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(I’m an assistant, but I also function as a receptionist, as my office has a large window that looks out into the hallway, where there are two other suites for other companies. It’s not uncommon for visitors to approach the window to speak to me, thinking that I’m the receptionist for one of the other companies, in which case I direct them to one of the other suites. One day, a woman exits the elevator, standing right in front of a sign with arrows pointing to the different suites and their companies, before walking over and staring into my window. I get up and go to the door so I can speak with her.)
Woman: I’m [name.]
(She waits, as if I should know who she is.)
Me: Hi. Which company were you looking for?
Woman: I don’t know.
Me: …
Woman: It was supposed to be [suite number].
Me: Oh, that’s right over there. (I point to the door marked clearly with the suite number and company name.)
(The woman looks over at the door and, without a word, walks toward it. However, as she’s walking, she calls back:)
Woman: Don’t you scare me like that!

A Most Unreceptive Receptionist, Part 7

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I’m checking into a hotel for an event. As I’m a guest of honor, the event is paying for my hotel room. My boyfriend is also staying with me, but the room is in my name. I go to the desk.

Receptionist: “Hi there! How can I help you?”

Me: “I’m checking in; it should be under [My Name].”

Receptionist: “Can I see your ID?”

I hand it over. I’m used to the check-in process, as I’ve been a guest at several other events in addition to attending. The receptionist frowns and looks at my boyfriend.

Receptionist: “Can I see your ID, sir?”

Boyfriend: “The room is in her name; why do you need my ID?”

Receptionist: “She’s not showing up. If you don’t show me ID, I can’t check you in.”

Me: “The room is in my name. It was booked with [event]; they said it’s under my name. Is there another way to check?”

Receptionist: “I’ll just get my manager. He’ll tell you the same thing, though.”

She walks to a room behind the desk, then comes back with her manager.

Manager: “If you don’t show ID—”

Me: “She has my ID. The room is in my name. There is no reason I shouldn’t be able to check in.”

Manager: “Let me check, then.”

He takes my ID from the receptionist and then types on the computer. He then hands me my ID and a pair of key cards.

Manager: “Here you are; you’re in room [number]. It looks like my employee misspelled your name in the search.”

Receptionist: “What? No, I typed it right! You’re just making me look bad!”

Manager: “Sure. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, you two. Enjoy your stay.”

We did enjoy the event, but we also did leave feedback about the receptionist. Talking to a few of the other guests, we weren’t the only ones given trouble.

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I’m a receptionist at a youth centre. A common phone call I have to deal with is giving directions to the building and parking. This seemed a typical call but it turned out to be far from it!

Me: Hello this is (youth centre name) This is (my name) speaking. How can I help?

Client: Hello. I’m on my way to your youth centre now, but I’m a bit lost. Please can you give me some directions?

Me: Of course. Do you know the area at all?

Client: a little.

Me: Can you see the (Supermarket?)

Client: I think it’s over there….

Me: Go towards it and at the cross roads turn right. Down on (street name)

Client: I’m just turning around now. I’ve gone past it.

Me: Can you see the pub? It’s on the corner of the street you need to go down.

Client: What’s the pub called?

Me: (name of pub)

Client: I can’t see it….Right, I’m just passing the train station now.

Me: Train station? There’s no train station in (town name) !

Client: (Town name) ?

Me: Yes, this is (Youth centre name) in (town name), Greater Manchester.

Client: Oh, I’m in Birmingham. I think I’ve phoned the wrong youth centre.

I started laughing. He was about 93 miles away from me.

Me: Are you coming to Greater Manchester at all?

Client: Erm, no.

Me: I see. Then you do have the wrong number. Sorry, I can’t really help you.

Client: Of course. Thank you, anyway.

Me: No problem. Good luck. Bye.

I hung up and just sat laughing until my supervisor asked me what had happened. I told her and we spent the rest of the day giggling.

A Most Unreceptive Receptionist, Part 6

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I am job hunting and have just been invited to my first interview. I have also just been awarded my doctorate and am using my new title on my application. When I arrive at the interview, I am asked to sit in a waiting room with a number of other visitors and prospective job candidates. After a while, a receptionist enters.

Receptionist: “Doctor [My Name], they’re ready for you now.”

I stand up.

Me: “That’s me.”

The receptionist looks at me with a puzzled expression.

Receptionist: “Are you sure you’re Doctor [My Name]? Because you don’t look clever.”

Gee, thanks for the confidence boost just before the interview! She did later try to explain that she was expecting somebody more nerdy-looking.

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A Most Unreceptive Receptionist, Part 5

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As a medical receptionist, it’s my job to phone patients to set up appointments. After trying several times to reach one patient to set up a new consult appointment, with no answer, I notify the referring doctor.

Me: “I’ve tried several times to phone this patient, but I get no answer.”

Receptionist: “Did you try her cell number?”

Me: “We don’t have record of a cell number, just the home phone number on the referral letter you sent us.”

Receptionist: “Oh, well, it’s here in her chart.”

Me: “But the referral letter you sent doesn’t have that number, just the home phone number.”

Receptionist: “But it’s in her chart, right here.”

Me: “But you didn’t send us that information when you sent the referral letter.”

Receptionist: “Well, we have a cell phone number. Do you want the number?”

Me: *Inner sigh and facepalm* “Yes. Please give me the cell number.”

Upon reflection, as soon as she said cell number, I should have just asked for the number instead of arguing with her, but still…

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