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Part of my job involves unloading trucks. We have a certain amount of time to do so before we get charged extra. My team leader is adamant that any truck can be unloaded in that time, no matter what happens. Seems easy, right? Unfortunately, the clock starts the minute the truck comes on our property and we are only allowed to unload one truck at a time. So, if we are busy unloading one truck and another comes along — or we’re on our lunch break, which happens almost every day — we’re losing time.

One day, three trucks come while we are on our lunch hour. When we come back, [Team Leader] is practically foaming at the mouth.

Team Leader: “If we get charged extra, I will not be happy.”

Me: “We’re going as fast as we can.”

Team Leader: “I can’t believe you allowed this to get so backed up.”

Me: “They all came early in the lunch hour. You saw them, right?”

Team Leader: “You need to get this s*** moving.”

I’m getting frustrated but I don’t raise my voice.

Me: “I am.”

Team Leader: *Getting in my face* “You will not take an attitude with me. This is your job. Get these f****** trucks unloaded. Now.”

Me: “Can I open another dock?”

Team Leader: “No.”

Me: “Can we get more unloaders?”

Team Leader: “No!”

Me: “Can we ask for an extension because they all showed up at once? We even lost the first hour for lunch. It’s not fair that they always—”

Team Leader:NO!

Me: “How would you do it?”

Team Leader: “You just have to use your head.”

Me: “Well, we can’t unload more than one, we can’t get extra help, and we can’t ask for more time. What am I missing?”

The team leader just glares at me.

Me: “How would you do it?”

Team Leader: “Get it done.” *Walks away*

We did not get all the trucks unloaded in time and we did get charged for making the drivers wait. When [Team Leader] pulled me into the office to write me up, I asked again how she would have done it to avoid the fees. She said she was done talking to me and wrote me up. I quit the same day.

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Surly Supervisors Surely Suffer

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My supervisor is a woman and does not get along with other women. We work in a male-dominated field, so usually, this isn’t a problem. However, because I am female, she seems to have an issue with my very existence. She frequently raises her voice over minor things that I bring to her attention and absolutely ignores major issues until she has a solution. I come to work one day and put my coat on the hook in the communal space outside of her office.

Me: “Good morning, [Supervisor].”

She mumbles something that might be a greeting, never looking away from her computer.

Me: “What’s on the agenda today?”

Supervisor: “I’ll tell you if I need you to do something.” *Waves me off*

Me: “Okay.” *Turns to leave*

Supervisor: “[My Name].”

Me: “Yes?”

Supervisor: “Don’t leave your personal stuff here.”

I see her coat and purse on the rack beside mine.

Me: “Oh, are we not allowed to—”

Supervisor: “Leave it in the car or at home.”

Me: “It’s below freezing outside. Why—”

Supervisor: *Suddenly angry* “[My Name]! What did I just say?”

Me: *Even-toned* “I’m just asking why I can’t—”

Supervisor: “Because I f****** said so. Get your s*** and get out. I will not deal with your attitude today.”

Me: “Okay.”

I went home. She emailed me (and the store manager) an hour later, asking why I had abandoned my job and if I even really wanted to work there. I recounted our conversation — including her outburst and swearing at me — and said that I would not be back unless she changed the way she talked to me. The store manager emailed me separately, asking me to come in and talk to human resources about her behavior when the supervisor wasn’t around. Two days later, I got my supervisor’s job.

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It Feels Like Time Has Lost Its Meaning Lately, But This Is Ridiculous

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During the health crisis, I’ve been ordering curbside pickup and delivery from a large, well-known grocery store. They were bought by a large Internet retailer a couple of years back, so ordering is done via the retail website. At first, it goes off without a hitch, but then I start having issues. One is that no matter what time I place my pickup order for, they start working on it immediately and the order is done really quickly.

Normally, this wouldn’t be something I’d consider an issue, but it’s actually been a pretty big one. For example, one time, I placed my order around 2:00 in the morning to be picked up between 2:00 and 3:00 pm the next day. The next day, I woke up at 9:00 am and saw the text messages: they’d started shopping my order, wanted to know what items to substitute as certain things were out of stock, had substituted items I didn’t want and couldn’t return without going into the store.

Most of the time, I manage to get to the store and pick up my order early or at the time slot I was booked for. For curbside pickup at other stores, you’re normally allowed to pick up any time after the order is ready. Not here. One time, I put in an order and realized I was going to be a bit late for my window. Half an hour after my window, I was leaving my house and I started getting text messages from the retailer, saying how important it was to be on time. Then, when I got there, I was chewed out for being late by the person who brought me my order. From then on, I decided to be more careful about what time I ordered and when I’d get there.

I made a few more orders with not too many issues. Then, I made an order to pick up between 3:00 and 4:00. Somehow, it went through as 2:00 and 3:00 and I didn’t realize. So, I was on my way right after 3:00 and I started getting phone calls that said they were from the retailer. I didn’t pick up, as I was driving, but in my five-minute drive to the store, I had four missed calls. I looked up the number and found out it was from their missed event line. I looked at my order and realized the issue and, luckily, didn’t get chewed out this time.

