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A couple years ago I was hanging out with a friend of mine at (name of mall). Now my friend is only 4 years younger than me, but because of her height she looks like she can pass off as young kid. Now me and her get flirty at times, but we try not to go to far, but when I said something sexual to her it caught the ears of another customer in (store’s name). So when she went into the dressing room of that store to try something on this other mall patron confronted me.

Patron: You are a vile and disgusting man that girl has to be 12 years old I should report you to the police.

Now I usually keep my cool but this person was asking for it.

Me: She is 4 years younger than me making her a legal adult like me. Just because she’s short doesn’t make her a child you ignorant moron.

Of course he didn’t believe me and demanded the cashier call mall security on me which she did. Now by this time my friend came out of the dressing room and I told her we had to wait because mall security was coming, but the patron tried grabbing her arm to pull her away from me.

Patron: Come with me child this sick man can’t hurt you anymore.

That’s when my friend hit him in the arm with her purse.

Friend; I’m 22 years old you idiot I’m no child.

Patron: Nonsense you are safe and you don’t have to lie for him anymore.

That’s when mall security showed up and my friend pulled out her ID to show the security guard she was indeed an adult. But that didn’t sit to well with the patron.

Patron: You seriously believing this, that ID has to be fake. This sick man is molesting an underage girl and has her scared to the point she’s lying for him.

Security Guard: (looking at the patron) Sir this ID is authentic so clearly she is a legal adult and you just jumped to conclusions.

He hands the ID back to my friend and leaves the store after apologizing to us for the inconvenience. Me and friend leave the store and she decides to anger the guy as we leave as he is still not convinced.

Friend: I’m horny lets get a hotel room and do it.

Me: Just tell me how you want it.

The guy had a shocked look on his face as we left the store laughing.

Should Have Cashed Out Early

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(It’s a Monday morning, which is typically one of the slowest parts of the week for the mall I work in. Before opening the store, I have gone to the bank to drop off our store’s previous day’s cash and checks, as is the usual procedure. Five minutes after opening at 10:00 am, a woman comes in with a brand-new game console, in the box, in one of our store bags. I figure she wants to do a return, but I prepare for the worst, because the company’s rules are so strict about returning new game consoles that customers almost always get upset about something and yell at me about it.)

Customer: “I need to return this game system.”

Me: “Okay, do you have a receipt with it?”

(I expect her not to have one and to start yelling, but to my surprise she does have one.)

Customer: “Yes, here it is. I just bought it.”

(I expect, like many customers doing returns, that her definition of “just bought it” means three months ago. Again, to my surprise, she is right; she only bought it two days before, well within our return policy.)

Me: *cheerfully* “All right, what is your reason for the return? Was it damaged or missing parts?”

Customer: “No, I just don’t need it.”

Me: “Okay, I understand. Can you set it up here so I can take a look at it?”

(Expecting the worst once more, I am guessing that the box will be ripped open with parts in disarray, but again I am surprised that the box is sealed, and the tamper-resistant sticker on the opening has not been broken. Just to be sure, I verify that the serial number of the game console matches the serial number listed on the receipt [there’s a common scam where people will buy a new game console to replace their broken one, and then try to return the broken one in the new box]. But everything here appears to be in order.)

Me: “Okay, it looks like this hasn’t been opened, and you are within our return policy, so there shouldn’t be any issue. Did you want to exchange it for something else or would you like to get a refund today?”

Customer: “I need a full refund, thank you.”

Me: “Okay, sure.”

(I begin the process of doing the return, but then my heart sinks when I see how she originally paid for it: all in cash. Per store policy, we have to try to give the refund in the same form it was paid for.)

Me: “Oh, I’m very sorry, ma’am. Because you paid for this in cash I would normally refund the amount to you in cash as well. But I actually don’t have that much cash on hand to give you right now, as we just opened and I haven’t done any sales yet today. Would a store credit be acceptable? You could come in and exchange it for cash later if you need it.”

Customer: “What?! No, I need my cash for this!”

Me: “I understand, and I really wish I could help, and I know this is really inconvenient, but really, I don’t have that much cash to give you. I promise, I’m not trying to be difficult. I just really don’t have that much cash available.”

Customer: “You HAVE to! You HAVE to do this return and you HAVE to give me my money!”

Me: “I’m really, really sorry, ma’am. I just don’t have that much cash in the drawer, see?”

(I quickly pop open the drawer to show her, and it’s plainly visible that there’s only an assortment of $1, $5, and $10 bills, not nearly enough to cover the $300+ refund.)

Customer: “Well, go in the back and get some more! I know you have to have a safe with money back there!”

