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*I have bagged his carton of Silk, carton of Ice cream, and jar of syrup into one handled paper bag. 50ish able-bodied male customer attempts to lift it*
Me: I can put it in two bags for you.
Customer: *Ignores me, grabs another paper bag. Shoves hand in to open it so roughly he rips the handles off* F***! MOTHERF****ER!!
Me (and the next customer): *stares*
Customer: *many exaggerated movements and cursing as he separates his order into two bags and then storms off*
Me: Have a good one!

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Me: Can I help you find anything?
Customer: I’m looking for Campbell’s Select soup.
Me: I’m sorry, we don’t carry that variety.
Customer: I don’t believe you.
Me: *i got nothing*
Customer: So where would it be?
Me: Well, it’d be here. *standing in front of our 20 foot soup section* but we don’t carry Select.
Customer: *shakes head* i’ll just look for it.
Me: Okay. *walks away*
*five minutes later, lady returns to me*
Customer: I couldn’t find it. I just want some Minestrone.
Me: Well, we don’t carry it, so..we have Minestrone in Progresso, though.
Customer: I want Campbell’s Select.
Me:………………………………………………………we have Progresso.
Customer: I guess. *takes soup and leaves.*

Completely Hamming Up The Order

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(I’m a customer ordering a ham biscuit at a drive-thru.)

Me: “I’d like a ham biscuit, please, and nothing to drink.”

Order Taker: “We don’t have ham.”

Me: “You have Canadian bacon, correct? That’s ham.”

Order Taker: “Would you like to add egg and cheese?”

Me: “No, just the ham on it, please.”

(I pay for the order and drive to work, which is across the street. When I open the container, I find only one slice of ham and NO biscuit. I call them to speak to the manager and explain my order, and tell them how i just just a slice of ham. I overhear the manager speaking to the order taker:)

Manager: “I can’t believe you gave a customer just a slice of ham and no biscuit!”

Order Taker: “But she said she didn’t want egg or cheese.”

Manager: “But she wanted the biscuit with that ‘ham biscuit’ order!”

Tow-tally Scamming You

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(I work in a restaurant. A man asks an employee to borrow our store phone and said employee lets him. The employee leaves the area, and after about a minute the man turns around and sees me standing behind the counter.)

Man: “Hey, are you the manager?”

Me: “Yes, how can I help you?”

Man: “My car just got towed. I called my wife, and she is coming to get me, but she’s in Baton Rouge. It’ll take her a few hours to get here. Thanks for letting me use the phone.”

Me: “That’s too bad.”

Man: “Yeah, do you think I can wait in here instead of standing around outside?”

Me: “Sure. You can sit at a table until we start to get busy; then you would need to move if we need the table.”

Man: “Look. My wallet and phone were in the car. They wouldn’t let me get anything out of it.”

Me: *seeing where this is going* “Why did your car get towed, anyway?”

Man: “The cop said I rolled through a stop sign, and I didn’t have my license, so they towed my car. They didn’t let me get anything out of it. So, could I eat now and have my wife pay for it when she gets here?”

Me: “No, sir. I can’t give food out without payment first; I’m sorry. But you can wait here, still.”

Man: *looking defeated* “Oh. Okay, then.”

(He didn’t stay. I checked the phone after he left, and the only three numbers on the redial list were ones I had called over an hour prior to that. He didn’t call anyone!)

Knowing Your Inventory Can Pay

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(It’s my last day working part-time at this small-chain grocery, as I’m about to start a full-time job at the local library. Since we’re a smaller establishment frequented by older folks, it’s not uncommon for some customers to tip the workers for doing a little extra like carrying bags to the car, or just being very polite, so we’re allowed to keep extra money that customers give us. I’m ringing through this jovial old man who is joking with his buddy the whole transaction and generally making everyone smile. Near the end of scanning his items, he makes a “wager.”)

Customer: “Double or nothing, how much do you think my total will be? I’ll pay you that.”

Me: *playing along* “About… $37?”

(I have worked here long enough to know the general price of common items by heart, and many of his things are common. Lo and behold, his total is $37.43!)

Me: “Wow, lucky guess!”

Customer: “I’ll say!”

(The customer pulls out a 100-dollar bill after I hand him his bags, and I make the change. I count it back to him, and he proceeds to hand it BACK, plus extra to even out at $75.)

Customer: “Have a good night, Lady Luck!”

(I finished the last hour of my last shift on Cloud 9!)

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