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For children under a certain age, our province take off a portion of the taxes of the clothes; however, the parent purchasing the clothes has to let us know before we ring them through that they’re buying these clothes for a child.

*Customer storms back into the store and throws the receipt on the counter*

Customer: You didn’t take the tax off of my purchase! I’m purchasing these for my SON. He’s only TEN.

Me: Sorry about that, but it’s always best to tell us before we ring you through. It will take me a minute to fix this.

Customer: It shouldn’t be my job to tell you! You should ALWAYS ask! It’s ridiculous for us to have to pay these taxes in the first place.

*Our tills are old and don’t make it easy for us to refund, and then re-ring through her entire purchase, while removing the tax from her purchase.*

Me: Our till doesn’t allow credit card refunds, so I’ll have to give this back to you in cash.

*I hand her the $1.75 that was charged to her in taxes. She snatches it out of my hand*

Customer: Every penny counts!

*Cue eye roll as she leaves the store*

How To Perpetually Trap Dumb Customers

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(Our door has a sign indicating if we are open or closed; open on one side, closed on the other. When we are open, “closed” faces the inside.)

Customer: *staring at the door*

Coworker: “Is there anything I can help you with?”

Customer: “Yeah… How do I get out of here?”

Coworker: “Um, through the door?”

Customer: “But it says it’s closed!”

Coworker: *facepalm*

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When You’re Drunk Enough To Smell The Chips Through The Packaging

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(I work in a state where my employer, due to stricter liquor laws, does not sell alcoholic products in their stores in my state. I am ringing at the tills, and we have a slow period. During this time, a customer approaches my till.)

Customer: “Whhereh is your alchkoholll?!”

Me: “Alcohol?”

Customer: “Yeshhh… Beeeerr?!”

(Noticing that he is from Florida, where they sell liquor in this chain of stores, I answer:)

Me: “I’m sorry. But we don’t sell alcohol here, in this state.”

Customer: “Oh…” *sad, crestfallen puppy face*

(He wandered away, weaving a bit through lines of tills, and I decided to keep an eye on him, since I was the only male cashier up front. Finally, he spotted a bag of plain old potato crisps. Eyes darting from his head, he rushed over to the display. Picking up the bag lovingly, he held it gently to his nose and inhaled. Putting the bag down, he now wore an enraptured look of sheer joy and ecstasy as he walked the whole way out of the store.)

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When The Calling Script Can’t Handle Surprises

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(I get a call on my cell phone during my lunch break from a number that has already called me once before while I was working. The number didn’t leave a voicemail the first time but I figure that it is important, considering they’re calling me again, so I answer.)

Me: “Hello, [My Name] speaking.”

Caller: “Hello, you’re speaking with [Caller] of [Company]. Your husband just called to reschedule an appointment with us.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but that is not possible. I don’t have a husband.”

Caller: “Well, somebody called to reschedule an appointment.”

Me: “That may be the case, but I didn’t call. Can I do anything else for you?”

(The caller doesn’t respond anymore.)

Me: “Hello?”

Caller: “Yes, hello. This is [Caller] from [Company]. Your husband just called—”

(I repeated myself that I am not married and made a quick end to the conversation, only to find out at the end of my working shift that the same number had called me yet again. No voicemail again, but I seriously hope they’re not going to call again to ask me about an appointment my non-existent husband wants to reschedule.)

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Barking Up The Wrong Sub Shop

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(I’m in the break room at work when my friend comes in to eat lunch. She has picked up a sandwich from a local chain.)

Friend: “So annoying! I ordered online so it would be ready, but I ordered from the wrong store, apparently.”

Me: “That’s frustrating.”

Friend: “The worst part is that this one wouldn’t just make me my sandwich. They made me buy a new one even though I could show them that I had ordered and paid for one already!”

Me: “But you’re the one who ordered from the wrong store?”

Friend: “I know, but they still should’ve offered to give me a sandwich!”

Me: “It wasn’t their fault, though, and they might’ve gotten in trouble.”

Friend: “I know, but it would’ve been nice of them. Now I’m out $8!”

(I gave up trying to reason with her at that point. I don’t think she ever really understood why they didn’t give her a new sandwich even though it was her mistake.)

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