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In Line And Out Of Line, Part 21

, , , | Right | September 6, 2021

A family member picked up some groceries yesterday but got the wrong flavor of an item. I forgot to put some stuff on the weekly grocery list that I needed for meals this week, so I volunteer to go.

I decide to exchange the wrong item first and then go around and grab the other items I need. I walk up to the customer service desk, and after explaining, the manager there tells me to get what I need. I come back to a line. The service desk has three registers; the one on the side has a temporary rope barrier forming a line with signs that say, “For lottery, please enter here.”

I get in line behind an employee (probably shopping on her break) at the other end. Another woman gets in line behind me and an older man gets in the lottery line. He immediately starts huffing and puffing that there is another line.

Man: *Rather loudly* “I guess no one can read the signs.”

Me: *Deadpan and looking straight at him* “No, I guess not.”

He gets red-faced and we can tell he is getting mad.

Woman Behind Me: “I don’t play lottery, so why would I get in that line?” *Towards me* “I guess today is lottery day, huh?”

Me: “I wouldn’t know. I don’t play this stuff.”

All the while, the guy is getting madder and madder while the woman and I exchange pleasantries. Then, the manager tells me to come to the counter. I point to the employee in front me.

Me: “She was here first.”

I figure the poor girl is on break and probably doesn’t have a long time, and I can wait. The man huffs rudely.

Man: “I’m in a hurry, if you don’t mind.”

Woman Behind Me: “We all are.”

The manager quickly finished with the employee, with the man complaining the whole time. I motioned to take the rude man before me. Another employee called me up to a register next to him.

The rude man in a hurry poured out pennies on the counter to pay for his lottery tickets. He then complained when the manager had the unmitigated gall to actually COUNT each coin.

As I was checking out, the manager came up to me, apologized for making me wait, and thanked me for letting him get the man out quickly. He told me the man comes in every week, is rude, claims he is always in hurry, complains about having to wait even for thirty seconds, pays for a stack of lottery tickets with pennies and nickels, and complains on the way out. 

I told him not to worry about it because there are far greater things in the world to be upset about.

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