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(I used to work in a food court of a popular retail store. People sometimes try to pay food with their EBT or SNAP card which is a federal funded program, however, most of our selections are not accepted by SNAP as our food is processed fast food. There is a button on the register to allow an item to be accepted for SNAP if the cashier believes it is SNAP worthy, but I rarely push that button in food avenue. A woman one day walks in and insists that she uses her SNAP card on an ICEE for her kid, which is a slurpee)

Woman: Don’t worry, I’ve done it at the other [retail store across town], they always let me do it. All you have to do is push the button that accepts items.

Me: (Plays dumb) What button? I can’t change anything. Only the machine decides if it’s okay or not.

(I am not letting this woman abuse her government funded money to buy her kid a sugary drink. That money is used for people who need it and she doesn’t *need* an ICEE.)

Woman: (Gets really angry) I do it all the time at the other store!

Me: But ma’am, no such button exists here.

Woman: Are you new?

Me: (Hate it when people who don’t get their way would believe it’s because I am new) I’ve worked here for five years, I know our policy AND the governments policy. If it doesn’t accept it, it doesn’t accept it. Maybe it works on the registers over there, but not here.

(Finally, I let her try it, but as the soon as my screen shows the ‘Were there any items missing for SNAP’ page, I quickly press next and show her the screen. The woman complains and I get my supervisor, hoping she forgets how SNAP works because she would just give the woman what she wants to have her stop complaining. My supervisor sees my payment screen and tells the woman there is nothing here about an acceptance button. My supervisor leaves.)

Woman: (Very angry)

Kid: (Starts crying)

Woman: See what you have done! It’s because of YOU he’s not getting an ICEE!

Me: (Silence, but holding my head up high)

(She gets an apple juice box, which is accepted by SNAP and leaves in a huff while yelling at me. While I was yelled at during the whole ordeal, I not only stood up for myself, but I didn’t allow her to abuse the SNAP card. People like her give people who have food stamps a bad name.)

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(Slurpee’s cost extra, so we ask every single time if a person wants a soda or a slurpee, because unfortunately both machines are out in the dining area and we have to make the money on the slurpee or it comes out of our pocket. A man comes in and orders a combo meal.)

Man: And I would like a drink.

Me: Would you like a soda or a slurpee?

Man: (Becomes irritated) I *SAID* I want a drink!


(This was before I stood up for myself and was afraid to tell him that a slurpee is also a drink. I ring him up for a soda, believing that maybe he doesn’t understand what a slurpee is. Thankfully, he gets a soda or I would have had to paid the extra.)

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I work in a mall food court at a burger stand that sells gourmet hamburgers. Our prices are expensive (10$+ for combo meals) and we have prices listed on the menu, on the customer register screen, and we are required to verbally inform customers of prices. This exchange happens a minute after my cashier had rung up a teenage girls order. The girl and her friend approached me as I was cleaning the counter.
Girl’s friend: “uh, she ain’t want her food no more.”
Me: “has she received her food yet?”
Girl’s friend: “nah she just ain’t want it no more.”
(We’ve always had issues of people regretting how much they’ve spent, but once the order is placed we cannot refund them when there is nothing wrong with their order. We make food fresh to order and we do not like wasting our product).
Me: “if you look at the bottom of your receipt, you’ll notice that it says ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Your order will be up momentarily, thank you and have a good day”. And I turned away and continued cleaning.

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[I work in a food court in a mall and I’m on my lunch break, walking to a table after I’d just ordered food. I walk past a group of 3 girls who are throwing their cups up in the air and letting it spill all over the table. I watch this for a minute before walking over]
Me: “You do know someone has to clean this sh*t up after you, right?”
Girl 1: “Yeah?”
Girl 2: “We’re just doing this challenge we saw.”
Me: “Okay? Good for you, not only does the janitors have to clean up the already super messy food court, they have to clean this up.” [makes an exaggerated gesture to the mess all over the table]
Girl 3: “But, it’s their job.” [Looks at me like I’m a moron]
Me: “Yeah, and I hope one day no one makes your future job this hard for you.” [Obviously I say this as sarcastically as I can because at this point I’m very salty and I hope someone gives these girls hell in the future.]
Girl 2: [detecting my salt] “I think we should go.” [The other 2 nod and agree, then get up and leave. A janitor walks by and sees the mess and I grab rags from my work and try and dry the table up as much as I can. I seriously hope that janitor had a better rest of the day.]

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(I over heard this whole at a mall pretzel place)

Woman: Excuse me! Where is your manager? I can’t eat this! *holding up a pretzel*
Manager: What’s wrong, ma’am?
Woman: I can’t eat this! It’s too salty! To bready! To buttery!
Manager: *looking slightly dumbstruck* Ma’am it is a pretzel.
Woman: *looks at the manager as though she had been insulted, throws the pretzel on the counter and leaves*