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It’s His Parenting That Really Stings

, , , , , | Right | May 4, 2022

I work as a supervisor for city beach parking lots. I am responsible for two lots about a half-hour away from the main resort area. They’re usually used by locals or people who want to hang out at the beach without the traffic and tourists. The downside is that there aren’t really any shops or anything to do besides the beach.

Management is VERY strict. The accounting is simple: the customer pays for parking, we give them a ticket and keep the stub, and at the end of the day, the total cash has to equal the value of the stubs. The only cause for a refund is if we have taken someone’s money but there are actually no spaces in the lot. The “no refunds” policy is printed on the back of every ticket. Sometimes we will cheat if the excuse is good enough and we think we can resell the ticket.

We are not associated with the lifeguards or any other city employee, so if the beach is red-flagged for some reason, we won’t know until we see the mass exodus of people. When that happens, I will ask someone leaving what happened and then tell my cashiers to warn people wanting to park while I find a lifeguard and verify that this was actually the case.

Today, departing beachgoers say that the water has been red-flagged due to jellyfish. I tell my cashiers, find a lifeguard who verifies that this is correct, and return to find a man with his young son arguing with the cashier.

Me: “What seems to be the problem?”

Driver: “Your cashier didn’t tell us the beach was red-flagged before we parked!”

Cashier: “I’m really sorry, but you parked right before we found out.”

Driver: “I want a refund!”

Me: “I do apologize, but I am not allowed to issue you a refund. We don’t sell beach access, only places to park, which you were able to do.”

It’s also about an hour before it’s time for us to leave, so there is no way we can resell the ticket.

Driver: “But the beach is red-flagged and my son is allergic to jellyfish!”

Me: “Again, I apologize, but my boss is very strict on refunds.”

Driver: “I demand to talk to your boss!”

I call my boss, who I know will not be happy to have to deal with this. I give him a brief explanation of the situation and then hand the phone to the customer.

Driver: “I demand a refund! The beach—”

My boss cuts him off and, I assume, gives him the “no refunds at any time” lecture. After a minute, the man hangs up the phone and hands it back to me.

Driver: “Well then, since we have to pay, we will go to the beach anyway! And when my son has to be taken away in an ambulance, know that it is all your fault!”

The man stormed away with the boy in tow, and I was just left in shock that a $5 parking ticket was worth more to the man than his son’s health. No ambulance had arrived by the time the cashiers and I left, though!

Always Check Before You Park

, , , , | Legal | April 29, 2022

I work in a police dispatch department. Since we operate around the clock, we also get to cover a few other duties that would otherwise necessitate someone else to be kept on call. One of these duties is responding to the intercom of the only publicly-owned underground parking in our city. Said parking garage has a toll bar at the exit, so you pay for the time you’ve parked there after you return and then insert your paid parking ticket to lift the toll bar and exit the garage. Most people don’t realize that the intercoms on the pay machines and toll bars connect them to the police.

A guest who parked his car in this garage walks up to the pay machine and rings the intercom.

Me: “Good evening. How may I help you?”

Guest: “Hi, I’ve parked my car here and I would like to pay, but I can’t figure out how to pay with my card.”

Me: “Unfortunately, the pay machines in that parking garage don’t accept cards. The only way you can pay is with cash.”

Guest: “Well, I don’t have any cash on me. What should I do?”

Me: “I guess you’ll have to find a way of procuring cash somewhere.”

Guest: “That’s no good. I’m in a hurry and I have to leave.”

Me: “I’m sorry to hear that, but I’m unable to help you here. I can’t just let you out without paying simply because you don’t have cash on you.”

Guest: “Well, if that’s the case, then I’ll just have to drive through the toll bar to get out of here.”

Me: “I wouldn’t advise that, since we have surveillance cameras all around the premises.”

Guest: “Okay, then. Still, this is ridiculous. Who has heard of a pay machine that doesn’t accept cards nowadays?”

Me: “I agree that it’s inconvenient, but it’s far from the only parking lot that only accepts cash payments.”

Guest: “Nonsense, I’ve used many a parking space around this country, and they all accept card payments. In fact, I’m pretty certain that it’s illegal to only accept cash and no other means of payment.”

Me: “I’m not so sure about that.”

Guest: “But I am. I’m absolutely certain that it’s illegal to only accept cash.”

Me: “Sir, do you have any idea who you’re connected with?”

Guest: “No.”

Me: “You’re talking to the police. And I know for a fact that it’s not illegal to only accept cash payments.”

Guest: “You’re wrong. I know the law.”

Me: “Oh, well, in that case, can you please tell me what law states pay machines are required to accept card payments in addition to cash payments?”

I guess getting called out like that threw him for a loop, but after stammering for a bit, he told me that he’d figure out a way to get out of there.

