Passing Up That Opportunity

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(I’m on a major university campus, though I don’t attend the school. My bus home runs right through, and I get off to find some food. While wandering, I’m stopped by someone holding a Bible.)

Guy: “Hi there! Are you a new student?”

Me: “Oh, no–”

Guy: “Have you found a church here? [Church] has a lot to offer!”

Me: “I’m just passing through, thanks.”

Guy: “Oh, we’re really all just passing through life!”

(I tried very hard not to laugh as I walked away.)

The Grass Is Always Greener…

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(When my dad goes to get his PhD in Organic Chemistry, he originally applies to [University #1] but is rejected. He is disappointed, but he does get accepted to [University #2]. One of his professors has taken him around to a few different universities to talk about an experiment he helped with. Later, the professor is walking down a hallway with one of the people in charge of admissions for the chemistry department of [University #1].)

Admissions: “Wow! That guy was really good. You are lucky to have him. I wish we had someone like that in our program.”

(They continue in this manner for a while.)

Dad’s Professor: “You turned him down.”

Admissions: “…”

Oui Okie

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(I am in a freshman-level French language class. The professor is a native of France, and is correcting the pronunciation of a friend of mine, who is a bit of a class clown.)

Professor: “No, no, no! You are speaking French with an Oklahoma accent!”

Student: “Well, why not? You’re speaking ‘Oklahoman’ with a French accent!”

Bye Bye Binary

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(This takes place in my sociology class which has a variety of people, some of whom are very open-minded and some of whom… aren’t. Our current unit is on sex — biological, not the act — and gender.)

Teacher: “Is sex a binary?”

Me: “It’s not quite binary, but mostly.”

Teacher: “And why is that?”

Female Student: “Because of intersex people.”

Teacher: “Exactly.”

(The teacher goes on to talk about the biological characteristics and some of the issues around intersex people, primarily the fact that parents have to choose which sex to raise their child as.)

Male Student: “Okay, but something like .0001 percent of people not fitting in that binary doesn’t get rid of the binary.”

(I can’t help but wonder how he’s going to react when we talk about the gender spectrum tomorrow.)

Can’t Be As Smooth As Those Stairs

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(I teach advanced classes at a fine arts school. The building is old, and it shows, but since it’s state property, it takes loads and loads of paperwork to get anything fixed. We’re left with buzzing lamps, cracked walls, and mirror-smooth floors and stairs with no friction whatsoever. One day, as I walk to the classroom, I find one of my students sprawled across the stairs, not moving.)

Me: “Oh, God! [Student], are you okay?!”

Student: “Yeah, doc, I’m fine. Just thinking, y’know? This place has been here for quite a while… Imagine how many scholars and artists walked on these stairs, how many other people must have been here before them, paving the way for us…”

Me: “You slipped and fell, didn’t you?”

Student: “I slipped and fell, doc. And it really hurts, so I’m just chillin’ until it passes.”

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