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Kindness Is The Best Snack

, , , , , | Right | January 1, 2022

I work in Los Angeles but live a couple of counties over as the result of a recent move. On the most direct route, my evening commute home averages about two hours. Sometimes I have to get off the highway partway through to find a restroom.

On this day, I’ve just gotten past a thirty-four-minute slowdown caused by a crash that involved a couple of semis, and I desperately need a restroom, so I stop by a certain popular chain coffee shop near the highway.

After finishing my business, I hop in line to make a purchase — I’ve worked both retail and customer service and know that a lot of places get cranky about people using their restrooms without buying anything — and get to chatting with a very friendly barista.

Me: “Yeah, I just wanted to make a purchase to justify using your bathroom.”

Barista: “Ah, you don’t need to worry about that!”

Me: “Thanks, I appreciate that. It’s just that I have a two-hour commute home—”

Barista: *Looks horrified* “Oh! So, you need a snack!”

Me: “Pretty much, yeah.”

We commiserated a bit about said commute as I purchased a brownie, and I left a decent tip since I had cash and he’d been very sweet and cheerful in serving me. He gave me the little paper bag with my brownie in it and I absently noticed as I walked off that it was a bit heavier than usual. Peeking inside, I discovered that the barista had given me a second brownie!

Thank you, kind sir, for such a sweet gesture to brighten up such an awful commute! I’m currently looking for a job closer to home, but I’ll never forget that awesome barista!

Mango Away Now

, , , | Right | December 29, 2021

I’m stood in line to order my drinks in a little family-run café. Judging by the other customers’ orders, the newly added fruit smoothies are a massive hit. I get to the counter and order two medium mango smoothies. I stand in a second queue to collect my drinks.

Eventually, I am next in line to collect.

Employee: “I have a large strawberry smoothie.”

Customer Behind Me: “Oh, that’s mine. Is my other one coming?”

Employee: “As fast as we can, love.”

A few minutes later:

Employee: “I have two regular mango smoothies.”

Customer Behind Me: “Thanks.”

Me: “Wait, they’re mine.”

She just gives me a dirty look, takes one of my smoothies, and then leaves.

Employee: “So sorry about that. I did try to give them to you.”

Me: “Oh, it’s not a problem. Just annoying.”

Employee: “She paid for a large. Do you mind having that, instead?”

Me: “I think I can cope with that, thanks! You won’t get in trouble?”

Employee: “Me? No, perks of being the owner. I’ll tell her off if she does come back.”

It’s a lovely cafe. They kept us cool all summer with cold drinks!

Cappuccino-No-No, Part 4

, , , , | Right | December 28, 2021

I’m a store manager. A woman comes in and orders a venti cappuccino. My assistant manager is at the bar with an experienced barista, and they are cranking out the beverages… until this one. One return, okay, no problem. Two returns, okay, but there is no way this one is wrong. Three returns… At this point, she is calling the assistant and the barista stupid and untrained, so I step in and call her over to the other end of the counter so that they can catch up with the drinks that are now piling up.

Me: “You shouldn’t speak to my staff like that; they are both experienced and are making the drink to our company standard.”

After listening, this woman wants us to put shots in a cup and then proceed to skim the foam off of all of our milk pitchers (in the past, we had large milk pitchers that we would steam as we went so there was always milk ready; now they steam milk per drink) to fill the cup the rest of the way.

Customer: “Tiffany knows how to make my drink.”

Tiffany was recently fired for no-showing for work twice as a supervisor, delaying the store opening, and costing us money and customer satisfaction. New boyfriend, bad influence.

Me: “If you want two shots and a cup of foam, you have to order it that way. A cappuccino is part foam and part liquid milk, which is why they made it the way they did; there is a standard recipe for cappuccinos.”

She continues to berate us for our service and for her drink being wrong, so when she finally gets out all that she needs to get out:

Me: “Please go elsewhere for your coffee, as, clearly, we are not able to serve you as you wanted.”

She is not expecting that response, as she is clearly accustomed to having her a** kissed, and I am not going to let my staff be treated like that.

I don’t remember if she left in a huff. I was headed to call my district manager to let her know I threw someone out and asked them not to return. I got major kudos from the staff there and the customers who were within earshot for standing up to a bully and defending my staff.

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Call Backs Shouldn’t Just Be For Complaints

, , , , , | Right | December 24, 2021

I work for a popular coffee chain. It is not uncommon to receive complaints by phone after a customer has already left. When I answer the phone and hear, “Yeah, I just came through your drive-thru, and…” I prepare myself.

This time, however, I was pleasantly surprised. My very sweet coworker had recommended a drink to someone who didn’t know what she wanted to order. Not ten minutes later, the phone rang and the person on the other end started with the previously mentioned phrase, and then she went on to happily say that she loved the drink my coworker recommended and she just wanted to thank her for suggesting something so excellent!

We get so many complaints, usually about things that are petty or out of our control, that it was just so nice to have someone take that same kind of time to compliment us, instead. She will never know how much that made all of our days.

Cappuccino-No-No, Part 4

, , , , | Right | December 10, 2021

A few coworkers and I are grabbing a coffee from the on-site coffee shop. I’m first in line.

Me: “Can I get a flat white. [Coworker #1], what do you want?”

Coworker #1: “Oh, thanks, a latte.”

I motion to [Coworker #2].

Coworker #2: “Black coffee, thanks!”

Some Random Guy: “I’ll have a cappuccino.”

We all look at him; I shake my head at the cashier.

Cashier: “Okay, sir, I will get yours in a second.”

I pay for ours and move around to the collection point. The random guy goes to follow.

Cashier: “Err… excuse me, sir, you need to pay for your coffee.”

Some Random Guy: “Oh, he’s paid.” *Gestures to me*

Cashier: “He didn’t. You need to pay for your coffee.”

The guy puts his hands on his hips.

Some Random Guy: “Well, I don’t want it, then.”

Cashier: “Sure.* *To the other worker* “Cancel the cappuccino.”

He stood there, hands on his hips, staring at me and then the cashier, furious. He was still there when we collected our coffees and left.

We all laughed about it and it became the running joke to “not forget the cappuccino” when we go out.

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