Asking For A Discount: It’s All In The Delivery

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(My company sells gravel, and this takes place after pricing a small amount of material for a customer that they could pick up with a trailer.)

Customer: “Hey, what’s your delivery charge to [Nearby Town]?”

Me: “$65, usually.”

Customer: *annoyed* “Really. $65.”

Me: “Yes, sir, or you’re welcome to come pick it up yourself, if you’d like.”

Customer: “Will you give me a discount if I come pick it up?”

Me: “I’m sorry? You wouldn’t have to pay the $65 delivery charge if you picked it up, if that’s what you mean.”

Customer: “No, would you give me a discount other than not paying the delivery? Like take the amount of the delivery off the gravel, too?”

Me: “Um, no, sir. There is no discount for picking up your material.”

Customer: “Well, I just thought I should get a discount.”

Smoking Or Stress: Which Will Kill Her First?

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(I am with some friends traveling through a small tourist town. We go into a convenience store, where a woman goes nuts and starts screaming at the cashier.)


Cashier: “Miss, the law is clear. I cannot sell you any cigarettes without proper ID.”

Woman: “I want the manager, now!

(The manager repeats the same thing. The state law is clearly marked on the display case and there is nothing the manager can do. The customer has to show ID. A poor police officer gets in line behind me carrying a large package of bottled water. The woman starts yelling at him.)

Cop: “Lady, what do you expect me to do if you don’t have your ID?”

Woman: “Make them sell me the cigarettes!”

Cop: “I will not demand that they violate the law.”

(The woman starts complaining that it is a stupid law.)

Cop: “Look, lady. I don’t make the law; I only enforce it. You don’t like it, contact your congressman. Now, calm down and leave, or I will arrest you!”

(The poor manager and cashier apologize and get us signed out quickly. I get one of the “rate our store” surveys on my receipt. I decide to call the corporate office and let them know how professional their manager was throughout the whole ordeal. I am told the following.)

Corporate: “Thank you so much for calling. We know exactly what store you are talking about. That nutcase has been calling here screaming and yelling about how we should fire the manager and cashier for following the law. A positive call like yours telling what happened will help them with the regional managers.”

Retail Larceny On The Rise, As It Turns Out Management Apparently Assisting Thieves

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I am shopping in a very touristy shop in a major tourist area, and have piled my arms with souvenirs, some of them quite pricey. I spot a rack of bottles of different flavours of grappa, each with a spout hanging down with a button to express the liquid. Underneath the rack is a shelf containing dozens of tiny, plastic shot glasses of the type commonly used for free samples — some used — as well as giant signs reading, “FREE SAMPLES.” It is completely commonplace for places like this to offer free samples, and in fact, I’ve never seen one that didn’t.

I press the button on one bottle and help myself to a sample — literally about a teaspoon — of some grappa.

Suddenly the owner rushes up to me and snatches the glass from me, screaming, “NO SELF SERVICE!” before pushing me out of the door.

In his rush to get rid of me for committing the crime of tasting one of the free samples, he doesn’t notice my hands are still full of the products I’ve been intending to purchase.

I am not a thief, so I don’t leave with them, but I am not willing to go back inside the shop. I leave the products on the pavement outside. Oh, well, rude shop owner. I hope no one else comes along and steals them!

She Is Very Much Mistaken

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I am going through early menopause — I’m 41 — but recently, I came down with something odd. I was nauseous and throwing up in the morning, fine by afternoon, smells were bothering me, etc., but I had no fever, so my husband and I decided to take a pregnancy test, just in case.

I went to the local pharmacy and while there, I also picked up a “no mistakes” nail polish remover pen. At the checkout, the young, female cashier looked at both items, said, “Uh, no mistakes? If only it was that easy to erase a mistake,” and shook the pregnancy test at me.

I was so flabbergasted that I just paid and left, but I wish I had said something.

The test was negative, and my illness cleared up about a week later. I still have no idea what it was.

Your Friend Is Imaginary, Just Like Your Courtesy

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I work in a home decor store where all the registers are at the front, and people go to the next available register. It’s a busy Saturday, so all the registers are staffed and there’s a line. When my previous customer leaves, I look back at where the line starts. I call out that I can help the next person, but no one moves. At the front of a line is a woman with one item — a painting — who seems to be almost deliberately avoiding eye contact. I repeat that I can take the next person, thinking maybe she’s with the customer at the register closest to the line and the people behind her are next, but none of the customers move around her.

After about a minute goes by, I step out from my register so I’m more visible, and call for the next customer again, still to no avail. The customer at the front of the line is looking everywhere but at me. I finally start to walk closer to her, which gets her attention. We go to my register, where I start to ring her out.

“Sorry about that!” she says. “I must not have heard you; I was talking to my friend!”

Not only was she there alone, but she never said a word until she got to my register.

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