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Me: “Hi, you’ve reached [company name], can I help you?”

Customer: (very angrily) “Yes, I recently purchased some recordings from you, but I can’t use these!!”

Me: “Ok, what seems to be the problem?”

Customer: “I need these recordings to be in an I-P-O-D format! These are in an MP something or other format! They’re totally unusable!”

Me: “Well actually, what you have is an MP3, and it will work on your Ipod or computer…”

Customer: “I was NOT born yesterday! I know these things! These are NOT the right format!”

Customer pauses and I hear mumbling in the background

Customer: (speaking to someone on her end of the line) “Oh, hmm… oh… well… I see…”

Customer: (speaking to me again, in a quieter, slightly sullen tone) “Well, my son says that they actually will work… so I suppose this is ok.”

Me: “Alright, well I’m so glad it will work for you, I hope you have a good day!”

Customer: *mumbles goodbye and hangs up*

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(I’m a front end supervisor and run our service desk, thus I have to answer a lot of customer questions, especially about our coupon policy. We almost always have a coupon available that can be used on most items in our store, but they usually only work on one regular-priced item, and are limited to one coupon per person, per day. I’m called over to a register where a customer is checking out.)

Coworker: “Er… could you come over here for a moment?”
Me: *walking over* “Sure! How can I help?”
Customer: “This coupon is off one item, so shouldn’t it come off these candles?” *points to 3 candles, which are sold individually and are also on sale*
Me: “If they weren’t on sale you could use it on one of them, but our coupons don’t generally work on sale items.”
Customer: “But they’re 3 for $10, that makes them one item!”
Me: “… No, it doesn’t. They’re still 3 items. The coupon is off a single item, not a group of the same item. And besides, they’re on sa-”
Customer: “They’re 3 for $10! That means they’re one item!”
Me: *realizing the customer will not be convinced that 3 items do not suddenly become 1 simply because they’re on sale, I change my tactics* “Regardless, they’re on sale and our coupon doesn’t work on sale items.”
Customer: “Oh, okay.”
Me: *walks away trying not to grimace at the idiocy of some people*

That Comes To Minus One Dollars

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(I work as a cashier at a big chain retailer. I am just finishing up ringing out a customer when they hand me a coupon.)

Customer: “Here you go.”

(The customer hands me a five-dollar-off coupon. I take a look at the total of the items. The total rang up to be around four dollars. I know the coupon won’t work but I scan it, anyway, to show the customer.)

Me: “I’m sorry, but it didn’t work.”

Customer: “I wanted to use it.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but you didn’t spend more than five dollars, so the coupon won’t work.”

(I hand the coupon back to the guest.)

Customer: *in a hushed tone* “This is ridiculous.” *pays for her items and leaves*

(Sorry, but I can’t give you five dollars off for a four-dollar purchase.)

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The Ham & Cheese Tease

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(In our deli, we have to change gloves when switching from handling meat to cheese, but not usually when switching between other cheeses or meats. As a result, our line moves more quickly and we use fewer gloves if we handle one kind of product for as long as possible before switching. This exact conversation happens multiple times each day.)

Me: “Hello, welcome to the deli. Are you getting any cheese today?”

Customer: “Half a pound of ham.”

Me: *after changing gloves and slicing their ham* “Anything else?”

Customer: “A pound of American cheese.”

Me: *changes gloves and slices their cheese while wondering when it became okay to ignore someone once they put on a name tag*

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The True Price Of Tourism

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(I am working at a grocery store where we usually get a lot of tourists. Two men, presumably father and son, walk into the store and buy some items. I ring them up and tell them the price. The father starts to get money out of his wallet when the son puts his hand in front to stop him.)

Father: *in a British accent* “[Son]?”

Son: *with the same accent* “How do you know that that’s the real price? They could be lying.”

(I feel a little offended by that, but before I can say anything, the father talks to me.)

Father: “I am so sorry about this.” *to [Son]* “It’s the actual price.”

Son: “But the tax is included in the price in Britain. They don’t here! How do I know he’s not just pocketing the extra cash?”

(The son sounds frantic now and pulls out a calculator from his pocket that I haven’t seen since the 1990s.)

Father: “I can see the till from here; he’s not scamming you.”

(The son seems relieved and eagerly pays for his items before walking outside chewing on taffy.)

Father: “I am so sorry for this, sir. We just got off the ferry from Salem and a woman at the counter tried selling him a ginger beer for fifteen dollars. I looked there and they didn’t have the prices displayed.”

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