Seeing Eye Snake

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(The store I work in technically has a “service animals only” policy, but a lot of people bring their dogs in, anyway. This particular morning, however…)

Customer: *comes up to my register with a small purchase*

Me: “Good morning!”

(I go through the transaction normally for a moment, and then notice she has an item in her hand that she hasn’t put on the counter for me to ring up.)

Me: *internally freaking out but continuing with the transaction, because this is not an item we sell* “Have a good day!”

(I left my till shortly after that to go work on a project, all the while internally wondering who does that. This woman had come in with a living, breathing, moving SNAKE. It was wrapped around her hand, just chillin’. She said nothing, and I said nothing except the typical idle chit-chat. I was so surprised that I didn’t know what to say.)

Boss Of Nothing

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Customer: “Good morning. I was wondering if [Boss] was in today.”

Me: “No, I don’t believe he is today. Sorry.”

Customer: “You have no idea who I’m talking about, do you?”

Me: “I know who you’re talking about.”

Customer: “You know, [Boss]. He’s the boss of the store.”

Me: “Yes, I know. He’s not here today. Sorry.”

Customer: “He’s a big guy, grey hair. No?”

Me: “I know who you’re describing. He’s not here.”

Customer: “Forget about it. I’ll go find someone who knows who I’m talking about. Thanks anyway.”

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I work in a large retail warehouse, well know in Australia. We have a large nursery of plants outside, displayed on open tiered stands. A co-worker had this experience. She was at the outdoor garden entrance, which opened into the nursery, when a customer entered and walked up to her.

Customer: Excuse me do you sell plants?

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(I work in a charity shop that charges 2p per carrier bag to try to promote people to bring their own; when completing a sale, I always ask the customer if they need a carrier bag for 2p or if they can manage without or have their own. Most people don’t begrudge paying the 2p if they need one.)
Me (serving a customer who has bought a jacket): So that’ll be £3.99. Do you need a carrier bag for an extra 2p?
Customer: What?
Me: I said, do you need a carrier bag? They cost an extra 2p.
Customer (clearly not paying attention): Yes, whatever.
Me (as I put the jacket into the bag): Okay, that brings your total to £4.01 please.
Customer: Hang on, what? The price tag said it was only £3.99.
Me: Yes, but as I said, the carrier bags cost 2p. Would you still like the bag, or will you be okay without one?
Customer (starting to get angry): You shouldn’t just charge me extra for a bag without telling me first.
Me: I did tell you when I asked if you needed a bag that they’re an extra 2p. If you’d rather not pay for one, no worries, I’ll just take jacket out of the bag.
Customer: Well no, of course I want the bag. But in future, you should tell people that they cost 2p.

(He paid the £4.01 and left without any more complaints!)

Getting Parents All Tied Up

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(I work in a toy and game store that specializes in board games and other novelties. One of our sections is for adults — mostly drinking games, shot glasses, and other adult novelties. One of the items happens to be a pair of metal handcuffs that can be locked and unlocked with a key. They are definitely not a toy for kids.)

Kid: “Do you have handcuffs?”

Coworker: “Uh… technically, yes. But they’re not a toy. They’re metal.”

(The kid’s mom catches on pretty quickly and laughs. The kid, of course, does not understand.)

Kid: “Well, can I see them?

Mom: “No, they’re not meant for kids. We’ll look somewhere else.”

Kid: “Who are they meant for?”

Coworker: *getting desperate* “They’re, um… decoration. They’re not toys. You wouldn’t want to use them. They might get stuck, and you don’t want to have metal handcuffs stuck on you.”

Kid: “What are they used for?”

(The mom can’t hold back a laugh at this point.)

Mom: “They’re not used for anything. Let’s go.”

(The family left, though the kid still seemed disappointed to not get a pair of toy handcuffs. When they were out of the store, my coworker and I burst out laughing. We sometimes get kids asking about toy handcuffs, but none of them asked for as much detail as this kid.)

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