When Is A Milkshake Not A Milkshake?

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(We have plain cones, sundaes, and milkshakes. The milkshakes are automatically made with whipped cream and a cherry unless the customer specifically asks to not have them. It is pretty clear that they come with these, as there are big pictures of the shakes on the menu board.)

Customer: *orders meal* “…and I want a chocolate milkshake.”

Me: “All right. Your total is [price].”

(After placing the order I immediately begin to make the man’s shake.)

Me: “Here you go, sir.”

Customer: “I ordered a milkshake.”

Me: “I know. This is yours.”

Customer: “I ordered a milkshake.”

Me: “Sir, this is a milkshake.”

Customer: “No, I want a milkshake.”

Me: “This is a milkshake.”

Customer: “I want a milkshake!”

(This back-and-forth continues, with me trying to convince him that the shake he has watched me make the entire time without stopping me is, in fact, a milkshake until he gestures at it.)

Customer: “I just want a milkshake! Not all that!”

(Finally, it dawns on me what his issue with the milkshake is.)

Me: “You want it without whipped cream and the cherry?”

Customer: “Yes.”

(I made him a new shake without the toppings, and he was content. I understand not wanting them, but apparently, the milkshake ceased to be a milkshake as soon as they were added.)

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(Our movie theater is in a rich entitled area.)

Customer: *extremely irritable* “Where’s the manager? I need to speak to your manager!”

Me: *being a naive new employee of less than three months, I think maybe I can fix the problem* “What seems to be the problem ma’am?”

Customer: *immediately explodes into a tirade* “I TOOK MY SON TO [MOVIE] AND IT WAS PG AND THEY SWORE ENTIRELY TOO MUCH FOR A PG MOVIE!”

(This particular movie happened to be PG-13.)

Coworker: *hears the commotion* “Ma’am, [Movie Name] is PG-13.”

Customer: *continues to rant about her movie and how her ten-year-old son shouldn’t be exposed to this*

(My coworker again explains that the movie is in fact PG-13 but eventually decides it’s a lost cause. We send the customer on her merry way and that’s that. We have the internet for a reason, research your movie before you go to see it!)

Mention The Time When Mentioning The Times

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Me:  “Hi. Thank you for calling [Bookstore]; how can I help you?”

Customer: “Hi. There was a book in the New York Times that I’d like to get.”

Me: “Okay. Do you know the title, or what it’s about?”

Customer: “No, but it was a full-page ad in the newspaper.”

Me: “Okay, give me one second.”

(I go and scan through the “Times” to find anything to go off of.)

Me: “Okay, I didn’t see anything. Are you sure it was the Times? I checked today’s paper and there weren’t any full-page ads like that.”

Customer: “Today’s paper? No, this was weeks ago. Do you know the book?”

Me: *pause* “We don’t have it.”

Dad Isn’t A Total Dummy

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(My father is totally blind. This story takes place back when many women still wear real furs. My mother’s winter coat has worn out, and she and my father are in a department store shopping for a new one. As my mother is browsing, my father grows bored and starts feeling the various coats around around him. He comes upon a fur coat that is thick and plush, and believes it to be on a mannequin.)

Father: “Hey, [Mom]. Come look at the coat on this dummy!”

(My mother turns around and is horrified to see my father running his hands all over an extremely angry, elderly woman in an expensive fur.)

Other Customer: “EXCUSE ME?!”

Mother: “We’re so sorry, ma’am!” *drags my father away, who is doubled over laughing*

(I’m still don’t know if he legitimately thought it was a mannequin as he claims, or he just wanted an excuse to leave!)

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My son recently discovered he is allergic to soy. The chef at his workplace decided to make a special dish which he thought took my son’s allergy into account. Unfortunately, he was not aware that edamame is young soybeans.

Yep, he served edamame to the man with the soy allergy.

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