No Storage Facility Big Enough To Contain Their Whining

, , , | Right | July 27, 2021

The mall where I work is very close to a major outdoor concert venue. A concert is scheduled. I’m selling, dusting, and folding when two girls from a cosplay convention come up to my register. [Girl #1] holds up her handbag which is the size of a standard garment bag.

Girl #1: “Hi! Can I leave this here with you?”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Girl #1: “Can I leave this here with you while we go to the concert?”

Me: “No, ma’am. I’m sorry, but you can’t.”

Girl #2: *Whining* “Why noooooooot?”

Me: “Because [Clothing Store] is not a storage facility, ma’am. No one here can watch your bag for the next three to four hours. Why don’t you lock it in your car?”

Girl #1: “Because the car is parked on the other side of the mall!”

Girl #2: “Yeah, like, it’s like a whole mile away!”

Me: “Well, I’m sorry, ladies, but you can’t leave your stuff here and expect us to watch it for you. It’s just not going to happen.”

They walked away muttering. I wanted to bang my head on the counter until I felt better. 

I told my manager about it, and she said, “You think it’s bad up HERE? Down on the first floor, they’re bringing in baby strollers and wheeled coolers and asking the same thing!”

Encounters of similar levels of insanity repeated themselves all weekend long.

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I’ll Eat My Sandwich, You’ll Eat Your Words

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I work in a mall store doing tech repair. Today, I close the store for about fifteen minutes to go get food from the food court. I get back to the store and start reopening when a lady comes fast-stepping into the store.

Me: “Hi, welcome to [Store]. How can I help you today?”

Customer: “Excuse me, I came by earlier and you were closed. I need my phone fixed and I’m very busy today.”

Me: “I’m sorry. I had to go get food.”

I point at my cheesesteak which I was eating when she came in. Clearly, it’s lunchtime.

Customer: “You’re at work! You’re not supposed to eat at work!

Me: “Again, I’m sorry. I didn’t eat breakfast and my blood sugar—”

Customer: *Interrupting, screaming* “It’s unprofessional to eat at work! And it’s rude to close the store for something as trivial as that!”

As trivial as basic human sustenance? Time to change the subject. I apologize for the third time.

Me: “I’m sorry. How can I help you?”

Customer: “My phone won’t charge! It’s been dead for three days.”

I plug her phone into my amp meter, and there’s a trickle of power going in. I take a pair of tweezers, and in her charging port are a few little pieces of dust and pocket lint. I plug it back in, and it starts charging perfectly.

I hand it back and start to explain it’ll be free because it was an easy repair when she starts yelling again.

Customer: “You couldn’t have fixed it that fast! It’s not okay to short a customer!”

Fine. If she wants it done “right,” I’ll do it right.

I pull a chair up for her and turn on some music and open the phone up. I fiddle around with the charging port for a while, pretending to “fix” a phone I already fixed.

Me: “Since I opened your phone, I have to charge you $50 for the labor.”

Customer: “Now I know you were trying to waste my time!”

She paid the $50 and left, and I have a good laugh over making a sale that I didn’t need to make for a phone that didn’t need a repair.

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Read The Smoke Signals

, , , , | Right | June 21, 2021

I work at a famous pretzel place in an outdoor outlet mall. It is Father’s Day weekend and people are crawling all over the mall shopping. Our outlet mall has a no-smoking policy, but people still occasionally walk around the mall smoking in plain sight of mall security.

A man has taken a liking to our storefront and has placed himself against our windows to smoke IN FRONT of a food place. I’m shocked to see such a brazen attempt at a smoke break in front of our shop since many elderly people and children come into our shop and walk around the mall frequently.

I’m currently working with my female area manager, a female coworker, and a male new hire we just got.

Me: “Hey, [Area Manager], I’m pretty sure someone is smoking right outside of our shop.”

Area Manager:Seriously?! That’s a first! I’m going to call security on them.”

She calls security and they come over to talk with the guy. Security leaves him and the man picks up his items and suddenly comes into our shop.

Man: *Angrily* “Thanks for calling the cops on me!”

New Hire: *Happy and energetic* “You’re welcome!”

The area manager also responds, sternly and loudly, drowning out the comment from the new hire.

Area Manager: “You can’t smoke within twenty feet of public areas, buildings, or exits within this mall, sir.”

Man: *Irate and condescending* “Well, there are no signs anywhere telling me that I can’t smoke! And whatever, lady!”

He looks towards the cashier.

Man: “Give me an original pretzel and a cheese dip, to go!”

There’s a sign posted on all of the outlet doors saying that certain activities are prohibited, and guess which one was listed under it? Don’t get mad at us because you can’t read a sign.

