Time Zoning Droning  

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(At my workplace, if it’s before open or after close, I don’t answer the phone. However, this same number keeps calling every few minutes but won’t leave a voicemail, so I decide to answer to figure out what is up. It is now twenty minutes past close.)

Me: “Hello, bonjour, [Establishment].”

Caller: “I’m looking for [Admin Staff who has gone home by now] and I’ve been calling for an hour without anyone picking up!”

(Unless they have the number for the direct line, this is impossible, because I have been at the desk for the past four hours leading up to close and haven’t yet left. He doesn’t sound angry at this point, just exasperated.)

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, [Admin Staff] has gone home for the day.”

(I am about to offer him their direct number in case he doesn’t have it, but then he gets angry.)

Caller: “Why would they go home early on a Wednesday?!”

Me: “Actually, sir, we’ve been closed for the past twenty minutes.”

Caller: “WHAT?!”

(I hear some fast typing, a bit of silence, and then:)

Caller: “Your website says you close at five! It’s not five, yet!”

(Glancing at the phone, I see that his area code is not the same as ours. Some people move here but keep their old numbers if it’s a cell phone, but, just to verify:)

Me: “Sir, are you calling from [My Province]?”

Caller: “No, I’m calling from [Other Province]!” 

Me: “Sir, [Other Province] is an hour behind us. While it’s 4:22 your time, it’s 5:22 our time. That’s why we’re closed and [Admin Staff] has gone home. The only reason I’m still here is that there’s an error with the cash register which I am trying to correct.”

(He was silent for a moment, so I took the opportunity to offer him [Admin Staff]’s direct line number so that he could leave a voicemail for them with the promise that they would get back to him first thing tomorrow. He apologised and thanked me — sounding appropriately ashamed of his behavior — and I sent an email with his name and number to the staff member in question, saying that the guy wanted to get a hold of them. I haven’t heard back, so I’m assuming it all went well.)

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I was working on Reception when a family came in. Mum, Dad and two kids.

Mother: ‘Can we have four for ice skating please?’

Me: ‘It was Ice skating, it has now been converted to Roller Skating and unfortunately it is now shut for the winter as it is outside.’

Mother: ‘But we read on the website that it is open and it is my daughter’s birthday and that is all she wanted to do!’

Me: ‘I wouldn’t rely on the website as they don’t always update it. It is always better to give us a ring first just to check.’

I would point out that, it being outside and weather-dependent, this is what we always recommend to our customers.

Mother: ‘But the website said it was open! My children are going to be very upset and we have driven 40 miles!’

I could see that the children were disappointed but there was nothing I could do. The mother was extremely angry at this point so I backed off.

I checked on the website after they had gone and it clearly said that the rink was closed.

Today I got to work and found the Father had made a complaint about the ‘smug’ Receptionist and that he wanted financial compensation for the fact he had to find something else to do for his daughter’s birthday.

I e-mailed my boss and said if the Father had just phoned to check…

Conversational Heart Failure

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(I have myriad medical issues which give me some bother. I have an appointment with my primary care doctor. This office knows about all of my conditions. I get to the building and ride the elevator to the fourth floor. I get into the office and go to the check-in desk. There are two office workers there. One I know; the other I don’t. The worker who I don’t know goes to check me in and sees I’m breathing quite heavily.)

Worker: “Walk the steps today?”

Me: “No. I have congestive heart failure.” 

(The worker couldn’t get her foot out of her mouth, it was wedged in so deeply. The other worker, the one I knew, just burst out laughing so hard that she spit out part of her sandwich. I did let the first worker off the hook and said I didn’t care what she said. I was not offended at all. It was just too funny.)

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*It’s around 1 o’clock PM on Friday afternoon and I’m answering a phone call on company reception*
ME: [COMPANY NAME], how may I help you?
CALLER: Yes, I wanted to… wait, what did you say?
ME: Emm, [COMPANY NAME]? How may I help you?
CALLER: What? I was calling where? No, I meant to… Oh god, I really need a vacation. Thank you for me waste your time. Good night.

Doesn’t Give A Dan 

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(I work as a receptionist at my family’s business. Occasionally, customers call in to get an order tracked.)

Me: “Good morning. Thank you for calling [Business]. How may I direct your call?”

Customer: “Extension 209.”

Me: “And who’s calling, please?”


Customer: “Hello?”

Me: “Yes, who is calling, please?”

Customer: “I want to talk to [Coworker.].”

Me: “Yes, I understand, but what is your name?”

(It is protocol to get the customer’s name before transferring the call.)

Customer: “Dan.”

Me: “Okay, and from what company?” *also protocol*

Customer: *obviously irritated* “I’m from [Business]. Where else would I be from?”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but we service a lot of different companies. Please hold.”

(I put him on hold and transferred the call to my coworker. She had already talked to him that morning about tracking his order and didn’t have any new information to tell him. For fun, I counted up the number of “Dans” in our system who are listed as the main contact for different companies. There are 189 of them.)

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