Looking Forward To Friday For Different Reasons

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(I work in a retail job while at university. There has been a late evening lecture every Thursday since I started two years ago, and because of this, my availability has remained constant through my job. I come in one morning to see that I am scheduled for next Thursday.)

Me: “Oh, it looks like someone has made a mistake on the rota.”

Manager: “Why is that?”

Me: “I’ve been booked for next Thursday.”

Manager: “That’s correct. Your availability says you can work Thursdays.”

Me: “No, it doesn’t.”

Manager: “I checked it myself while doing the rota. It most definitely is. I don’t know how you’ve gotten away with it quite frankly.”

Me: “I have a lecture late Thursday. It’s been like that since I started. My availability has never changed.”

Manager: *scoffs* “Why don’t we check?”

(He leaves the kitchen and grabs my personnel file from the office. He returns and makes a big show of opening it on the table, spreading all my personal information around — which I later find out results in a couple of others in the kitchen discovering my sexuality — and finds my contract.)

Manager: “Monday: available. Tuesday — oh, would you look at this — available. Wednesday: available, and Thursday…”

Me: “Go on.”

(He waited a couple of seconds before scrambling to put my file back together. He then took the rota and updated it. The experience left me quite shaken about how he handled disagreements, and I ended up putting in a complaint. He no longer does the rotas, as my complaint was one of several about him making errors, and he no longer has access to the personnel files after how he behaved. I’m not sure what else happened with him in the background, but I hope he suffered a little.)

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You Can’t Counter That Level Of Stubbornness

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Me: “Welcome to [Shoe Store]. What can I help you with today?”

(The customer brushes me off as her herd of kids, ages toddler to preteen, run around the store disrupting customers and making a large mess. I’m used to both these things so I’m not overly stressed about it. Her kids start running in and out of the door, messing up our conversion — how many people come in versus how many people buy something. Again, this happens a lot so I’m very tolerant. She finally comes to pay for her shoes, about ten pairs. She sets all the shoes on the wrong counter.)

Customer: “Who the f*** shoes are these?!” *pointing to an exchange I am waiting to complete* 

Me: “Those are shoes from another customer I am waiting to exchange, but if you help me move your shoes to the other counter I can scan your shoes.”

Customer: *stares at me with disbelief* “You’re rude!”

Me: “I’m sorry… but I need to move your shoes to the other counter so I can finish the sale.”

(The customer throws all the shoes on the floor and starts to storm out as my coworker comes out from one of the aisles after hearing the noise.)

Customer: *points to me* “She’s a f****** rude little b****!” *leaves*

Coworker: “You just asked her to move the other counter right?”

Me: “Yep.”

Coworker: “It’s going to be a long shift.”

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She Knows Shere Khan Is A Dude, Right?

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(My son is five and is going to a fancy dress birthday party. He wants to dress up as a tiger, I’m assuming because he recently watched “The Jungle Book” in school. We enter a local costume store and he immediately eyes a tiger catsuit.)

Customer: “Oh, sweetie. You don’t want to wear that! Cats are for girls.”

Son: “But I’m going to be a tiger!”

Customer: “It’s still a girl’s outfit. You should dress up as a Power Ranger or a pirate!”

Son: *upset* “But I want to be a tiger.”

Me: “Maybe we should just let him be a tiger?”

(The customer gives me an incredulous look.)

Customer: “Listen, sweetheart. You don’t want to be a cat because you’re a boy. You don’t want to be a girl, do you?”

Son: “My cat is a boy.”

Customer: *turning on me* “You should be ashamed! Aren’t you teaching your son anything about being a boy? He’s going to grow up confused and probably gay, or even worse, as a t****y!”

Me: “I’m not in the slightest bit interested in forcing him to believe that all cats are girls, just because some woman thinks she has any say on what gender rules I teach him. Also, if I were you, I would be more interested in the face paints that boy down the aisle is currently eating. I assume he’s your son?”

(She shrieked at her son as she charged at him, but not before briefly turning back to me and sticking her tongue out.)

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When They Burn Their Chance At Return

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(I place an order for a blue dress online. I get notice of shipment and the package arrives on time. The dress is fine. The very next day, I get another package from the same retailer; it’s the same dress in green in a larger size. I call customer service.)

Me: *explains issue*

Customer Service Representative: “Well, I’m sorry that you ordered the wrong size and color but that item is sold out now.”

Me: “No, I didn’t order the wrong item. I ordered the right item and received it. I also received a second, wrong item. I’m just looking to return it since I didn’t pay for it.”

Customer Service Representative: “Well, you can return it but since it’s not our mistake, you will be charged a 10% restocking fee and $7 return postage.”

Me: “I was actually only charged for the blue dress that I ordered and am keeping. The green one was never charged to me. I just need to send it back.”

Customer Service Representative: “Again, there’s a restocking fee and return postage charged to your card. The return credit is store credit.”

(I try again to explain the issue but cannot get her to understand. I ask to speak with someone else.)

Customer Service Representative: “I can’t transfer you to a supervisor. I can have them email you.”

Me: “I guess that could work.”

(Ten minutes later, I got a terse email that amounted to “restocking fee and $7 postage will be charged to your account for this return.” I replied with the facts and got a second email saying, “There are no exceptions to this policy.” I replied again, “If you don’t want this item back, I will donate it to charity.” I never got a reply, so I donated it. Evidently, doing the right thing is so unusual that their employees can’t understand it.)

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Unfiltered Story #190554

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(I work cashier at a general store with anything you can think of being in stock, A woman walks in with a Keratin Cosmetic product that bills for over $56 USD. She immediately makes her own line and cuts in front of one customer, takes out the product and asks for a refund)

Me: “Ms. do you have the receipt?”

Her: [Stifled] “No I don’t but I would like a refund.”

Me: “Unfortunately, Ms if you do not have a receipt for the item I have to give it to you for 50% of the items value and on store credit.”

(Mind you, This is a corporate policy that I have no control over)

Her: [Outbursts enough for the people behind her to stare] “No but I come here all the time and I do it. They’ve let me do it before.”

Me: “I’m sorry Ms but it’s store policy.”

(She repeats the same thing four more times with my same answer, until I finally look over to my manager who is immediately to my right .)

Me: “Jane what is the procedure that we follow if the item does not have a receipt?”

(Jane literally explains the exact same thing over to this lady, who mind you, wants to return an item…that’s $56USD without a receipt expecting a full cash refund).

Her: “But I come here all the time!”

Jane: “I am sorry Ms. its store policy.”

(The woman then proceeds to storm out of the store).