Has A Specific Memory Of It Looking Different  

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Customer: “Hello, I’ve driven quite far to get some prints from my old digital camera, and I’d like to pick them up today if possible.”

Me: “Absolutely, sir. Where’s the memory card?”

Customer: “Right here.”

(The customers unwraps a plastic bag and tries to hand me the contents. I just give him a knowing look that he quickly notices, he takes a look at the thing in his hand, and it dawns on him.)

Customer: “This is the battery, isn’t it?”

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We Think We’ve Found The Demon He Was Shouting About

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I’ve just finished ordering a healthy lunch of nuggets, fries, and soft drinks for my kids in the packed food court when a man jumps up into the counter and starts yelling about god and demons.

He is obviously having some sort of psychological crisis and security is quick in arriving and coaxing him down. He seems pretty harmless, but it’s school holidays and the place is packed with families and teens who wouldn’t normally be there this time of day mid-week so there’s a lot of kids looking a bit scared.

Security is successful and he is coaxed down and escorted away — hopefully to be met by an ambulance so he can get some assistance — and everyone starts to get back to what they were doing prior to the excitement.

Cue an irate woman who starts yelling at the staff because her food is taking too long to be ready. She actually folds her arms and stomps her foot and demands that her food be ready “right this instant or corporate will be informed.”

Honestly, how self-absorbed are people?!

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Stand Up For What’s Right, Even If You Have To Sit Down After

, , , , | Friendly | January 12, 2020

(I’m afraid of confrontation, but I also have a tendency to speak before thinking. One day, I am walking to a mall with my husband. We have to cross a road for cars and a bike lane. A zebra crossing crosses both roads and both biking lanes, so pedestrians should have the right of way. Unfortunately, many forget about that rule, willingly or accidentally. In front of me, a group of three women crosses the zebra. Two kids on a bike, a boy of about 13 years old and a girl of about 11 years old, do not give way, but there is no accident as there is enough space. However, one of the women suddenly stretches her arm and tries to grab the girl off of her bike! The girl wobbles but manages to stop safely. The boy — her big brother, we assume — stops, as well. But before anyone else can react, I yell:)

Me:Hey! Don’t you dare!”

Woman: “I had the right of way!”

Me: “I don’t care! You almost made her fall!”

Woman: “Mind your own business!”

Me: “I won’t mind my own business when I see someone pulling a child off her bike!”

Woman: “I had the right of way!”

Me: “That did not give you the right to cause an accident.”

Woman: “Just shut up, you!”

Me: “Not for someone who almost hurt a child! Right of way or not, you were in the wrong here!”

(The women walk on, while the aggressor keeps mumbling that people should mind their own business. The children also go on, though they look shocked. I can’t ask them if they are all right; they are already gone.)

Husband: “Wow, you were fast!”

Me: “I didn’t know what came over me. I just imagined that child falling in front of me…”

Husband: “I don’t know if I would have had the guts to say anything.”

Me: “Could… could we sit down for a moment? I’m so scared all of a sudden… My legs are weak.”

Husband: “No, not yet. You can’t show weakness to that b****. Just wait until she can’t see you anymore.”

(My husband then treated me to ice cream so I could sit down and calm down. We didn’t see any of those women in the mall again, and two years have passed by now. It’s okay to be upset if you do not get right of way, but that never justifies causing — almost — injury to anyone!)

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The Mall Is Not A Time Machine

, , , , , | Working | January 10, 2020

(I see one of my employees arrive but instead of coming into the store they go to the food court. They come to the store half an hour later.)

Me: “Why are you late? I saw you arrive half an hour ago.”

Employee: “My shift isn’t until 1:30!”

Me: “It was at 1:00!”

Employee: “Oh… Can you fix the log in so it says I came at 1:00?”

Me: “No, because you didn’t!”

Employee: “I was at the mall, though!”

Me: “Again, no!”

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It’s Okay, Buddha Forgave You A Long Time Ago

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(I’ve just finished ringing up a woman who has otherwise been quiet.)

Me: “Okay, you’re all set. Thank you!”

Woman: “Thanks. Oh, do you know any nail salons run by white people?”

Me: “I… no?”

Woman: *shaking her head* “There’s one down the hall, but I don’t want my nails done by foreigners who believe in Buddha. Oh, well. Thanks, anyway!”

(Setting aside how shocked — and baffled — I was by her attitude, I have to wonder how she thought someone with uneven nails and chipped polish in mismatched colors would even know where a nail salon is outside the area they work in. When I told her about it, my manager said the only salon she knows of run by white people is in an extremely shady part of town.)

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