Music Always Crosses Bridges

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I am a teaching assistant for students on the autism spectrum. I am assigned to one specific student. She is nonverbal, but she loves music, and part of our daily schedule is to sit in on one of the chorus rehearsals. She gets excited, stims by flapping her hands, and sometimes approaches soloists to hear their voices.

That summer, I spend some more time with her, including taking her out to the local mall for lunch and window-shopping. While we are eating lunch, she suddenly smiles and starts to stim. I look up and see one of the chorus students who has just graduated approaching.

Chorus Student: “Hi! I hope I’m not interrupting anything, but I wanted to say hello to [My Student].”

Me: “Well, I can tell she’s happy to see you.”

Chorus Student: “I’m glad she enjoyed our rehearsals! Even on the days when it felt like we weren’t making any progress, [My Student] was there smiling and having a good time. Knowing someone liked listening to us was really encouraging. It was great that she and her parents were able to attend the end-of-year concert.”

She talked to [My Student] for a few minutes before leaving, and [My Student] was delighted for the rest of the day. I am glad to this day that they both made a difference to each other.

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My sister and I are at a large mall shopping. We aren’t really interested in any of the kiosks set up in the mall hallways (she has her makeup already, I have my cute pillows already, etc.), so we pretty much just keep walking when someone calls out to us or say “No, thank you” as we go. Sometimes the kiosk salespeople almost yell at us as we walk away since they are trying so hard to get our attention. We definitely ignore those people. On this particular day, we’ve had a few encounters like that, either pretending we don’t realize they’re talking to us or politely declining to stop for them. On our way to the restroom, a couple of younger guys, maybe in their twenties, are working some sort of phone case kiosk (I didn’t really look) and start calling out to me.

Salesman: “Ma’am? Ma’am! Ma’am! Ma’am!! MA’AM!!”

Both of us completely ignore him, put off by the way he is practically shouting at us, and make our way to the restroom. When we are done, we head back down the hallway the same way we came. The restroom happens to be on the same side of the hallway as where those guys were sitting at their kiosk, so when I realize we are getting close I discretely push my sister so that we avoid the kiosk and are walking along the right side of the hallway, where those guys can’t yell at us to stop. As we walk away, I hear them talking behind us.

Salesman: “Did she just try to avoid us? I think she just avoided us.”

This Customer Is Not A Good Catch

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I’m new to this particular employer but a retail veteran. I always do my work in “android mode,” saying only what I need to say and displaying zero emotion. I’ve been told my voice even sounds robotic. I’m working at a register today.

Customer: “How much is this?”

I look at the price tag.

Me: “$15.99 plus tax, sir.”

Customer: “That is outrageous! I can get it for half that price at [Other Store]!”

I remain silent.

Customer: “You are disrespecting me by selling this for $16!”

I say nothing.

Customer: “I demand to be respected!”

Me: “Sir, are you purchasing this or not? If not, I need to ring through the man behind you.”

Customer: “F*** YOU!”

He turns to walk away, still holding the item.

Me: “Sir, if you don’t want to pay for that, please hand it to me and I will restock it later.”


He throws the item at me and I catch it.

Me: “Have a nice day, sir.”

The customer glared at me and then walked off.

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Killer Pizza From Planet Jerk

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I’m the author of the story “Definition Of Love: Sacrificing Pizza For Your Child“. Not too long ago, my mom came to visit for the day and we stopped at a pizza place in the mall food court I’d NEVER had problems with before. Of course, this is the one time things go wrong.

Me: “Can I get two slices of cheese pizza and a drink, please? And could you use a clean spatula? I have an unusual allergy and don’t want any chance of cross-contamination.”

To my horror, and embarrassment considering how I’ve just been praising them to my mother, I watch the man use one of the pizza spatulas to pick up some pepperoni that starts to slide off a pizza, put it back on the pizza, and then use that same spatula to start getting my slices.

Me: “No, no! A clean spatula! Can we replace that slice and use a clean spatula? I’m allergic to pepperoni.”

Pizza Man: “It’s the vegetarian spatula, no meat!”

Me: *With an increasing level of panic* “I just watched you. Please just swap out the slice and use a clean spatula!”

The pizza man speaks more pointedly, rolling his eyes slightly and talking as if I were a child.

Pizza Man: “It’s the vegetarian spatula; we don’t use it with meat.”

A man in line after us chimes in that he watched, too, and is in the process of telling him to just replace it when my mother speaks up in her “You just screwed up BIG TIME” voice, causing a few people at a nearby table to look.

Mom: “Get the manager, NOW.”

A manager was fetched from the back, and once we told him what had happened, my food was replaced, and he handled it himself with a fresh spatula with a lot of apologies and a discount. I now keep a photo on my phone from when I had my childhood reaction, just in case I need to show pizza place staff that, YES, I do, in fact, have an allergy. I also did the survey on the receipt and told the story there. Apparently, that and the complaint to the manager helped, since the rude man wasn’t there the next time I stopped by.

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So here is an actual phone conversation I had with a customer today:

Phone rings,
me: Fye Arundel Mills everything is on sale, how may I help you?
cust: Is this FYE?
me: yes it is, how may I help you?
cust: Is this Arundel Mills?
me: yes it is, how may I help you?
cust: are you in the mall?
me: yes we are, how may I help you?
cust: did your store close by the movies?
me: yes, we moved down the hallway, we are now by the food court.
cust: why?
me: we had to downsize, how may I help you?
cust: do you still sell CDs & DVDs?
me: yes we do, we are just in a smaller location.
cust: is anything on sale?
me: yes, everything is on sale, how may I help you?
cust: are you open?
me: yes we are til 7pm, how may I help you?
cust: OK, bye…click

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..WTF? Wanted to punch this idiot in the throat!!!!