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(One of the game stores in my town is very casual and has a lot of friendly regulars they know by first name, myself included. I’m browsing and talking to the staff when another regular comes in with a styrofoam box. I don’t want to perpetuate stereotypes, but he had the smell of someone who was on a 10-day gaming binge.)

Regular: How’s it going?

Staff: Good, how about yourself?

Regular: Good! *makes small talk for a little bit* Hey, do you mind if I eat my lunch in here?

Staff: Um, I guess? I don’t think we have rules about that one way or the other, so… sure?

Regular: Okay! Thanks!

(The guy then pulls out barbeque chicken wings and eat them. They have a pretty hefty stench, which adds to the BO. I don’t have a good sense of smell, and even I tell to stay away from the corner he’s in. I leave shortly after, and come back the next day. Now there’s some incense burning in the corner.)

Me: Hey, so when did the owner’s become okay with burning incense in the store?

Staff:… um, y’know, we just wanted to make the place smell nice… and, uh…

Me: Oh, I thought it was the dude who wreaked of BO and ate horrendous-smelling barbeque wings in here yesterday.

Staff: Oh my God thank you. I was trying to be nice, but seriously, that was gross.

Me: I think you might need a ‘no food’ policy.

Staff: I think we might do that.

(To be fair, he wasn’t rude or anything, but I just don’t think he was aware of the odour he was creating. If you’re going to eat smelly food, please do it where it isn’t going to bother anyone.)

Has Some Serious Bag Baggage, Part 5

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I’m in line waiting to buy a lottery ticket. The man ahead of me will be the next person at the register, but he’s huffing and puffing and loudly setting his two items down on the shelf next to him as he waits for the cashier to serve her current customer.

Customer: “Can you get another person on a register?”

The cashier calls for her coworker, who arrives promptly. The man moves to her. A few seconds later, it’s my turn at the first register, so I stop paying attention to everything else and pay for my ticket. I move off to near the exit to fold my ticket up into my wallet.

Cashier: “Excuse me, sir, bags are five cents each. That’s why I asked if you wanted any.”

I look up to see that the impatient man has moved to an empty cashier station and is struggling with a plastic bag.

Customer: “I’m not paying for a bag.”

Cashier: “Then don’t use one.”

Customer: “Cheapo. I’ll be sure never to come here again!”

The man walked off with his two items in his hands, leaving the bag off its hooks. I went to put it back, only to find a huge rip in it.

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I worked at the largest theme park in Canada in 2016 in a shop at the Water Park.

Coworker: [My name] can you help me. Our machine won’t accept this guest’s card.

Me: They’ve probably hit their limit. Let me see.

As I follow my coworker to the register I see a very tall man looking very agitated. I pray he isn’t the guest but, of course, he is.

Customer: *with accent* I don’t know what’s going on?

Coworker: Do you think it’s because his card is in French?

Me: What? Can I see your credit card please, sir?

He passes me the card and it is in a language that is definitely not French.

Me: Are you visiting from somewhere?

Customer: Sweden.

Me: Ohh..did you tell your bank you were coming here by any chance?

Customer: No…can’t they track me?

Me: Well they can track the card but they don’t know whose using it.

Customer: Ohhhh…can I use your store phone to call them?

Me: Sure. As long as they have a branch in Canada you should be fine.

Customer: Sure, yes, yes.

I pass him the phone and he comes back much too fast to have called his bank.

Customer: The phone isn’t working.

Me: Let me try. *goes to phone* what’s the number?

Customer gives me an area code I am not familiar with.

Me: Does the bank have a location in Canada?

Customer: No, don’t be stupid. I’m Swedish!

Me: Okay well I’m sorry but our phone will not call Sweden. We can put your items on hold for you until you have other means of payment. Do you have a traveller’s cheque?

Customer: (mumbles words in Swedish and then very loudly says STUPID AMERICANS! and storms out)

Coworker: Okay I know we look and sound like Americans but he is literally in [Theme Park with Canada in its name]. Like how much more obvious do we have to be?

You’ll Be Sorry You Asked For Sorry

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I am working customer service when a customer comes up to complain about a policy issue, something I have no control over and can do nothing about.

Me: *Smiling politely* “I’m so sorry, but that is the store policy—”

Customer: *Interrupting me* “You don’t look very sorry with that smile!”

I instantly lose the smile, put a devastated expression on my face, and start speaking with a shaky, trembling voice, as if I’m about to burst out crying.

Me: “I… I am so terribly, terribly, sorry, sir. I wish there was something I could do. I feel utterly dreadful that I am forced to treat you this way… but I have no power in this situation.”

The customer stares at me in complete shock, jaw-dropping open.

I can’t keep a straight face and start laughing. Fortunately for me, the customer joins in.

Customer: “Wow, you should be an actress!”

Me: “Did I look sorry enough for you?” *Smiles brightly* “It’s true, though; I really don’t have any control of the situation. If you want to complain to the head office, I’ll give you the number.”

Customer: “No, but thanks for the laugh!” *Leaves with a smile*

If you can make them laugh, they can’t stay mad at you.

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I work in a showroom that sells bathroom fixtures and accessories, we have people come in that are planning on a remodel, or building a new home and want to check out the products. I get so many stupid questions:
Customer #1 – “so when you say 60″ in length, is that how long it is?”
Customer #2 – “what is the difference between left and right hand drain?”, Me: “that is the side that the drain and plumbing is on”, Customer: “how do I know which side I need”
Customer #3 – “I’m looking for a 5 foot vanity”, me: yes, here are our 60″ vanities” customer: I don’t think you understand I want 5 feet. me: “yes, 5 feet and 60 inches are the same measurement” Customer: “no they’re not, everyone know feet are bigger than inches!”