Give This Re-Ticket A Redo

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(I work in the stock room at a discount retailer, where name-brand items come in individually and everything is individually priced. I am putting out some new purses when a customer approaches me.)

Customer: “Excuse me. There is no price tag on this purse. How much is it?”

Me: “Oh, that is strange. Let me see if I can find another one for you.”

(The customer motions to a purse of the same brand and print but a different body, labeled $50.)

Me: “This one is very similar, but it is a little bigger; let me see if I can find one of the same size.”

(I walk through the aisle for a moment and find one of a closer size, labeled $2 lower.)

Me: “I found one a little closer; how about I re-ticket this for you for $48?”

Customer: “But this one is $50.”

Me: “Yes, but with how the pricing structure works here, I think this purse is the lower price.”

Customer: *getting huffy* “But you’re just guessing!”

Me: *confused* “Would you like me to re-ticket it at this purse’s price of $50?”

Customer: “No!”

Me: “So, would you like this purse at $48?”

Customer: *glares at me* “No.”

Me: “Okay, then?”

(I walked away from him to re-ticket the purse. The kicker is that when I scanned both purses, they popped out sale tickets! If he had just been nice, he could have gotten a good deal.)

Those Might Not Fit

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(I work at a general convenience store where, on occasion, it can be quite noisy; the doors open to the street, so we have the sound of traffic coming past, and a slush machine is right next to the counter, so the whirring from that can also be a slight distraction now and again. I haven’t long been at the store — a matter of weeks — when one Sunday afternoon two gentlemen come in.)

Customer: *approaching the counter, in a rushed tone* “Tampax.”

(I am thinking, “Okay… He’s a modern gent, out shopping for intimate items for his wife or partner… but it is quite noisy in here, so I’ll just double check that is what he said.”)

Me: “You are looking for Tampax, sir?”

Customer: “Yes.”

(I direct him to where the said items are in the shop. A few minutes later, after scanning the shelves, he comes back to me and says that he can’t find them. Alarm bells are starting to tinkle gently in my mind, so again I ask:)

Me: “What is it again you are looking for, please?”

Customer: *again the hurried reply*  “Tampax.”

(I come out from behind the counter and point at said items. He takes one look, and he and his friend burst into laughter. By now, I’m very confused.)

Customer: *looks at me and, wiping tears of laughter, says* “No, dear… not T… er… those. I am looking for TENT PEGS!”

(Don’t you just wish the floor would open you up and swallow you at these moments?)

When Menthols Just Aren’t Enough

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(I’m working in a store one Sunday afternoon, behind the counter, when I see a young lad of about eight or nine enter the shop along with his father. No one else is in the store at the time. On seeing me, the young lad rushes in front of his dad and says to me importantly:)

Young Lad: “My dad is after some Golden Vagina Tobacco, please.”

(The father approaches counter; he obviously didn’t hear what his son said.)

Me: *to the father* “I understand you are looking for some Golden Virginia Tobacco?”

Father: *totally unaware of why his son is now blushing furiously* “Yes, please.”

(I served him and off they went, and then I giggled quietly to myself.)

Colorblind To Reason, Part 2

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(I am helping a woman on the phone. She has described a jumper she saw in another store, and I have gone looking for it. There only seems to be one in that style available.)

Me: “I have one, but I can’t be certain it’s correct—“

Caller: “What colour is it?”

Me: *turning to a colleague* “What colour is this?”

Colleague: “Green.”

Me: “Green.”

Caller: “What kind of green?”

Me: “Urgh…”

Caller: “Is it like an apple green, or lime? Hurry up!”

Me: *to a colleague again* “What kind of green?”

Colleague: “The top is kind of acid green, then it’s dark around the middle, and like moss on the bottom.”

(I stare at it, trying to imagine what it’s meant to look like.)

Me: “It’s—“

Caller: “I heard the other woman! Why the h*** are you asking her?”

Me: “I’m colour-blind. I have difficulty telling the difference; everything more or less looks brown to me.”


Me: “You asked for a manager, and I am the only one in during the morning shift.”

Caller: “You’re f****** useless!” *hangs up*

(She came in to purchase the jumper and decided to scold me in front of my staff about how I should have handed her onto a woman — despite her refusing to speak unless it was a manager — and had to forcibly removed when she became belligerent and knocked things off of the shelves near her. My husband later got me some colour-correction glasses that helped me see colour. The first thing I did was find that jumper again. It was hideous.)

Colorblind To Reason

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(I work at a parts department with a wide range of different parts from appliances, floorcare, powered lawn and gardening, from way back in the past to now and updated. We are only a small store and carry what is in demand otherwise we have to order the part. On occasions, we’ll have amateur technicians come through the store once in awhile.)

Me: Hello Sir. How may I help you today?

Customer: Do you have knobs in stock?

Me: What kind of knobs are you looking for?

Customer: Knobs on a oven

Me: Oh okay, I will be glad to help you with that. Do you have your model number on you by chance?

Customer: Naw. They’re all the same

Me: With so many models sir from the past back in 1970’s to now there has been alot of changes to parts, including….

Customer: Yea well its a old model (getting frustrated)

Me: thats why we need a model number to tell if we them have in stock or not. Did you….

Customer: I’ve already told you, They’re all the some part. I worked on ovens for 15 years. They’re all universal. They all have a half moon shape to it.

Me: Well some of them you screw in and some have half moon and some…..


Me: (losing my patience) May I be honest with you sir?

Customer: Yea

Me: If only I had a dollar everytime I heard “they’re all universal”, I would be a millionaire by now.

Customer: No, I’m serious….

Me: me too

Customer: They are all the same. Can you just go back there and pick 2 up. I don’t care which, just get 2 back there and I’ll buy them.

Me: Very well sir

(I go back in the back, which parts doesn’t have a pacific location. However, thankfully, I remember where random oven knobs were. so just grabbed 2 random knobs and brought it to the customer.)

Me: Here you go sir

Customer: (looks at them) yea these are it. See? Half moons.

(I rung up the customer for the parts)

Me: okay sir, that will be $65.97

Customer: WHAT!?!?!

Me: Yes sir?

Customer: How can 2 knobs be $65.97?

Me: Guess its a universal price for all oven range knobs.

(the customer buys them and whispers to himself as he lefted. Few days later, I saw my co-worker giving him a refund because the knobs wouldn’t fit.)

Me: The knobs wouldn’t fit?

Customer: Naw. Why didn’t you tell me they wouldn’t fit?

Me: I tried to sir but you wouldn’t let me finish what I was asking you sir. I was trying to ask if you bought it from (this store). If so we can look you up by your telephone number. If you didn’t purchase it here, we can give you our telephone number to call us with the model number for us to find you the correct part for your pacific oven range.

Customer: But they’re all universal

Me: (looks at the customer with a blank face) Have a good day sir.

Co-worker: Come back again

(I playfully shoved my co-worker’s arm and she laughed)

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