An Internet Connection Emergency!

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This story takes place back in ye olden days of dial-up Internet.  

The place where I worked at the time had two phone systems so you had to dial a prefix to select the line. Unlike most places where it was a single digit, they decided to get more convoluted and used three-digit prefixes — 922 for an internal line and 991 for an external line. Why they picked those number combinations, I have no idea.

One day, a non-technically-inclined coworker needed to take a laptop on a trip and he needed the IT folks to set up the dialing program for him so that he could get his email. In order to test that it was working, they set the number to 991 1-800-[number]. Then, they made the mistake of not wiping the prefix before handing it to the employee.

This employee didn’t know that he would need to look up what he needed to dial to get an outside line from his hotel and change it on his laptop. He just plugged in his laptop and tried to connect. It just so happened that his hotel used nine to get an outside line, so his machine was dialing 9-911 over and over and over again trying to connect. He had no idea why it wasn’t connecting, so he was blissfully unaware of just who he was calling until hotel security showed up at his door.

Fortunately, the authorities understood that he had not done it intentionally, so there were no serious consequences for him, but the poor guy was too afraid to try to connect his laptop for the rest of the trip.

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Unfiltered Story #195041

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Some 10 years ago I was working for the Rosebud Reservation ambulance service. Most of the people I helped had a quiet dignity about them that one could not help to respect.

One night however me and my fellow EMT, a Sioux tribal member, responded to a call for a woman in distress at a private residence. When we got there my partner went in first while I followed about 30 seconds later having grabbed some extra gear.

When I entered the room with the patient my partner was already conducting the initial assessment. The woman’s husband was standing facing his wife and my partner with his back to me.

The woman was having difficulty speaking so the husband was doing most of the talking and when I walked in he was answering the questions of what/where/when concerning the woman’s condition.

I began pulling gear out of my bag when when the husband, who hadn’t yet noticed me, remarked “I’m just glad they sent one of our people and not one of those damned whites.”

At that point I, who had never personally faced discrimination in my life, could hardly believe what I just heard. I knew that racial hatred existed on the rez and why but hadn’t encountered it before then. Still, I am a man who believe in holding oneself to a Spartan degree of self control. I merely said “Excuse me?” in a flat even tone.

The husband glanced over his shoulder and froze. Now let me set the scene. The husband was 40ish stood about 5′ 6″-7″ and perhaps 170-180lbs. I was a 26 yr old man of Norse ancestory standing 6′ 1″& 215lbs & despite being a rather even tempered soul I just naturally ‘look’ mean.

The husband swallowed, stepped aside and said “Sir, I am so very sorry” Those were that last words he uttered in my presence. We transported his wife to the hospital without further incident.

Alcohol Strips You Of Agency

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I work as a dishwasher at a restaurant in town. Toward the end of the night, one of my coworkers was cleaning the stoves. The stoves were still hot and the second he poured water on them, the amount of steam that came off of them was enough to set off the sprinklers above them as well as the fire alarm.

A few minutes later, the fire department showed up — two firemen in all their gear, and one in a regular uniform.

During this whole situation, there was a group celebrating a woman’s birthday party. Everyone in the group was severely drunk; that being said, when the firemen were trying to come into the restaurant, somebody in the group thought the firemen were male strippers. The group became loud and excited, chanting, “Strippers! Strippers! Strippers!”

One of the women in the group forced herself onto one of the firemen and a police officer on scene had to break it up.

Fortunately for the group, nobody was arrested.

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Funding The Fight Against The Decepticons

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Our local fire department is doing a fill-the-boot campaign where they walk out during red lights and collect money for charity. I happen to be driving my husband’s car and he has a few Autobot logos on it.

Me: “Here you go.”

Firefighter: “Thank you for your donation, Ms. Autobot!”

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Just What Labor Needs: Complications

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The hospital where I’m going to have my baby is currently restricting the number of people who can enter due to a global outbreak of illness. This means my partner can’t be with me for the delivery. This has led to a couple of interesting conversations.

The main one is when my labour starts at home. My partner is talking to the 999 operator on speakerphone to get an ambulance. Halfway through, this happens.

Partner: “Will they get here soon? I think the baby’s coming.”

Operator: “Ma’am, we have to ask that you and your baby stay at home. We can only take the patient. We’re trying to limit the number of people in hospital to reduce the infection rate.”

Partner: *Pauses* “I think you misheard me. I mean the baby currently exiting my wife’s uterus.”

I started laughing so hard I was distracted from contractions for a few minutes.

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