Line Creation Aberration

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I am waiting in line at a large truck stop and gas station. The station is set up so that one line feeds to all cash registers.

Customer: “Are you waiting in line?”

I look at the line of people behind me.

Me: “Yes, I am.”

Customer: “Well, you’re doing it wrong!”

I am puzzled.

Customer: *Still shouting* “There are two registers, so there are two lines! You’re going to hold up the whole f****** line! No one is going to be able to check out!”

The customer goes up to the customer who is currently checking out at the far register.

Customer: “Look at this stupid b****! I’m not going to be able to check out because she owns the d*** lines!”

The customer turns to me.

Customer: “This is how you do it. See how I’m in line? Now I’ll get served next, and you’ll have to wait! You are going to that register over there!”

The customer stands in a line of her own creation and choosing, while the baffled cashier continues serving the also baffled customer checking out. The cashier at what is now “my” register, says:

Cashier: “May I help the next customer?”

Me: *Approaches register* “I’m so sorry. Last time I was here, there was only one line.”

Cashier: “You’re fine!”

With the transaction complete, I left. The customer was still standing in line, berating the other cashier and customer. Too bad she didn’t stand in the actual line!

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This Customer Should Try Peanuts As Her Blood Pressure Is Through The Roof

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I am giving out samples of homemade peanut butter in a grocery store.

Me: “Good morning, ma’am. Please try some fresh home-made peanut butter!”

Customer: *With disgust* “Ugh, peanut butter has so much cholesterol in it!”

Me: *Pleasantly* “I’m sorry, but peanut butter doesn’t have any cholesterol in it.”

Customer: *Clearly offended* “What do you mean?!”

Me: “Well, cholesterol is a molecule found in the cell membranes of animals to help keep it more rigid. Plants, such as peanuts, have a sturdy cell wall protecting it; they have no need for cholesterol.”

The customer seems to get angry that I clearly know what I’m talking about and she doesn’t.

Customer: “Well! Peanuts have lots of fat, then!”

Me: “Yes, ma’am, they do have fat.”

The customer left. I sighed.

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But Aren’t All Stores The Same?!

, , , | Right | June 25, 2020

I get called over by a coworker to help with a question from a customer. She mentions something about a cash return, so I’m assuming it’s a return issue. When I get there, it’s just a normal purchase.

Me: “What’s the problem?”

Customer: “How do I get cashback?”

Me: “Oh, we don’t do cashback here, unfortunately. But there’s a [Grocery Store] just down the block!”

Customer: “What? But [Clothing Store next door] does cashback!”

The store in question has nothing to do with us. We’re a craft store; they’re a clothing store. We have different parent companies, different policies, and different POS systems. The closest thing we have to any sort of association is being next door to each other.

Me: “Yes, they might, but we’re a completely different company with different ways of doing things.”

The customer complained the entire time while checking out that we didn’t do cashback. The kicker is, I went to the clothing store next door a few days later, and they didn’t do cashback, either!

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Unfiltered Story #198670

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I work at a water store in a small town. I decided to balance the register because it’s been a very slow day. I’m half way through and a regular comes in a minute before closing time.
I stopped what I was doing and she fills up her bottle.
(We also have cards that once you buy 10, you get one free.)
She picks the slowest faucet and takes her time. By the time she’s done, we should have been closed for 5 minutes.
She walks up to the register
“Oh, I have a free one.” Puts the card on the counter and walks out.
At this point I was already very frustrated and wanted to go home, and somehow I manage to tell her to have a nice day.

A “Prime” Example

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Customer: “Hi. I was wondering if I could return this book?”

Me: “Certainly. Do you have your receipt?”

Customer: “Oh, no, I don’t. I ordered it online, so…”

Me: “I can look you up by your order number, if you have that.”

I move toward the computer to pull up our mail order list.

Customer: “I won’t be in there. I bought on Amazon and just wanted to see if I could return in here.”

Me: “Oh, no, I’m sorry, but we can only take back items that were purchased at our store.”

I looked over to my coworker as the customer left, and he looked as baffled as I felt.

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