Finally, I decide to order for delivery. Despite living five minutes away, my local store does not do delivery, so my groceries will come from several cities away. I figure when you order for a specific delivery time, that’s about the time they deliver, right? Wrong. I make my order at 12:00 pm to be delivered at 4:00 pm. At 12:15, they are shopping my order. I get sucked into work and go about my day. Closer to 3:00, I check to see if the order has finished being shopped, and I notice a text message saying that my order was delivered at 1:30. No one knocked or rang the bell. My frozen items are defrosted and ruined.

I’ve decided I’m going to hold off on ordering from these guys again.

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The Trip Between The Brain And The Mouth Is Short But You Can Still Get Lost

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I have a coworker who has a completely different conversation in her head than what actually happens. As a result, they always walk away feeling like the conversation went exactly as she thought it would go. However, it really never does because she cannot be forward with people to save her life. Unfortunately, she then conveys the conversation to our boss based on her conversation with herself.

Two things to note: 1) I recently bought a house on the edge of town. 2) We have a new intern who lives in the middle of town, does not drive, and is Asian.

Coworker: “I don’t know exactly where you live. How long does it take you to get to work?”

This is a lie, by the way, because she went into my personnel file to snoop and told another coworker about it.

Me: “Oh, not much longer now that I can go around town rather than through it. Actually, it takes less time despite living seven miles further east.”

Coworker: “And how do you drive?”

Me: “I just take [Highway].”

Coworker: “What?”

Me: “It is the highway for going to [Major Mountain]?”

Coworker: “Jesus. That doesn’t seem right. You don’t go down [Major Street on the west side]?”

Me: *Confused* “No?”

Coworker: “So, you don’t go down [Major Street]?”

Me: “No. I mean I pass it on [Highway] to get to work, but that is it.”

Coworker: *Annoyed* “Well, anyway, [New Intern] is going to be working with us. They are like [Coworker #2] and don’t drive.”

She tried to get me to drive [Coworker #2] to work but I refused unless they paid for my insurance in addition to company insurance, the difference in gas mileage, and travel time. They were also paying [Coworker #2] $3 extra dollars an hour for transportation so I didn’t feel really inclined to do it.

Me: “Well, that isn’t too bad. They live a whole lot closer than [Coworker #2].”

Coworker: “I would hate for [New Intern] to take the bus because of all the hate crimes. And I don’t want to have to pay for a [Ride Share Service] all the time.”

Me: “…”

Coworker: “I am just not sure what to do.”

Me: “I am sure you will figure it out!”

Of course, she took that conversation to mean that I would go fifteen minutes out of my way to drive this intern and told the boss this. I had to remind them that I did not feel comfortable carpooling as official company business without them paying for insurance, wear and tear on my car, and time going out of my way. Once more, they shut up about it, only after having egg on their face because they had to rescind the offer she shouldn’t have made in the first place.

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You Can Be Lazy Or A Liar But Not Both

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I’ve ordered some lunch to-go from a local cafe. I’m a little early but I pop my head in to see if I can collect it yet.

Owner: “No, sorry, it’s not ready yet. In fact, I need to run to the shop.”

Me: “Oh, okay. Any idea how long it will be? Should I pop back later?”

Owner: “No, no. I will only be a few minutes. Take a seat if you like.”

I take a seat in the corner out of the way. The owner shouts through to the back kitchen as she leaves.

Owner: “[Employee], can you watch the front for me, please? I’m running to the shop to get ingredients for this gentleman’s lunch.”

Employee: “I’m on a break.”

Owner: *Looks at the clock* “You’ve had your break; it’s quarter past.”

Employee: “Yeah, but I came back yesterday a minute early, so I’m having an extra minute today.”

Owner: *Shaking her head* “Okay, fine, after your break. Please watch the front.”

She leaves. I read the paper and check my phone. Eventually, the door opens and the owner returns. [Employee] rushes to the till.

Owner: “Did you mind the till? Because you know anyone could come in and open it. We’ve been over this so many times, [Employee].”

Employee: “I was at the till!”

Owner: “Well, why weren’t you here when I came in?”

Employee: “Well, I, err… It’s because… this really mean customer came in and he was shouting and saying we got his order wrong.” *Starts sobbing*

Owner: “Really?”

Employee: *Still sobbing* “What, I’m a liar now?”

Owner: “Okay. Sir, are you still there?”

I walk around the corner.

Me: “Me? Yes, hi.”

Owner: “Did you perhaps see the man who shouted at my staff?”

Me: “Oh, no. No one came in while you were gone.”

Owner: *To [Employee]* “Let’s talk out the back.”

I don’t know what is said, but a door slams somewhere behind me and the owner comes back alone. I get a great lunch and an apology (although I don’t need one). As I am leaving:

Owner: “Sorry about all that. She’s a lovely girl but not the brightest. We have cameras everywhere and this isn’t the first time she has made this sort of thing up.”

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