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Several years ago I was with a friend in a well-known chain of computer stores in England where the staff ironically know very little about computers, even then most computers came with at least a gig or two of RAM on budget models, and more on better PC’s.

Whilst looking at the software I heard the following from a customer enquiring about an internet security product I tested for several years.

Customer: I really want to buy [brand] internet security, and it’s on sale too.
Sales staff: it’s rubbish, it takes so much RAM to run and eats up your system resources, this [more expensive product] is better.

This goes on for several minutes and the sales staff then says: “no-one even buys it anymore”.

I interjected at this point.

Me: actually, having tested the product for several years I can confirm it can run in the background on a mere 6mb of RAM, additionally it’s the most purchased premium internet security product in the world. Whilst opinions vary on individual preference it’s a competent product and is perfectly fine for any normal computer user.

Sales staff: I work here because I know about computers.
Me: no, you work here because you messed up your high-school exams.

The sales staff then throws the product at the customer and tries to push past me, (which didn’t work as I was much bigger than them), and storms off to the back as they curse at us.

Friend: what’s his problem, did you steal a girlfriend from him or something?
Customer: if he’s even had one I bet she left of her own accord.

When the woman complained to the management he took the side of the sales staff and banned us both from the store, despite CCTV evidence to the contrary.

The customer thanked me for helping her out and stopping them from selling her a product she didn’t want and I even offered to install the software for her remotely which only takes a few minutes.

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An Explosive Assumption

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I’m waiting in line to do a return. It’s early morning, and the store is empty except for the employee behind the counter, a woman in line in front of me, and me. The woman in line is wearing a green jacket with a vaguely military cut, but she’s clearly not in uniform.

Woman: “Hi, I need to return this wireless keyboard. Most of the keys don’t work.”

The employee looks at the keyboard.

Employee: “Unfortunately, your warranty doesn’t cover accidental drops. Can you tell me what happened?”

The woman starts miming the accident.

Woman: “So, I had it sitting on a table, and I was trying to look up… Actually, I’ll just get to the relevant part. It was hit by a mortar a—”

Employee: “A mortar?! Oh, my God, are you okay?!

Woman: “No, it—”

Employee: “Where were you?! I’m amazed this is all that happened!”

Woman: “I wa—”

Employee: “Of course, we’ll get this replaced! You just wait right here!”

He grabs the keyboard and rushes into the back. The woman turns back to me with her mouth open mid-word and her hands still held up miming the action of grinding something.

Woman: “…and pestle. It was hit by a mortar and pestle. That I dropped.”

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Maybe You Should Just Close For The Day

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I need a new computer. I go to a national company with a local branch that generally served me well and take a look at what is available.

I talk to the salesman, pointing at one which has all I want at a price I am prepared to pay.

Me: “I’d like to take a look at that one.”

Salesman: “Certainly.”

He goes off to get it and then comes back.

Salesman: “Sorry, that one’s out of stock.”

I point to the one next to it; it’s almost what I want, but it is a bit more expensive.

Me: “What about that one?”

The same thing happens again: the salesman goes off to get it and then comes back.

Salesman: “Sorry, that’s out of stock, as well. We get our deliveries on Thursday.”

Me: “No worries, then. I’ll go somewhere else that isn’t playing bait-and-switch.”

I went to a different company and got a computer sort of the same as the one I’d been looking at but considerably cheaper.

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This happened to me several years ago when I worked as technician at a computer store. In addition to fixing computers, I was also called on to sell computers if the shop got busy. One day I served a lady who was interested in purchasing a laptop.

I took her over to our display laptops to show her the available models, and was a bit disturbed when she stood so close to me that she was nearly touching me. Being uncomfortable with her standing so close I proceeded to take a step away from her, while still talking about the laptop I was showing her. No sooner had I stepped away, she stepped closer again, still close enough to almost be touching me. I took another step back, she took another step closer. She kept this up until we’d moved a good 2 metres from the laptop, and were standing in front of our display of software.

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I work at well known Computer and Electronic store as a Half Cashier and half sales associate. I’m one who’s most in charge of orders for our specific location. A Customer, well in his 50’s I guess, was buying CAT5 couplers and complaining that our pack of 20 was too expensive ($2.00).

Customer: “Things are becoming too damn expensive, and corporate ain’t helping either.”

Me: *trying to make nice small talk* “Haha yeah, a lot of things are going up in price now-a-days. Unfortunately here we can’t always control the price.

Customer: “Yeah, yeah. Don’t fucking lie to me, little girl. I can get a shit ton of this from China for dirt cheap!”

At this point, he’s pointing his finger in my face. I was already dealing with customers like this before hand and was already sick of people pulling stuff like this for a discount, so I decide to shut down the conversation.

Me: “…enjoy the rest of your day , Sir. Goodbye.”

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