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I was in a book/video/game store when I overheard a conversation two middle aged ladies had with an employee.

Lady 1: Do you have that film that came out last February?

Employee: There were a lot of movies that came out in February. Do you know the title?

Lady 1: Not exactly, but my friend remember who was in it.

Lady 2: I think the girl Dakota Johnson was in it.

Employee: *now knows what film it is* Can you describe the plot to me?

Lady 1: Uhm…well…there is this girl, and she falls in love with…this really hot guy…and he wants her to join his…lifestyle.

Lady 2: Jamie Dornan was also in it too.

Employee: You mean Twilight? It sounds a lot like Twilight.


They both stormed off as I went to go talk to the employee.

Me: Were they looking for Fifty Shades of Grey?

Employee: I think so, but we sold out a few weeks ago.

This Campaign Is Not So Pretty In Pink

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(I work in the retail area at a cosmetology school. In October, our product line promotes breast cancer awareness month. Our hand cream has a pink band around the bottle to explain this.)

Me: “Welcome to [Salon]. What brings you in today?”

Customer: “I’m looking for hand cream.”

(I take the customer over to the shelf with the lotions and begin talking with her about our hand cream, having her try out a sample from a normal bottle. She likes it, so I grab one of the pink-banded bottles to sell her.)

Customer: “Well, I don’t want it if it’s pink!”

Me: “What do you mean? There’s just this pink band around the bottle for breast cancer awareness; part of your purchase today will be donated toward research for a cure!”

Customer: “I don’t want pink hand lotion!”

Me: “Ma’am, the lotion is still white. There is just a pink band around the bottle.”

Customer: “I don’t want it!”

(She stormed out.)

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(I work at a residence hall at my college. Today is one of the tour days for incoming freshmen and their families, so the desk is very busy. Thankfully, I’ve only had to deal with a few unruly parents. At one point, a mother comes up to me to ask a question.)

Mother: Excuse me, I was wondering when the next tour of this hall would be starting?

Me: It should be about 10 to 15 minutes, m’mam. You’re welcome to sit in the chairs and wait if you’d like.

Mother: Thank you! I was actually here last time to see the “Oriental” house, and thought I’d like to come back to see this one…

(I’m taken aback at this point, because our college clearly does not have a hall called such an outdated, racist term. We do, however, have one for International students, called…”International House”, so I correct her nicely.)

Mother (clearly perplexed): Oh…is that what it’s called? How strange.

(She didn’t come back towards the desk after that.)

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(This conversation happens at least twice an hour)

Customer: “Are you giving me me the winning lottery ticket?”

Me: “If I could predict winners I wouldn’t be working here.”

You’re Totally Off Your Clocker

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(The grocery store I work at also has a popular coffee chain stall inside. They have several tables around the stall, since we have hot foods in the deli. I work in the department next to the coffee stall, so I overhear a lot of conversations there and at the tables. A department head and a few of her friends are sitting at a table, drinking coffee and chatting. Someone from her department comes over.)

Coworker: “Hey, [Department Head], when are you back from lunch? We have some things we need you to help with.”

Department Head: “Oh, I haven’t even clocked out yet!” *laughs*

(She’s been sitting and chatting for close to an hour at that point.)

Coworker: “Okay, but we need you to help with some of the computer stuff for [process].”

Department Head: “Yeah, I’ll get over there eventually. Just go make yourself busy.”

(My coworker goes to the office. A few minutes later, the store manager comes over.)

Manager: “[Department Head]! You’re on the clock! Why are you just sitting around?!”

Department Head: “I’m taking a break, jeez!”

Manager: “If you’re gonna take a break, go clock out! You’ve spent too much time hanging out and not working!”

Department Head: “You’re just jealous I’m pretty and people like me!”

Manager: “No, I’m upset you spend more time socializing with friends than doing what I pay you for. Clock out for break or go home.”

(I found out later that she transferred to a different store because of “too much pressure” from our manager.)

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