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A Most Unreceptive Receptionist, Part 17

, , , , | Working | March 2, 2022

My boyfriend had some heart issues while we were abroad and he had to be hospitalised. Afterward, they told us he needed to see a specialist for a check-up in four weeks.

We found a small clinic with English-speaking staff and made an appointment. On the day of the appointment, this happened.

Me: “We’re here to see [Doctor]; we’ve got an appointment for 9:00.”

Receptionist: “No, you don’t.”

Me: “Excuse me? Did we get the day wrong? I’m sure we had an appointment for today.”

Receptionist: “Yes, I know. We talked on the phone. The doctor is away on holiday; he will not be in this week. Why did you show up?”

Me: “I wasn’t aware. Did you call us to reschedule?”

Receptionist: “No, of course not.”

Because this check-up was important, we rescheduled for a few days later, even though we were pretty annoyed. 

We were a few minutes early for the next appointment, and when we walked in, the place was pretty full. There was a screen near the entrance with Portuguese information and some people gestured that we should use that. Since we didn’t understand what it said, I approached the receptionist again.

Me: “Hi! My boyfriend, [Boyfriend], has an appointment with [Doctor] at 11:00. Do we need to use the screen to pull a number or anything like that?”

Receptionist: “Hello, welcome back! [Doctor] is here today. Please press the B-button and sit down and wait.”

We did as we were told and time passed. Half an hour after our appointment should have started, a doctor entered and we heard him mention my boyfriend’s last name. We got up and approached him, and he saw the numbered ticket in our hands.

Doctor: “Oh, you don’t have to pull a number if you have an appointment! The receptionist informs me when you are here! I thought you didn’t show up!”

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