Only Thing He Should Be Following Is Her Hints

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(I’m a student attending a community college that is not too far from my home. For this, I drive to and from my house easily, through plenty of turns and the busy road in between. This story takes place during my first semester of my sophomore year. It’s a 3D level designing class. I find it to be interesting and fun… and I meet some interesting people. I sit in the back of the classroom. I can see the screen at the front easier; it doesn’t strain my eyes for whatever reason. I set up my laptop to work on, too. The other classmates walk in and one of them immediately rushes over and sits next to me. I have my bag placed on the chair but he pushes it to the floor and settles in.)

Classmate: “Well, hey!”

Me: “Oh! Uh, heya!”

Classmate: “So! Level design, huh?”

Me: “Yep! I need it for my major, but it looks pretty fun. And I heard great things about the prof–”

Classmate: *looks at my screen* “Hey! You like [TV Show], too? No way! Do you have the soundtrack? I love the first few songs on it!”

Me: “Oh, yeah… It’s pretty good, though I don’t have the soundtrack. I’m not a big fan of downloading ful–”

Classmate: “Well, here! Let me download it for you and–”

(I push my laptop away.)

Me: “No, thank you. It costs money and I don’t have any to buy it.”

(He shrugs and the rest of the class goes on. It’s a typical first-day lecture, syllabus, and the like. The classmate keeps trying to talk to me, loudly, as the professor is talking. Thankfully, the professor notices me trying to pay attention and snaps the classmate’s attention back to the front. Thank goodness. At the end of the class — unfortunately, a night class — I’m walking out and the classmate catches up to me.)

Classmate: “Hey! So, wow! That teacher was rude interrupting our conversation.”

Me: “Well… he wanted you to pay attention, so… Plus, I needed to hear what we were supposed to be working on for the next class.”

Classmate: “Yeah, well, I already know what I’m working on. I didn’t need to listen…”

(As we are walking, I’m trying to go to where my car is parked, but he keeps nudging me the opposite way.)

Me: “Oh, uh… Sorry, excuse me!”

Classmate: “What? We’re going to your car, right?

Me: “Uh… I’m going to my car… but it’s not parked over there?”

Classmate: “Oh! Okay! Well, lead me to your car! It’s late and I want to make sure you get to it safely.”

Me: *getting a little uncomfortable* “I’ll be fine. I’m parked next to the security post. Last I checked, there was someone watching there.”

Classmate: “Well, okay, then. But when you drive down, wait for me. I’ll follow and make sure you get home okay. You never know.”

Me: “Okay… uh… No. I’m not comfortable with that.”

Classmate: “I’m just trying to be nice. I don’t want you to get hurt going home.”

Me: “I’m not comfortable with someone I just met following me. I’ve got to go. Please don’t follow me.”

(I ran towards my car, with the security guard watching me. I explained to him the issue, though I wasn’t sure what he’d do off-campus, but I’d rather someone know. As I drove out, I noticed someone else pull up close behind me. It was [Classmate], following me through a few turns before we reached the busier road through town. I tried to gain a few feet ahead, but he was still following me. A traffic light turned yellow and I quickly hit the gas to make it through before red, having him get stopped. I drove through the crowd of cars, making a few extra turns down side roads I knew, just in case. I made it home and thankfully never saw his car pull up again. The next class, I told the professor what had happened, and he made sure to let me go a few minutes early. I even had the security guard follow me out a few times just to make sure. I think the guy got the hint, as he never tried following me again.)

You’re Awful – For The Record

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(I work in a supermarket bakery. When I was hired I was told about a creep who would call every so often. He doesn’t have a distinctive voice and always waits long enough that they will mostly forget — and are often busy enough anyway with multiple calls daily that they aren’t on guard when they grab the phone — and he will start off innocuously asking about custom cakes, before asking about explicit designs using graphic terms, getting all breathy and excited. They will immediately hang up on him, of course, and are very grossed out, and I often tell them if he ever calls again to just give the phone to me. Months pass by without incident until one day one of my younger coworkers answers the phone and gets a weird, uncomfortable expression on her face. While she is in her mid-20s, she has a very “baby” sounding voice.)

Coworker: “Um… just a moment.” *covering the phone and turning to me* “It’s that pervert… Did you seriously want to…?”

Me: *snatching the phone from her* “Hello, sir! I’ll be happy to help with your order, right after you explain to me, for the recording, why you’re making graphic sexual comments to my underage coworker here.”

