Put The Wrong Foot Forward

, , , | Right | October 9, 2017

(I work in a kiosk in the middle of a mall, and I have stores on both sides of me. I often have customers ask for directions. I am often amused when someone asks me about a store only a few fronts away, but I’m not expecting this one.)

Customer: “Hi! Could you tell me where [Children’s Clothing Store] is?”

(I automatically point to the store front, but words stop short when I realize where I’m pointing.)

Customer: *looks in the direction I’m pointing* “Oh, dear! It’s just a foot behind me, and I just walked by it! I must look like an idiot!”

Putting The Straightening Saleswoman Straight

, , , , | Working | October 7, 2017

(My sister and I are window-shopping through our local mall, and we happen to walk past several kiosk salespeople with aggressive tactics. We follow proper shopper protocol: don’t make eye contact, don’t even look at the kiosk for more than two seconds if you don’t want to buy anything, and speed-walk away if noticed. However, this one lady at a hair-care booth sees my well-groomed and naturally curly hair and decides to ignore any body language that says I’m not interested.)

Hair Lady #1: “Hey, you girlies ever straightened your hair?” *judgmentally, and directed right at me* “I know you haven’t!”

(I have to restrain my sister from decking her on the spot! Fortunately, the other, obviously better-trained saleslady pulls her aside.)

Hair Lady #2: “Never, ever, try to shame someone into buying your product! What is wrong with you!?”

(We go to that mall on a regular basis, and [Hair Lady #1] has not been back since that incident. Good riddance.)

Either You’re On Fire Or You’re Fired

, , , , , , | Right | October 2, 2017

(As a 16-year-old with her first job, I am still learning what is expected and accepted in the food service industry. I sell cookies in a mall, and we have two locations: the larger main store and the smaller kiosk, down at the other end.  During my third week on the job, I am walking down to the kiosk with my shift leader when we notice smoke pouring out of a shoe store three stores down from the kiosk. Later, after the alarm goes off:)

Shift Leader: “[My Name], I’m going to get the cash drawer, and then we’re going to leave. They’re evacuating this entire wing of the mall.”

Me: “All right, but there’s a customer here. What should I do about that?”

Shift Leader: “Just get rid of them. We have to go.”

Me: “Hi, sorry to inconvenience you, but we can’t sell cookies at this time. The mall’s on fire.”

Customer: “That’s okay, sweetie; I’m just here for some samples.”

(The customer then proceeded to take about five samples, about half a cookie’s worth, and left. And the best part of the entire experience? Two wings of the mall closed and they didn’t shut the mall down. My other coworker kept screaming, “I don’t wanna work in a burning building!”)

Should Have Left On “Nothing Left”

| IL, USA | Right | July 30, 2017

(I am working at a food stand that sells fried snacks. The stand has no indoor seating area, so bad weather often scares away business. We are in the middle of a cold snap and business has been very slow. As a result, my coworkers and I have gotten nearly all of our cleaning and closing procedures for the night finished by closing time. Just as we are about to close for the night, one customer walks up to the counter.)

Customer: “Hey, do you guys have anything left to sell?”

Coworker: *seeing that we have literally one item left* “Yeah, we have one left. Did you want it?”

Customer: “Yeah, I’ll take it.” *calling out* “Hey, they’ve got stuff over here!”

(The customer was joined by three more people who proceeded to make their own orders. Since we had nothing left, we were forced to prepare new food from scratch, using the utensils we had just finished cleaning, which meant that it took more than twice as long as usual to actually make the food and serve it, to say nothing of cleaning all over again. And all after closing.)

Enjoying The Profits Of Honesty

| Australia | Working | July 25, 2017

(I’ve been asked to take over the running of the kiosk for my husband’s sports club. It’s just a couple of hours a week, even though it’s classed as volunteering, they’ve offer to pay a little. If I didn’t take it up there would be no kiosk and I figure that the money will pay for some craft items. The last volunteers were a husband and wife team, who had done it for years. After my first night I get a call from the club’s manager.)

Manager: “[My Name], I want to thank you for last night’s effort. In all the years that the kiosk has been running this was the first time it’s ever made a profit.”

Me: *later to husband* “[Manager] called and told that it’s the first time ever the kiosk made a profit. How does that happen?”

Husband: “Yeah, [Volunteer Husband] and [Volunteer Wife] always had an excuse for not making a profit. The food was too expensive to buy, but I bought exactly what they would buy. Also, now that I’ve taken over being treasurer from [Volunteer Husband] the whole club has suddenly started making a profit.”

(Each year before then the club would have a end of year get together. Each person would have to pay for food, which would be a very cheap looking finger food. There would never be any extra money left over. That year, the club had enough money to put on a two course meal and pay for major door prizes – one was a widescreen TV as well as better quality trophies. It doesn’t always pay to be honest but it does feel good.)

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