They’ll Be Out Of Your Hair In A Minute

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(I have just finished ringing up a rather normal-looking customer. I have my hair colored bright red.)

Me: “Here’s your receipt. Have a nice day.”

Customer: “Uh, um…”

Me: “Yes?”

(He looks around nervously, then looks at me very seriously.)

Customer: “Please don’t think this is weird! It’s good luck for me!”

(I instinctively reach for the intercom to call for a manager. As I do this he leans across the register and ruffles my hair and laughs for a good five seconds, leaving me absolutely stunned.)

Customer: “That’s good luck for me! Thank you!”

(He walks off happily and I stand there, still unsure of what just happened. The next customer, an elderly woman, walks up to me.)

Customer #2: “Honey, are you okay? Should I call someone or something?”

Me: “I… have no idea. I really don’t know what that was.”

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I am a sales associate at [a store that specializes in bras and panties]. My coworker was helping 2 women look for a bra. Please note that our store is very organized and that all the bras are sized and colorized in drawers.

Woman 1: I need a [size] that doesn’t have padding
Woman 2: What colors do you have?
Coworker: *opens the drawer to her size to show the color selection we have*
Woman 1: *takes a few bras out but decides she doesn’t like them anymore*
Woman 2: *turns to me standing nearby and puts the bras in front of me* Here, honey, clean this up*
Me: …
Coworker: …
Women: *walk away*

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(I work at a retail store that gives away gift cards twice a year with a $10 purchase that could be worth up to $500)
Me: “Just so you know, you’re also getting a [store] rewards-”
Customer: “No. I don’t want it,”
Me: “But it’s a-”
Customer: “I don’t want it”
Me: “It’s free. It’s a gift card”
Customer: “….”
Me: “*puts card in her bag* Have a nice day”
Customer: *rolls eyes*

Their Ignorance Is Glutinous Maximus

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(I have Celiac Disease, which means I have to be on a STRICT gluten-free diet. I’m very careful when researching what I can and can’t have. One night, my dad stops on the way home at a well-known burger chain.)

Dad: “I need a [popular burger] with no bun; my daughter has a severe gluten allergy.”

Worker: “Oh, so, she doesn’t want the bottom bread?”

Dad: “No… She wants no bread whatsoever. She’s allergic to it. It will make her sick.”

Worker: “No, no, the top bun doesn’t have gluten in it! Only the bottom.”

Dad: “My daughter cannot have any bread and her burger cannot touch any bread or she will have a reaction. I don’t care what you think. Don’t put a top bun anywhere near her food.”

Worker: *begrudgingly* “Fine, then… but I know what I’m talking about. Top buns are totally fine.”

(My burger came bun-less. I still had a reaction.)

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Customer: *places down a ticket and some money on the counter*
Me: *seeing the ticket does NOT belong to my parents’ dry cleaners* Phone number, please?
Customer: *gives her number*
Me: *finding no record* Do you have another number?
Customer: *gives another number*
Me: *finding her account* You don’t have anything to pick up.
Customer: *gives the first number*
Me: There’s no record of that number in our system.
Customer: *showing me her ticket, in demanding/outraged voice* How can you not when I have a ticket right here?
Me: *pointing to the sign above my head* Because we’re the New French Cleaners. Not Wet and Dry Cleaners.
Customer: *awkwardly* Oh….. *stands at the counter for few more seconds before walking out*

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