Customers Seeing Red Sauce, As Mexican Restaurant Discovers It Cannot Make Burritos

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(It is before Internet on cell phones is common, practical, and affordable. My brother, my cousin, and I each receive a gift certificate from our grandmother to several restaurants. It’s one of those gift cards which is good at all of their brand family locations. Since we are all familiar with a few of them, we decide to try their Mexican restaurant, as we haven’t been to it before and it is close to where we all live. The server takes our drink orders, and asks if we’ve been there before. We inform him we haven’t, and that’s when he tells us about the “Build Your Own Burrito.” He explains that you fill out the form on a small flier on the table and they make it to order. A one-pound custom burrito is hard to pass up, so we all decide to do it. Then, they serve us the food.)

Cousin: “D***! This thing is pretty loaded!” *takes a bite and looks disappointed*

Brother: “I know; mine’s stuffed.” *cuts into it* “That’s a lot of f****** cheese, man.”

Me: *cuts into it and instantly notices it’s completely wrong* “What the f***?”

Brother: “What?”

Me: “It’s wrong… like… not even close to be right… The only thing right is the green sauce!”

(The server comes back almost immediately after having dropped off the plates and asks us how everything is.)

Cousin: “It’s all right…”

Me: “Actually, mine’s completely wrong.”

Server: “What? What do you mean?”

(The server comes over to check the burrito I have cut into. I have not even taken a bite of it, including any beans or rice on the plate.)

Me: “Well, I ordered pork. This is ground beef. I also asked for lettuce and tomato. This doesn’t have any of that. It has guacamole, which I didn’t order. I ordered pinto beans and it has black beans. I asked for ‘Mexican blend’ cheese, and this is pepper jack. The sauce is right, though!” *chuckles*

Server: “Oh, man… Sorry about that! They may have mixed it with someone else’s. I’ll have them remake it. Do you want to keep the same rice and beans?”

(I stare at him for a hesitant moment and blink.)

Me: “No… I haven’t touched them yet and do want to eat it all together. It’s fine. I’ll wait for it to be remade.”

(The server takes the burrito back. My brother and cousin are still eating. There were maybe four other tables in the restaurant sat down when we got in, so I don’t know how they switched burritos so badly, but I let it slide)

Brother: “You know… this is really just kind of ‘meh.’ I mean, it’s not bad. It’s just… ‘meh.’”

Cousin: “Yeah, mine, too. Even the chips are kind of just okay. The salsa is just tomato sauce and cilantro.”

Me: “Okay, so it’s not just me!”

(The server brings out a new burrito with fresh sides, and I already notice a problem with it, but figure there’s no way they screwed up the inside of the burrito. I am wrong.)

Me: “OH, COME ON!”

(My cousin INSTANTLY starts cracking up and so does my brother.)

Brother: “What did they screw up now?”

Me: “Dude… this is red sauce, chicken, cheddar… guacamole again… Is… is this what you ordered?”

Brother: “Uh… Yeah, that’s what I ordered!”

(The server must have heard me because he comes jogging out.)

Server: “Is everything okay? What’s wrong?”

Me: “This… is completely wrong again. This isn’t what I ordered. It’s the wrong burrito!”

Server: “Okay… okay… I’ll just let them know again.”

(The server takes the plate once again and heads to the kitchen. Suddenly, the server comes out… with the same burrito, as well as the order flier in his hand.)

Server: “The kitchen says they made it right!” *reads off the order*

Me: “Yes, that’s correct; it’s perfect. But that is not what I have ordered! That was what he—” *points to my brother* “—ordered.”

Server: “No, it’s not.”

Brother: “Dude, yes it is. That is my burrito. Not his. I’m not taking orders and I know what he ordered.”

Me:Mine was the pork burrito with spicy green sauce, pinto beans, sour cream, lettuce, tomato, and seasoned rice.”

Server: *looks like I punched a kitten in front of him* “Oh… oh… Sorry… I’ll have them find the ticket and remake it.”

(The server once again leaves, taking the burrito and flier with him, this time yelling to the back of the house, “You screwed up AGAIN!”)

Cousin: “Did he just say he would find the ticket and remake it? So… he just… lost yours and made up your order or something?”

Me: “I have no idea.”

(By this time my brother and cousin have just about finished their meal. Finally, the server comes back and things look correct.)

Server: “There you go!” *leaves*

Me: “Well… it’d better be…”

(I cut into it and sigh. My brother and cousin once again start laughing.)

Brother: “G**d***… What now?”

Me: “It’s fine… Whatever… I’m f****** starving.”