I’d mentioned that we had surveillance cameras all around the parking garage, which was true. However, what I didn’t tell him is that we were not allowed to record any of it. It was just used for real-time surveillance on our large video wall, not as a means of recording video evidence. I decided to pull up a couple of views of that parking garage, specifically the exit, in case I managed to get a good look at his license plate if he decided to make good on his threat of running over our toll bar.

I also had another view visible of the pay machine he talked to me from. Not five minutes passed before I saw him walking back to that pay machine and paying for his parking ticket with cash. That wouldn’t be a big deal, except this was after all the nearby shops had closed and the nearest ATM was at least ten minutes walking distance away, so he either had some spare change in his car and just wanted to try his luck with me, or he begged someone else he encountered there to help him out.

Suddenly, I Have All The Time In The World

, , , , , , , | Friendly | April 28, 2022

I experienced this incident when I was younger and went grocery shopping with my mom. We were a big family, so weekly shopping easily filled a whole cart to the brim. Usually, she’d go with my dad, but this time, he couldn’t go, so I went with her to help carry all the stuff.

The shop was packed. We were lucky to even find a parking space and to top that off, it was a hot day, and none of us enjoyed having to haul all the stuff into the car. I would’ve loved to have an ice cream from the café next to the grocery store, but my mom said there wasn’t time.

While we were packing the car, this huge Mercedes appeared behind us and started honking. The guy inside then rolled down his window and started berating my mom because she wasn’t fast enough for his taste. 

We finally got in the car and my mom started to slowly reverse out of the parking spot when we heard the guy call out of his open window again.

Guy: “Can you go any slower? Geez, women shouldn’t be allowed to drive at all!”

My mom hit the brakes so hard I slammed into my seat, despite us going so slowly. She then pulled back into the spot and signaled for me to roll the window back up.

We got out, and she marched straight toward that guy and shouted in his face.

Mom: “You know what? I definitely won’t drive anywhere now! Good luck finding another spot to park!”

She then marched off and left me scrambling behind her.

I got my ice cream in the end. We both sat in the outside area of the cafe, got a nice, big ice cream each, and watched him driving in circles for quite a while until he found a spot. He gave us the stink-eye whenever he passed us.

It so happened that we just finished and left when he finally had found a spot and just rushed past us when we got up to leave.

I’ll never forget the nasty look he threw us. But he didn’t say another word to my mom, who just grinned at him in passing, since he now knew my mom wasn’t afraid to get in his face if he dared. It was epic.

You’re Never Too Old To Learn A Lesson

, , , | Right | April 26, 2022

Bag checkers at my local superstore are required to ask to see your receipt if you have unbagged items in your cart. You very much can say, “No, thank you,” and continue on your way.

One day, I am at the store behind this dude and his kids. The son is pushing the cart.

Employee: “Can I see your receipt, please?”

The kid goes to hand it to her.

Dad: *Rudely* “No! Don’t stop!”

And he just about pushes past her.

My son and I stop and hand her our receipt even though all our stuff is bagged.

Me: *Loudly* “You can look at ours. Some of us have manners and know you’re just doing your job!”

The dude stopped, glared at me, and then kept going.

We passed him in the parking lot as he was loading his car, and I said to my son:

Me: “I always try to set a good example for you when it comes to proper behavior. I would never act rudely to someone who is just trying to do their job.”

Then, we went to our car to load our items in the trunk. We were parked next to the cart corral. The dude kept his eyes firmly fixed on the ground as he dropped off his cart.

There is no excuse for rudeness when someone is merely trying to do their job.

Should Have Made Another Longer Call

, , , , , | Friendly | April 18, 2022

I work at a motorway service station and have just finished an eight-hour shift. I go to my car to find the woman next to me has parked at such an angle that her bumper is very close to my driver’s door. I drove into the space forward; she had reversed in.

I open the passenger door to put my things in and then carefully squeeze in the driver’s door. In the process, I bend my leg at such an awkward angle that I end up with a cramp in my hip, which is very unpleasant.

Before I drive home, I have a call to make, so I just take a moment to use my phone. While I am doing this, the woman returns, glares at me, and makes a massive deal of trying to open her door. She then slams it, and shouts through my closed window:

Woman: “Are you moving or what? I need to get in my car!”

I hastily finished my call and left. I’d spent the day dealing with rude customers and didn’t have the energy to argue.

Sorry, lady, if you want to get in your car, perhaps learn to park properly! To make it worse, she had actually bent in my wing mirror as if I was the one in the wrong taking up too much room!

The next day, I made a point of parking in a space beside a no-parking zone so I could go over the line a little. I internally face-palmed when I went to my car to find someone still parked dangerously close to me again.