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A Most Unreceptive Receptionist, Part 18

, , , | Working | March 28, 2022

It’s been a while since I’ve been to the optometrist and I’m starting to notice that my contact prescription doesn’t seem quite right. I’ve recently moved, so I make an appointment at a local place with a name with “vision” in the title.

Come the day of the appointment I get a ride to the strip center, see a giant sign that says, “Vision,” and walk in.

Me: “Hi, I have an appointment under the name [My Name].”

The receptionist types my name into the computer, clicks around for a minute, and then gets this look on their face like they just bit a lemon.

Receptionist: “No, you don’t. Get out.”

I’m a little taken aback but think there might be a mistake.

Me: “Are you sure? I have an email confirmation. Is there any way to double-check?”

Receptionist: “You do not have an appointment. Stop wasting our time and leave or I will call the police.”

Not feeling like dealing with the cops over this, I walk out of the building and start to call my ride to come get me. But as I am dialing, I look down the strip center and see another sign that says, “Vision”. Turns out that there are two optometrists in the same strip center that decided it was a good idea to have very generic and similar-looking “vision” signs.

While I am waiting for my actual appointment, I see a couple of people come in that have also gotten mixed up, but thankfully, this receptionist simply says:

Receptionist #2: “I think you might have an appointment with the other optometrist a few doors down.”

I get that I walked into the wrong place, but you would think you would have better signage when your clientele specifically has vision problems… or at least be a little more empathetic about a mix-up.

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