What Are They B****ing About?

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It’s my first few months working at a smaller chain pet store in my city. In spite of having worked there a bit, corporate wants me to finish up training on the products the company sells directly.

On its own, this is just boring, but my manager warns me in advance that in the section on discussing health and how our dog food and health treats can help breeding and mother dogs, they use the B-word to describe them, purely clinically like how dog breeders insist on doing, but he warns me I should probably pause the video when there are customers in the store.

Fast-forward to me standing at the register letting the video run; it’s the video I was told uses said word to describe the dogs, though it seems pretty sparing of it. I’m doing some other things I needed to finish up when I hear the bells on the door ring, right as the video says the B-word no less than four times. I stumble to pause the video and look up to see this older lady who has be no younger than 60 with a granddaughter who is no more than six. She looks at me, mortified, for a handful of seconds before staring intensely at me like I am the devil incarnate, and turns on her heel and leaves.

My manager has been hanging in the back but I tell him what happened when he comes back up. He laughs and says something similar happened to him, and that I wouldn’t be in trouble because if she called and complained to corporate he’d have my back, since it’s corporate’s fault for having training videos that include that word in the first place.

They Pulled The Rabbit Out Of The Hat

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When my now-husband and I got together, I had one house rabbit who was very much a daddy’s boy; that is, I was his daddy and nobody else! A couple of months into our relationship, we decided to go to the pet shop to look at and pet the other rabbits under the pretense of wanting to get him a playmate. The babies were all adorable of course, and then the staff member asked if we wanted to meet the adoptions.

The last one she brought out was a large doe who was still in isolation and not ready to be adopted. She had been brought in because she was “aggressive” and she had nicks and still-healing bites along her ears. When I picked her up and stroked her, she just melted into my arms.

We returned the day she was available for adoption and took her home.

We were able to guess from her behaviour some of what happened to her. She had serious food and attention issues, and would pester us constantly for attention, as well as my other rabbit once we got them living together. Most heartbreaking was the nightmares; when she slept she would squeak and twitch and jolt out of her sleep, clearly distressed.

About a year and a half ago, we lost the older rabbit, and when she fell into a depression we knew we had to get her a new playmate, no matter how we felt about it.

She’s been with us for approaching six years now, and while some of her issues remain — primarily with food; to this day she’s terrified of not getting enough — the difference warms my heart every time I remember it. She still loves attention but now it feels less like being attention starved and more like her simply being an affectionate rabbit. She and our newer rabbit absolutely adore each other. Best of all, now, when she sleeps, we can still tell when she’s dreaming, but now they’re clearly pleasant dreams; her eyes and ears twitch, and she does the gentle intermittent tooth grind that is the rabbit equivalent of purring. She wakes up slowly, sleepy and happy. She has gone from an animal constantly afraid of losing what she had to one who is simply… happy.


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At the pet store that I work in we sell supplements for dogs. They are pretty pricey, but at this time we have a sale: buy one, get one half off. A customer walks up with two bottles.
Me: “Ok, that will be [price]”
Customer:*says nothing swpies card and pays*
Me: *hands customer receipt*
Customer: *looks at receipt* “This is too much. I don’t want both of them.
Me:”Ok, then I will refund one of the bottles” *I do this. Because of the sale, I have to refund her the cheaper bottle* “You will get [price] back, making your purchase [price].”
Customer:”What? No, I wanted the cheaper bottle.”
Me: “They are the same product, at the same price. The reason that the one bottle rang up cheaper is because of a sale we have going on. However, if you are only purchasing one bottle, you must pay the full price.”
Customer:” No that’s still too much!, I don’t want it at all!”*Throws reciept at me, storms out, leaving the bottle, that she paid for, behind. Five minutes later she storms back in*
Customer:”I forgot that I had to do a return to get my money back.”

