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(I’m out shopping for some shoes at a store where the employees where red shirts and khakis. While I’m shopping another customer approaches me)

Customer: “Excuse me, do you work here?”

(I have a cart with me containing my purse and my long black coat, I am wearing jeans and a black t-shirt and in the middle of trying on a pair of boots. In other words there is nothing about me that implies I work at this store.)

Me: “…No.”

Customer: “Oh, okay!” *walks away*

(I have to wonder where this woman shops where the employees are allowed to try on shoes during their shift)

Being Cool, It’s In Her Jeans

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(I’m a young woman with an alternative, kind of gothic-like taste of clothing. Today, I happen to be at a kind of a “girly” store — the place where people generally least expect me to be — and I’m wearing black flared jeans that are covered with rings, chains, and straps. A little girl, about four years old, approaches me.)

Girl: *staring in awe at my jeans* 

Me: “Hi there. You like my jeans?”

(The girl rushes to her mom, pulling her shirt to get her attention.)

Girl: “Mommy, mommy! That lady wears weird pants! But they’re cool! Oh, Mommy, can I get those, too?”

Mother: “When you get older, hun. I don’t believe they come in your size.”

(She then smiled at me, and the little girl looked like I’d made her day. Well, she made mine by thinking I look cool! A welcome relief to all the usual loathing looks, that’s for sure.)

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A Bad Spell Of Upsell

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(I work for a store that demands we try to upsell, like asking about pillowcases if the customer has bought pillows. I have been asked by a customer for silver spray paint.)

Me: “I’m sorry, but we don’t carry spray paint.”

Customer: “Can you get it in for me?”

Me: “No, it’s not legal for us to sell it; we don’t have a license.”

Customer: “All I want is silver spray paint. You have paints; you have to have it.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but perhaps you can try [Hardware Store]. All we have is this silver paint in our non-toxic kid’s range. Would you be able to use this, instead?” *picks up a bottle off the shelf we are standing next to*

(A few days later, our area manager comes into the store and calls me to the office.)

Manager: “I’ve been sent to give you a written warning because you have a customer complaint.”

Me: “What for?”

Manager: “A customer complained that you tried making her buy non-toxic silver paint when she wanted silver spray paint. And she didn’t appreciate that you tried making her feel guilty for not caring about the environment.”

Me: “What? She was demanding spray paint; all I did was show her that we only had the silver in the non-toxic kid’s range and asked if she might be able to use it, instead.”

Manager: “Well, make sure you don’t do this again.” *pulls out warning pad*

Me: “I’m not going to accept a written warning.” 

(She looks at me and realises I am serious and am about to walk out.)

Manager: “Uh, how about I skip the written warning and just class this as a verbal warning?”

(I am not impressed with a verbal warning.)

Me: “So, if a customer asks for a product that we don’t have, but we have one that they might be able to use, what are we supposed to do?”

Manager: “Just don’t make the offer.”

(For the record, customers complain all the time if we don’t offer them a substitute and I spent the rest of my employment wondering when I was going to get written up for not offering substitutes. I quit a couple of months later.)

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When Their First Step Is To Call Corporate, Worry

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(I work in a lingerie store at the mall. We have a store policy that we cannot accept screenshots or pictures of coupons, only the physical coupon or the email in which the coupon was sent. Usually, when I explain this to customers, they totally understand and everything is fine. Then, there’s this lady. I’m ringing out her items and she hands me her phone to scan her coupon. I see that it’s just a picture of the back of the coupon, so I hand her phone back to her.)

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but I can’t accept a picture of the coupon, I’ll need the physical coupon in order to use it.”

Customer: “My husband sent that to me; I left it at home.”

Me: “I understand, but I’m really sorry. I can’t use it. You can always come back with today’s receipt and the physical coupon, and then we’d be glad to honor it for you.”

(Normally, this is where customers go, “Oh, okay,” and continue with the transaction. She does not. She steps off to the side with her phone. I don’t know what she is doing. Texting her husband to tell him to bring it in?)

Customer: “What’s the number to corporate?”

Me: “To… corporate?”

Customer: “Yes.”

Me: “Um, give me one second while I ask my manager.”

(I talk through my headset to my manager.)

Me: “Hey, I have a customer here at cash who wants the number to corporate.”

Manager: “Uh… well, we can’t just give them the ‘number to corporate.’ That’s not a thing. Here, I’ll give you the customer care number.”

(My manager gives me the number and I give it to the woman. She steps off to the side, and I suspend her transaction so I can continue to ring through the increasing line. Then, I hear her suck her teeth.)

Customer: “This isn’t the number to corporate. I want a direct line to corporate.”

Me: “Um, okay. Give me one second to see if we have another number.”

(I go on my headset again.)

Me: “Hey, so my customer wants a direct line to corporate?”

Manager: “What? Okay, well, here’s this number that skips through the number pressing and takes you right to a person. Hopefully, it’s the right person?”

(I give the customer the new number.)

Customer: “Ugh, this is the same thing. I want the number to corporate.”

Me: “I’m sorry, that’s the only number we have.”

(She rolls her eyes and stays on the line until a person picks up. I’m still working on ringing the next customers.)

Customer: *on the phone* “Yes, your cashier won’t take my coupon so she’s making me waste my time by calling you.”

(And now I was pissed. She literally didn’t say anything as she stepped aside to call “corporate” until she asked me for their number. I wasn’t making her do anything, and she was certainly wasting her own time. I guess my manager saw the look of pure anger on my face and told me to take my break. “Right now.” So, I did. By the time my half-hour break was over, this lady was STILL on the phone at the register. They gave her a 20%-off coupon code to redeem at the register just to appease her. I hate when they do that; it just teaches the customer that they can get away with s***. She apparently ranted the whole time about how we were all wasting her time, MAKING her call “corporate.” If she would have just agreed to come back later with her receipt and coupon, she would’ve been out of there in three minutes.)

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You’ll Get No Credit For Trying  

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(After I finish checking out a customer, I realize that she’s forgotten to take her credit card with her. She’s already walked out the door and it’s been a couple of minutes. I tell my manager, “BE RIGHT BACK!” and dash out of the store. Luckily, she is not a far jog away. I catch up with her easily, but I’m out of breath.)

Me: “Ma’am! You forgot this!”

Customer: “Oh, my God, thank you! I need this!”

Me: “No problem! Have a nice day!”

(I jog back to the store. The whole process takes less than a minute. My manager has been standing at the counter behind mine, doing absolutely nothing.)

Manager: “Next time you run out like that, you need to tell me exactly why!”

(That’s right, no thank-you for the person who just saved a paying customer a lot of stress.)

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