Also, bold move to also get a pretzel after you berate us about calling security on you, you crazy customer. Also, round of applause for the new hire’s comment. I almost died laughing during the situation, but I kept it together for the most part over my shock.

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You Got 4000 Problems But Gender Isn’t One Of Them

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I work in a large shopping mall, running a kiosk that sells gift cards for nearly every shop in the mall as well as reloadable Amex/Visa gift cards. As scammers are common, we have strict limits on these cards, as well as a list of potential repeat scammers who are not authorized to buy more than a certain amount due to their history.

A lady comes in to request $4,000 in Visa gift cards, so naturally, I have to run her ID as is policy with any transaction over $500. Unfortunately, her name comes up on the potential scammers list.

Me: “Unfortunately, due to our policy at the moment, the most I can sell you in gift cards today will be $500.”

Customer: “That’s new. I usually get $4,000 without a problem.”

Me: *Trying not to cue in the fact that she’s on a list* “The company has informed us not to process orders over $500 on these systems at this time. I’m sorry.”

Customer: “I saw the man before me in line just leave with [amount of gift cards around $1,000]. This is because I’m a woman, isn’t it?! This is sexual discrimination! You’ll only sell him more cards because he’s a man!

With an accusation as wild as this, I feel compelled to tell her the truth.

Me: “Ma’am, I was trying to avoid getting to this point, but the reason I can’t sell you the cards is that you’re on a restricted list in our system for potential fraud based on your previous purchasing history. There’s nothing I can do but sell you the lower amount.”


Me: “As I mentioned, it has nothing to do with your orientation; it’s a fraud alert list.”

Customer: “Show me the list. Show it to me right now! I don’t believe you. I think you’re making it up because I’m a woman.”

I flip the screen that is well-hidden behind the lip of my desk with a privacy filter outward so she can see that I’m serious.

Customer: *Screaming again* “This is outrageous! How dare you display my name publicly where anyone can see?”

I want to say, “How DARE you use our gift cards for money laundering?” But instead, I say:

Me: “I promise nobody else sees this list. It stays minimized on our privacy screens which are tucked behind the desk, away from the shoppers.”

Customer: “This is ludicrous! I still insist this is sexual discrimination! I’m going to contact the management and you won’t have a job by next week!”

Me: “Sure, feel free. I’m following company orders, so I have nothing to worry about.”

She stormed out. Management never heard a word from her. The following week, she came back, and instead of asking for $4,000, she asked for $500 as per her limit.

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High Chairs And Higher Expectations

, , | Right | June 17, 2021

I work as a cleaner in a shopping centre food court. I’m stood at my station cleaning trays for the restaurants when a mother, her friend, and two children sit at a table not far from me. The friend goes to the restaurant to order the food while the mum stays with her children.

Mum: “Excuse me. Where are your high chairs?”

Me: *Pointing* “There are some just behind you.”

The mother looks and then stays seated. Every so often, she glares at me, making me feel very uncomfortable. The friend returns with their food.

Mum: *With utter venom in her voice* “I want to speak to your manager!”

Me: “Can I ask what the problem is?”

Mum: “I asked you where the high chairs were, and you just gave me a vague reply and didn’t help. You saw me there with my kids—” *who have been sitting quietly keeping themselves entertained in the pushchair* “—and I couldn’t leave them. Your attitude is disgusting, and I want to speak to a manager!”

I radioed for my manager; she was on the other side of the shopping centre so it took her a while to turn up. The whole time, this woman got in my face, calling me every name in the book because I wouldn’t get the high chairs. I am not a confrontational person, and I was near tears and shaking the whole time, apologising to this woman, but she was having none of it. Had she asked me to get the high-chairs, of course, I would have gotten them; however, as she only asked where they were and they were only a couple steps away from her table — she would have still been able to see her kids while getting them — I didn’t feel it necessary. Big mistake.

While she was yelling at me, a colleague got security, who came to assess the situation but just ended up standing there doing nothing. My manager finally arrived and had to physically stand between me and the woman. My manager tried to calm the situation while I was still there apologising, because what else could I do at that point?

I was told to go to the back room to calm down. Once I was in there, I burst into tears. My colleague came in to comfort me, and then my manager arrived and told me to stay in there until the woman left.

Eventually, I calmed down and the woman and her party left. Once back to work, I was approached by a couple who’d witnessed everything, saying how well I composed myself during the situation. The couple and my colleagues informed me that once I left and the woman sat down to eat, she apparently kept looking around, possibly looking for me to start another argument. We think she was just wanting to start a fight with someone, and I was the unlucky winner.

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