Hats Off To Their Attempt To Get A Discount

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This was my first experience in retail where I learned what many customers would be like.

Seasons are changing, so we put a lot of shirts we have to get rid of in the front and mark them 50% off. I am working the register when a woman comes up to buy her things. I ring her up and can see a look on her face like something is wrong.

Customer: “Why is this so much?”

Me: “Pardon me?”

Customer: “This should only be $10, not $20.”

I think that maybe her item is on sale, so I ask if she could point out the sign because I’m not aware of it. It is a small store and we don’t have to walk anywhere.

Customer: “This sign here.”

Me: “This sign says that all shirts are 50% off.”

Customer: “Yes, so why is this full price?”

Me: “This is a hat.”

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When A Penny For Your Thoughts Is Still A Ripoff

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Customer: “I have to pay for a bag?”

Me: “Yeah only 1p.”

Customer: “Ah, never mind. I’ll just carry it. Oh, and keep the change.”

One penny.

His change was one penny.

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Little Pink Lies

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We have one regular customer who seems to think we are both her best friends and her therapists. We’ve all heard her entire life story — although how much of it is true, we’re not sure — and far too much detail about her various illnesses.

We actually have a policy in place to stop her from buying anything because on her more lucid days we can tell she spends far too much. For whatever reason, she always gets my name wrong, calling me by a name that is almost like mine but not quite. Normally, I correct her, but I didn’t this time!

Regular Customer: “I’m probably going to change my name this week. I like your name, [Wrong Name]. It’s always been one of my favourite names.”

Me: “Oh?”

Regular Customer: “What’s your middle name?”

Sensing where this is going, I think fast and make something up.

Me: “Margaret.”

Regular Customer: “Oh, that’s nice, too! Well, we’ve decided, then. I’m going to change my name to yours!”

Me: “Uh… pardon?”

Regular Customer: “I like all the hair colours you have; would you do my hair like yours? What’s the favourite colour you’ve ever been?”

Me: “I’m not a hairdresser, [Regular Customer]; I wouldn’t be comfortable doing that.”

Regular Customer: “Oh. But your favourite colour?”

Again, thinking fast.

Me: “Pink.”

Regular Customer: “Well, I’ll see you soon. I’ll pop back in to touch base on Wednesday; our new name will be sorted by then. I’m glad we decided on that.”

She continued on for another half an hour, periodically going to leave and then staying. I have never been so freaked out in my entire life. If she comes back on Wednesday with pink hair and my incorrect name, I am fleeing the country!

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This Would Have Been Rude Even Without The Crisis

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A popular budget clothes shop has recently reopened near me after being shut due to the health crisis. It’s near a local food shop and the staff are going above and beyond to keep everyone safe. There are regular markings on the floor, repeated tannoy announcements, restricted numbers, etc.

I decide to go in and pick up a few things. I’ve been wearing a mask as often in shops as possible even though, at this point, it hasn’t been legally required. Many people in the shop are being extremely cautious, and while it can take a while to get everything together, almost everyone seems good-spirited and equally cautious. I head to the tills and join the queue.

A young woman joins behind me and calls down an aisle to beckon someone over: another young woman pushing an older woman in a wheelchair.

They park the elderly lady in the queue about six inches behind me and, before I can say anything, they rush off back down the aisles. The woman in the wheelchair isn’t wearing a mask.

As the queue slowly moves forward, one of a small group of roughly six young women will run back, dump their chosen items onto the woman’s lap, push her forward to maintain their place in the queue, and again park her as close to me as possible. Two times, they even push her into the back of my knees.

The elderly woman seems uncomprehending of anything around her and not able to move the chair herself.

I manage to flag down a member of staff who explains the distance requirements, and the other women comply until the staff member leaves. Then, once again, they push her right up behind me. 

When I get to the tills to pay after around ten minutes, I hope that’s the end of it. The many shopping women have all congregated around the wheelchair and they move forward to pay. Then, they decide that they need to split the teetering pile of bedding and clothing into several transactions and take over the tills on both sides of me, crossing backward and forward within inches of me, moving items between tills and staff members, and handing them around each other to work out who is paying for each item.

None of them are wearing gloves or seem to give a hoot for the idea of six feet apart.

I finish up my transaction and attempt a few times to move away from the till as they rush back and forth, and I am barely out of the way before one of them dumps a pile of items in front of the operator who served me and begins sorting through it in the same manner.

I can only hope the staff managed to sort everything out and the rest of the queue realised it wasn’t their fault.

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Unfiltered Story #206304

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(I work on the tills and salesfloor of a clothing store and we have 2 big sales a year and 2 small ones. This happened at a small sale when a customer came up to the till almost tripping with a huge pile of clothes.)

Me: Hi, how are you? Before I start, can I just ask if you need a bag so I can pack as I go?

(Customer looks at me with such rage and contempt.)

Customer: Well I’m hardly going to carry ALL this without a bag, AM I???? (She screws up her face mockingly.)

Me: Oh, that’s ok. I was just wondering if you brought your own bags with you so I could reuse them. (Most people do when going to buy 16 armfulls of clothes ..)

Customer: *sarcastically* Well my bags are in the car soooooooooo I do need one, is that alright?

Me: That’s fine.

(I don’t speak for the rest of the tedious transaction, except to say the total price. It didn’t seem unreasonable to think someone buying 10+ items would bring a bag considering we charge for them.)