Me: “I’m sorry. Even if I was allowed to take money out of there for a return, there wouldn’t be any point because I just deposited all that money in the bank less than an hour ago.”


Me: “Ma’am, I really am sorry. I just physically don’t have that much cash in the store to give you at all. Like I said, I can give you store credit which can be exchanged for cash later, or if you want, you can come back later today after I’ve done some sales and get enough cash to give you.”

Customer: “Well, how long will that take?!”

Me: “Hard to say, ma’am. It just depends on how busy we are and how many customers use cash to pay.”

Customer: “FINE! I’ll just wait until you have enough money!”

(She gathers up the game console and her receipt and goes to leave. I expect she’s going to go home and come back later in the day, but to my dismay, she goes and sits on a bench located directly in front of the store and just stares at me while mumbling about how, “This is bulls***!” and, “I can’t f****** believe this!” I spend the next few, very uncomfortable, hours running the store and ringing people up, with her watching me the whole time. Every 20-30 minutes she comes in and asks if I have enough cash to give her yet, but unfortunately most of my sales are paid for by check or credit card so I have to tell her that we don’t. I also tell her each time that, based on past experience, we probably won’t have enough money until the late afternoon or early evening, so she doesn’t need to wait around, but she just restates that she needs the money and takes her spot on the bench again. Finally, by around one pm, I have done enough cash sales that I feel I can do her return, while still leaving me enough cash in the drawer for the day, and I call her in to do the return. She doesn’t speak for the entire transaction and leaves in a huff with her cash.)

Customer: *as she leaves* “I’m never shopping here again!”

Me: “…”

(I get that it was a really frustrating situation for her, but sitting on a bench to stare me down over something I didn’t have much control over seemed quite excessive!)

You Bagged A Good One

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(A couple of years ago I visited New York for a week. The morning before I flew back to the Netherlands, I visited an outlet mall very near the Newark airport. It’s incredibly hot weather, and it’s clear that the a/c at some of the stores can’t keep up. I visit a store where I find a beautiful leather travel bag that originally sold for $720 but is now on sale for $320 — a big discount but still quite a lot of money for me. A very friendly young saleswoman approaches me to see if I need assistance. She is very helpful and sweet, despite the fact that she and her co-worker are working in sauna temperatures.)

Me: “I really like this bag, but I’m sorry to say it’s a bit too much for me for an impulse buy!”

Saleswoman: “No problem, I totally understand. Let me check in the computer if there are any discounts I could offer.”

(She checks while I browse and find some socks and two belts that I certainly want.)

Saleswoman: “If you go to the concierge desk and ask for a coupon book, you can get a 20% discount!”

Me: “How can I say no to that?!”

(I leave my items on the counter, and go to the concierge desk. When I return to the store, I pass a coffee shop and get iced lattes for me and the two salespersons. When I get back to the store:)

Saleswoman: “I ordered the bag online for you, to pick up here and now, which gives you another 10% off!”

Me: “Wow, that is so cool! Okay if I thank you for that with these lattes?”

(They both were very pleasantly surprised and thanked me. I browsed a bit more, and headed for the checkout to pay for the bag, which they already had packed for me. They thanked me again for the lattes, and I left. The next day, back home in the Netherlands, I unpacked the travel bag. When I opened it, inside I found the socks and the belts, gift-wrapped, and a note that said: “You made our day! XOXO Haley & Michelle.”)

Dad Enjoys Making A Boob Of Himself

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(My dad is… not known for having much shame. So when I go to a mall lingerie store, Dad joins me. He’s talking and joking with the cashiers while I shop for a new bra. As I come out of the changing room with my selection, Dad has unleashed his classic brand of humor:)

Dad: *with bra tied around his head so the cups point upward* “Look! Mouse ears!”

(The store employees lose it, laughing hysterically at Dad’s cheesy grin and unexpected silliness. He grabs another pair and puts them up to his face:)

Dad: “Bug eyes!”

(It was several minutes before I could purchase, but I think he brightened their day so it was all good.)

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(Dobbing myself in here. My job involves hiring out animals for kids to ride in the mall. The store only opened recently and has already moved locations – from one mall to another – taking all staff and machines with it. A customer has come up to ask about opening times)

Me: Have you been here before?

Customer: We’ve been to your store in [other location].

Me: Oh yes, that was us. We’ve all moved down here.

Customer: Are you going back for the school holidays? It seemed busier there.

Me: No we’re not. We’re here for good. It’s actually busier here, though not on weekdays.

Customer: Didn’t do so well there then?

Me: Not really. And well, we had one of the machines stolen so that would’ve factored into the decision to move.

Customer: Oh which one was stolen?

Me: *Without thinking* The one that’s not here?

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