(I heard an audible, shocked gasp and the line immediately went dead. I was, of course, full of it; we didn’t have the ability to record calls on that line even if I wanted to, and she definitely wasn’t underage, not that that should have mattered. But while we merely got a good laugh out of scaring him finally, apparently, that was more than sufficient to scare him off for good. It’s been over two years since I worked there, and the women who are still there happily inform me when I come by to shop that they still haven’t heard from him. If only all of life’s annoyances were so easily solved.)

Heavy Metal Saves The Day

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(I’m a sixteen-year-old female and taking summer school to get ahead in my classes. Since the school buses don’t run during the summer here and I don’t have a car or even a driver’s license, I’m forced to rely on public transportation. Today, a friend of mine, who is the same age as me, has to take the bus home, as well. During the ride, we’re talking about lessons, teachers, everything school-related, and so on, when I notice that the man across from us is staring. He’s easily in his 50s, very ratty looking, and just overall creepy. I watch him out of the corner of my eye and, sure enough, he never looks away. I don’t believe my friend ever notices, while I just try to focus on our conversation and ignore him. Eventually, my friend’s stop comes, we hug, and she leaves.)

Creepy Guy: *to me* “I would have kissed her!”

(I give him a blank stare, but I’m incredibly disgusted. My friend and I were picked up in front of our high school, carrying backpacks, talking about classes. Clearly, we are underage, or at the very least too young for this jerk, but that obviously doesn’t deter him.) 

Creepy Guy: *winks* “You’re cute.”

Me: *pointedly pulls out my headphones and CD player of ancient times*

Creepy Guy: “Is that your way of saying you don’t want to talk to me?”

(I ignored him, covered my ears with the headphones, and blasted the heavy metal CD I had in my player. I saw his mouth moving a couple more times while he watched me, but I stayed quiet. Nothing else happened and I got off at my stop with no issues. Still, though, it was the most uncomfortable experience I’ve ever had with public transport, and I avoid buses like the plague to this day.)

Legally Allowed To End You

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(I am working one night in a small shop on the corner. Think quaint English village, where everyone knows everyone. The owner’s daughter has come in to pick up a set of keys as she is locked out of her home. She lives above the shop. She is almost six feet tall, very blonde, and slender, and is one of the kindest and most beautiful people you would ever meet. I am the opposite: grumpy and short, with dyed black hair and facial piercings.)

Drunk Customer: *staring at the owner’s daughter* “Oh, sweetheart! I would give her one all right! Right in the–”

Me: “I’m going to stop you there. You really don’t want to finish that sentence.”

Drunk Customer: “What do you know, you gothic c***? What kind of religion lets someone into heaven if they do something so stupid to their face?!” *gestures to my facial piercings*

Me: “I warned you.”

Drunk Customer: “She’s legal, ain’t she? Oi, sweetheart! Come home with me?!”

Me: “She’s fourteen.”

(The drunk customer paled just as the owner came out, having heard the tail end of his lewd remarks. You know how I said the owner’s daughter was six foot? She got her height from her father, who is almost seven feet tall and built like a rugby player. The drunk customer was in such a hurry to leave that he fell and chipped his tooth on the railing outside.)

That Creep Chickened Out

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I’m picking up a few things at the dollar store for a children’s event. This particular store usually has a security guard because it’s in a sketchy part of town. As I’m finding my things, another patron looks me up and down, whistles at me, makes a comment about my a**, and starts following me through the store. I’m a long way from the doors and tills, so I start trying to find the security guard, as I’m not comfortable confronting the creepy patron myself.

As I’m making my way through the store, I pass by a rack of rubber chickens. I pause to examine them, since they are one of the items I am there to pick up. The first chicken I grab makes a loud and obnoxious squeaking sound, startling both me and the creep on my tail. I make eye contact with the creep, who is now scowling at me. I grin and proceed to make as much noise with the chicken as possible — partly because I think rubber chickens are hilarious and partly because it’s making the creep uncomfortable. I toss several chickens into my cart just as the security guard comes walking out the end of an aisle, presumably to tell me to shut up. The creep backs away from me, and I finish my trip in peace. I like to think he was deterred by my bounty of obnoxious rubber chickens. 

I should note that I ended up giving the chickens back at the till after deciding that our event would be hectic enough without trying to compete over the noise of rubber chickens controlled by children.

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