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Don’t Give Them An Opening

, , , , , , | Right | December 1, 2022

I work in a small store in a mall that requires minimal setup. Therefore, when my manager and I open the store, we usually only need to show up a few minutes before opening time.

Customer: “I came in yesterday, and you opened ten minutes late!”

Me: “Sorry, ma’am. The mall had a security alarm yesterday around opening time, so no one could enter the mall until security cleared the area.”

Customer: “Stop making excuses! If I was able to be out front of your store before you opened, you should have been, too!”

Me: “Wait, if you were outside our store before it opened, then you were in the mall before it opened, too.”

Customer: “The front doors were locked, so I used a side entrance. Very inconvenient!”

I think I know why the security alarm went off…

Check Out This Lesson At The Checkout

, , , , , , , , | Working | November 17, 2022

My wife and I went to an outlet mall in one of our state university towns. We went into a national brand shoe store to look for a pair of casual shoes for me. I found a pair and bought them. The clerk took my cash, gave me the change, bagged the shoes, and left to chat with a coworker, as there was no one else in the store at the time.

Shortly, I returned to the register with a problem with my change. After trying to ignore me, the clerk finally, with eyes rolling, came to find out what I wanted.

Clerk: “Is there something else I can help you with?”

Me: “You gave me the wrong change.”

Clerk: “No, sir. I know I gave you the correct change.”

Me: “No, ma’am, you didn’t.”

This went back and forth a couple more times until I got more forceful.

Me: “No. Let me show you. I still have the change in my hand. The ticket says the shoes cost $60 and coins. I gave you a hundred and the coins and you gave me 3 twenties back.”

Clerk: *Wide-eyed* “Oh, I gave you twenty dollars too much.”

Me: “Yes. You came back to me with a defensive posture before you knew what my problem was. Change your attitude until you find out what is going on with the customer. I know the drawer being short would come out of your pay.”

Clerk: “Yes, that’s right. I’m sorry, but thank you for being honest.”

Good Friends Don’t Let Friends End Up On NAR

, , , , , | Right | November 15, 2022

I am leaving work just after closing. The store I work at is in a strip mall, and directly next to us is a chain thrift store location, which I know closes at the same time we do.

As I head to my car, I see a woman standing outside the doors to the thrift store holding a large flatscreen TV, which I assume she is either trying to donate (donations are around the back and there are signs everywhere) or return (this thrift store chain does not accept returns). However, this woman seems determined.

Standing about a dozen feet away next to a parked car is a second woman. She has the car door already opened and is calling over to [Woman #1], clearly trying to convince her to leave.

Woman #2: “Come on, they’re closed!”

Woman #1: “No, they’re not! I can see people moving around in there!”

Woman #2: “Girl, those are employees! They’re just cleaning and stuff. Let’s go!”

[Woman #1] tried to whip around, presumably to continue arguing with her friend, but the motion made the TV slip from her arms, causing its screen to shatter spectacularly as it hit the pavement face-down.

Both women just stood there and, not wanting to get caught staring, I got in my car and left. I do feel kind of bad for [Woman #1] that her TV broke, but I’ll never forget the exhausted, “Why are you like this?” tone with which [Woman #2] said, “Those are employees.”

It gave me strength to see that there are some customers out there who aren’t idiots and are willing to call out their friends for being idiots.

Caught Up In The Current

, , , | Friendly | November 10, 2022

I’m finishing my shopping at the mall when I suddenly hear live music. This mall doesn’t have live music, so I look up. I see a man entering the building, singing mostly unclear words, except:

Man: “I believe! I believe! I believe in Jesus!”

My town is not very religious but very open, so people stare, shrug, and move on. The man crosses the mall, and since I have to go the same way, I walk behind him. I can’t make out any more lyrics than the one above. 

Suddenly, people join him! They seem to know the other vague lyrics and they wave their hands.

People: “I believe in Jesus, the Lord is my savior, I believe, I believe!”

Okay, so more people want to praise the Lord. And then, even more people join him! It feels like a flash mob… and I’m in the middle of a dancing, arm-waving, chanting crowd.

I feel very uncomfortable and look for a way to get out of this crowd, but nope: all exits closed. Everyone seems to be ignoring me, some even waving with their eyes closed. 

The chanting keeps repeating itself; no new songs are started. Finally, the crowd reaches the end of the mall and I see a small opening. I all but jump away from the crowd and hurry to the side. 

The crowd keeps on dancing and singing while entering a neighborhood with homes, no church near.

I’m almost forty, and this is the first time I’ve seen something like this. I don’t mind religion, but being stuck in a praising, dancing crowd felt quite uncomfortable for an atheist like me.

Bee Nice To The Bees

, , , , , , , , | Working | November 9, 2022

Our office rents space in a mall. One morning, we come into work to see a sign on our door saying, “I noticed a bumblebee got into your office. Please give the bee some sugar water and let the bee out,” signed [Employee] at [Store].

We take the challenge, scour the office, and eventually find the bee in question. We catch it in an upside-down water cooler cup with a business card underneath to trap it in. We tape it shut, and I am volunteered to leave the office on this beautiful day to find some flowers to release the bee next to.

It is a short walk to some flowers, and I let the bee go. Then, I return to the mall and go to [Store].

Me: “Is there a [Employee] here?”

Employee: “That’s me. Why?”

She seems afraid. Maybe I need to work on my tone of voice?

Me: “I just wanted to let you know that we found the bee and followed your instructions. Have a nice day!”

I then turned around and left, but I heard her making happy-sounding noises behind me as I left.