A Large Idiot

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(This customer comes through the drive-thru.)

Customer: “Hello. I’d like an iced capp, please.”

Me: “What size would you like?”

Customer: *raises his voice* “An iced capp.”

Me: “Okay, sir. What size would you like?”

Customer: *practically yelling* “What’s so f****** difficult to understand? I want a f****** iced capp.”

Me: *I raise my voice a little* “Okay, sir. I understand you want an iced capp, but what size would you like?”

Customer: “Oh, uh… large.”

(When he drove up to the window, he was completely silent and said nothing to the cashier.)

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(I’m a customer at a mall fast food outlet. The man in front of me has just received his food, and stomped back up to the counter holding his receipt.)

Man: “Why was I charged for sales tax twice!?” *shoves receipt in cashier’s face*

Cashier: “You weren’t, it just comes up that way because—”

Man: *irate* “It has it twice! You’re ripping me off, that’s f****** bull-s***! Give me my f****** money back! Where’s your manager?”

Cashier: “He’s not here, but the receipt only says that because—”

Man: *tries to grab other employee* “You! Are you the manager!? This is f****** bulls-s***! You’re ripping me off!”

Employee: *steps back* “It’s because you’re charged both federal and provincial tax, it has nothing to do with us.”

Man: “Well, that’s f****** stupid! If you want my business you’ll take that tax off! It’s bull-s***!”

Employee: *calm* “I agree. The election is shouldn’t be too far away if you want to do something about it.”

Man: *speechless for a few moments* “Fine!” *as he’s storming off* “These people are a bunch of f****** con artists!”

Employee: *smiles and waves* “If you voted for [Party], it’s your own f****** fault!”

Cashier: *shocked laughter* “Um, how can I help you?”

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We have a 10-year-old fancy dryer. It worked well for a long time and last year the belt busted and we had it replaced. Lo and behold a year later it goes again.

We called the supplier and tell them what had happened and explained that it seemed to be the same problem and it would probably need a new belt again. However, the repairman was sent without knowledge of that information and arrived without the part. Sure enough, we did need that part so in the end they took $180 from my grandmother from two visits. We figured it was all worth it if we can get some laundry done while we wait for our new machines that we ended up buying halfway through the wait out of frustration. (Initially we thought we would keep the repaired dryer and the new set).

Except because the part is as old as the machine it breaks again after one load.

So my mom calls the call center (which was closed on the weekend) on Monday and talks to someone reading from a script. A script that boils down to “tough beans we have your money and it isn’t our responsibility to be honest with you and tell you the truth about whether or not you should have it repaired”.

She then talks to the repair company who was hired by appliance company and learns that they are payed only a portion of the amount and that the appliance people keep most of the money and if we had talked to them directly they would have advised us of the road we were headed down.

She calls back the appliance company and speaks to another person who reads from the same script. Eventually my mom moves up to the supervisor who commences by reading the same script and states quite clearly that they are unable to help us further and that they have our money and that is all that matters. They could care less that they took $180 dollars from a senior on a repair that never should have been done.

Moral of the story: There is a reason why they brag that their repair department is underused.

Truly Sickening Imagery

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(I don’t think this series of text messages from an employee — who didn’t last too long, by the way — to our boss needs much commentary.)

Employee: “I can’t come into work today. My dog is really sick, and I need to take her to the vet.”

Employee: *texts photo of a pile of dog vomit*

They Totally Mismanaged That

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(There is a notice up in the back room for people to apply to a manager position. I am currently an associate, but I have been working at the company for a year while most other employees are brand new. I don’t want to become a manager, though, and the deadline passes with only new people applying. Two days past the deadline, the current manager pulls me aside.)

Manager: “Hey, [My Name], why didn’t you apply?”

Me: “Oh, I’m taking summer school and I’m worried about not being able to balance the two well.”

(She pulls me out for these talks for the next two days until she eventually convinces me I can do it. I submit my application, and two weeks later I get a phone call.)

Manager: “Hey, [My Name], we didn’t go with you for the manager position, but you can reapply in July.”

Me: “Oh, okay… Can I ask why? I mean, you asked me personally for two days to apply, so…”

Manager: “Well, we were worried you’d be so focused on school that you wouldn’t be able to give it your all at the store.”

Me: “Sure, that makes sense, but… I mean… when you asked me to apply, I told you I had summer school, yet you still asked me to apply.”

Manager: “Yeah, I guess I did… Oh, well, sorry about that.”

(I quit two months later because the new manager they hired who “had more time to focus on the store” ended up being a huge screw-up.)

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