(The burrito is… steak, tomato, no lettuce, pinto beans, guacamole, cheddar cheese only, sweet chili sauce, and no rice. I am so ticked off and hungry that I just eat it all because I am about to eat the table. It is one of the most bland things I have eaten in a while — even the rice and beans have almost no flavor — so the table probably would have been a better choice. The server comes back out, seeing that I have decimated almost half of my plate already, and smiles.)

Server: “Oh, good! They got it right.”

Me: “They didn’t. Again. But I’m so hungry I am going to eat it and keep my mouth shut until I let everyone know about my experience. It’s fine, just, whatever at this point.”

(The server looks pretty distraught, and he comes back after I have finished my plate.)

Server: “I spoke with the manager, and we’re going to take off the burrito. We’re also going to give you a free dessert. We have flan, fried ice cream, and turtle sopapillas.”

(My cousin was acting like a child, jumping up and down in his seat saying, “Turtle sopapillas!” over and over, so that’s what I ordered. They were the only flavorful thing we ate the entire time. Since I still had a full gift card, I used it at one of the other restaurants I knew was good and have never been back.)

Interviewee Who Lied On Resume About Microsoft Proficiency Excels At Wasting Time

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(I am a sales director at a manufacturing company, hiring for a position directly under me that does data entry and prepares quotes to send to customers. The position requires daily use of Outlook, Excel, and our basic data-entry system. I am currently in the interview with a woman whose stunning resume boasts several administrative office positions and high-level Microsoft office skills; in fact, based on her resume, she seems a little overqualified for the position.)

Me: “This all looks really great. So, this job entails sending quotes out to customers, and because of the products we deal with, these quotes need to be accurate, consistent, and done in a timely manner. We get 30 to 40 requests a day that need to be entered into our system, tracked, and responded to. It requires daily use of Microsoft Excel to create the quotes, and Microsoft Outlook to send the quotes and converse with customers. It requires a lot of time management, organization, prioritizing, data entry, and high-level attention to detail. How would you rate your skills in these areas?

Interviewee: “Oh, excellent! All my past jobs have been administrative, and pretty much all I’ve done is work with Excel and Outlook.”

Me: “And how would you rate your organization and prioritizing skills?”

Interviewee: “Fantastic. I really love a fast-paced job that keeps me busy, and I’m almost OCD when it comes to details and making sure everything is correct.”

Me: “That sounds great. What kind of manager do you like to work for? Do you like a manager that gives you in-depth detail on how to perform your duties, or do you prefer to make the job your own and tailor it to what works for you?”

Interviewee: “I prefer to make it my own. Once I know what to do, I like to find what works best for me and do it that way, so long as it gets done correctly.”

(I’m secretly very pleased at that; I HATE to micro-manage.)

Me: “Wonderful! I just have a final follow-up question. Let’s say that you have a task to do that requires you need get a cell in Excel to do something specific, but you’re not sure how to get the formula right. What would be your process for solving that problem?”

Interviewee: “I’d probably check YouTube, or Google, and try and figure it out. If I can’t, I might ask someone else, but you can find how to do almost anything on YouTube.”

(I’m silently cheering the answer; I love self-sufficiency.)

Me: “Well, that’s great. I think I have everything I need. Any questions for me?”

(I end up hiring her based on her fantastic resume and her saying she has all the skills I need. She starts work the following Monday, and I spend the day training her, going through the process. Then, I sit back and let her do one quote herself.)

Me: “Here is an email like all the others requesting a quote. Go ahead and download the files and set it up in the system.”

([Interviewee] clicks, “Download,” struggles to find the file despite it being right in the downloads folder, then struggles to unzip the file.)

Me: *trying to remain calm* “Okay, go ahead and generate the Excel quote, make the changes I showed you, and save it the way I showed you.”

(She struggles to find and open the downloaded Excel file, struggles to hide the columns not needed on the quote, struggles to widen a column so the quote text isn’t cut off, struggles to save the file as a PDF, and then proceeds to struggle to find the email in Outlook, where she doesn’t even know how to reply to an email.)

Me: “So… your resume said you were highly skilled with Microsoft Office, including Excel and Outlook. You also said that in all your previous jobs you used these programs and did this same kind of work.”

Interviewee: “Yes, yes. I’m usually better than this; I’m just nervous with you watching over my shoulder.”

Me: *not buying it* “I understand. Go ahead back to your desk and do this next one, and send me the PDF of the quote to review when it’s ready.”

(This process should take at the most twenty minutes. I can do it in less than two, but I give the new person a fair chance. An hour later…)

Me: “I am just checking up on you. How are you doing with that quote?”

(I notice she has her cell phone propped up so she can watch some kind of video while she works.)

Interviewee: “Oh, I’m just stuck on this. I can’t figure out how to enter the information here.”

