Cheating Is Never The Answer

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I am a freshman in college working late one night on some homework with another classmate. Our professor encourages us to compare answers with our classmates to make sure we understand the material before handing it in. Our school has a very strict no tolerance policy against plagiarizing so while we are allowed to compare answers, we are not allowed to simply copy another’s homework. It’s about halfway through the term and usually there’s another girl (we’ll call her M) working with us in our study group. For some reason she can’t make it and asks for us to send her our answers so that we can go over them through email. However, once we send them to her we never hear back, despite sending her multiple messages. We eventually decide to just work without her in order to get the assignment turned in on time.

We don’t see M in class the next day and later that week I receive an email from my professor asking me to meet him after class. Naturally I spend the rest of the day trying to figure what I did wrong. Turns out the TA’s in the class noticed that M had turned in screenshots for most of her answers. Normally this wouldn’t raise suspicions since many students like to do their assignments by hand and turn in scanned copies. However, in M’s case they notice the handwriting doesn’t match up with the rest of her answers. Turns out that M had taken screenshots of my answer, pasted them into her own assignment, and sent it in!

Of course this got sent on to the Honor Board. I went through weeks of anxiety submitting a testimony, evidence, and having multiple conversations trying to clear my name. I even offered to have them pull my text messages to show that I never gave her permission to copy my answers. I didn’t care that M had messed up her own academic record but I was raging that she had put my own in jeopardy as well. In the end they cleared me and M was suspended. I’ve never been so relieved in my life and since then I’ve had no patience for anyone who cheats. I’d rather fail a class than get kicked out of school. M tried to contact me through Popular Social Media Site sometime during the next term. I simply deleted it and blocked her.

Had To Go Back And Think About It

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(My graduate program has several international students, and many are taking English classes to improve their English. In our large common office, it is typical for them to ask the domestic students for help with their English homework. Most days I am glad to help, but sometimes I get busy.)

International Student: “Can you help me? What is the difference between ‘think of’ and ‘think about’?”

Me: *distracted* “I’d love to help, but I have an important deadline in a few hours, so I don’t have time to think of any examples right now. Is it okay if I think about it and get back to you later?”

(Everyone stares at me.)

Officemates: “Did you… Did you do that on purpose?”

Me: “What?” *replays response in my head* “…oh. Nope.”

Pregnant With Discrimination

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I’m four months pregnant with my son. Though I’m not very far along, I’m showing quite a bit, and it’s become difficult to sit in the normal desks of the lecture hall. One day, I get tired of squeezing into them and just sit in the handicapped desks (which have been unoccupied all semester). It happens that, on this day, we start having a guest lecturer, since our professor had to get surgery mid-semester.

The lecturer stops me after class and berates me for sitting in a handicapped spot. I explain that I don’t fit into the other desks, and that it’s the only spot that can fit me. She proceeds to tell me that she doesn’t care, that I should just sit in the normal desks.

Next class, I sit at a normal desk in the front row sideways (since that’s literally the only way I fit). After class, the lecturer once again berates me and tells me to sit properly. I once again, tell her that I’m pregnant and there’s nothing I can really do. She then proceeds to tell me to lose weight, or my baby will end up being a “fat roll.”

Upset, I email my professor, asking for advice on what to do. I don’t get a response. However, I return to class for the next lesson and sit in the handicapped spot, unwilling to be uncomfortable for a two-hour lecture. When the lecture is over and the lecturer is berating me again, and a man in a suit comes up behind her and asks her to join him in the hallway.

Turned out, my original professor was very unimpressed by this behavior, and sent a anti-discrimination representative to observe her behavior. After her proving my claims correct, the man informed her that her behavior could land her in a whole lot of trouble with the code of conduct, and get her fired. She said nothing to me for the rest of the time she lectured us. Thankfully, she was the only professor to ever care or comment that I was pregnant.

Nursing A Good Tale

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(I am hanging out with some friends between classes. One of my friends has her two-month-old son with her, and I’m holding him. Another friend joins us, bringing along one of their classmates that the rest of us haven’t met before. We’re chatting, and someone asks the classmate what their major is.)

Classmate: “I’m an engineering major.”

Friend #1: “Me, too!”

(They go around the group, talking about their majors, and then they get to me.)

Classmate: “What are you doing, [My Name]?”

Me: “Oh, I’m nursing.”

(The classmate gets a weird look on his face, and he glances at the baby in my arms.)

Me: “Major! I’m a nursing major! This is [Friend]’s baby!”

Dad Speaks A Whole Different Language

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(My parents split when I was five and I was raised by my mom so my relationship with my dad has always been very awkward. He still tends to treat me like a little kid even though I’m 21. I’ve only seen him twice in the past six years and we rarely talk on the phone so our relationship hasn’t changed much. My sister and I are planning to visit him this summer, so I’m calling him to start planning.)

Me: “What dates work for you?”

Dad: “Well, you can’t come until May at the earliest because I’m not well right now.”

Me: “Oh, no, what’s wrong?”

Dad: “I’ve got a cold and I need a machine to help me breathe when I sleep.”

Me: “Oh, that’s awful. Is [His Girlfriend] taking care of you?”

Dad: “Yeah, she’s taking care of me. She does everything but wipe my a**.”

(I can hear his girlfriend cracking up in the background, and I’m a bit taken aback as my dad almost never swears around me. I brush it off and the conversation moves to my schooling. I tell him I’m going to be a student teacher for an introductory Spanish class next year.)

Dad: “Wow, that’s awesome. I didn’t know you spoke Spanish.”

(I’ve only been studying it for ten years…)

Me: “Yeah, I’m really excited.”

Dad: “Mucho gusto!” *Nice to meet you* “You know what that means?”

Me: “Yes, dad, I know what that means.”

Dad: “Muy caliente! You know what that means?”

(Most people think that it’s used to say something is hot, temperature-wise, but it actually means “horny.”)

Me: “Uh… yes, I know what that means.”

Dad: “Muy caliente! I only say that when I see a sexy lady.”

Me: “…okay, dad.”

(After that conversation, I stopped wishing for my dad to treat me more like an adult.)

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