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(I am buying some snacks at a convenience store in a rough neighbourhood that sells hot dogs. I look over and see a large man drop a hot dog on the floor. I also see three other dirty hot dogs on a nearby counter, so this isn’t his first dropped hot dog. He goes to pay for his hot dog (the fourth and last one) with me behind him in line.)

Customer: Here you go *hands cashier some change*

Cashier: This isn’t enough.

Customer: What do you mean!?

Cashier: You need to pay for the other three you dropped too.


(As he says that he drops the hot dog he’s holding.)


Cashier: How was I responsible for that?

Customer: You were distracting me!

Cashier: *sighs* That’s five hot dogs you’re going to pay for.

Customer: THERE’S NONE LEFT! Make me another!

Cashier: I don’t have any more hot dogs in the store. They’ve all been dropped on the floor. That’ll be $10.50.

(At this point the cashier beckons me to pay for my things and I walk over. All of a sudden two other people, the customer’s friends, jump out from somewhere else in the store and stand behind him, over my shoulder, to shout out the cashier.)

Customer’s friend #1: Who do you think you are!?

Customer’s friend #2: You’re just robbing poor people!

Customer: You’re a FUCKING THIEF!

Cashier: Leave now, before I call the cops.

(I left as soon as I could, and watched through the window as the three muscular men continued to shout at the cashier. I hope he did call the cops.)

Peroxide Defied

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(Throughout university, I work in a health-food store. The supplement section of the store sells hydrogen peroxide for cleaning purposes. In order to buy it, you have to submit your name, phone number, and driver’s license number, as Canadian law dictates this information must be acquired for concentrations of 30% or more. Ours is 35%.)

Customer #1: *drops a bottle of hydrogen peroxide on the counter* “Just this, please.”

Me: “Okay, sir, but I’m going to need to grab some information before I complete the transaction.”

Customer #1: “What, why?!”

Me: “Hydrogen peroxide is regulated by the federal government; we need to collect information for concentrations 30% and above. It’s just your name, phone number, and driver’s license number.”

Customer #1: “That’s bulls***! I can go to [Home Improvement Store] and buy as many as I want and they don’t ask me for s***!”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but I’m legally required to collect this information in order to sell this to you. If you don’t give me the information, then I can’t sell it to you.”

Customer #1: “F*** you. This is a stupid f****** policy and I’m not giving you my f****** information. No one else ever asks for this information. I’m never coming back to this f****** store again!” *storms out*

(I turn to the next customer in line to apologize, and she has a look of utter bewilderment on her face and then looks at me.)

Customer #2: “What the f*** was his problem?! Does he not understand that it’s the law?!

Me: “Apparently not, but this is not the first time people have gotten upset.”

Customer #2: “Well, f*** him. Good for you staying so calm; you handle yourself very well!”

(We both laughed at how [Customer #1] had acted, and I thanked [Customer #2] for her patience. While I have since left that job for something in my career field, it still baffles me that people would be so rude to someone following the law, let alone asking for just some very basic information.)

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Step One: Read ALL The Letters In Each Word

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My mobile provider had a Cyber Monday sale. The offer was only valid online. I had some questions, so I tried to log in to the chat function. I had two mandatory fields: name and contract number.

I finally figured out my contract number… and the field wouldn’t accept it. Frustrated, I turned to Twitter to get help. It took a couple of minutes, and then I was informed that it was “contact number,” not “contract number.”


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Taxing Faxing, Part 26

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Customer: “How much is faxing?”

Me: “It’s $1.50 a page for local and $2 a page for long distance.”

Customer: “It’s going to [Town].”

Me: “That would be long distance.”

Customer: *making a sour face and shaking his head* “No. Noooooo, no way. That’s not long distance.”

Me: “Why did you ask me, then?”

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Blame Canada! Part 9

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(This takes place over the phone.)

Customer: “Yeah, I’m looking at a product on your website and I want to know if you have it in stock.”

Me: “Sure, do you have an item number?”

Customer: *reads number*

Me: “Okay, so you’re looking for [item]?”

Customer: “No, I want [completely different item]!”

Me: “Oh, that’s weird. Maybe I heard you wrong. Can you repeat the item number for me?”

(He repeats the item number but the incorrect item is showing up on our system. I try on our website and get the same item again.)

Me: “Okay, I’m going to try searching for it by the product name, instead.” 

(I search by product name but nothing comes up in the search.)

Me: “Are you sure you’re on our website?”

Customer: “Yes.”

Me: “Are you on ‘.com’ or ‘.ca’?”

Customer: “I’m on ‘.com’.”

Me: “That’s the American website.”

Customer: “So?”

Me: “So, that’s an item that the American stores have, but we don’t seem to have it here.”

Customer: “Can you order it for me?”

Me: “No, I’m sorry, we can’t.”

Customer: “But it’s the same company!”

Me: “We’re the same company, but it’s run separately in each country. We’re not really connected. You could probably find it on [Online Retailer] or something.”

Customer: “Why can’t I just buy it from the American website?”

Me: “You could, but you’d have to take into account the dollar exchange and the shipping cost, and you’d probably have to pay duties on it.”

Customer: “Yeah, that’s why I want you to order it for me! Just order it off the website for me.”

Me: “I can’t do that.”

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