laptop as well as all court costs. What will it be?
Customer: You f*****g b***h! You w***s are the reason the world is failing! F**k you! Get me your manager!
Me: Gladly
*two minutes later
Manager: What’s the issue?
*I tell her what happened*
Customer: LGBT is wrong, so I’m not paying. And you have no evidence!
Manager: Whether LGBT is wrong is entirely your opinion. I won’t try and change your opinion. You’re paying for my co-workers computer
Customer: Where’s your evidence I did it?
Manager: Hold on a sec *pulls out cell phone and opens CCTV page* Here’s the CCTV. Now pay
Customer: FINE!
*At this point my boyfriend comes in*
Boyfriend: What’s happening babe?
Customer: You’re it’s boyfriend?
*note: my boyfriend is 7ft*
Boyfriend: *stands over customer* Yes, i am his boyfriend. We love each other. Do you have an issue?
Customer: I..I..I..no

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Customer: Hello!
Me: Hello! How may I assist you today?
Customer: Yeah! You can do my job for me.
Me: *laughs* Well, I’m not sure about that but I can certainly try to help you with yours.
Customer: I want VGA to RCA adapter. You got that?
(Having been asked this same question too many times, I know the answer: No.)
Me: Hmm.. I don’t think we carry those, even if we do, we’d have to special order them. I’ll take a look to see if we do, though.
Customer: No. I need them. Like, today.
Me: I understand, give me a moment, I’ll see what I can find.
(I search, just to avoid pissing him off. And then show him the 0 results)
Customer: Are you serious? You’re a computer parts store that doesn’t carry computer parts??
Me: Most of the things we carry stock of are either items we frequently sell with high demand or are for more recent hardware.
Customer: Fine. Find me RCA to HDMI.
(and it goes on, RCA to everything he can think of – none of which we have. Finally, he gets pissed off)
Customer: Listen, girl. MY customers pay ME to find THEM a solution. Now I’m paying YOU to find ME that solution. So find it. Tell your people to order it or something. Whatever it takes. Because I need them today.
Me: I’m sorry to hear that sir, I’m afraid we cannot do that for items we do not carry. Things that need to be special ordered require at least 2-3 business days due to the nature of how shipping companies work.
Customer: Fine, I’ll take my business elsewhere.
Me: Sorry to hear that, sir. I wish you the best of luck!

Needs To Update His Newsfeed, Not His Operating System

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(It is September 16, 2001, five days after the terrorist attacks on the USA’s east coast. While we are 3000 miles from there, many people have friends or family who have been affected. Our computer store was supposed to have the new Mac OS available, but with plane flights suspended, we haven’t gotten it yet. One man is less than understanding, and is screaming at my coworker:)

Customer: “What do you mean, you don’t have it?! Your ad promised it would be here, and I reserved a copy weeks ago! How can you not have it?!”

(He pauses for breath and I put on my best “helpful customer service” voice.)

Me: “Sir, due to the terrorist attacks Tuesday, in which thousands of people died, shipping has been disrupted. Would you like to leave your name and number so we can call you when your order arrives?” *which we’d be doing for everyone who pre-ordered, anyway*

Customer: *after a long pause, blushes, and whispers* “No, thank you; I’ll check back later.”

(At least he had the grace to be embarrassed.)

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The Motherboard Of All Misunderstandings

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(We do a motherboard replacement for a customer. Everything seems to be fine except that a moment or two after Windows loads, the screen takes on a yellow tinge. Since it does the same thing when hooked up to an external monitor, we figure the parts distributor has sent a motherboard with a faulty video chip — the logic being that if it was a screen issue, then an external monitor would look normal. I have reloaded the video driver just in case, with the same results. So, I make the dreaded call to the customer, who’s a 20-something kid with a bit of an attitude.)

Me: “It’s looking like the parts distributor sent us a faulty motherboard, since it gets this yellow tinge after it loads Windows.”

Customer: “Oh, yeah, it’s supposed to do that. It’s an app I put in which reduces glare at night.” 

Me: “So… you know we’re putting in a new motherboard and it doesn’t occur to you to tell us that you run an app which turns the screen yellow?!

(We try to get as much info from clients as we can – passwords, exact symptoms, what antivirus and version of Windows they run, etc. It has never occurred to me that I should need to ask someone if they TINT THEIR FRIGGING SCREEN. So, we wasted an hour of our time troubleshooting a problem that wasn’t a problem. Under normal circumstances, an issue like this — in my experience — would be hardware-related. And people wonder why I get high blood pressure.)

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