Raising A Child That Gives A Crap

, , , , | UT, USA | Hopeless | April 1, 2016

(I’m walking through a big dog park, where people often leave their used dog bags behind them, and it gets kind of gross over time. I see a mom bag up her dog’s poop, and then drop the bag on the trail.)

Four-Year-Old Son: “Mommy, you forgot the bag.”

Mom: “Oh, honey, we’ll get it on the way back out.”

Four-Year-Old Son: “But we need to throw it away.”

Mom: “It’s too far to the next trash can. We’ll get it later.”

Four-Year-Old Son: “But Mommy, we can’t just leave poopy behind.” *picks up the bag and hands it to his mom* “We’ll find a trash can soon.”

Pets & Animals Themed Giveaway Roundup

, , | Not Always Related | Related | September 15, 2013

Pets & Animals Themed Giveaway Roundup! Here’s a final roundup of stories from last month’s themed giveaway!

  1. Not Quite Feline The Climb (725 thumbs up)
  2. Kidnapping And Caught Napping (419 thumbs up)
  3. Ponies Are Scary, And That Is Straight From The Horse’s Mouth (587 thumbs up)
  4. The Dogs And The Bees (425 thumbs up)
  5. Aping Mankind (450 thumbs up)
  6. Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks (439 thumbs up)
  7. The Slug Is Being Sluggish (400 thumbs up)
  8. Pigeon-Holing The Answer (372 thumbs up)
  9. Not A People Person (411 thumbs up)
  10. Asking With Puppy Dog Eyes (433 thumbs up)

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6 Funny Vet Stories Where The Customer Is Not Always Right

, | Not Always Right | Right | August 25, 2013

Weekly Roundup: At The Vet! In this week’s roundup, we share five stories that occur at the veterinarian!

  1. So Dumb It Hurts (6,719 thumbs up)
  2. The Dog Isn’t The One That Needs To Get Neutered (3,717 thumbs up)
  3. Going Bananas (6,864 thumbs up)
  4. Ah, The Wonders Of Osmosis (2,326 thumbs up)
  5. And Here’s To You, Fido Robinson (3,564 thumbs up)

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Weekly Roundup: Cat-astrophic Customers

, | Not Always Right | Right | January 13, 2013

Cat-astrophic Customers! U can haz LOL (& OMG) with this week’s selection of cat-themed customer stories!

  1. No Paws For Thought (4,465 thumbs up)
    We’re not sure what’s more desperate: the bus passenger who can’t bring her cat, or the employee who can’t hang up on her!
  2. Curiosity Feeds The Cat (2,340 thumbs up)
    What a meow-ron: No, your cat doesn’t need to match the one on the cat food packaging.
  3. Models Are Always Catty (3,051 thumbs up)
    We all think our cats are model kitties, but this picky customer thinks cats literally come in models!
  4. A Victim Of Fur-Ball Abuse (2,704 thumbs up)
    This ridiculous owner is definitely “fanciful” if she thinks she can exchange cats willy-nilly.
  5. Not Quite The Cat’s Meow (3,977 thumbs up)
    Strays deserve love, too—but customers need to ensure they’re the correct species first!

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Weekly Roundup: Animals!

, | Not Always Right | Right | December 9, 2012

Animals! This week, we feature five stories with customers involving animals!

  1. When Stupid People Attack (4,941 Thumbs Up)
    Nothing can go wrong when a bored zoo visitor asks to poke a thousand-pound bear with a stick. Nothing at all!
  2. Hiss-terical Contest (3,892 Thumbs Up)
    If you’re gonna challenge an animal to a staring contest, it’s best to make sure they have eyelids first.
  3. Goldilocks Is Better Off With The Bears (2,642 Thumbs Up)
    These camping parents’ understanding of childcare is nearly un-bear-able!
  4. Suffering From A Reptile Dysfunction (1,641 Thumbs Up)
    “There be dragons” is taken at face value by this conservatory visitor.
  5. Customer’s A Real Dodo (2,501 Thumbs Up)
    Some pet store customers can be dodo-heads when it comes to extinct creatures!

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