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I work as a cashier in a convenience store and am helping a woman who is buying some magazines.
Customer: Can I just ask, how old are you?
Me: I’m 21.
Customer: (very surprised) Oh, really?! I didn’t think THAT!
Me: How old did ypu think I was?
Customer: Oh, I don’t know, 22 maybe!

Bounces Off Of Her Like Rubber(s)

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(I have just served an old lady who is now bagging her items. A teenager — about 16 to 19 years old — is next. The teenager is just buying a package of condoms. I scan them and put them beside the belt, far from the old lady’s groceries. The teenager is paying with his card and is about to finish the transaction. The old lady sees the lone packages of condoms beside the belt.)

Old Lady: “Are those mine?!”

(She grabs them.)

Old Lady: *shouting* “Did I pay for these? What is it?”

(She’s holding them high to get better light, in full view of everyone around.)

Old Lady: *loudly* “I can’t see. Can you tell me what this is?”

Me: “No. No, that item is not yours. It belongs to…” *looks at the distressed teenager* “…it belongs to someone else.”

Old Lady: “Oh, very well…”

(She put them down by the belt again. The teenager took them and left quickly. I still believe that the old lady did this on purpose.)

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Don’t Grit Your Teeth To This

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(I am helping an old lady getting ready for bed one evening at the nursing home. A part of that includes assisting her with brushing her teeth. Some old people have dentures, and I can’t remember whether this lady has or not.)

Me: “Do you have your own teeth?”

Resident: “Yes, I do.”

Me: “Okay, then, here’s your toothbrush.”

(The lady then pops out her dentures.)

Me: “I thought you had your own teeth?”

Resident: “I do. I bought and paid for them myself.”

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The Nutty Doctor

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(A couple of years ago, I started having really low blood sugar levels. It turned out that I needed surgery but I could not get it right away. To try to help me during the wait, my endocrinologist referred me to a dietician so see if there were some diet changes I could do to reduce the risk of going so low I passed out. I am very allergic to nuts. I go to the dietician and she looks at my list of food that I have eaten for the last three days and asks if I have any allergies, which I tell her about.)

Doctor: “You need to eat a snack in the afternoon that keeps the blood sugar levels up better. A handful of nuts is good.”

Me: “I am allergic to nuts.”

Doctor: “So, as I was saying. You need to eat at least 60g for it to be good for you.”

Me: “Still can’t eat nuts. Allergy…”

Doctor: “But nuts are good for you.”

Me: “They might be good for other people, but I am allergic to nuts. Is there really nothing to replace them with?”

Doctor: “Nuts are good for everybody. They help stabilize the blood sugar.”

Me: “One more time, I am allergic to nuts. I will die if I eat them. I can’t have nuts.”

Doctor: “I don’t know why you came here if you don’t allow me to help you.”

Me: “I want help. I just can’t eat nuts. Are there any other foods that I can have as a snack?”

Doctor: “I recommend at least 60 grams of nuts as a snack.”

Me: “Thanks for your time. I’ll see myself out.”

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E-special-ly Nasty Customers

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(I work at a diner near a busy road where a lot of families stop by on their way to skiing resorts. At this diner, you order and pay first and then get a beeper that signals when you can come and get your meal. A woman in her mid-40s comes and orders today’s special. Since it’s today’s special, our kitchen has everything ready for her meal and even before she leaves the checkout her food is served from the kitchen.)

Me: “Oh, your food is already ready! Here’s one special.”

Customer: “No, I want a new meal.”

Me: “Is there something wrong?”

Customer: “I won’t eat old food. I saw that plate standing there for more than ten minutes. You are just giving me some old food someone else didn’t want.”

Me: “I promise you that this came straight from the kitchen just for you. Our special is always ready which means that our chef only had to put it on a plate for you and that’s why your food came so fast.”

Customer: “No, I saw it standing there getting nasty! I want a new meal.”

(The customer got a new meal which, again, was served in just a minute while she could see the chef. When the customer went away with her food I started cleaning tables and was just happy with not having to deal with her again.)

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