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By our phones, it’s 4:58, we haven’t had a customer in over 40 minutes and the store closes at 5, so we shut down 2 minutes early (But by our store computer’s clock it was 5 already).
Customer comes to the locked door at 4:59, knocking and peering in.
Me: *leaning in opening of the door so she didn’t try to force her way in* I’m sorry, we’re closed, we shut the cash down already and we cant ring anything else through.
Customer: Well, *honey*, it’s not 5 yet, and my dog needs to eat.
Me: I’m sorry, there’s nothing I can do once we do the cash out.  We can’t ring anything else in until tomorrow when we open.
Customer: *Angry blank stare*
Me: I’m sorry..
Lady: *storming off toward her car* Fine, I’ll find his food somewhere else by my fucking self.
Me: (In my head) Ok.

People In Minimum Wage Jobs Are Ironically In It For The Money

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(I’ve worked at a large-scale pet store chain for several years. It’s before opening and we’re having a meeting in the back.)

Manager: “I have a big surprise! I’ve been given permission to give out a special raise to whoever proves themselves most worthy. I’m not going to say how much it is, but trust me, it’s worth it. You’ll get a set amount of money each week.”

(She goes on for several minutes about all the things we could buy with this raise, painting the picture like it’s life-changing. Everyone seems quite excited, and I, a poor college student, am desperate to get this raise. For the next several weeks, I volunteer to do the least favorable jobs, like cleaning the cages and accidents made by dogs brought to the store. I put in for hours that no one wants, like the closing shift where we have to clean at the end of the night. All seems well, and I believe I’m going to get the raise. I’m called into the manager’s office about a month after the announcement.)

Manager: “So, [My Name]. I’ve noticed you’ve been working really hard the last month or so.”

Me: “Yes, ma’am. I’ve been trying my hardest.”

Manager: “Uh-huh. I don’t like suck-ups, [My Name].”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Manager: “I know you’re only working hard for the raise, and I know that you’re just a lazy piece of s*** who wants to get your grubby little hands on the extra cash.”

Me: *stunned silence*

Manager: “But not everyone saw through your plan, so the raise is yours via my boss. Here’s the money for this week. Enjoy it, pig.”

(She slides a check over on the table and gives me a death glare. I grab the check and quickly walk out of the room, making a beeline for the bathroom. I sit in the bathroom for about five minutes, crying, as I’m sleep deprived and emotional from not only balancing work and college, but working the extra hours and later shifts the last month. I power through the rest of my shift, which is only about thirty minutes, and am just leaving when I happen to run into my manager’s boss, which isn’t unusual, as he often hangs around our store. I know him somewhat personally, as he’s friends with my father.)

Manager’s Boss: “Are you okay, [My Name]? Your eyes are red.”

Me: “Yeah, I’m fine. Thank you for the raise. I really needed it.”

Manager’s Boss: “You sure you’re okay?”

Me: *on the verge of tears again* “It’s just that [Manager] called me a lazy piece of s*** and a pig because I got the raise.”

Manager’s Boss: “SHE DID WHAT? Go home, [My Name]. I’m taking care of this.”

(Worried, I go home. I haven’t had time, so I look at the check. It’s only for two cents a week. I call my manager, as with the way she described it, it must have been more.)

Manager: “WHAT?”

Me: “Uh… I’m sorry to bother you… It’s just that the check that you gave me… is, um… just for two cents. I think it was a typo.”

Manager: *smug* “Oh, so you were just doing it for the money, huh?”

Me: *fed up* “All right, you want to know the truth? I’m a poor college student barely making minimum wage. I have to skip meals because I can’t afford to eat. So, yeah, I’m mostly in it for the money. Happy, b****?”

Manager: *click*

(I come in the next day and am not surprised to be called into my manager’s office. I expect to be fired, and I really regret what I said. I’m surprised to find my manager and her boss in the office as I take a seat.)

Manager’s Boss: “So, ladies. What’s the issue?”

Manager: “She called me a b****.”

(Her boss doesn’t even flinch.)

Me: “I was trying to call because the check she gave me was for two cents. She called me a pig. I’m sorry for losing my temper, ma’am.”

Manager’s Boss: “Don’t apologise, [My Name]. That check was for $30. What the h***, [Manager]?”

(My manager turned bright red and began to stutter. Apparently, the manager had been taking cuts from bonus checks. We had to call the police to escort her from the property. We got a new, much better manager, and I got my bonus. I quit the next year when I was offered a better job.)

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