Food Stamped With A Stigma Badge

, , , , , | Working | March 21, 2018

(I have recently applied for an EBT card, aka food stamps. While we are not nearly as bad off as some people, and I do work full-time, my significant other has been out of a job, and money has been extremely tight. I complete all my interviews, and I am told to drop off a signed letter describing my income to the local Assistance Office. I start off by talking to the front receptionist.)

Me: “Hi! My name is [My Name], and I was told to drop off this signed letter pertaining to my case.”

Receptionist: “It’ll be a four- to five-hour wait before you can speak with a case worker. Have a seat and wait for your name to be called.”

Me: “Well, I really don’t want to wait that long, and I don’t really need to speak to a worker; I just need to drop this letter off.”

Receptionist: “It will take twice as long to process that if you don’t speak with a worker today.”

Me: “That’s fine; I was prepared to wait before getting my card.”

Receptionist: *looking me up and down* “If you can afford to wait an extra three days, then clearly, you don’t need assistance. Why are you even bothering to be here? You’re wasting everyone’s time!”

Me: *not wanting to explain my whole situation to this lady* “Look: can’t you just process this paper? I’ve already had all my interviews. I’m sorry I don’t have an envelope.”

Receptionist: *snatching the letter from my hand* “If you can afford food for the week, you can afford an envelope. No wonder people like you can’t get good jobs; you don’t even know how to be professional.” *to the line behind me* “Next!”

Me: *pause* “Have a nice day.”

(I just don’t understand how people whose job is to help those less fortunate can be so rude!)

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The Insurance Is The Assurance

, , , , , | Healthy | March 14, 2018

(My spouse is on an organ transplant list. One of the many requirements is that you must always show up to your appointments unless you call with a really good reason. Failure to do so can get you thrown off the list. The transplant coordinator calls me and tells my that my spouse never showed up for an appointment with one of the doctors. I inform her that he most certainly did. He even had to leave a very important meeting at his office in order to do so. But the doctor’s receptionist and nurse told the coordinator that he didn’t show up for the appointment. This goes back and forth between the coordinator, the nurse, the receptionist, and me for over a week. The coordinator knows my husband and doesn’t believe for a second that he just blew the appointment off, but both the nurse and receptionist are adamant.)

Me: “Hey, [Coordinator], the next time you talk to [Receptionist] or [Nurse], tell them I am notifying my insurance company, because I have paperwork that says my insurance company paid out for an appointment, so in that case, the doctor’s office is committing insurance fraud.”

(The coordinator called me back the next day laughing because “all of a sudden” they found the paperwork showing my husband HAD shown up for the appointment. We are, however, changing doctors with the help of the coordinator.)

All I’m Getting Is Snake-Eyes

, , , , | Healthy | March 9, 2018

(I come home to find that one of my pet snake’s eyes appears to be injured in some way. Since this is my first pet reptile, and I am not sure if this is something that needs immediate attention, I call the veterinary hospital of a very prestigious vet school nearby. Since it’s relatively late in the day, all the vets have left, but there are receptionists on call 24 hours a day.)

Receptionist: “Hi, you’ve called [Vet Hospital]. How can I help you?”

Me: *explains problem with my snake’s eye*

Receptionist: “I see. Is he blinking normally?”

Me: “Um… It’s a snake. It doesn’t have eyelids.”

Abusing Their Position

, , , , | Learning | March 4, 2018

Me: “Hello, I’m calling to drop out of college, as I can no longer attend.”

Worker: *takes my information* “You’re a financial aid student?! Because you’ve done this, you won’t be able to get aid in the future!”

Me: “All right.”

Worker: “How irresponsible! No matter what is going on, you should prioritize your education!” *continues to rant*

Me: *when she’s finished* “Could you please transfer me to your manager?”

Worker: “Why?”

Me: “Because people fleeing domestic abuse shouldn’t be treated this way.”

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On The Phone With Two Different People

, , , | Right | February 22, 2018

(I work at a large law firm as the central receptionist.)

Me: “[Firm], how can I help you?”

Customer: *immediately starts being very rude and yelling at me*

Me: “Sir, there’s no need to take that tone. I’m happy to help, but please stop yelling.”

(Surprisingly, he’s very polite for the duration of the call. I get him the information he needs, and I’m pleased that I stood up for myself and that it worked.)

Me: “Well, sir, I think you’re all set. Have a nice day!”

Customer: *politely* “You, too…” *his voice turns to a snarl* “…and I’ll take any f****** tone I want, a**hole!” *slams down phone*

Me: “…”

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