Time To Drive On Out Of Here

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I’m a guitar teacher at a music studio that offers lessons from August through June. Teachers have the option of doing lessons over the summer if they can arrange it with the customers.

It’s mid-July and I’m the only one in the building. I’m sitting at the front desk waiting for my student to arrive. In walks a woman I don’t recognize.

Woman: “Hi.  I noticed you have signs in your parking lot saying that parking is for customers only, but I have an interview at the restaurant across the street and I can’t find parking anywhere else. Would it be okay if I parked here just for the interview?”

Me: “Sure thing! We’re closed for the summer anyway, so no one is using it right now. Good luck at your interview!”

Woman: “Thank you so much!”

She leaves to go to her interview. The next day, my boss, the owner, comes into the studio while I’m working. 

Boss: “Hey, so I saw on the security cameras yesterday that you let someone park in our lot who isn’t one of our customers.”

Me: “Yeah, I figured because we’re closed for the summer and not using it at the moment, we could let it slide. She had a job interview at the restaurant.”

Boss: “You shouldn’t have done that! When people drive on our parking lot, their tires wear down the pavement and I have to pay a thousand dollars to get it resealed! That just cost me a thousand dollars! You can’t just let whoever drive on our pavement!”

Confused and sure she’s joking, I laugh a little.

Me: “Yeah…”

Boss: “I’m serious! That was not okay! Never let anyone park here again unless they’re one of our customers! Even when we’re closed. I’m not made of money, you know.”

Me: “Okay. Sorry?”

Boss: “Just don’t let it happen again.”

So, not only was my boss creepily watching me and listening to my conversations over the security cameras while I was the only one in the building, but she actually tried to tell me it costs her a thousand dollars to have someone drive over her pavement. I have repeatedly watched this woman call a tow-truck on people when we are closed or have extra parking. I have since left the studio.

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Absolutely Trucking Mad, Part 2

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The store I work at is open twenty-four-seven, but people don’t tend to start coming in until about nine am. It’s seven am, and I arrive for my shift. I’m not even inside the building yet when this guy comes up to me.

Customer: “Would you look at that?”

Me: “Huh?”

Customer: “That!”

He points out into the parking lot. There is a long truck, possibly a car-carrier-type truck or something similar, parked across five or six parking spots. However, since it is seven am and most of the other businesses we share the parking lot with aren’t open yet, the lot is fairly empty. The only other cars I see belong to the overnight staff and the manager who came in at six am, all of whom parked far away from the door, and two cars parked close to the door. I assume one of the two cars is his.

Me: “Oh.”

Customer: “It was nice of him to take up all those parking spots, right?”

Me: “Uh…”

Customer: “I mean, it’s not like people are going to want to park there, right?”

Me: *Thinking* “It is way too early for this.”

Me: *Speaking* “At this hour?”

The customer continues his passive-aggressive rant about the truck. I did not sleep well last night, so I am way too tired to fully explain why anyone can park there. I slowly walk away from him until I’m able to get inside the building. The manager is at the desk when I walk by to clock in.

Manager: “Running a little late?”

Me: “No. Some idiot wanted to complain about a truck in the parking lot taking up a lot of spaces.”

Manager: “Has he never seen one of the fire trucks that parks here all the time? We don’t even own the parking lot.”

Me: “I know.”

I glanced up and saw the customer heading towards the desk. I headed to the back to put my stuff away, and my manager had to explain that we don’t own the lot, anyone can park there, and we don’t care that he took up all those spots when there’s almost no one in the store.

Absolutely Trucking Mad

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Unfiltered Story #208061

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I’m leaving a parking garage where you pay at the exit. I’m the third car in line. The driver of the second car gets out, leaving his car parked in line. He walks over to a security guard. I roll my window down, curious to hear what is going on.)

Customer: I need to get out of here faster. I’ll pay you.

Guard: Sir, please get back in your car. We can’t have people walking around this area.

Customer: Take my money and I’ll get back in my car.

Guard: Get back in your car, or I’ll radio the police.

(He puts his hand on his radio. The customer reluctantly turns around and sees that the person in front of him has paid and is exiting the garage. He runs back to his car. I had considered honking my horn to let him know that he was wasting his time, but decided I wasn’t in a hurry and the whole thing was funny.)

Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is Dad

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My father retired from his job several years ago but still does odd jobs on the side for friends and friends-of-friends. Every couple of weeks or so, he cleans the parking lot at a deli in the next town over. One summer, he’s been having some shoulder pain and asks me to come along and help him to lighten the load. As we are driving, he tosses an empty cigarette pack out the window.

Me: “Dad, you shouldn’t litter.”

Dad: “Don’t worry about it. I’m keepin’ the guys who clean up the streets in business, right?”

After we’ve arrived and started cleaning the parking lot, he grumbles about there being more trash than usual and how the people are too lazy to throw their stuff away in the nearby garbage can.

Me: “Well, they’re keeping you in business, right?”

He just rolled his eyes at me. Unfortunately, he’s still something of a litterbug and refuses to see the flaw in his logic. Sorry, Mother Nature!

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Was Not Their Light Bulb Moment

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I’ve just been shopping with my mother, and I bought a replacement for a broken taillight. I decide to fix it in the parking lot. An employee comes out to gather carts and approaches me.

Employee: “Hey, you okay? Need any help?”

Me: “Nah, thanks, I got it. Just replacing the bulb.”

Employee: “Cool. You know, not many women know how to do that.”

Me: *Chuckling* “Don’t let me fool you. I didn’t know until a few weeks ago when I had my boyfriend show me.”

Employee: *Grins* “Well, hey, at least you made the effort to learn! Have a good day!”

He walks off to get his carts, and a pickup truck pulls into the space next to me. A guy in his twenties gets out and sees me.

Guy: “You need some help figuring that out?”

Me: “Nope, thanks, I’m almost done.”

Guy: *Scoffs* “There’s no way you know what you’re doing; let me do it for you.”

Me: “I said no, thank you. I am almost done. I know exactly what I’m doing; it’s a simple bulb replacement.”

Guy: “Simple or not, women don’t know how to do it. Now let me do it so you stop wasting everyone’s time!”

Me: “Sorry, man, but you’re the only one wasting time. Leave me alone, and we’ll all be happier.”

He rolls his eyes and comes up to my car, and I warn him to stay away from me. He gets closer and tries to snatch the pliers from my hands, so I smack his hand with them. By this time, the cart employee is returning with his carts and comes over.

Employee: “Everything okay here?”

Guy: “No, it isn’t! This little b**** just assaulted me for trying to help her!”

Me: “Quit your whining; it was barely a tap. Maybe next time you’ll leave a complete stranger alone when they tell you to go away.”

I turn to the employee.

Me: “We’re fine here, as long as Mister Misogyny here goes away and stops trying to take my tools.”

Employee: “Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to leave her alone, or I’ll call security.” 

Guy: “Go ahead, call them! I’m telling you, this f****** little whore assaulted me for no reason!”

In the end, we had to go in so security could look at the tapes. The man called the cops himself. He practically got laughed off the premises, and he got a warning to leave people alone when they don’t want help. The whole time, he kept insisting that he did nothing wrong, because “women can’t fix cars!”

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