Let’s Play With Fire, Kids!

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(I see a very lost- and confused-looking lady approaching other customers at random, most of whom walk away from her in a hurry. I catch up to her in the toy department and ask if I can help her with anything.)

Customer: “Oh, yes, finally! I’m just looking for charcoal lighter fluid. I thought it would be over here.”

Me: “Our lighter fluid is in the garden center. You’ll see it there, next to the grills, as soon as you walk in.”

Customer: “Well, why isn’t here? I think it should be here. It’s in garden? That makes no sense; I don’t understand.”

Me: “Well, no, this is the toy department, we don’t keep lighter fluid here!”

Customer: “But why? I don’t understand why it isn’t over here. Why isn’t it here?”

Me: “Because you definitely don’t want kids playing with lighter fluid! It’s in the garden center, I’ll show you where it is.”

Customer: “Oh, no. I know it’s not out there. I’m sure it’s here in this area somewhere; I’ll keep looking.”

(And with that, she wandered off, mumbling about how she “didn’t understand” why we don’t keep lighter fluid in the toy department.)

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(I’m the customer int his one. Note that I grew up in Oregon, which has no sales tax.)

Employee: “Your total is X.”

Me: *confused* “I don’t think that’s right…I’m pretty sure it should be [lower amount].”

Employee: “Yes, plus sales tax.”

Me: “Oh…sorry, forgot about that…”

(I’m sad to say that this has happened more than once while traveling. I think I’ve finally learned though, and am glad everyone has been so patient with me in the meantime.)

In Receipt Of The Receipt But Still Not Receiving You

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(I’m at the customer service desk to return a skirt. I place the skirt on the counter and HAND the receipt directly to the cashier, who places it on her desk under her monitor.)

Cashier: “I don’t recognise this skirt. You know you can’t return an item without a receipt, right?”

Me: “I bought the skirt here nine days ago; it says that on the receipt I just gave you.”

Cashier: “I can’t exchange it if it’s not from this store, either. You need a receipt.”

Me: “I don’t understand what you mean. I’ve got a receipt and it’s well within the 28-day return period?”

Cashier: “Look. I’m not going to argue with you. Without your receipt, I can’t and won’t help you.”

Me: “I’ve literally just given you the receipt. What are you talking about?”

(I’m getting a little flustered now and notice a manager walking nearby.)

Me: “Excuse me! I’m really sorry, but I think we need help over here.”

Manager: “What’s the issue?”

Cashier: “She’s trying to get a refund for a skirt we don’t carry. I keep telling her she needs a receipt, but she won’t listen.”

Manager: “Is that right? I’m sorry, but without a receipt, we can only excha—“

Cashier: “No! Not if we don’t carry it!”

(The manager looks weirdly at the cashier.)

Manager: “We do carry this.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but she has my receipt right there!” *points at monitor* “She’s had it the entire time.”

Manager: *to cashier* “What? If you’ve got the receipt, what’s the problem? Just go on break; we’ll talk about your conduct after.” *to me* “I’m so sorry. I’ll refund you straight away. Would you like a free coffee voucher for the trouble?”

(The cashier storms off into the store.)

Me: *laughs* “I think I just need a lie down after all that. As long as I get the refund, it’s fine!”

Time To Give Them An Education On Education

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(I work in a clothing store that is marketed towards and frequented by female teachers. I am just finishing up my undergrad in elementary education. We have a discount for teachers who can provide some sort of proof — ID, paystubs, etc. — that they’re teachers and I always like to talk to the people who ask about the discount and pick their brains about teaching.)

Customer: “You guys have a teachers’ discount, right? For 25% off?”

(She looks about my age, if not younger, which immediately makes me think she’s a student, and not actually a teacher, but I give her the benefit of the doubt.)

Me: “It’s actually 15% off, but only off of full-price items, and everything you’re getting today is on sale, so I can’t add it on top of that.”

Customer: “Oh, okay!”

Me: “What do you teach?”

Customer: “Oh, um, actually, I’m doing Teach for America.”

Me: “Nice. I’m just finishing studying education at [Local University] and I’ll be starting my student teaching in the fall.”

Customer: “I actually got a degree in advertising, but I’m going to New Mexico next year for the program.”

Me: “Ah, okay.”

(Girl, you’re a year out from the job and you want a discount? Get your non-education going-into-education BS away from me.)

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I work in a well known store in the Netherlands. It is a store that sells pretty much everything, so I’m used to people asking me about strange things. But not this one. Once in a while we have customers that don’t speak Dutch. This Asian looking woman was walking towards me with a baby in a stroller.

Me (in Dutch): Welcome, how can I help you today?

Woman (in English with a bad accent): Hi, I am looking for cahh-bon.

Me (English): I’m not sure what you mean, can you explain what you use it for?

Woman: *tries to explain and point to her daughter in the stroller* For the babies, my baby! Cahh-bon.

I still don’t understand her so she pulls out her phone and tries to translate the word from English to Dutch. Her phone reads the word ‘carbon’.

Woman: Cahh-bon!

Me: Oh, carbon! What would you need that for with a baby?

Woman: For the baby!

I wasn’t very good with chemistry in school but I do know that carbon is not very healthy for a child. I tried to ask my co-worker who is a mother of a newborn but she also didn’t know.

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