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I work in a big box store, one that sprawls the nation and is considered one of the biggest retailers in the world. As such, many people believe we have all the technology every other big box retailer does. We do not. I cannot look up receipts using a card, and while I do say no every day to this, this one customer just didn’t understand how that would even work at all.

Customer: Hi, I bought this a few weeks ago. I don’t have the receipt, but I have my store credit card.

Me: Sorry, I can’t look it up by card. You used it to pay?

Customer: No, I used cash.

Me: *Head smashing through desk with the force of The Citadel of Ricks*

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Client: Why is my business listed as vegetarian and not vegan in your directory?

Me: Because Sir, we looked at your website and saw that you serve honey and two dishes with eggs. Are you no longer serving these dishes?

Client: No that’s right – so the restaurant is vegan.

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(I’m at a Target that almost always had employees wearing red, I’m in the stores at the electronics section browsing, I’m 14 at the time wearing cargo pants a blue shirt and no name tag when the following exchange happens)

Stranger 1: Excuse me so you know where the mixers are?

Me: I’m sorry I don’t work here, I thought employees wore red here?

Stranger 1: No no, I swear I saw employees wearing blue so you must work here, where are the mixers?
(At this point I don’t think she understands so I just send her to a random aisle to have her leave me alone)
Me: I’m sorry but I don’t work here I think they are in aisle three though.

Stranger 1:Was that so hard!

(Not more than 15 minutes later)

Stranger 2:Hi do you work here?

Me: No… Someone else just asked me the same question a couple minutes ago…

Stranger 2:Oh sorry it’s just that you are wearing their colors.

Me: …

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Me: Here’s your change and your receipt.
Customer: Ugh, I don’t want the receipt.
Me: Okay, I can recycle it for you!
Customer: Oh, thanks! And can you throw this away from me as well?

(He then places his DAMP, USED TISSUE in my hand and walks away.)

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I work for a wholesale warehouse. I have for 5 years but recently moved to a new location. After I started I kept hearing about this infamous customer who was called “The Box Guy”. (It should be noted that in this company, we do not provide bags for purchases, just boxes). So for years this one guy would come in, buy the same things and go through a line in complete silence. You ask him a standard question “Hello, how are you? Do you need a box?”, he would not answer, just stare into space. Now if you know him you would know that YES, dear God YES, he needs a box. The reason being that he will stay silent and stare into space until everything is in his cart in a box EXACTLY how he wants it. If you’re new, you would have no way of knowing this because he will not say a word the whole time. There is no way of completing his transaction until everything is to his liking in the box (not that you’d know anyway). He will not pay, move or do anything until everything was in a box, exactly how he prefers it. Eventually, if its taking too long or if the cashier is impatient and getting in his face he will BLOW UP and call you every name in the book. If you’re new, this is QUITE the shock. The senior cashiers were used to it, sadly. He had been spoken to on numerous occasions by management, but he will not change.

My one interaction with him months after I transferred to this location (and I was ready for it mind you, I heard the stories) was incredibly painless. He was talking, friendly and boxed his own stuff. Like wtf?? I asked management about it later and it turns out that they said one more outburst and he’s banned from the whole company. However, when I went up to the most senior employee I could find and told them about the friendly interaction all I got was “Guess he finally got medication”.

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