(She is in our database where she needs to be to enter the customer’s information, the very first step of the process. She hasn’t clicked, “Edit,” to make the fields editable. Apparently, she has spent an hour clicking on the greyed-out boxes, not sure why she isn’t able to type in them.)

Me: “You need to click the big, green ‘Edit’ button up there at the top.”

Interviewee: “Ohhh. Also, I couldn’t figure out how to get the files from the email.”

Me: “It’s that big, red link that says, ‘Click here to download project files.’”

Interviewee: “Ohhh… Fuh.”

Me: “Okay… Send me the PDF when you’re done.”

(It was another hour before she finally came to me and said she couldn’t figure out the next step, uploading the project files to our server. This literally just involves unzipping the file, and then dragging and dropping them into the server. I had to let her go. I felt bad, but I don’t have time to teach computer basics before teaching the actual job. It’s also not my fault she lied on her resume and in her interview about her skills.)

Managers Who Don’t Listen To Their Staff Are Late To Realize Their Own Folly

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(I work in a story in the mall. The store is pretty big, and we keep the gates closed when we’re not open, so whenever someone comes in for an opening shift, they have to buzz in and wait for a manager to come open the gate. Generally, opening shifts begin around 9:00, and the store opens at 10:00. Yesterday, my coworker was ten minutes late. Our manager spoke to her about it, and she promised that it wouldn’t happen again. Today, at 9:45 she buzzes to be let in. I witness the following interaction.)

Manager: “Come on, [Coworker]. We just talked about this. You can’t just come in whenever you feel like it.”

Coworker: “But—”

Manager: “I mean, five, even ten minutes, and I can look the other way, but it’s 9:45. It’s not fair to anyone else who’s opening.”

Coworker: “I’m not—”

Manager: “I don’t care, okay? You already had one warning, and the next day, you’re even later! You can’t do that. I’m going to have to write you up.”

Coworker: “It’s not—”

Manager: “What? What do you have to say for yourself?”

Coworker: “I’m not scheduled to open today. My shift doesn’t start until 10:00. I came in now so that I could be sure that I was early.”

Manager: *pause* “Next time, you should say so.”

Old Man Behaves Like Big Baby When Confronted With A Real One

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We just returned from the hospital after the birth of our son. The birth itself started at 5:00 pm and took over 24 hours. Naturally, even after one week in the hospital my wife is merely holding on, trying to get as much sleep at a time and generally moving like a robot with a near-dead battery.

Nevertheless, we decide to go grocery shopping; after a week in the hospital we have almost nothing fresh left at home.

The baby is not very content with the first drive in the stroller and decides that he definitely needs to be held in someone’s arms — otherwise he screams his head off — so I carry him through the store, which, of course, means my wife needs to handle all the produce.

Due to our lack of mobility we decide to use a traditional register as opposed to the self-scanning we regularly use. While my wife is very slowly putting the products on the conveyor belt, an old couple behind us simply starts to load their items on the belt, which means we can no longer place our remaining items, as the belt moves much faster than my wife. Luckily, she manages to put most of it on the belt and simply tells the cashier what’s left in the cart so she can ring it up manually.

After she manages to grab the wallet out of my pocket and pay for our stuff, we start loading the items into our stroller, which is empty due to the baby in my arms.

Naturally, the old man behind us decides it’s now his turn to bag his items, as well, and he literally pushes past my wife while mumbling, “I need to get my groceries, too, you know!”

The cashier, an older woman I never perceived as very friendly before, sternly looks at my wife and tells her to go home and sit down for a while. She literally leaves the old guy’s wife standing there waiting to pay for her items, exits her booth, and helps my wife to load the remaining items into our cart.

I have never ever seen any cashier bagging items in this country where the customer is expected to do this himself. Thank you very much for the support in our difficult situation. The longer I am a parent, the more I feel that only people who have kids themselves know how tough certain situations are.

A Mistake In Assigning The Mistakes

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(I’m in my first job after college. I’ve been in the job for a little over a year. I have recently bought my first ever car and am, of course, ecstatic. Everyone keeps asking about the car because they know that I’ve been walking to work. I overhear a couple of coworkers talking about me and how, due to my excitement about having a car, I am not paying attention to my job and am making mistakes in my highly-detailed data-entry job. Later in the day, one of them has decided to confront me about these mistakes.)

Coworker: “I know you are excited about having a car, but you really need to calm down and pay attention, because you are making a lot of mistakes.”

Me: “Okay, can you tell me what mistakes I’ve made?”

(The coworker gives me a list of the three mistakes. After she leaves, I look them up. I then walk back to her office.)

Me: “Well… [Mistake #1] wasn’t me. That was done about three weeks before I even started this job. [Mistake #2] also wasn’t me. That was the week I was on vacation, so I wasn’t even here. [Mistake #3] was me, but that happened two weeks after I started the job.”

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