Drop The Lines And Get In Line

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I work as a cashier at an electronics store. On weekends, we basically have a skeleton crew of four to six people, so I often have to deal with customer questions until one of the tech guys or my manager is free. A man comes up to the cash with a printer.

Customer: “This has no price tag on the shelf.”

Me: “I’m sorry about that. I can scan it to check the price for you.”

He then makes everyone’s favorite joke.

Customer: “It has no price tag, so it must be free!”

I give him my customer service laugh and let him know that it’s about $400.

Customer: “But it’s actually free because there was no price tag.”

Me: “It doesn’t actually work like that.”

Customer: “You would change the price if it had the wrong price tag. It having no price tag is equivalent to it having a price tag of $0, so you need to honor your policy and give it to me for free.”

Me: “No, I can’t give you a printer for free. I can offer you this coupon I have for $50 off, though.”

Then, he started calling me an airhead and things like that and repeated everything, but in a much slower and louder tone like I was dense.

I called my manager who was busy with a customer. After a few minutes, my manager came over and confirmed what I had said.

The customer looked shocked, told us he was going to go to the police, called me some degrading name, and stormed off, shouting that he’d never shop here again. The following weekend, I cashed him out and would continue to see him in the store for the next few years I worked there.

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Taxing Taxing, Part 9

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I’m very patient with people not necessarily knowing how to use a Point-of-Sale system. That being said, maybe listen to my instructions.

Customer: “This will be Tax Exempt.”

Contractors can get this status.

Me: “All right, what’s your information?”

As I’m inputting his information, he swipes his card early. When I hit “total,” it will jump straight to, “Is this amount correct?” and I can’t stop it unless he selects no. I hit “total” and the tax exempt status doesn’t apply like it should have.

Me: “Okay, so it looks like the tax exemption didn’t apply like it should have; could you please hit ‘no’?”

Customer: “Oh, sure thing.”

Me: “All right, thank you. Now I’m going to try and apply it again; please do not swipe your card until after I have confirmed the tax exemption is applied.”

Customer: “Got it.”

I try to apply the tax exemption and, sure enough, he swipes his card early… again. But surely, he won’t. Yes, before I can say, “Nope, it didn’t go through,” he has hit, “Yes, this amount is correct.” 

Customer: “Hey, wait a minute!”

He points at his receipt.

Customer: “This says I was charged tax! I wasn’t supposed to be charged tax!”

Me: “Which is why I asked you to not swipe early so that I could confirm it worked.”

Customer: “But you didn’t tell me not to the second time!”

I ended up having to send him to customer service to get his taxes refunded which, according to my coworker, led to him ranting about my “incompetence.”

I’m not sure what I could have done more to make him follow basic directions.

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Put Me In The Black With Green Or I’ll See Red

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A guy comes to the register. He wants to buy a shirt and a pair of socks, but the shirt has a small, extremely washable stain on it, so we have to give him a 10% discount on that one item. I give him the total. He tells me several times that I didn’t put in the discount, but the discount only takes off $1, so he decides he doesn’t want the socks.

I hand him the receipt.

Customer: “Actually, I changed my mind. I do want the socks.”

So, I have to go through the whole process again. I hand him his change and shut the drawer, and he turns around and holds out one of the dollar bills and doesn’t say anything.

Me: “What’s wrong?”

Customer: “I don’t like the color of this dollar. It’s old and discolored.”

We had a max capacity of ten in our store, and the line had nine people waiting to checkout, but this dude was standing there demanding that I exchange the dollar for a greener one.

Thankfully, my coworker came out and traded him a dollar from his own wallet and the dude left.

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She Is Just Organically Terrible

, , , | Right | April 1, 2021

I work part-time at a tiny, tiny Asian food store. I have seen fast food restrooms that were bigger than our store. Still, we stock more than two-thousand products so customers often ask us where certain things are. That’s no big deal; if anything, we hold pride in our good customer service.

I’m alone in the shop, as mornings are usually calm during this particular season.

Me: “Good morning, how are you? Are you looking for something specific?”

Customer: “I need two cans and one package of coconut milk. It has to be organic!”

That’s one of our most popular products, so I easily show her where we keep our coconut milk. Most of them aren’t organic, though. I hold up the two organic packages we stock.

Me: “Which size do you need? 1L or 250ml?”

Customer: “Organic.”

Me: “These are both organic. How much do you need?”

Customer: “Organic!”

She doesn’t even look at me, but instead starts grabbing around where the cans are. My hands are still holding the two packages, so I can’t exactly help and point out which is the right can.

Customer: “Is this one organic?”

Me: “Yes, that’s the organic can.”

Customer: *A little annoyed* “You know, the other woman recognizes me and always gets my coconut milk before I can even ask for it.”

I almost reply that I must have been fortunate enough to not encounter her in my four months of working here, but I hold back and just smile. I’m surely going to remember her, too, so that next time I can flee into the back when she comes in.

I hold up the two packages again, since she still hasn’t looked at me properly.

Me: “So, which size do you need for the packages: 250ml or 1L?”

Customer: “ORGANIC!”

I really wonder why she needed help locating our coconut milk and identifying which of the three brands we have is the organic one, since she apparently comes in so often and always buys the same thing.

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You Always Under-Budget For That Question

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I work at a store that sells luggage and other travel accessories and bags. We always try to keep a large selection to suit everyone, so as a result, we have suitcases at many prices, ranging from $75 to $3000. Almost every day:

Me: “Do you have a budget or price point in mind?” 

Customer: “Oh, you know, not too much!”

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