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( A while back I dyed my hair purple, because my job allowed that. As the purple began to fade, it turned a light green. A customer notices this and can’t help, but comment on it as I ring her up)
Me: Your total is $$$
(The customer then reaches over and grabs a chunk of my greenish hair and pulls it towards her, pulling me with it!)
Customer: Why is there green in your hair? Is that from chlorine or something?
(I gently pull my hair away from her and step back)
Me: Um..no. I dyed it purple a couple of weeks back and now it’s turned green.
Customer: Oh. When my kids swim in the pool their hair does that too. Why did it turn from purple to green?
Me: I don’t know. Your total is $$$
Customer: Well you should really fix that, it looks like you have been in the pool too long
Me: Um okay…
(She finally pays and then leaves. What ever happened to personal space?)

Just Keep Trump-eting That Rhetoric

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(Our store is collecting change for a local charity that works with homeless men. As our town already has several excellent charities for families and women, this smaller group is working to help those who have previously been overlooked, and is having great success. To encourage giving, the change jar has a sign that reads, “Your change helped a homeless man buy boots so he can go to work.” I’m ringing up a woman who has been a bit brusk but otherwise polite. It’s late 2018, well after the presidential elections. As I’m ringing the woman up, she sees the change jar and makes a disapproving sound.)

Customer: “That’s not right, you know. I don’t approve. I don’t believe in helping those who won’t work.”

Me: *totally caught off guard* “Well, ma’am, that’s the goal: to help them get to the point where they can work.”

Customer: “They’re lazy and we’d be better off without them all.”

Me: *thinking: “Wait, you’d rather they just died?”* “Well, illnesses, both physical and mental, are the leading causes of homelessness. A lot of those men would love to live normal lives but can’t afford the medical care needed to get there. This group works with each one, ensuring they have the basic necessities like food and shelter, and then helps them navigate the next steps so they can hopefully get off the streets. It’s obviously more complex than that, but that’s the basic—“

Customer: “I just don’t think my hard-earned money should pay for them.”

Me: “No worries; you don’t have to give—“

Customer: “Trump’s going to fix that, you know.”

Me: “I… Excuse me?”

Customer: “He’s going to help them and fix things. Hilary wouldn’t, you know. Trump will.”

Me: “I… You… So, the Republican plan is to discourage local, grass-roots charities, and to instead fix things with federal-level programs?”

Customer: “Yeah, sure. He’ll fix it.”

Me: *pause* “Here’s your change, ma’am. Have a nice day.”

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(I work at a Canadian Wal-Mart and part of my job is to ask every customer if they would like a Wal-Mart Rewards Mastercard. They had started to really crack down on cashiers for not asking and despite the usual customer grumbling, I was actually pretty good at getting them and so I never had any trouble from my managers. Still, one day, this older lady appeared and I gave my sales spiel)
Me: So would you like a Rewards Mastercard today?
Elderly Lade: Oh absolutely, it sounds just wonderful.
(Now when you do an application, you have to stop doing all transactions because your cash is bogged down doing the application. Luckily I was in express so while I focused on her, my co-workers all picked up the slack thankful that someone was getting an application today. About half way through the application I had to ask the woman for a credit card.)
Me: Alright, could I borrow a credit card for just a moment? I need to swipe it to register some information to make sure the data you’ve provided me is correct. It will also allow me to find out if you are pre-approved.
Elderly Lady: Now why would you need my credit card for this?
Me: As I said ma’am, you’ve provided me with an address and other information, when I swipe the credit card it cross verifies the information to speed up the process.
Elderly Lady: This seems like a lot of work for a rewards card.
Me: Well the Rewards Mastercard is quite handy to have and you can earn a fair amount back on the card. 1.25% on every dollar you spend at Wal-Mart and 1% everywhere else.
Elderly Lady: I know that, you already said that. I’m old, not stupid.
Me: I am sorry, I did not need to offend.
Elderly Lady: Still, I don’t see why you need a credit card for the rewards card, it’s not like it is a credit card.
Me: No ma’am, it is. It is a mastercard.
Elderly Lady: WELL WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY THAT! Cancel this application! I don’t need another credit card!
Me: -trying to hold my tongue cause the application takes about ten minutes to do and I had said that it was a mastercard in my spiel at least a dozen times- Alright, I will cancel the application. I am sorry that it is not to your liking.
Elderly Lady: Don’t you talk back to me, missy! I should report you for this attitude of yours.
Me: I am sorry you feel that way and that I was misunderstood
– before I could even finish the sentence, the woman had stormed away. Turns out not five minutes later she had gone to my manager to report me saying that I was lying to her to get her credit card information and that I was rude. My manager apologized and came up to me afterwards to laugh being that I was employee of the month and one of the friendliest cashiers that worked there-

