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(I work at a coffee shop where our new manger is really strict with the store policies. I’m usually really friendly and try to be as accommodating as I can with the customers, despite the strict rules. We have a new person on the register while I’m on bar.)

Customer: “Can I have a large mocha frap but can you split it in two medium cups with whipped cream on both?”

(New person hesitantly gets two medium cups.)

Me: “I’m sorry but due to company policy, I can’t split this drink for you but I can give you the two cups so you can do it yourself.”

(The customer mutters under her breath for the rest of the transaction and she goes to the hand off to wait for her drink. I can feel her staring at me as I’m giving drinks to other customers that were here before her. I finally finish her drink.)

Me: *smiling* “Your mocha frap is ready! Thank you so much!”

Customer: “Where is your manager?!”

(He happened to be right next to her, refilling the condoment bar.)

Manager: “That would be me. Is there a problem?”

Customer: “Yes, you need to talk to her about her addit

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I got morning shift (I just got off) and so many fucking rude ass people in the morning.

One dude got pissed because he didn’t get his hash browns. But he never asked for them, so he thinks he’s gonna get them for free. No bitch you gonna have to pay that extra cent. Then he’s like “I asked for a large iced coffee not a small.” But he did ask for an iced coffee anyway. And he’s like “It’s okay, I’ll let this go this time.” You better shove your coffee up your ass smh.

Then next this lady asks for a Vanilla Bean coolatta (I don’t care for spelling). One of the crew memebers makes it and I give it to her. She gives me a dirty look and is like “Why is it white? I want it yellow with two pumps of the vanilla bean.” Then with me trying to contain my anger I smile at her and tell her that there is two pumps in it. With the size there are two pumps. And she’s like “No there isn’t two pumps in there. I want it more yellow.” So I make it myself this time and it LOOKS THE FUCKING THE SAME AS THE ONE BEFORE. Another dirty look she gives me and drives off. Wtf she always does this. Always.

Now this one got me today: Some guy asked if we sell donuts. HE’S AT A FUCKING DUNKIN DONUTS WHAT DO YOU THINK!? Shaking the iced coffees in anger.

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My church has a “Two Wheel Ministry” in which everyone with a motorcycle gets together on the first Sunday of every month, weather permitting, and goes on a long ride together after service. The Pastor rides ahead of the group and the ones who run it run behind them in order to assist in keeping everyone together, as not everyone is used to riding in large groups.

On this particular ride, we’re about thirty bikes strong. Even though the weather is really nice, most people are dressed in their riding leathers and you wouldn’t automatically know we’re a bunch of church-goers out for fun.

We make our mid-trip stop, which is about an hour into the ride, to get gas and stretch. There happens to be a famous American coffee shop in the same parking lot and we all decide to have a short stop over to grab something to drink.

The look on the faces of the wait staff and the few customers as around fifteen of us file in is priceless. It is a mix of shock, fear, and confusion. Always being one to be able to read the room, the head of the motorcycle group turns around and addresses us.

Group Leader:Okay, listen up! Tall orders only! Anyone else getting whipped cream on their coffee?!”

Almost All Of Us Together: “I am!”

Me: “And yes! Yes, I do want sprinkles!”

I hear the door open and, without missing a beat, I hear my pastor shout:

Pastor: “Oh, heck yeah! SPRINKLES!”

The staff started laughing and you could see everyone relax. We introduced ourselves to the few customers there and the staff as we waited for our drinks. We picked up a few new members to the church that day, too. It was great.

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Taste Testing

[I work as a barista in a large Coffee Shop chain that has a location in a busy local mall. Customers are expected to pick up their drink based on the type of drink they ordered–i.e. large latte with vanilla. It is a busy Saturday and there are customers lined up to order drinks and customers lined up to pick up their drinks. I am making drinks as fast as I can, yelling out the type of drink as loudly as I can. It can be a bit stressful as customers crowd up to the counter watching you intently as you make drinks.]

Me: I have a [size-specific-fancy-espresso beverage-#1]!

[Two women, Customer #1 and Customer #2, surge forward. Customer #1 gets to the counter first and grabs the drink; Customer #2 looks confused.]

Customer #1: [takes a sip of Size-specific-fancy-espresso-beverage-#2]. This doesn’t taste like a [Specific-fancy-espresso-beverage-#1.

Me: Uh, that’s because it is a [Size-specific-fancy-espresso-beverage-#2].

Customer #2: I think that is what I ordered.

Customer #1: Oh. Well, I ordered [specific-fancy-espresso-beverage-#1]

Me: Yep, and I am just finishing it right now. [Finishes drink. And hands it to her.] Here it is.

Customer #1: [Before taking the drink I just finished for her. To Customer #2 as she hands the other woman the wrong beverage, that it is now obvious was ordered by Customer #2.] I just took a sip. [Customer #1 takes her drink and walks away.]

[Customer #2 and I stare at each other.]

Me: [I reach out to take the cup from Customer #2]. Um, let me make that for you again.

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I just finished ordering my drink and I move over to their pick up counter which is a few feet away from their ordering counter. I wait for a minute or two and my drink is ready, but I am just chatting with the manager since I am a regular there. There are other baristas on shift and no one else in line. Not even after two sentences with her just saying hi and asking how her day is, someone interrupts me.

Customer: ARE YOU DONE?
Me: *confused* What?
Customer: I SAID, are you done? Move it!
Me: Uh, yeah I guess. (I move out of the way).
Customer (to the manager): Can I get [order]?
Manager: Sir, you order over there. *points to EMPTY ordering counter with barista waiting*
Customer: Oh.

He moves over there and gives me a sheepish grin and I glare back at him. I say bye to the manager and leave for my shift.