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(I work in an electronics store which is located inside a mall. there are signs on the mall’s exterior wall for the stores that are inside. The sign for our store, and for a sports store two stores down from us, are next to each other. A man comes into our store and looks around confused)

Customer: It’s *sports store* in here?

Me: Yes.

Customer: (looking further inside our store) Where? I don’t see it anywhere.

Me: Um, it’s two stores down.

Customer: What?

Me: It’s two stores down. It’s just past the hair place.

Customer: What?

Me: (pointing to the hall) it’s two stores down.

Customer: Oh I thought it was in here! You should change your sign outside! It looks like *sports store* is inside this store!

(After he leaves, a coworker comes up)

Corworker: He couldn’t just walk 20 feet down the hall, he had to come into the first store asking where it was?

Me: No, he thought it was IN OUR store

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Customer: What’s the difference between these two papers?

Me: The paper itself is actually the same, they’re just forested differently.

Customer: So what’s the difference?

Me: The paper with the green stripe on the package is forested in a more environmentally friendly way, and the one with the yellow stripe isn’t. But the paper itself is actually exactly the same.

Customer: So why is this one cheaper?

Me: Because it’s on sale.

Customer: So there’s no difference?

Me: Not in the actual quality of the paper, no. Just the way it’s forested.

(Customer’s friend comes up)

Customer’s friend: What’s the difference between the papers?

Customer: I don’t know.

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Me: Do you have air miles?

Customer: No. (turns to man behind her) Do you have air miles?

Man: No

Customer: You don’t want to get points?

Man: um, no, I don’t have air miles.

Customer: (to me) Weird. He doesn’t want to use his air miles.

Not Banking On This Level Of Stupidity

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(I work in an airport.)

Me: “Okay, so, you declared that you have more than $10,000 dollars on your person.”

Passenger: “Yes. It’s for work; I’m a television producer.”

(After a few more questions and proof of the validity of the money, I decide to take him into a room to count it.)

Me: “I’m going to take you to a secure counting room to count it all.”

Passenger: “What? It’s just on my card.”

Me: “What?”

(The passenger takes out his credit card and waves it.)

Passenger: “I have more than $10,000 in the bank.”

Cuteness Overload

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(One of my aunts is a high school teacher. One day, she wakes up with a bad case of butterfingers.)

Aunt: *after the third time dropping something in the same class* “It’s a good thing I’m cute!”

(Toward the end of class, she launches into a detailed explanation of what the next assignment is, when it’s due, and other fun details. When she finishes:)

Student #1: “Um, wait… What’s the assignment about?”

Aunt: *gives him a Mom Stare* “It’s a good thing you’re cute!”

Student #1: “What?”

Student #2: “I think she just called you stupid.”

Student #1: “Why?”

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