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I worked as a Loss Prevention Supervisor for a mall department store. One day, while monitoring the store on camera, I see four young men ( no older than 21) march into the store in a single file line. The first young man is carrying a small bag from Fredrick’s of Hollywood in front of him.

All four March to the young men’s department, where the guy with the bag entered the fitting room. The other three line up next to each other in facing of the fitting room entrance with their hands clasped in front of them. A few minutes later, bag boy emerges wearing the skimpiest, fringed, flesh-colored thong I have ever seen, and nothing else. He shakes his hips in front of his mates, shimmying the fringe like nobody’s business for exactly one minute. He then turned around military style and re-entered the fitting room.

After dressing and coming back onto the sales floor, they get back into line and march out of the store. Not a single one of them so much as cracked a smile the entire time they were in the building.

Meeee, Meeeself, And I

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(A young kid gets lost and my coworker is trying to help but has trouble understanding her.)

Coworker: “What’s your name?”

Kid: “Meeee.”

Coworker: “I mean your name.”

Kid: “Meeeeya.”

Coworker: “Umm, are you with your parents? Mom and Dad?”

Kid: “Yoo.”

Coworker: “Yes?”

Kid: “Yoo.”

Coworker: “No?”

Kid: *shakes head*

Coworker: “Are they here?”

Kid: “Yooos.” *nods head*

Coworker: “Okay, do you know their names? What’s your mom’s name?”

Kid: “Maanyi.”

Coworker: “Mommy? No, her name.”

Kid: “Maannii.”

Coworker: “Dad’s name?”

Kid: “Dedyi!”

(It turned out her name was actually Mia, her mom was Mandy, and her dad was Teddy. She wasn’t just a silly girl with no clue!)

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(I was doing grocery in a popular shopping mall near my area when heard the below conversation between a elderly man and cashier. The mall was giving a offer,”Buy Product#1 and get 30%off on 2ltr of coke”. The sign was big and placed next to the counter)

OldMan: I want this. * handing 2ltr of coke of same brand on which offer is there*
Cashier: Sure Sir.You total is *amount*.
Old Man: You did not give me discount.
Cashier: Discount will be available if you buy Product#1.
Old man: But i want only this coke.
Cashier: In that case ,I am sorry sir but you have to pay in full.
Old man: *shouting at this point and gathering attentions* BUT ITS WRITTEN HERE “GET 30% OFF ON COKE”.
Cashier: It is also written with picture that you have to buy Product#1.
Old man: You are cheating me. Its day light robbery.
Cashier: I am sorry sir but I can’t give you discount unless you are buying product#1
Oldman: So you will give me discount or not?
Cashier: NO.

*storms off crushing on native language*

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(I am the customer in this story. I go to the food court for lunch. After debating on what I wanted I settled for a burger and placed my order. This is in Naples, Italy but the food court is an American one. I am a female but with short hair. I also tend to wear baggy clothing so I am mistaken for a boy now and then but I don’t mind. My voice is feminine though and people tend to apologize for mistaking me for a male. I always find it funny. Besides this something else happens.)

Cashier: How may I help you, sir?

Me: *Smiles a bit and laughs on the inside* Ciao! I would like a number one combo with no onions or bacon please.

Cashier: Yes, ma’am, cash or card?

Me: Card please. *Walks over to the card reader and swipes card*

Cashier: *Hands over receipt*

Me: *After waiting 5 minutes or so I get my food* Grazie!

Cashier: Ma’am, here’s your other burger,

Me: Other burger? I only ordered one.

Cashier: *Keeps insisting I ordered two*

Me: *Holds out receipt that shows I only got one order*

Cashier: Oh, have a nice day, ma’am.

(I wave and go sit down. I could’ve gotten a second burger for free but I would’ve felt bad if I did!)

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I work at a take-away/restaurant inside a mall. There are several other restaurants next to ours, all clearly seperated from each other. It’s a busy day, we’re short on free tables and I spot two women, eating sushi from the restaurant next door. In this case we have orders to politely tell them to sit down at the restaurant they got their food from, so we can ensure that OUR customers can sit down.
Me: *with a friendly smile* Uhm hello ladies!
*they ignore me and proceed talking to each other*
Me: Excuse me, hello!
They’re still looking the other way, so I step even closer to their table, waving my hand in a friendly way to get their attention. Suddenly one of the women turns her head and yells at me in an annoyed manner.
Me: *with a forced smile* I am sorry for the interruption ma’am, but I’ve seen you’re a customer of the sushi restaurant next door and-
Me: Sure ma’am but I have to ask you politely to sit down at the other restaurant.
Both of them first turned white and then bright red.
Women 2: What the f***?! Are you trying to throw us out you stupid b****?!
Me: *still trying to speak in the calmest voice I can manage at this moment* I am sorry for the missunderstanding. I am not throwing you out of the mall, I just have to ask you to sit down at the sushi restaurant with your food, because we have to reserve the tables for the paying customers of OUR restaurant. You’re sitting at [our restaurant name].
They look at me baffled.
Women 2: *after a moment of silence* You mean this is not [sushi restaurant]?
Women 1: WELL HOW THE F*** ARE WE SUPPOSED TO KNOW THIS IS NOT [sushi restaurant]?!
Me: *with the sweetest sugary voice* Well, maybe because of the almost one metre sized sign on the wall that says [our restaurant] right behind your heads?
They then stormed off, leaving their sushi behind, complaining how rude I was.