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Email Fail, Part 37

, , , , , , | Working | June 15, 2022

I own my own website, so I can make up email addresses and they all come to me; i.e. [My Name]@[website], unicorn@[website], walmart@[website], etc. I do this so that when someone sells my email address, I know exactly who to block or who to give priority to.

It’s time for taxes, and I call my very nice tax person who I have been using for over fifteen years to get them to send me the secure file location so I can upload all of my personal and small business information. A brand new receptionist answers the phone. 

Me: “Hi, this is [My Name], and I need you to send me the normal email so I can upload everything. “

Receptionist: “Oh, okay. What is your email?”

Me: “Tax@[website].”

Receptionist: “Pat?”

Me: “Tax.”

Receptionist: “Fax?”

Me: “T like ‘Tom,’ A like ‘Apple’…”

Receptionist: “TomApple@[Web—]”

Me: “No, tax, like you guys do taxes.”

Receptionist: “This doesn’t make any sense. Let me transfer you to IT.”

Me: “…”

IT: “Hello, this is IT. How can I help?”

Me: “Hi, I need the email so I can upload my tax documents?”

IT: “Why did [Receptionist] send you to me?”

Me: “She didn’t understand my email?”

IT: “What is your email?”

Me: “Tax@[website].”

IT: “Cool. I will get that right over to you.”

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Scheduling Games

, , , | Healthy Working | May 27, 2022

I went to a doctor for a consult, and then I scheduled the next two appointments for Tuesdays at 4:30 pm. I didn’t ask specifically for evening appointments; that’s what they offered me. I got no confirmation calls for any of the appointments.

The first Tuesday, everything went fine. I checked in, got my treatment, and went home.

The next Tuesday, I attempted to check in… only to be told my appointment was at 3:00 pm, not 4:30 pm.

Receptionist: “We never start treatments this late, so we never would’ve scheduled me at 4:30.”

Me: “Uhh… well, you did. I was treated at 4:30 last week!”

Receptionist: “No, your appointment last week was at 3:00 pm, as well.”

Me: “Pull up my check-in and medication order from last week.”

She did, and sure enough, it had been at 4:30 pm. She just shrugged and called her manager. Basically, they told me to go home and reschedule. I live two hours away from this doctor, so I decided I wasn’t playing this game. I told them to cancel all my remaining appointments.

I hope I didn’t need to finish that treatment. I’ll never decline a written copy of my appointment time again.

Thanks So Much For The No-Show

, , , , , | Healthy Working | May 26, 2022

I saw my dentist last June for a checkup on a Saturday morning. They scheduled the next appointment for a Saturday morning in December. I got three different texts and emails the week before confirming my appointment.

I showed up about ten minutes before my appointment to find the door unlocked and the office completely empty. I tried the emergency on-call number. No one responded. I finally called the police because I didn’t want to leave the office empty and unlocked.

It turned out they had stopped doing Saturday office hours, and they didn’t bother to call me and reschedule. Monday morning they called me because, in their words, I didn’t show up for my appointment. I told them no, I was there; they weren’t.

They couldn’t get me in for an appointment in December before my deductible reset. In fact, they couldn’t find another time that worked for me until August.

I’ll be seeing a new dentist next month.

This Kid K-needs A K-nurse!

, , , , , , , , | Learning | May 19, 2022

This happened when I was eleven years old, in year seven at secondary school. I was running late one morning, due to my younger brother throwing a strop over not wanting to go to school. As a result, I was riding my bike as fast as I could down the pavement on the street my school was on. Until, that is, I saw a fire officer’s car coming the other way. Being a pre-teen obsessed with shiny things — which a red and reflective yellow livery most definitely was — I lifted a hand to wave to the car’s occupant.

And I promptly fell off my bike. 

To his credit, the fire officer immediately stopped his car and came over to check on me. I was mostly unhurt, apart from a few grazes and an impressively skinned knee where I’d slid along a few feet. I remember being more worried about my brand new tights — completely shredded — than the multiple places I was bleeding from.

The fire officer got me loaded into the front seat of his car and my bike into the back, and he turned round to take me the rest of the way to school. He carried me to the visitor’s reception and plonked me down into one of the chairs there.

He asked the receptionist to call the nurse up from her office to come take care of me. The receptionist was unwilling to do so. I don’t remember the full conversation, as it’s been quite a few years since then, but the receptionist was arguing that the school, and therefore the school nurse, was not responsible for dealing with anything that happened off of school grounds, even if it happened on the way to school and practically within sight of the gates.

An offer was made to have an older student, a sixth-former who’d made the mistake of wandering into sight at the wrong time, escort the fire officer and me down to the nurse’s office. The receptionist dismissed the possibility that the nurse should be the one coming to a student with an injured leg. I was just faking it, by her estimation.

The sixth-former wasn’t stupid, though, and ran off during the argument — straight to the nurse’s office. He did what the receptionist wasn’t willing to do and told the nurse that she was needed in the visitor’s reception. A few minutes later, she arrived, and she promptly tore a strip off the receptionist while simultaneously reassuring me and getting all the bleeding bits bandaged up.

The fire officer left once he knew I was being taken care of, leaving my bike in the care of the groundskeepers, whose office was next to the bike sheds. The nurse had the helpful sixth-former carry me round to the student reception and pastoral care area — through the staff corridor, which was a big treat at that age — so my parents could be called to come collect me and take me for a checkup and proper wound clean at hospital.

My leg was fine, but the experience left me with a nice scar on my knee. And a few days later, some of the little jerks I went to school with decided to shove me along a pebble-dashed wall so that my other knee was also ripped up.

At Least You’re Not A Leap-Day Baby

, , , , , | Working | April 13, 2022

I was trying to set up an appointment at a medical clinic upon recommendation from my doctor. Due to some issues with their website, I ended up needing to call in to set things up for the appointment.

Things were going fairly normally, until…

Me: “My birthday is [date].”

Receptionist #1: “I’m sorry, but that is not a valid date in our system. You will need to pick a different one.”

Me: *Somewhat off-balance* “Excuse me?”

Receptionist #1: “You can’t have [date] as your birthdate in our system. You will need a different one.”

I admit I was stunned silent for several seconds as I tried to process this.

Me: “I… That is my birthday. I can’t just have a different one. That’s… not how birthdays work.”

Receptionist #1: “The system won’t… One moment…”

There was some indistinct talking in the background.

Receptionist #2: “Hello, I’m sorry about that. This is [Receptionist #2]. It seems like there is an issue with our computer system. We just got a new system installed, and there have been a few bugs. Please hold while I try to work this out.”

I ended up on hold for a good twenty minutes, with [Receptionist #2] occasionally popping in again to say they were working on things. In the end, she was able to make me an appointment, with a manual note to add my birthdate once things were actually fixed.

I ended up mentioning the entire thing when I actually got to my appointment, and I was told by the doctor that, apparently, whoever had set up their system had decided to handle holidays by literally deleting them from some calendars in their system. This, of course, caused issues like what I experienced, given that my birthday did fall on the same day as a holiday in my birth year.

From what the doctor said, that wasn’t the worst issue that they’d experienced with the new system, but I was stuck on how the first receptionist I talked to didn’t seem to think there was anything odd about some dates not being selectable in the system or about asking someone to pick a new birthday.