Awesome Customers Are Rewarded

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(It’s 9:45 pm on a really s***ty evening as I realize we are out of [Cleaning Product] which I desperately need to take care of the current crisis. I race to the local store and pull into the parking lot five minutes before they close. Not wanting to be THAT customer, I sprint to the back of the store in record time, grab the last seven remaining boxes of [Cleaning Product], and sprint to the registers. After standard greetings, this happens:)

Cashier: “Do you have 50 cents off of two?”

Me: *confused* “Uh… no.”

Cashier: *as she begins to pick up my items* “Sure you do!”

(She then shows me a manufacturer’s coupon on the front of the box that I hadn’t seen in my rush. She peels coupons off of all of the boxes, scans three, and hands me the remaining four coupons.)

Cashier: “If you use these a lot, you’ll want to hang on to those coupons for next time. Now, do you have our digital coupons?”

Me: “No…”

Cashier: “Well, I do.” *grabs PIN pad and enters her phone number* “Let’s just see if there are any [Cleaning Product]s still on there, shall we?

(There weren’t any digital coupons, but I really appreciated the gesture. Thank you to that cashier for taking a bit of time at the end of the night to help me save a bit extra! I was having a rough night and her kindness made it much better!)

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Understanding The Mobile Part Of Mobile Phone

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(I specialize in cell phones at my current place of work. One of my coworkers informs me of a customer asking about phones at the help desk. The operator relays this to me over the walkie.)

Operator: “Hey, I have a customer here asking about a phone that was placed on hold?” 

Me: “Well, I didn’t open today so it’s possible he placed one on hold before I arrived. Did he mention which phone it is?” 

Operator: “He says it’s a cell phone for [Cell Phone Provider]

Me: “Okay, but did he mention a brand? If it’s [Popular Brand #1], any of them can be used with any provider, but if it’s [Popular Brand #2], we have a specific amount in stock for that provider.” 

Operator: “Hang on; I’ll check.” 

(A few seconds pass:)

Operator: “He says it’s a portable one.” 

Me: “…” 

(The customer eventually came in. He was looking for a landline.)

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Played It To Oblivion

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At our game store, we used to have a policy that customers could try out any game in the store. It really helped cut down on returns. This meant, however, that we would get a few customers who would abuse this policy.

One man would come in almost daily and spend hours playing games, rarely purchasing anything.

When this happened, The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion had come out. The man was coming in daily and spent literally hours standing in one spot and playing the game. 

I would inform him every half hour or so that he needed to take a break and could not just play games all day. He would save, walk away for a minute, and jump right back to it when I started working on something else.

After a few days of this, I was tired of him.

The next time he came in, he played Oblivion for a solid five hours. I didn’t bother him once. When he finally took his leave of the game and I was sure he was gone, I loaded up his game and dumped almost a week’s worth of progress in one part of the map. Then, I sent his character across the map to the woods and left his character naked and alone. Finally, I deleted every save file except this one, and shut the game off.

The next time the man came in, he asked to play Oblivion. I gladly obliged, put the game in, and walked away. I can still remember him sputtering and frantically trying to search for a way to get his progress back.

When he demanded to know what had happened, I politely told him that this was a store game and everyone had access to the save files. If he wanted to be able to play without the risk of someone else having access to it, he would probably want to actually buy the game.

He was practically in tears when he left, but he did finally buy the game and take it home.

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So I’m watching both my counter and my coworker’s counter while she is in the mall getting us smoothies. A customer walks up to my coworker’s counter and is clearly irritated no one is there, so I greet her.
Me: Did you need some help in Lancome?
Her: Yes, there’s no one over here.
Me: Yes, she just took a 15, did you know what you needed? I can help you.
Her: I need an eyeliner…
Her daughter is looking at eyeliners and asks if her mom just wants black.
Her: Yeah, black, ugh, do I have to *wait* for her to come *back*?!
Me: Nope, I can help you, like I said. You want the black retractable?
Her: yes.
I tell her to meet me around where the pin pad is. She hands me a coupon good for $10 off of $50, the eyeliner is only $20, so I offer their holiday box which is $60.
Her: So I can’t use my coupon?
Me: Not unless you spend at least $50, no.
Her: *swipes her coupon out of my hand* Ok.
She walks off and I voided the transaction.
My coworker comes back and I told her all about the crazy lady!

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(I am a cashier, working the register at a Missouri Wal-Mart. Currently, I’m helping a high-school aged customer while his mother is in the bathroom. As he puts bags into the cart, I notice he’s wearing a rainbow-colored bracelet reading “Pride”)

Me: Hey, nice bracelet!

Kid: Oh, thanks man.

(Although I don’t notice it, the customer’s mom is on the way back from the restroom)

Me: Where’d you get it?

Kid: My boyfriend got it for me; we’ve been together about a year now.

(At this point, the customer behind him, a shorter, stocky man, hears and LUNGES at the kid, knocking his own cart on the ground.)


(He grabs the kid’s bracelet, and I try to push him off, but he shoves me away. The kid’s mom-who, I kid you not, looks and is built like Wonder Woman- sees and starts sprinting to the register, while the man shakes her kid back and forth.)


Me: Sir! Sir, please-


Kid: Man, get the f**k off me!

(The man continues yelling, not seeing as the kid’s mother comes up behind him.)

Mom: (taps man on shoulder) Excuse me.

Man: (turns around) WHAT?!

Mom: Get away from my kid, you son of a b*itch!

(The mom then uppercutted the guy, knocking him onto his own overturned cart. Then, as the manager called the police, she and her son finished their purchases and waited for the cops to show up.)

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