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I was on a holiday in the US and taking a wander through an outlet of a famous retail chain when I came across a display of guns. I was kind of staring at it for a while because the sale of guns is quite restricted in my home country and they are never sold in comparable stores. Another customer,  well groomed and personable, noticed me staring.

Other customer : Can’t decide,  hey?

Me: No, I  was just gawking. I’ve never seen most of these things in real life!

Other customer,  noticing my accent: Where are you from?

Me: Australia. We don’t really do guns there. Actually, I think most of these are banned.

Other customer : Well, how do y’all protect you women from the  [racial slur]?

Me: *opening and closing my mouth soundlessly while I  try not to say “What the actual f***?”*

Me, lamely: Er, we don’t generally find that a problem?

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(I work customer service at an online fashion store, and the customers can contact us by chat or email. A chat pops up with a customer wanting help. The only information we can see about the customer in the chat window is the email adress they’re writing from at the moment)

Me: Hi and welcome to [Company]. How can I help you today?
Customer: Yeah hi, I need your help to check what payment method I used on my latest order.
Me: Sure, one moment please while I check.

(Search system with customer’s email adress)

Me: I’m sorry ma’am but I can’t find your order searching only your email adress. Can you give me your social security number, or your customer number?
Customer: Sure, my social security number is xxxxxxxxxxxx
Me: Thank you, please wait while I check.

(Search system with social security number, but can’t find a customer account. I try to search her name instead, without results).

Me: I’m so sorry about this but I can’t find an active account with your social security number either. Can I have your phone number instead?
Customer: Jesus christ, I made my order just yesterday, have you cancelled it?! I just want to know my payment method! Here’s my phone number, make sure to find it this time.
Me: I can assure you your order has not been cancelled. I’ll try to find it with your phone number, thank you for waiting!

(Search again with phone number, again without results)

Me: I’m sorry, but I can’t find anything with your phone number either. Did you make your order from this email that you are using right now; [email protected]?
Customer: YES I don’t use any other email!
Me: I see. So you should have gotten an order confirmation to your email adress. Can you check your inbox for this order confirmation? It should contain all of this information, including payment method. If you still want me to check your payment method, then just send me your order number. You will find you order number in your order confirmation.
Customer: Hold on while I check.

(Waits about 5 minutes for customer to find her order confirmation)

Customer: I still can’t find it!
Me: That’s very unfortunate. Are you sure you made this order with your own email adress? Maybe you typed in your SO email? Is that possible?
Customer: Not likely
Me: Okay, but can you please give me his/hers email adress so I can check, just in case?
Customer: FINE, [email protected]
Me: Thank you, please hold on one moment!

(Search system with SO email, and find one order made the day before)

Me: Ma’am, I found one order made last night. The payment method is invoice by 14 days.
Customer: Right, I made it with his email! But that doesn’t explain why I didn’t get an order confirmation!?
Me: Okay great. Please be clear with this in future contact with us, about which account you placed your order from. Just to save you all the hassle!

When you place an order with a different email, naturally the order confirmation will go to that email.
Customer: I will. But I do NOT approve about not getting an order confirmation, I payed for my order and I want some kind of proof of this!
Me: I’m sure you can ask your boyfriend to just forward the order confirmation to you.
Customer. NO, he cannot do that. I don’t want him to see my order, so you need to send me an order confirmation right this moment.

(Customer then leaves the chat and closes the chat window).

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