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(I was coming into a small mom and pop shop that had all the quick convenience items you could need. I just buying a news paper when the customer in front of me was arguing with the owner over a price)

Customer: How the hell could you charge (this price) for cigarettes?!

Owner: Because this is how low the town (we’re in) can sell them for by law

Customer: but I was at this other store and they sold it to me for less than what you are asking for

Owner: Sorry sir I can’t sell them to you for that price or else we lose money then

Customer: *getting more angry and yelling now* I want these cigarettes at this price or else you are losing a customer!

Me: *looking awkwardly back and forth at the customer and owner’s conversation*

Owner: Please sir step aside you are holding up a line

Customer: *looks at me then turns back to face the owner* He can wait, I can’t

Me: *just standing there awkwardly wanting to buy the newspaper*

Owner’s wife: *gestures me over and takes the money for the paper*

Customer: Come on and just sell me that damn cigarettes!

(after I paid I left because it seemed like the customer was going to go crazy and the owner’s wife had the phone in her hand with 911 punched in and just waiting to push the button for the call to go threw)

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On a behind-the-scenes tour of a tropical gallery at the local aquarium, this happened…(I’m female.)
Coworker: We get a lot of our coral from Logan airport as people smuggle it in for exotic fish tanks in the illegal pet trade.
Guest: I didn’t know people did that!
Me: Yeah, I’ve heard stories of guys coming through customs with baby snakes, baby fish, baby parrots stuck in their pants to get through security! I would never do anything like that!
Guest: I know! And it’d hurt for me even more than it would hurt for you!!!!
(reference to male and female anatomy).
Guest: *creepy wink*

Arriving Panting, Not Pantless

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I am not a morning person, but at this point in my life, I was not taking classes and had other part-time jobs that started later in the day, so I was scheduled for five 5:00 am shifts every week at a fast food restaurant. It’s about a 15-minute commute and I value my sleep, so I generally wake up at 4:15 am, shower, get dressed, and go.

One day, I slept through my alarm and woke up at 4:45 am. I jumped out of bed, forwent showering, quickly got dressed, and started driving, intending to call as soon as I hit the road and let the manager know I was late but on my way.

Backing out of the driveway on this autumn morning, I felt colder than I usually do. I looked down to discover that in my haste, I had forgotten to put on pants. I ran back inside, put on said pants, and was back on the road. By this time, it was about ten minutes after five, and my manager called me, instead. Wanting to be hands-free, I put it on speakerphone and yelled, “I’m on my way! I’m late! I had to go back because I forgot my pants!”

I arrived to see a manager and coworkers laughing and teasing me, not understanding how one could forget putting on pants. Luckily, nobody was angry, just amused.

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Money Talks Mistakes

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(I’m at a big box store buying groceries, including pre-packaged bags of different kinds of dried fruit. The most expensive one is orange and white, and the least expensive one is yellow and white; the price difference is fairly significant. The cashier initially scans the cheaper one twice and realizes his mistake.)

Cashier: “Oops, I should probably do this individually. Not that it makes a difference, but just in case!”

(He voids one and correctly scans the second bag. It’s $6 more.)

Cashier: *pause* “I probably should have left it and saved you some money… Sorry!”

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So Sorry That I Have To Protect Your Identity!

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(I’m cashiering at customer service. The customer pays with a credit card, so I ask to see her card to confirm a match to the signature and numbers on the receipt.)

Me: “Ma’am, your card is not signed. May I see your ID?”

Customer: “Oh. No, I’ll sign it right now.” *with her hand out to take the card*

Me: “That’s a good idea, but first, I need to see your ID to check the name on the card.”

Customer: “Give me my card! I told you I’ll sign it right now!”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but I need to see your ID first to be sure the names match.”

Customer: *getting angry* “You’ll see the name matches once I sign the card! Now give it to me!” *attempting to snatch the card out of my hand*

Me: *firm but polite* “Ma’am, once I see your ID and confirm the name, I’ll give you the card back to sign. In fact, it’s a good idea to write ‘Check ID’ on the card so everyone will—”

(The customer threw her wallet across the counter at me, grumbling about me and my persistence. I matched the names and thanked her as I handed back both the wallet and credit card. Her grumbles now included a mocking “thank you” in a rude, childish voice. I offered a cheery “Have a nice day!” as she left. This inspired another bout of grumbling, again loudly mimicking me as she forced through the other customers on her way out.)

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