This Is So Not “OK”

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I’ve parked my car and rushed to get a parking coupon from a machine. You put coins in the machine and press the “OK” button, it prints you a coupon that states how long you can park your car, and you have to put that coupon inside your car window.

I’ve just put coins in the machine and am searching for more when somebody right beside me reaches for the “OK” button. When I turn my head to see what is happening, there is an elementary school kid, nine or so and probably on his way from school, frantically pressing the “OK” button, looking at me. I just stare at him and suddenly, he runs off.

The machine processes the transaction and after a while, it prints me a ticket that has too little parking time for me to use.

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To Get Into The Lot, Is A Lot

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One of the parking lots for my building requires you to pull a ticket if you don’t have badge access to the lot. Once the ticket is turned in to security, we’ll give out tokens so people can leave the lot. There’s an intercom at the entrance and exit for anyone having trouble, so they can reach security.

Me: *Over the intercom* “Security, can I help you?”

Driver: “Yeah, how do I get into the lot? I don’t have a badge.”

There’s a sign at the front of the lot, as well as a notice by the intercom telling drivers what to do.

Me: “Sir, you need a ticket.”

Driver: “I do? I didn’t see a notice! How do I get one?”

Me: “Sir, there’s a ticket dispenser just a few inches from the intercom.”

Driver: “So… how do I get a ticket?”

Me: “Sir, the button says to push.”

Driver: “So, I push the button?”

Me: “Yes.”

Driver: “Will I get a ticket?”

Me: “Yes.”

Driver: “Where’s the dispenser again?”

Me: *Head-desk* “Right next to you, sir.”

Driver: “Oh! So… uh… Now what do I do?”

Me: “Take a ticket, sir.”

Driver: “Oh… and what do I do with that?”

Me: “Bring it to security for a token, so you can leave the lot.”

A lot of drivers understand the process at this point, but at least once a day, we get this over the exit intercom from someone trying to leave.

Me: “Security, can I help you?”

Driver: “Yeah, hi, I got a ticket when I came in, but there’s nowhere to return it so I can get out!”

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Some Ice Cream For Your Bruises

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My favorite ice cream parlor is just about a twenty-minute walk from my house out of the residential neighborhood into a commercial area where two very busy streets intersect. Because of these streets, lots of drivers forget about the number of pedestrians in this area and just speed through.

On this particular day, I have just reached the parking lot of the ice cream store and am crossing it, totally legally. A car comes speeding across the parking lot and screeches to a halt — not before knocking me off my feet and onto the hood, however.


Me: *Bewildered* “I’m sorry! I—”

Driver: “F*** YOU!”

I limp away as quickly as I can with my bruised hip, before promptly realizing how dumb I was not taking his plate numbers. Feeling pretty down, I enter the parlor, where I’m a regular.

Employee #1: “[My Name]! Hey!”

Employee #2: “Are you okay?”

Me: “I got hit by a car on the way in!”

Employee #1: “Oh, my God! Where?”

Me: “In the parking lot.”

Employee #2: “I’m going to go ask [Boss] for the security tapes.”

Me: “Oh, no, it’s really okay—”

Employee #1: “And I’m going to sit you down and make you your usual. On the house.”

The boss was just as kind and concerned as the employees had been and ended up giving me two quarts of ice cream on the house. As it turned out, the guy who hit me had just stopped into the ice cream parlor himself! We couldn’t get his plates, but the employees assured me they would tell me if he came in again. I wouldn’t want to be that guy if they recognized him!

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Unfiltered Story #197547

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My twin brother and I worked as parking attendants at a resort over the summer. Because I am younger, I was around 15 at the time, people tried to bribe me a lot. They also tried to intimidate us multiple times. One time I could recall clearly was on a 100+ degree day, A man walk over to us and immediately started screaming. Usually I’m the more sociable of the two, but my twin started talking to try to defuse the situation as well. I should also mention that attached to the parking lot is a dock.

Customer: *Visable Angry* Do you work here?

Coworker/Twin: * Surprisingly calm* Yes, and how can we help you today?

Customer: I bet your father got you this job, didn’t he? And how many units does he own?

It was a lucky guess as he couldn’t have possibly know who my father was. But yes my father did. He was the head of the board and up for re-election. However, I didn’t want this man knowing that and campaigning against him.

Me: *Without missing a beat* One.

Customer:*Trying to intimidate me* I own 3. Now, do your job and tell these boaters to leave. I can’t even park my boat at I place I practically own.

Me: *Trying to remain calm and collect* They are paying guests, also they have priority as they using the hotel portion of the resort and also were here first.

Customer: Do you know who I am? I could get you fired! I’m good friends with [My General Manager] and [My Father and Head of Board].

Coworker/Twin: *To me* I’ll check this out, watch for more cars.

My coworker/twin comes back later and I asked him what happened. He said that the man wanted to park only in his spot, which was a public one that he didn’t even own, and that there were 3 other spots open. He finally settled for another one and we thought we had heard the last of him. He can back later and said that he was right about them being not from the hotel. The kicker is though, the place we let park their boat there was a wedding which overhead everything. They offered us food and drinks, but we politely declined. They insisted and gave us giant cinnamon buns. Also my father said he never heard of the man before.

Unobservant Animal Lovers Increasing Insurance Rates

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It’s a warm summer day, about 75 degrees. My dog goes for a ride with me to pick up some groceries. I go into the store, and I leave the windows open an inch or so and the car running with the AC on.

I am in the store for twenty or thirty minutes. When I come back out, my car window is smashed, and there’s a note that says, “Hey, dumba**, take care of your dog! It’s too hot out for this.” 

Thank God my dog is a good boy and stayed in the car. I still never got to meet the person who did it, but it really upset me that I had to pay for a new window.

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