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It’s been about 9 months since my last day at my previous job. So it’s been a long while since I worked in a store. I just had this conversation with the cashier at Target:

Me: Hi there! How are you this evening?
Her: I’m well. How are you?
Me: Doing great! Did you find everything alright?
Her: *Confused silence* …Yes…
Me: Good!

A Nightmare In The Sheets

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(I work at a big store that sells merchandise for your bedroom, bathroom, and everything in between. I am a friendly, sweet person and usually happy to help any customer find what they are looking for. One day, on my way to clock out, I get a call on my walkie that someone needs help in the sheets department. Since every other employee is either at the register or with other customers, I decide to walk back and help out one last person for the day. It is an older woman in her eighties and her two young granddaughters in their early twenties. The girls already have looks on their faces that let me know this may not be an easy customer experience.)

Me: “Hi there. What can I help you find today?”

Customer: “I need some 100% Egyptian cotton sheets, and I don’t see them anywhere around here. It doesn’t say anywhere what kinds of sheets these all are. You need to find me some Egyptian cotton sheets.”

(Please note that in front of every different sheet display, there are eye-level signs stating the brand, sheet type, size, price, and quality. I confidently walk her over to a full wall display. I realize two of my next words are a mistake.)

Me: “Yes, right over here. I believe these [Popular Store-Featured Affordable Brand] sheets are 100% Egyptian cotton. Let’s take a look—“

Customer: “Well, are they or aren’t they? If you don’t know, then I don’t want you helping me. This is ridiculous. You need to get someone who actually knows what they’re talking about to help me.”

Me: *taken aback by her vitriolic tone, noticing her granddaughters looking further embarrassed* “Um, certainly. However, these are our best-selling Egyptian cotton sheets in the store right here. But I can call someone else for you if you like.”

Customer: “Yes, call someone who knows what they’re talking about. God, I can’t believe this… I just want some Egyptian cotton sheets, and nobody knows anything! This is ridiculous. Just ridiculous…”

(I walkie for a coworker to relieve me in the sheets section, and luckily they take over so I can clock out. The next day, I see my same coworker and apologize for leaving her with that nasty lady in sheets.)

Me: “I don’t know what her problem was. I was just trying to help her, and I showed her exactly what she was looking for, and she just had a horrible attitude. I’m not sure why.”

Coworker: “Oh, are you the ‘stupid girl’?”

Me: “Wait, what?”

Coworker: “I rang her up yesterday, too, and she said, ‘This stupid girl had to call someone else to help me because she didn’t know where anything was.'”

Me: “Wow…”

Phoned-In Parenting

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(I am supposed to come into work at two pm, but I come a little early to get some paperwork done. No big deal. I come in, and immediately I’m hearing this woman yell profanity at her kids. As it turns out, she is really cheap. She is only looking at the clearance shoes. That’s understandable — kids grow out of shoes fast — but there’s plenty of shoes for like $19.99. But no, she wants the $5 to $10 ones. I walk in and my manager’s working. I say hi, and I go to the back to clock in and everything. Realizing I’m not going to be able to do paperwork, I head out to the sales floor. There is no one else in the store but this family. I say to myself, “Oh, boy.”)

Me: *to manager* “Hey. How’s it going?”

Manager: “Okay. I’m going to take my break after they leave.”

Me: “I do not blame you. How long have they—“

Manager: “At least twenty minutes now.”

Me: “Ouch. Okay. Maybe I can help.”

Manager: “No. I tried that a few times already. She’ll come up here if she has any complaints.”

(Ten minutes go by. This woman does NOT CARE ONE BIT what happens to her kids. Why? She’s on her phone. She has four kids with her who are tearing up the kid’s section, and she’s on her phone. After another five minutes, I notice something happening by the front door.)

Me & Manager: “MA’AM!”


Customer: “Oh, d*** it!”

(Her toddler wearing diapers not only runs out of the store, but she makes it across to the parking lot. The toddler almost got hit by a car passing by, and then by another trying to back out of a spot. What does this woman do? You guessed it. She comes back into the shop, apologizes, and keeps shopping while talking on her phone. A SECOND ATTEMPT is made by the toddler, trying to leave, but her mom stops her that time, only a second after she has opened the front door again. My manager goes in the back to do some paperwork of her own. No one else has come in this whole time, so we both get kind of bored. I go up to the mom again and she asks me about a shoe. We walk up to the register, get everything rung up, and she leaves. Once she leaves, I tell my manager, and we clean up the whole store because the kids got in the women’s section, too. Shoe boxes and random thrown shoes are everywhere.)

Manager: “If she comes back, I’m telling her to get off her phone or leave.”

Me: “I’m just going to tell her to leave.”

(She did end up coming back a few hours later, because I had goofed, so that was fine. But once she started to shop, I literally followed right behind her until she saw what I was doing and left. I think she got the hint. I encourage mom’s everywhere: if you’re in a store with your kids, whether it’s a big store or small store, YOUR PHONE CALL CAN WAIT, NO MATTER WHAT IT IS!)

Weeding Out The Good Customers From The Bad

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(I work in a shoe store as an assistant manager in a less than desirable neighborhood, with even worse surrounding neighborhoods. A customer walks in with his mom or wife. A coworker greets them, and then the coworker comes back to register.)

Coworker: “Holy s***, I hope those two leave soon.”

Me: “Why?”

Coworker: “You’ll see why soon enough. I’m going to stay up here.”

(My coworker leaves the register area when she sees them head up. It hits me.)

Me: *to coworker* “Wooooahhh…” *feeling lightheaded all of a sudden, I ring them up quickly and they leave* “Yeah, it was definitely the guy. D***, how much weed did he smoke?”

(Turns out A LOT. I had to spray the WHOLE STORE just to try to get rid of the smell, and it still didn’t completely go away for a while.)

Please Answer My Question Before I’ve Asked It

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(I am by the till, working on putting out more Christmas gift-bag stock, when I notice a lady in line for the cashier. In her arms is a blanket with a $10 clearance price on it — originally $19.99.)

Customer: “Is this part of your blanket deal?”

(The deal is fleece blankets for $4.99 instead of $9.99. I am the expert in that area and am not too far away, so I answer for the clerk.)

Me: “No, that blanket is a different make and is being ‘clearanced’ off. It has its price on it.”

(The customer thanks the cashier and leaves the blanket with her as she leaves. When she passes me on her way out the door she glares at me.)

Customer: “Well, why didn’t you just answer me when I was in line?”

(I was baffled. Apparently, she expected me to use telepathy and answer her question before even asking one?)

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