The Adventures Of Cathy, Cleo, And Tara

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(My brother’s boyfriend comes to pick him up for their date. My brother and I share the same room. I’m feeding my new pet tarantula when he walks in.)

Brother’s Boyfriend: “Cool pet.”

Me: “Thanks. Say hello Tara.”

Brother’s Boyfriend: “Tara? Isn’t that a little on the nose?”

Me: “You have a calico named Catherine and an Egyptian Mau named Cleopatra.”

Brother’s Boyfriend: “Touché.”


Rat Chance At Redemption

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(I work in a big-box pet store in the pet care department, meaning I do customer service for people interested in buying the fish, reptiles, birds, and small mammals we sell, and I also take care of those animals. I love all animals, and it’s well-known among my coworkers and managers. I particularly enjoy taking care of the rats. Unfortunately, our suppliers keep and ship them in dreadful conditions, and some animals don’t do too well, obviously. Even more unfortunately, one of our new managers has taken it upon herself to micromanage the animal care, but has no experience in this area. She therefore makes mistakes like not turning away shipments of animals that have skin conditions or other serious health issues. Then, she has the nerve to blame employees for not curing them. She particularly hates me for some reason, even though we both adore rats. One new shipment has a rat that is particularly aggressive. Even after acclimating it, it snarls and tries to bite any human who approaches it. I try to steer clear of it because [Manager] insists that it’s just temperamental and won’t send it back or isolate it. One morning, I open the cage to give the rats food, and the evil rat RUSHES at the door, LEAPS out, and bites my finger hard. I wince as I scoop the rat back up with my non-bleeding hand and put it back in the cage, then go to get cleaned up. My finger is completely sliced open. Of course, the first aid kit is in the manager’s office.)

Manager: *immediately chewing me out* “What were you doing to the rat that it did that to you?”

Me: “I just opened the cage, and it rushed toward me before I could react.”

Manager: “Nonsense. Rats are sweet creatures. You did something wrong. That’s it. I don’t want you near the rats anymore. You’re forbidden from interacting with them.”

(I’m offended, and still bleeding, but gently remind her that I am the only person working in the department that morning and still need to give the rats fresh water and potentially show one to a customer.)

Manager: “They’ll be fine without fresh water until [Coworker] comes in. If a customer wants to buy a rat, come get me.”

(Sighing, I went back to work while nursing my finger. An hour or so later, a family came in, and guess what they wanted to buy? I alerted the manager and accompanied them to the rat cages. [Manager] was going on and on about how gentle and sweet rats are and what great pets they are for children. She opened the cage to retrieve an adorable gray one for the customer to pet; of course, it was the evil rat, who did not take kindly to the family’s cooing and promptly chomped down on [Manager]’s finger. She gasped, turned to look at me, and turned red with fury. The family decided a rat was not a good pet for them. [Manager] was eventually transferred to another store, although she never bothered me again for the remainder of her time at our store.)

Why Don’t You Bunny Hop Out Of Here?

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(At the pet store I work at, we cannot sell bunnies close to Easter for obvious reasons. The same applies to snakes, spiders, and black cats close to Halloween. A few incidents of people bringing them back was too much for the owner. Some customers don’t or refuse to understand this, however. Example #1:)

Man: Hi, can you show me where the bunnies are? I’d like to buy some.”

Coworker: “Sorry, sir, but we’re not allowed to sell rabbits so close to Easter.”

Man:What?! This is ridiculous! I can’t have an Easter party without a d*** rabbit!”

Coworker: “Again, sorry but rules are rules. We had people buying pets in impulse and bringing them back shortly after.”

Man: “So? Who wants animals after they served their purpose?”

(Example #2:)

Customer: “Excuse me, can you show me where the kittens are?”

Me: “Sure, but I hope you weren’t planning on a black cat, since we’re not allowed to sell those during Halloween season.”

Customer: “What?! Without a black cat my decor and costume will be ruined! What about snakes?”

Me: “It’s a no for them and spiders.”

Customer: “Fine! I’ll go to the animal shelter.”

Me: “Pretty sure they have a similar policy.”

This Yard Sale Is The Pits

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(We’re having a yard sale. The family dog has decided she wants to help, so we have her out with us sitting proudly on the lawn, waiting for people to pet her as they come to our house. Her friendliness has been drawing people in. Halfway through the day, a man comes up to us with nothing in his hands to buy.)

Man: “So, how much for the pitbull?”

Me: *thinking he means one of the dog figures we have sitting out* “Which one?”

Man: “That one right there.” *points at my dog* “How much do you want for her?”

Me: “Uh, she’s a family pet. She’s not for sale.”

Man: “Then why do you have her outside at a yard sale?”

Me: “My five-year-old daughter is outside at a yard sale, too, but she’s not for sale, either!”

(I had another family later tell me they’d love to have her and ask if she was for sale. Do people regularly sell their dogs at yard sales or something?)


Rescue Me From This Coworker

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(My mother’s best friend finds a stray cat in an abandoned property and takes it in. When they take it to the vet, they find out she is pregnant, and soon afterwards she has three kittens. My parents decide to adopt one of the kittens. My mom is sharing an adorable video of the kitten with her coworkers just after getting her.)

Coworker: “Did you get her from a rescue?”

Mom: “No, I got her from a friend who rescued her mom when she was pregnant.”

Coworker: “Ugh. I can’t support not getting a kitten through a shelter. Don’t you know there’s thousands of cats looking for homes?”

Mom: “Well, she was looking for a home, too.”

Coworker: “Yes, but this is unethical. Ugh.”

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