No One Wants To Be The Guinea Pig For THAT Business Venture

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(I am at the register ringing up a couple buying bedding and toys for their guinea pig.)

Me: “Hi, did you find what you were looking for today?”

Woman: “I think so. I had a question, though.”

Me: “Okay. How can I help?”

Woman: “Well, I had two guinea pigs, and one of them just died. Would it be a good idea to change out all of the bedding?”

Man: “Yeah, I mean, she can probably smell the dead one in her cage now.”

Woman: *gives him a dirty look* “I just wanted to make sure she felt comfortable now that she doesn’t have a playmate anymore.”

Me: “I’m sorry to hear that. Pets are always a part of the family. It definitely wouldn’t hurt if you’re worried about that.”

Man: “She’s just getting too worked up about this. It’s just a guinea pig. She probably won’t know the difference.”

(They quietly argue about the deceased guinea pig. I ring up their purchases and thank them for stopping in. Right before they leave, the man turns back to me.)

Man: “You don’t happen to sell guinea pig coffins, do you?”

(The woman literally dragged him out by the collar of his shirt.)

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(This happened several years ago while I was working as a pet trainer for a large pet supply retail chain. The store sells several kinds of bark collars, including shock collars, and most employees will try to direct the customer to a trainer to see if additional help can be provided for behavior modification instead of using a shock collar. Also note that certain breeds of dogs have a very high pain tolerance and so certain collars do not work well on them.)

I’m at the front of the store when I see this happen:

Customer: (slams shock collar down on counter) “I want you to give me my money back, it doesn’t work.”

Co-worker: “I’m sorry to hear that, sir. Did you already try switching out the batteries for new ones? It’s possible the batteries it came with were old.”

Customer: “I TRIED that already and the f***ing thing doesn’t work.

Co-worker: “And you also checked the level setting, turned it to a higher one?”

Customer: “YES! It’s on the highest one, but the dog just keeps barking and I want my f***ing money back”.

Co-worker: “No problem. If you have the receipt, I’ll get the return started. Our pet trainer (points to me) is here, she may be able to help you…”

Customer: “I JUST WANT my dog to STOP barking and for this piece of s*** collar I paid for to work! It doesn’t work! See?!?”

Customer then picks the collar up off the counter, proceeds to place it against his neck, and then barks. The collar quite obviously shocks him very hard, a red mark had already started forming on his neck when he moved it away.

Without a word, he sets down the collar on the counter, turns and walks out of the store.

My co-worker and I stared at each other completely dumbfounded. If I had not seen this happen right in front of me, I wouldn’t have believed it.

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(My boss, a coworker and myself are at the check-out desk of the pet store where I work, doing various jobs, when a teenage girl walks in and approaches the counter.)

Girl: “Hi, can I please have a banana lily fish?”

*Everyone else exchanges side-ways glances*

Boss: “This sounds like a good one for you, [my name]!”

*I walk over to the aquarium section with the girl, wondering what on earth she means by “banana lily fish” (I know a lot about most common aquarium fish, but I had never come across anything with a name even similar to this).*

Me: “Is there a particular fish that you wanted?”

*She goes over to the oranda (a type of goldfish) tank, and points out a fish.*

Girl: “That one, please.”

Now realizing the mistake she’d made, I was trying very hard not to laugh. I netted the fish she wanted, asked a few questions to make sure she was going to care for it properly (which it seemed she was), and put her sale through.

What had happened was that we’d just got a new batch of orandas in, and no one had labeled “orandas” on the tank yet, so the only thing written on the glass was “banana lilies $3.30” (a banana lily is a type of aquatic plant) as there were banana lilies for sale in that tank also. My boss, coworker and I all had a very good laugh after she was gone and “banana lily” has become a bit of a joke in the shop now.

The Weight Of Expectations For Women

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(A woman comes up to the register with a 45-pound bag of dog food.)

Me: “Is this all for you today, ma’am?”

Customer: “This is everything. Would someone be able to help me out to the car, though? I’m not supposed to lift more than thirty pounds.”

Me: “That’s not a problem at all!”

(I finish ringing her out. She looks expectantly to my manager at the other register, and then looks surprised when I pick up her bag of dog food and hold the door open for her.)

Customer: *as we’re walking through the parking lot* “Well, that’s just rude!”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Customer: “You’re a lady! You shouldn’t be lifting heavy things! Your manager should have done it! He’s not doing anything!”

Me: “It’s really no problem for me. I actually enjoy taking customers’ items to their car for them; it gives me a minute or so outside on nice days like this.”

Customer: “It’s still horribly rude! He should have at least offered! I won’t be getting my dog food from this store again if this is how they treat their woman employees!”

(She drove away in a rush and I walked back inside shaking my head. Situations like this happen to me nearly every day.)

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I work at a pet store and am standing at the register. A customer comes up to pay for some cat food)

Customer: do you know where the nearest pet store is?

Me: right here .

Customer : oh well in that case do you have (cat item)?

Me: yes we do, it’s right over here.

(To get to the cat food which she was buying, not only did she have to pass all the other pet items but also fish tanks and birds)