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(I’m on the shop floor, unpacking stock from a trolley. I go off for a few minutes to help a customer. When I return two customers have removed almost all the stock from the trolley and strewn it all over the floor so they can get something at the very bottom. I catch them as they’re walking away.)
Me: Are you right there Ladies?
Customer #1: We’re good. We just had to get something that was inconveniently at the bottom of that trolley.
(I’m very frustrated as my boss pressures me to get stock out quickly, and having to collect everything off the floor is going to set me back.)
Me: Yes, inconvenient indeed. Just like all the items that are now strewn all over the floor.
Customer #2: Oh, you’ll clean that up. It’s what we as customers pay you to do, after all.
Me: Ladies, may I ask; did you even bother to check the shelf?
(They look at me, puzzled. I point to a shelf close to where they’re standing that has the exact item they took from my trolley.)
Me: Please, ask me for help next time. After all, you, as customers, pay me to help you find whatever you need.
(They looked embarrassed and walked off quickly. To add icing to the cake, I was called to help at the registers and ended up serving them.)

Yes, It Was Two Years Of Tough Labor

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I’m a mom of two boys. They are fourteen and sixteen, respectively, and almost exactly the same height. They both tower over me. While there is a family resemblance, one looks like me, and the other like my husband.

We are picking up a few things at the store. A woman approaches my cart and comments about how tall and handsome they are, then follows up with, “Are they twins?” Startled, I look at my boys and try not to laugh. I respond that they are not twins, but before I can say anything else, she cuts me off with, “Are you sure?”

Bad Customers Emerging

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(I work in a well-known office supply store. Recently, we were supposed to have a big merger happen between us and our competitor, but it got shut down. All the workers knew it, but the customers didn’t exactly get the memo. At least, so I thought. A woman and her son walk up to the register with their items.)

Me: “Hi! How ya doin’? Get everything you need?”

Customer: “Yes, I did. If you don’t mind, I’d like to use these coupons.”

Me: “Sure! That shouldn’t be a problem!”

(I look down at the coupons and see that they’re from our competitors, the ones where the merger got rejected.)

Me: “Ma’am, you do realize that this is [Company], not [Competitor]?”

Customer: “Whatever happened to that merger?”

Me: “It got rejected.”

Customer: “That’s not the way I heard it; I read on the Internet it was a success! Now, if you don’t mind, I’d really appreciate it if you’d use the coupons. I’m too tight on money to pay full price.”

Me: “Ma’am, I can’t use these coupons here. If you have a lower price to show me on, let’s say, your smartphone, then I’ll be happy to price match it.”

Customer: “I don’t have time for that; just use the coupons!”

Me: “Ma’am, as I said before, I cannot use these. The merger didn’t happen, and we are both still separate companies.”

Customer: “Haven’t you ever heard of ‘good customer service’?”

Me: “Yes, I have, and I’ve also heard about the art of ripping companies off. I’ll say it one last time: you can pay full price for the items, or leave now and use those coupons at [Competitor], since you’re so set on using them.”

(The customer reluctantly paid full price for the items and left the store with her son. The last thing I heard her say to him while walking out was something about not coming back to an establishment that gave her “poor service” as I did. All I have to say is, policy is policy. Take it or leave it.)

Common Sense Has Other Left The Building

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(I work in a small shop near a popular affluent retirement community. We recently got a credit card machine that will read the new chips in credit cards, and has a screen for signatures. Some of our customers are having difficulties with the machine.)

Me: “Please insert the chip in the card reader.”

Customer: *places the card on top of the pin pad*

Me: “Please use the slot underneath the pin pad.”

Customer: *puts the card in properly*

Me: “Please sign on the screen.”

Customer: *signs name, and stares at the buttons at the bottom of the screen, that read ACCEPT, CLEAR, and CANCEL*

Me: “Touch ‘ACCEPT’ at the left, please.”

Customer: “This one?” *reaches for the CANCEL button at the right*

Me: “The one on the left, please. ‘ACCEPT.’”

Customer: “It’s this one?” *again going for the CANCEL button at the right*

Me: *in slight desperation* “Your other left, ma’am.”

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Manager: “After you finish with this customer, turn off your light.”

(He’s talking about the light that flicks on every register to say they’re ready to ring up stuff. I finish with my customer, but before I could reach up, another customer piles his things on my belt.)

Me: *flicks light off* “I’m sorry, sir, but I have to leave this register.”

(He glares meanly, but leaves without a fuss. Then, my manager sidles up to me.)

Manager: “Never mind, flick your light on again.” *leaves*

(I do so and a lady comes right up and I start ringing her things. I barely have started when the earlier man storms up, pushing her aside.)

Man: “I thought you were off?!”

Me: “Sorry, sir, but the manager–”

Man: “No excuse for you, you’re stupid!”

Me: “Please move, this lady was ahead of you.”

Man: “Stupid!”

Lady: “Just let him go, I’m not in a hurry.”

(I ring him up, and he keeps calling me stupid over and over, and practically rips the receipt out of my hands. He leaves and the lady and I are discussing what a clown he is, until I notice he has left his purchase behind!)

Me: “He left his bag. What an idiot.”

Lady: “Well, isn’t that the silliest thing…”

(She leaves and sure enough, he comes back. I think that he’s going to accuse me of stealing his stuff, but he meekly asks for his bag and runs off!)

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