Delete The Chat, But Not The Memory

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Some of us at work have a WhatsApp group. One colleague who was just coming to work started sending laughing emojis before saying that what he was sharing was too hilarious not to share. Then followed a series of photos of an elderly woman on a bus, whose skirt was ruffled up, exposing her underwear, which had a prominent stain. Most of us were together at the front, tidying the store before opening. One manager, who was also in the group, went pale at the photos, and finished work early.

We were all a bit confused and found the photos awkward to look at, so the admin removed us all and deleted the group. Since the chat was technically outside work, the colleague couldn’t get in trouble for it. It did make working with her rather awkward, though.

As for the manager who left, we later found out that the elderly woman was his aunt who had Alzheimer’s and had been missing for two days. Although he was thankful that she was found, it made working with the colleague and the manager even more awkward. The manager eventually took leave to care for his aunt.

What makes it worse for me is, I found the colleague the other day laughing at something on her phone. She noticed and showed me. It was the same photos she had shared on WhatsApp.

Your Humor Is Running At 100

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(It’s my first day at a new job, and also the first time in my life I’m working as a cashier. All is going well so far, and the guy training me is great, but I often check in with him because I have no idea about the store policies yet. A customer comes to my till and wants to pay for his purchase —  about 5 Euros — with a 100 Euro bill.)

Me: “[Colleague], we do take 100 Euro notes, right?”

Colleague: *very matter-of-fact* “If it looks well-made enough, sure.”

(He comes over to show me how to check if the bill is genuine, which it is. He then turns to the customer:)

Colleague: “And may I congratulate you on your workmanship. It looks just like the real thing.”

(Thankfully, the customer found it hilarious and laughed through the rest of the transaction.)

Home Is Where The Stupid Is

, , | Right | March 9, 2018

(I work at my family’s business and we deliver up to 100 miles away in any direction. My brother has answered the phone, and the customer is speaking loud enough I can hear both sides of the conversation.)

Brother: “[Business], how can I help you?”

Customer: “Yeah, how much for a delivery?”

Brother: “Where do you need the delivery to go to?”

Customer: “My house!”

Brother: “…”

Customer: *silence, evidently he thinks this is enough information*

Brother: “I’m going to need to know where your house is, sir.”

Customer: “Oh, you do?”

Brother: “Yes, sir.”

Customer: “Oh.”

(Sadly, this is not the first conversation of this kind.)

Carting Towards Disaster

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(As a young woman working at a big box store, I get plenty of old men who think they can get away with pretty much anything: grabbing, lewd comments, etc. One regular decides it’s funny to bump me with his cart. I usually work behind a desk, but he bumps me anytime he sees me walking through the store or cleaning up displays. One day he is passing me and hasn’t said anything, so I think he hasn’t seen me. Suddenly, he swerves his cart and hits me in the stomach. I double over and fall to my knees.)

Me: “The baby! The baby! My baby!”

Customer: “Oh, my gosh! I’m so sorry! I didn’t know you were pregnant!”

Me: *getting up* “I’m not. But I could have been. Maybe you should stop running into people on purpose. It’s rude and inconsiderate, and you could really hurt someone.”

(He just stared at me, open-mouthed, for a minute, then hurried away. But he never hit me with a cart again.)

A Cancer On Society

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(I’m 18 but look more like 13.)

Employee: “How are you today? You don’t look too well.”

Me: “Yeah, I’ve been sick, but I’m better than yesterday. Thanks for asking.”

Employee: “My mom also has cancer. I can give you the name of her oncologist, if you like.”

Me: “Um… I don’t have cancer.”

Employee: “Then what is a little girl like you doing with a shaved head? Where are your parents?”

Me: “I’m 18.”

Employee: “Then what are you doing with a shaved head, young lady?”

Me: “It’s my hairstyle?”

Employee: “But you’re a lady! Ladies don’t shave their heads.”

Me: “Well, congrats. You just met one that does. There’s hundreds of us out there.”

Employee: “There are also hundreds of thieves, murderers, drug addicts, smokers, cheaters, perverts, and so on out there, too. Doesn’t make it good.”

Me: “…”

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