A Beacon Of Light On A Day So Black  

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(It’s my first Black Friday in retail. I’ve heard horror stories from coworkers about people fighting, screaming matches, and general nonsense. I’m at the registers at a fabric store, and even with someone on EVERY register, our line is still to the back of the store. We’re still trying to move people through quickly, and giving everyone great customer service.)

Me: “Did you find everything all right?”

Customer: “Oh, absolutely! You guys have been amazing today!”

Me: “I’m glad to hear! Do you have any coupons?”

Customer: “Yes, I do! Can you help me figure out the best ones to use?”

(I manage to find a coupon she didn’t see that took a few extra dollars off her total. After she pays…)

Customer: “Is there a manager I could talk to? You’ve been amazing today and I’d love to let them know!”

(I page a manager, and she comes over after a short wait. She’s expecting the customer to yell at her, but she doesn’t.)

Customer: “I really want to say how amazing your staff has been today. The line is long but it’s been moving, and I don’t think I waited more than ten minutes. [My Name] was very kind and helped me save some money without any hassle.”

Manager: “I’m happy to hear that! We do have a survey online you could fill out to tell us and our corporate office!”

(She filled out the survey, and I got recognition from my district manager for it!)

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The Holiday Season That Never Ends

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(It is about a week after Thanksgiving, and my husband and I are shopping for dinner supplies when we run into a friend and strike up a conversation. After a bit, we all point out our mutual dinner errand and end the conversation to go on our merry way.)

Husband: “See ya later!”

Friend: “See ya!”

Random Old Lady: *in a nasty tone* “What? No ‘Merry Christmas’? What kind of friends are you?”

Husband: *shocked for a moment, then incredulous* “I’m… sure we’ll see each other again before then, and he’s coming to my house anyway…”

Random Old Lady: *harumphs and walks off*

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Black & Blue Friday

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(It’s Black Friday, a few minutes before the store opens. The employees are all in their specific departments waiting for the rush of customers that are lined up outside. The store is set up so that whatever department someone wants to go to, they have to line up in that department. We’re trying to keep it from being a free-for-all. I work in the service department, which is near the door, so we have a direct line of sight, but there is a huge line of carts that sits between the doors and us. The line of carts is about three wide and goes back about twenty feet or so from the wall.)

Coworker: “This is my favorite part; we watch the idiots that try to skirt the system fail.”

(As if on cue, the doors open and a flood of customers comes in. Most immediately see how the set up is and go to the departments they want product from. One, though, sees he won’t be able to just go straight into the computer department and will have to wait in line. He then sees the line of carts. He takes a running start and tries to jump the three-wide line of carts. He actually clears the first cart, but lands face-first on the second and falls to the ground. A few police officers that were hanging around due to the size of the line outside rush over and arrest him.)

Coworker: “See? Idiots like that guy.”

(My coworker then went back to doing his work like nothing had happened.)

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The Blackest Of Fridays

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(It is Black Friday, 5:30 am, and I am one of the first shopping in the store. As I am standing in the very, very long line, I see a woman come in and rush towards the back. Behind her are her husband and her son, moving a bit slower.)

Mom: *yelling* “Hurry up! I have a schedule to keep to today. We have to be at [Other Store] at six!”

Dad: “Did you schedule standing in line in your plan?”

Mom: “NO!”

(I was so glad I wasn’t going to be with that family at 5:30 pm.)

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The Couponator: Thanksgiving Special  

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(It is close to Thanksgiving. I am doing returns when I am stopped by a regular customer, whom I do not like because she is one of the old lady couponers. She asks me if I can get her some soup that is on sale on the top self. I say sure.)

Me: *grabs three or four cans* “Here you go.”

Regular: “Is there any more?”

Me: “Let me check.” *looks* “I am sorry; there is none left.”

Regular: “Are you kidding me? I have to get this stuff for Thanksgiving because I have people coming over. You should get more!” *walks off*

(I later tell the story to a coworker.)

Coworker: “Wow.”

Me: “I know. And I am just standing there thinking to myself, ‘You know, lady, other people need this stuff, too.’”

Coworker: “Gotta love those old lady couponers!”

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