Here’s A Tip: DON’T

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(I work at a coffee shop. There is one customer who, for the past two weeks, has been coming into the shop, ordering a coffee, putting a twenty in the tip jar, and just staring at me. He doesn’t blink, look away, or anything; he just stares at me with a creepy grin. He gives us a lot of tips and business, so my boss refuses to throw him out. 

I don’t usually work on weekends, and I take an extra day off to take my dog to the vet. When I return, my coworker immediately pulls me aside.)

Coworker: “Hey, [My Name], your boyfriend was looking for you earlier.”

Me: “I don’t have a boyfriend.” 

Coworker: “Sure, you do.” *winks* 

(I have a bad gut feeling about this, so I remain on alert, and ten minutes later, the creepy customer comes in, coming up to me and ordering his usual.)

Customer: “When are you going to go out with me?”

Me: “I’m sorry, I don’t think this is appropriate. And would you please stop staring at me?” 

Customer: “Sorry, but you are so beautiful that I can’t help it.” 

(He starts making lewd jokes, and by now, my coworker has noticed, and so have a couple of customers sitting nearby.) 

Me: “Sir, I’ve asked you to stop. I’m not going to ask you again.” 

Customer: “Come on, you want me. If you didn’t, you would have kicked me out by now. Your boss and coworkers don’t mind.” 

Coworker: “Actually, I do. Sir, you are disturbing my coworker, me, and other customers. I regret telling you when she was supposed to come in. I’m sorry I didn’t realize how serious this was. Please leave, and don’t return, or the police will be called.”

(The customer leaves, grumbling, and the other customers, who are both men, come up and put money in the tip jar.) 

Customer #2: “If you hadn’t kicked him out, I would have. That was disturbing on so many levels.”

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I Am A People Person, You’re Just Not Good People

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(Two rowdy men are waiting in line behind an older woman trying to purchase a lottery ticket. They’re being extremely obnoxious and making unsolicited comments to her. I explain that her lottery slip is unreadable due to a wet spot, and this sends them into paroxysms of juvenile mirth. They continue shouting at the woman as she walks away, and I ask them politely to leave her alone. They quiet down. I ring up [Guy #1]’s items and notice [Guy #2] walking out the door with a handful of popsicles.)

Me: “Excuse me!”

Guy #2: “Oh, he’s paying for these.”

Me: “That’s fine, but I still have to scan them.”

Guy #2: “You should have said something.”

Me: “I did. Just now. That’ll be [total], please.”

([Guy #2] leaves while [Guy #1] pays.)

Guy #1: “You should find a new job.”

Me: “Yeah?”

Guy #1: “Yeah. You’re no good with people.”

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God Help The Mister Who Messes With My Sister

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This is how my little sister unknowingly helped me assert myself at work.

When I was in college, my younger sister, about 17, worked for a call center. She told me about how she was instructed to handle creeps and rude jerks, which she had opportunity to practice. If a guy called in and started yelling, making inappropriate comments, breathing heavy, etc., she would very pleasantly say something along the lines of, first, “Excuse me, sir, please don’t talk to me like that,” second, “Excuse me, sir, but if you continue to talk to me like that, I’m going to have to hang up,” and third, “Excuse me, sir, but you have continued to talk to me like that, so I’m going to hang up now,” and hang up.

After college, I took a job working with people with special needs and moved up to supervisor. I worked with a particular man and met his mom. She was generally okay, though she condescendingly told me my own life experience of a similar illness, which I had shared to say that I understood, didn’t count. When I became a supervisor of another department, my former supervisor — an awful, condescending person herself — warned me that this woman can be pretty awful and keep you on the phone for an hour. 

Then, one day, with my former supervisor nearby, she called. She didn’t appreciate me pairing her son with another participant due to staff calling out sick, but I prioritized my participants, so I know I was doing what seemed best for everyone. I told her specifically that I had to prioritize everyone as a whole, not just her son. But she continued yelling, insulting my ability to do my job, my lack of consideration, etc.

The yelling after I explained myself only lasted a couple of minutes. I remembered my sister and cut in with, “Ma’am. Ma’am! MA’AM! It is not okay for you to talk to me like that.” I heard her sputter, and say, “Uh… Oh, oh. I’m sorry.” And we ended the call calmly. Since then, I know to just call it out; name it. No insults or anger or bickering are needed to put someone back in their place. Not that it always works, but it often does.

I believe, though we never said a word about it, that my former supervisor had been waiting to enjoy my suffering and thus legitimize herself, and that makes this memory that much better.

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The Only Number Needed Here Is The Harassment Hotline

, , | Right | March 14, 2020

(I’m a teenage girl working in a fast food restaurant and I have dealt with a lot of old guys hitting on me. It’s nothing new to me, but it’s still always creepy and unsettling nonetheless. It is pretty slow at work, and my male coworker and I are the only ones there until this guy walks in. He’s maybe fifty or sixty, so I go out to help him and, being the cheery person I am, I say with a smile:)

Me: “Hello, what can I get for you?”

Customer: “Well, what the f*** are you so d*** happy about?!”

(I am confused, but I just laugh and shrug it off.)

Me: “What can I get for you today?”

Customer: “Your number.” *winks*

(After that, I just took my gloves off and went into the back to get my coworker and had him help the guy, instead. He didn’t say much after that.)

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You Can Courier That Sexism Out Of Here

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(I go to an interview with a very well-known delivery company. I’m female; I have sent my resume with my female name on it. A guy greets me and leads me to an office. I tell him that I worked for a rival delivery company before and we’re chatting until he drops this bomb.)

Interviewer: “So, I’m not a sexist, but I haven’t hired females here before.”

Me: “Oh, really? Well, I’ve seen females working here before!”

Interviewer: “Yes… Well… I don’t hire them. But lately, I decided to. And they were better than our males!”

Me: “Is that so?”

Interviewer: “Yes, so, I figured that females can deliver packages, too!”

(I wanted to leave, but I stayed because I needed the money. But really, how sexist! And creepy — he kept winking unnecessarily at me. I told my family about it and the males didn’t believe me, and the females said I should’ve recorded it and sued. Alas, I didn’t, or else I’d be a millionaire! Only the Internet knows the truth.)

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