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That… Doesn’t Sound Like Enough Olives

, , , , , , , , | Working | June 5, 2023

I work at a chain sandwich shop. Our jerk manager fires a coworker for putting too many olives on sandwiches. How many slices did he put? Like twenty on a foot-long sandwich. How many is the correct number? Five for a foot-long and three for a half-size sandwich.

This leaves just [Manager] and me in the store. He then goes on break for twenty-five minutes while I get slammed with a bunch of customers.

Me: “Can I get some help, please?”

Manager: “No. On break.”

I go on break later that day, and [Manager] gets slammed.

Manager: “[My Name], come back to work.”

Me: “No, on break.”

At the end of my shift, [Manager] informed me that I was being written up. I walked out. I got a call a week later from the owner begging me to come back. Seven of the ten employees had been fired or made to quit by that moron.

Convincing Bad Managers To Be “Resigned” To Their Fates

, , , , , , | Working | CREDIT: smallpersona | June 1, 2023

Last year, I got a job in a huge hotel, and I had the best hotel manager I’ve ever had!

After a few months, she had to resign due to moving to a different city with her family. She started training this new guy to take over. He was very closed-minded, and they clashed when trying to do the handover as he wasn’t really taking in any of what she said.

Maybe a month later, [New Manager] decided to demote me from Front Office Manager and hire a random person to do my job. (I then had to train the new guy, which didn’t make sense, and he never had any hotel experience.)

Another month later, I started getting pulled up by [New Front Office Manager] to talk about the way I was treating guests.

New Front Office Manager: “You’re being too friendly, and it’s creating an unrealistic expectation of how guests will be treated by staff.”

BRO, WHAT?! It honestly was unbelievable.

One example he gave was helping a guest take their luggage to their room. That’s A VERY NORMAL HOTEL THING, but I “wasn’t allowed”.

He started being more and more rude to me over a couple of months, even being degrading in front of hotel guests and residents. (I actually had a few come up to me and advise me that the way he was treating me wasn’t acceptable.) He yelled at me for STILL being too helpful, and he even started getting into arguments with the residents and guests. He brought me to tears a couple of times.

I started keeping note of all the ridiculous things he was doing and started looking for a new job.

I finally found a new job, put my two weeks’ notice in, and started asking for help to put together a letter to send to Human Resources so they could hopefully do something.

Once I left, I finalised the letter and sent it to HR and the CEO. This is what I sent them:

Letter: “Hi there. I just wanted to reach out and just advise of the experiences I had at [Hotel]. I’ve never sent an email like this, so I’m unsure of how to word it.

“I understand that things change within businesses, but I just don’t agree with the way [Hotel] is currently being managed.

“There is zero regard for guests. I have been told that I’m being too friendly and helpful to our guests, which I really don’t understand. I’ve been commended for my customer service skills, and I love making sure the guests have a good experience and remember [Hotel] as a nice, friendly place to stay. But I’ve basically been asked to throw my customer service in the bin. Helping people with enquiries is now just seen as a waste of time.

“I also feel like I’m walking on thin ice whenever I’m working. Some days my Front Office Manager will be in a ‘bad mood’ and raise his voice at me multiple times, to the point that he’s brought me to tears.

“As an example, I was training [Coworker] and needed to go to the bathroom, and [Front Office Manager] wasn’t in the office, so I put the ‘Back in five minutes’ sign up and gave [Coworker] my number to text if anything happened. When I returned from the bathroom, [Front Office Manager] was in the office and asked me to ‘come have a chat’. Then, he proceeded to tell me I should have ‘peed my pants’ if I had to and that I should’ve waited for him to return or called him to advise.

“There are many, many similar situations that have occurred during my time, and looking back, I wish I had kept a journal and made note of every time I and other staff were treated poorly by management.

“Over the past few months, I have personally had residents and guests come to me and advise me that the way management speaks to people (including me) is unacceptable, and I feel helpless in the situation.

“I have decided to move on from [Hotel] for my mental well-being. I really hope this email does not get disregarded. I really enjoyed working at/with [Hotel], and I made friends with owners, residents, and other staff, so it does hurt to leave, but I feel that this is bullying and it needs to be addressed.”

I signed it off with my contact information for any further details they needed.

I didn’t hear anything back for a while until I heard from a friend that worked in another location of the same hotel brand that both the new front office manager and [New Manager] resigned a couple of weeks after I sent my letter. I considered that a win!

They’re Gonna Regret That In The Morning

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I was doing some social media and web design work for a client I knew personally. The password suddenly changed on the web hosting and company email. Then, I couldn’t log in to the Facebook page.

Me: “Hey, did you take me off the Facebook page as an admin?”

Client: “Yes.”

Me: “Why is that?”

No response came, and a few hours later, I was kicked off of Twitter as I was doing some work. Apparently, the password had changed.

Me: “What’s going on?”

No response. After some more time…

Client: “We hired someone else. We’re not willing to pay what you want.”

I was working for free because I wanted to build my portfolio.

Me: “Well, thanks for the opportunity, and I’m sorry it didn’t work out. I would have preferred you talked to me instead of changing the passwords on work as I completed it. Regardless, good luck.”

A little later, I got a text from [Client], who was drunk.

Client: “I tired to talk to you about it when u were here and said he had talked with you we had a lady already doing it he was shocked on what you wanted to charge thanks.”

That Reaction Was A (Pink) Hair Excessive

, , , , , | Working | May 25, 2023

I had a horrible store manager when I worked in a grocery store. I was a transfer, and he was pissed that he didn’t get to interview me because he would have said no.

The store I came from was severely understaffed and hired me even though I had pink hair, which was against policy. I did not know when I applied. I did my best to keep it hidden, which was easy; I wore a bandana and hat because I was in the deli.

The first day, I walked into the new store with my bandana on but no hat because I had forgotten it at the other store when it permanently closed. The deli manager brought it to the new store for me because she transferred, too.

[Manager] lost his mind. He literally followed me to the deli and started yelling the second we were in the back room.

Manager: “What the f*** are you doing?! You will not be f****** working without a hat to cover that hair!”

I said nothing. I just held eye contact with him while another deli employee slowly handed me my hat.

Employee turnover for him was insane. I only lasted five months there before I “dropped out” — just stopped going. That man only spoke to me when he was yelling. He never said a single nice word.

I’m pretty sure it was forced, but he retired a little less than a year later.

Wrecking Business Relationships, Among Other Things

, , , , , , | Working | May 22, 2023

My mom travels a lot for work, and her employees go with her to help. Her best employee went with her on a trip, and they left their cars in a lot run by a company that watches your car while you’re flying to another state.

When my mom and her employee came back to get their cars, the lot manager froze up.

Manager: “Are you [Employee]?”

Employee: “Yeah. Why?”

Manager: “There’s been… an incident.”

Three of his employees were racing in customers’ cars, and the one driving [Employee]’s had completely totaled it. It was f***ed up beyond repair. The three employees were fired immediately and were facing criminal charges.

Mom said she had never seen [Employee] this angry before, but she was also so pissed off that all she could do was stand there and cry and laugh at the same time while looking at her car, which was completely destroyed and obviously totaled.

This was ten years ago. [Employee] won the lawsuit against the company and the former employee responsible, and she now has a new car. Mom has flat-out refused to do business with that company since, and the company she works for cut ties with them after the incident and closed the business account.