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A Pup By Any Other Name Would Be As Cute

, , , , , , | Friendly | January 18, 2023

If you’ve ever spent a significant amount of time browsing the websites for (or visited) a humane society or animal shelter, you’ll notice that some of the rescue animals tend to have rather unusual names. I assume this is because the shelter employees don’t want six dogs named Spot and eight cats named Kitty running around and eventually run out of “normal” names to give out.

I adopt a dog with a rather unfortunate and strange shelter name. I immediately decide to change it and spend the next few hours mulling over the perfect one. After much hemming and hawing, I name her after a relatively obscure mythological figure. For the sake of the story, let’s say it’s Ariadne.

I am quite proud of the name I picked because I think it fits her appearance and personality well. With my dog now named, I sent a text and a picture of her to my friend.

Me: “This is Ariadne!”

Friend: “How cute! Are you going to change her name?”

Ouch. Fair, but ouch. (The dog kept the mythological name.)

This Place Is Going To The Dogs

, , , , , , , | Working | December 9, 2022

My daughter works for a pet adoption organization as an adoption coordinator. She usually works alone; her direct manager rarely is onsite. Her place of work is within a commercial pet store which also has a grooming center and a veterinarian clinic. In her “office” are kennels to hold at most three dogs and a dozen cats. Any animals that are held in this office have already been screened by their clinic; they’re up to date on vaccinations, have been fixed, don’t have any diseases, and are ready to adopt.

Most of [Organization]’s other animals are housed in foster parent’s houses; they stay there until they’ve been fixed and maybe a little longer. Many of the fosters work independently to find homes for their foster animals, contacting [Daughter] to take payments and get all the paperwork filed. Also, if an adopter wants to meet an animal that is housed with a foster, they make arrangements to meet at this office in a meet-and-greet room.

One day, [Daughter] arrives at work and begins cleaning the dogs’ kennels. After she finishes, she heads back to her desk. In the meet-and-greet room is a large Husky mix dog that wasn’t there when she arrived, with a note taped to the door from one of the vet techs.

Apparently, the vet tech found this dog lost in her neighborhood. She brought her in and scanned her for an RFID chip but found none. The vet clinic doesn’t have the facilities to hold animals, so she asked the store manager what she should do. [Store Manager] said that it’d be okay to put the dog in the meet-and-greet room — without consulting [Daughter].

[Daughter] confronts [Store Manager].

Daughter: “I legally can’t hold animals that haven’t been processed by [Organization]’s clinic. We could move the dog to the groomer’s area, which does have kennels to hold animals after their appointments.”

Store Manager: “We can’t do that because we don’t have any papers for rabies, distemper, etc., on this dog.”

Daughter: “That is exactly the reason I can’t hold the dog.”

The manager just shrugged this off.

[Daughter] called her direct manager at [Organization] and related the situation. She was directed to call the municipal animal control service (ACS) and have them collect the dog. In the meantime, [Daughter] kept the dog in the meet-and-greet room. This constrained the appointments that had been made for adopters and fosters to meet there. Also, the dog was in heat. Being a Husky mix, this meant she was howling, as well as bleeding (normal for females in heat). So, [Daughter] had to clean the room with disinfectant and put a “doggie diaper” on the dog.

After about six hours, ACS finally arrived and took the dog. In the meantime, [Daughter]’s manager had called [Store Manager]’s manager and complained about [Store Manager] just assuming that [Organization]’s space was hers to do with what she wanted. It turns out that [Store Manager] had done this about a dozen times before, just putting it on [Organization]’s staff to deal with an animal that they were not supposed to be housing.

[Store Manager] came over to [Daughter] after the dog was gone and complained to her that she didn’t need to go over her head and “complain” about the situation with the dog. [Daughter] countered with the fact that she was forced to deal with an undocumented dog, and that SHE would lose her job if it was discovered that she’d taken in an animal without going through proper channels.

This is just one of many horror stories that [Daughter] has about [Store Manager].

The Mother(-In-Law) Of All Bad Pet Owners

, , , , , , | Related | November 18, 2022

I run a small non-profit cat rescue. My mother-in-law has had cats her whole life but never bothers to take them to the vet for anything. As such, she always has kittens around, and her cats are always dying from flea bites and other completely preventable issues.

One day, she comes to the rescue.

Me: “Hi, [Mother-In-Law]. What’s going on?”

Mother-In-Law: “Someone called the police and told them I was hoarding cats. Now I have to get them all vaccinated and fixed or I’ll pay a fine.”

Me: “Okay, I can give you some low-cost resources if—”

Mother-In-Law: “Why can’t you just do it?”

Me: “Oh, you want to surrender them?”

Mother-In-Law: *Dramatic sigh* “No. I want you to fix them and give them back. Don’t you have some kind of cheap connections?”

Me: “I have vets I work with, but I’m not going to use my donations and resources for cats I’m not taking care of. I’m sorry, but—”

Mother-In-Law: “So, you don’t actually care about cats. I get it. Fine. I’ll just put them all down.”

I know she won’t, and I know she has the money to get them fixed; she just doesn’t want to deal with it. I decide to call her bluff.

Me: “That’s your choice. Have a nice day.”

Mother-In-Law: “Are you serious?”

Me: *Shrug* “I offered resources to do it yourself and you said no. If you aren’t surrendering them to the rescue, there’s nothing I can do for you.”

Mother-In-Law: “You are disgraceful!”

She stormed out.

A few hours later, my husband called and asked why his mother was demanding we get a divorce. I explained everything, and he sided with me.

She did not get her cats fixed, so the animals were removed from her care. As a little extra shot, the person who removed the cats called Child & Youth Services, and her family is now under investigation for child neglect and endangerment because her house was covered in cat poop and a complete wreck.

So Long, Buddy, And Thanks For Being A Buddy

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CONTENT WARNING: Peaceful Animal Death


My brother is autistic and lives in a group home. When we were kids, we had a black lab mix named Buddy. [Brother] decided that he wanted another dog, and he wanted it to be a black lab mix, and he was going to name it Buddy, too. My mom heard there was a rescue with a therapy-certified dog named Jax, so my mom took [Brother] there to look at him.

In the very first kennel, there was a yellow dog. He saw my brother and just started going nuts. He started barking, jumping, and whining. The lady took him out of the kennel, and he started running around the room. He came up to my mom and my brother, waving his front leg in the air.

Rescuer: “He wants to shake.”

My brother was immediately taken with him.

Rescuer: “He’s a lab mix. His name is Butter, but we call him Butty for short.”

My brother thought this was a sign that they were meant to be.

The lady told them he was a last-minute death row rescue from the local shelter, but she swooped in and got him. It was decided that Butter, now called Buddy, wasn’t trained well enough to live in a group home, but he could come and live with us, and my brother could visit him.

He would later go on to star in such classics as this story and this story. He passed two days ago after being with us just shy of ten years at the age of eleven. He was the best dog and will be missed.

I’ll Take My Celery Salary Now, Please
Need To Treat Them Better

Please Tell Me You’re Kitten, Part 4

, , , , , | Right | September 19, 2022

A woman adopts a kitten who has just been neutered. She comes back a few days later.

Woman: “I am returning this kitten!”

Me: “Why, ma’am?”

Woman: “Because he was licking where his balls used to be! You’ve adopted me a gay kitten!”

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