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( I opened up a checkout lane at work because long lines were forming. My first customer absolutely made my day.)
Me: I can help the next guest on checklane 8!
Small Child and Mom come to my lane
(Small child runs up with a box of candy and a handful of change)
SC: (big smile) This is mine and I’m buying it! (Hands me $.65)
Me: (rings up candy that cost $1) This candy costs a dollar, do you have more change?
SC: (slghtly condescendingly) I don’t have a dollar. I’m not a millionaire.
(Mom was unloading her cart while this was happening)
M: ( small child’s name)!
SC: I’m not!
Me: (heroically not laughing aloud)
M: Just add it to my total, please…

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(I work at a large 24-hour super center as a over night cashier, it is about 6am and I am on my last break for the day so I am sitting right across for the closed registers on my phone)

Very angry woman: “why are there no registers open?!”

Me: “oh, sorry I am on break if y-”

Very angry woman: “I do not use self check outs!!!”

Me: “okay… well if you just go down there… they have a register and the cashier will happily ring y-”

Very angry woman: “NO! No self check out!!”

(I just so happen to see a manager walking by)

Me: “hey, could you ring her up?”

Manager: “sure!”

Very angry woman: “NO! There is no light on! You know what?! Forget it! You just lost a $15 order!!”

(She stormed off leaving the two items she had which actually cost roughly $5 in her cart)

Manager: “idiot”

We Sold Out Because The Sale Did Its Job, Idiot!

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I am working as the lead assistant at a local retailer. We are beginning a pre-Black-Friday special on a brand of canned vegetables all week. Due to all the local food drives, supply quickly runs out.

About an hour before we are going to close, an older man walks in with his wife. The wife turns to me with a scowl.

Customer: “And where are all of the [Brand] vegetables in your ad?”

Me: “I am sorry, but we have sold out.”

Customer: “And why is that?”

Me: “Honestly, ma’am, we have a lot of local charity groups that buy them for food drives.”

Customer: “This is stupid. Shouldn’t you limit the amount they can buy? That would be the fair thing to do.”

I can tell she is fuming mad, so I ask for the ad she is holding and point at the bottom.

Me: “The ad says here that there is not a limit on any sale items. And also, being that the winter season is coming, I am not about to limit food that is purchased for the less fortunate. We will be having another sale on the [Brand] vegetables before Christmas, or you can try one of our other stores.”

As I’m saying this, one of our well-known regulars is approaching my register with her purchase, as I have let my clerk take a smoke break.

Customer: “I demand to speak to the manager. This is an outrage!”

Before I can speak, the other customer enters the conversation.

Customer #2: “Can’t you read, lady? He is the manager! And frankly, with the fuss you’re making, he should have kicked you out long ago. Now git!”

With that, the first customer storms out of the store stating that she will never return again.

Customer #2: “What a holiday spirit that one has, huh? In all the years you’ve worked here, I’ll never understand how you handle that!

This made me smile, and I wished her a happy holiday.

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When The Managers Goals Become “A Go(al) Away!”

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I had a manager who believed that pushing credit cards on people was only difficult because everyone else was doing it wrong. He had huge aspirations of what we could do and what he wanted to happen. He pushed, hard and often, for this lofty goal he had built up in his head.

Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that he wanted us to guarantee a store card signup every half hour, all day, so sixteen sign-ups per eight-hour shift. This was at a time when our best numbers were maybe three a day.

He wouldn’t let up on pushing us to meet his goals, insisting that it was possible if everyone followed his strategy. Finally, someone called him out on it and asked him to demonstrate. So, he got on a register to show us how “easy” it was to get those signups.

He harassed every customer, made them say no three times, and then shoved a pamphlet in their bag anyway. His spiel basically boiled down to the retail version of, “Your mouth says no but I say yes, so here’s a signup sheet so you can sign up anyway.”

Hoo boy, the fireworks flew!

Customers hate being badgered, and they really hate having their wishes so blatantly ignored. I got to witness massive explosions at the registers; he had people screaming at him and calling him names, and one or two ripped the applications out of their bags, ripped them apart, and threw them back on the counter.

After that, the manager just kind of slunk away and didn’t say anything more about his goals.

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(A customer hands me several coupons)

Customer: You take expired coupons, right?

Me: Um… no.

(That would be why they have dates on them that say when they stop working.)