Valar ēdruta qringaomagon

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For a literary theory class, we had to give a presentation about the topic we were planning to write our research paper on, so the professor could green-light it. I was really excited that a girl was going to write about feminist agendas in A Song of Ice and Fire, because I’m a huge fan of the franchise. However, it started out bad with the professor, who was also the chair of the department, stating that he thought “fantasy [was] crap,” and it only got worse from there.

Besides writing several names wrong (such as “Rob” instead of “Robb”) and mentioning several characters that only exist in the TV show, the student portrayed the fairly empowering books as the most sexist piece of fiction ever written. It soon became very obvious that she had only seen (at best) a few episodes of the TV show.

At the end of the presentation, several other students and I tried to correct the mistakes, but the professor rejected them all regardless, as the presentation reinforced his beliefs that fantasy is garbage.

Through a mutual friend, I later heard that the girl got an A for her research paper. I took note, avoided that particular professor, and when I wrote my master’s thesis on a similar topic, my supervisor told me that this professor had been trying to get the university to boycott research into fantasy literature for years.

Projecting Your Work Ethic On To The Project

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(I am a sophomore in my last semester at a junior college. This is the last class that I need to take to get all my credits so I can move on to a four-year university next semester as a junior. I am in a group for a project with three freshmen boys, whereas I am female. Two of them are, for the most part, unmotivated, and they wait until the last minute to do their work. The third one gets his work done fairly early and does a good job at it. I am notorious for starting super early and getting everything done, so I don’t have to worry about it. Our project is a simple four-page paper detailing a monument in South America. We divide the project up so each of us writes one page. The night before the project is due, [Classmate #3] and I are diligently fixing last minute bits of our pages. [Classmates #1] and [#2] haven’t even opened the file. Desperate, we decide to finish their sections, too, since we don’t trust that they will actually do it. Because I am petty, I print one copy with all our names and one copy with only my name and [Classmate #3]’s. The next day:)

Classmate #1: “I am so sorry I didn’t work on the project. I didn’t know it was due today. I thought it was due Thursday!”

Classmate #2: “Yeah, me too. We both thought it was due Thursday! Thanks for finishing it though, guys.”

Classmate #3: “It’s okay.”

Me: “No, it’s not okay. You guys are in college now. You need to get your s*** together!” *slaps both copies on the table* “I want a sincere apology, and a promise that on our next project you will try your d*** best to give me the best work you have ever done. I want to see tears, boys, or your name doesn’t go on the project.”

Classmate #1: “Are you serious?”

Me: “Dead serious.”

([Classmates #1] and [#2] were stunned, but gave us both very sincere apologies and made good on their promise to do well on the next project. I never even planned on leaving their names off the project, I just wanted them to think I would take their names off to motivate them. It worked, and [Classmate #1] even thanked me for kicking his butt into gear, because it motivated him to work harder in his physics class, which he was failing. Sometimes you just have to be the bad guy- or girl- to get through to people.)


At Least You’re Alive To Watch The Real Life

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(I’m outside at my college on the morning of September 12, 2001, before class. We are in the United States.)

Girl: *to a friend* “Look, like, I get, like, it’s a big deal, or whatever, but I don’t know why even MTV has to talk about it. Why do I have to miss TRL because of some stupid planes?”

An Ambitious Fashion Statement

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(I attend a small liberal arts college in Pennsylvania. A student enters the class wearing a shirt with our college name in red and white, rather than our own school colors, blue and gold.)

Professor: “[Student], why are you wearing a [College] sweatshirt in Harvard colors?”

Student: “Ambition.”

Just Another Pain That Gay People Suffer

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Friend: “Can I try something with you?”

Me: “What is it?”

(She grabs my arm and I pull back. I see something shiny in her hand and lean away from her as much as I can.)

Me: “What the h*** are you doing?!”

Friend: “I wanted to poke you with a needle.”

Me: “WHY?!”

Friend: “Because I read that gay people have an autonomic response that stops them bleeding.”

Me: “Where the h*** did you read that, 4chan?!”

Friend: “Yahoo.”

Me: “Well, it’s wrong. Completely wrong!”

(She tried to convince me to do it, but I flat out refused and moved to another seat. There were two other gay people in our lecture that we both knew about. I heard one of them yelp a few minutes later. I wish I was joking…)

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