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(My stepfather is looking for shoe trees, which are wooden forms that help shoes keep their shape when not being worn. I am downtown with a friend and decide to look in a shop for them.)

Friend: “Doesn’t your stepfather have feet?”

At This Store, You Get What You Ask For!

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(I work in a popular ladies clothing store. It is a busy Saturday afternoon, with a line of customers. Our state offers tax-exempt shopping for customers from certain nearby states.)

Customer: “I’m an Alaska resident; I’m tax-free.”

Me: *jokingly, with a smile* “Prove it! I’ll need your driver’s licence or ID.”

(The customer rolls her eyes and tosses her licence at me silently. I cross to the other side of the register counter and pick up the paperwork I need to complete the tax-exempt sale.)

Customer’s Friend: “Ugh. Can you go ANY slower?”

Me: *smiles* “Yes.” *I start writing more slowly and carefully, and take my time typing in the computer and carefully folding all her items* “Thank you for shopping at [Store].”

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(I work in a store dedicated to knives, and we sell two styles of kitchen knife, Western knives, and Asian knives. The angles of the blade are different depending on where the knife comes from.)

Customer: “Is this a good sharpener?”

Me: “Yes, sir, and this sharpener can be used for both Asian and north American Styles”

Customer: “Asian, Asian what?”

Me: “Knives, Japanese knives are at a 15 degree angle”

Customer: “Oh, they don’t eat much Japanese food.”

Paperclipped Their Wings

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(I’m a cashier at a retail chain; this location is inside a mall. One day, a couple of kids, looking around 12 years old, approach my cash register. They hold up a paperclip and explain that they’re trying to replicate the famous “one red paperclip” experiment, in which you start out with a small, low-value object, such as a paperclip, and try to obtain something of much higher value through a series of barters. They ask if there’s anything in the store I can give them in exchange for the paperclip.)

Me: “Um… no, I can’t take a paperclip as payment. I don’t think there’s any store here that will.”

(They thank me and leave. Their speech sounded rehearsed and they didn’t look discouraged in the least, so I assume that they have already tried other stores in the mall and have every intention of trying more. The next customer in line comes to the counter.)

Customer: “Well, that was… bold.”

(I’ve actually always wanted to try this experiment myself, and the original “one red paperclip” experiment is possibly older than those kids are, so I’m rather impressed that they’ve heard of it and that they had the initiative to go for it. I guess they didn’t understand that you trade the items with people, and not stores. I wish I could track them down and find out if their experiment got anywhere!)

A Different Kind Of Yard Sale

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(I work at a popular fabric store that sells by the yard. Customers bring the full rolls of fabric to the counter and we cut off what they request. The prices on the rolls are the per yard prices. I was working this counter when a customer who had already been to us and gone to the check out came back with a cashier.)

Cashier: “This lady says the fabric she got was suppose to be 50% off.”

(I look at the cutting receipt and see that it was indeed 50% off, but the customer had gotten two yards of material, making her total the same as the regular per-yard price of the fabric.)

Me: “Ma’am, it is 50% off.” *pointing at the receipt* “See, this here is the price per yard of $5, regularly it’s $10 a yard.”

Customer: “But right there it says $10. That’s the price on the tag and the sign says 50% off.”

Me: “Yes, ma’am, but you bought two yards. The tag price is per yard, so you got your 50% off, it’s $10 because there’s two yards instead of one.”

Customer: “But, it should be $5 because it’s 50% off.”

Me: “It’s $5 per yard, you got two yards.”

Customer: *long pause* “I don’t get it.”

(I can’t think of any other way to explain it so I pull a calculator out from under the counter.)

Me: “Okay, you have this fabric that’s normally $10 a yard at 50% off.” *I type ten multiplied by zero-point-five into my calculator while she watches* “This is the per yard price, now you have two yards so I have to multiply this by two to get your total.” *I type two into the calculator and show her it comes out to ten* “So your total is now $10 for the two yards. Do you understand?”

Customer: “No.” *long pause* “It shouldn’t be that much because it’s 50% off.”

Me: *long pause and I try to think of any other way I can explain this to her*

Customer: “I was suppose to get a damage discount.”

Me: “Oh, I didn’t know.” *turning to cashier* “Can you adjust that at the register?”

Cashier: “Yeah! I can take care of that.”

(They leave and I think it’s all straightened out. Ten minutes later my manager asks for me over the headset.)

Manager: “Hey cutting counter, I have a lady that is telling me she didn’t get 50% off on her fabric. It rang up $10 but she says it’s supposed to be $5.”

Me: *exasperated* “[Manager], it’s $10 because she bought two yards. I explained this to her twice and showed her on a calculator. I have no idea how to explain it any other way.”

(Later, the fabric came back to the counter. Apparently she decided she didn’t want it.)

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