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When i was 14 I worked at a retail shop (popular for being cheap) and I was given the cashier job today which means i cannot leave the till the whole day and it is stationed right next to the door and from my position i can see straight down the middle of the whole shop, i have seen quite a lot of poorly dressed people and when i had no one to serve i would secretly watch customers mess up the stock by misplacing them but i never said a word because i dont like to point out people’s flaws/mistakes or how they look because i know from experience it makes them feel even worse about themselves or ruin their day.

however i noticed a rather large customer and I believe her son in his 20’s they were dress poorly and I have OCD about germs and sanitation and when i saw those 2 people I didnt ever want to serve them coz it makes me sick ( they appeared like the kind of people that dont mind not being clean).

when i watched them walk down the shop I noticed the mother had s*** through her light grey pants clearly visible. thank god a coworker took over for me claiming it was my lunch time and i didnt get to serve them.

Me, Myself, And I Are Confused

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(A young woman with a baby in a stroller walks in and picks up a [Designer] product. It is a notepad that has the title, “Me, myself, & moi.”)

Customer: “Hey, what is M.O.I?”

Me: “Oh, on that notepad? It’s not ‘M-O-I,’ it’s ‘Moi’.”

Customer: *blank stare* “Well, what the heck is ‘moi’?”

Me: “Oh, you know… moi? The French word for ‘me.’ That notepad says, ‘Me, myself, & moi.'”

Customer: “So, it’s saying, ‘Me, myself, & me?'”

Me: “Yes. It’s a pretty common phrase, actually.”

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In A Nation Founded By Convicts…

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I’m working stock at a popular discount variety store chain, when a father, a mother and their two sons walk in and start looking at toys. I overhear part of their conversation:

Father: “Only pick one each, we actually have to pay for these. It’s not like back home in South Africa where you could just walk out of the shop.”

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I manage a very busy retail store that has two owners. Owner 1 is very active in the business and business decisions. He is well know and loved by the customers.
Owner 2 is a silent partner who provided the funds to open the business, retains 50% of the business and has his name on most of the financial documents.
Anyone calling for Owner 1 usually is a regular or a friend of the store.
Anyone calling for Owner 2 is soliciting business, usually credit card processing or internet services.

Generally, if we are busy the call is routed to me and I discreetly tell them to buzz off. If business is slow, we get creative.

My sales manager answered a call requesting Owner 2. He keeps the caller on the line asking typical questions (is there something I can help you with? What is this regarding?) as he calls up a youtube video. (Monty Python Holy Grail, Intermission)

He asks the caller to hold to transfer the call, and places the receiver to the computer speaker and hits “play”. He lasts 15 seconds before hanging up on us.

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I worked at a large grocery store last summer and in the back wall near the loading docs was a board with our names written and what section of the loading line we would be working. Our supervisor being the joker that he is gives everyone nicknames but only I answered to mine. He began writing my given nickname, “daisy”, instead of my real name on the board. At first I went along, eventually becoming use to the inside joke being an everyday occurrence. eventually the whole store got in on it. Everyone except the store manager so when I moved to the front end as a cashier, the store manager didn’t realize that “daisy” was a nickname and that I was in fact a male. I still get called daisy when I shop there.