Coupon Contamination

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I am a teenager working at a craft store, manning the till. We no longer take paper coupons due to potential contamination issues. Most customers have their coupons on their phones, and while people have paper coupons with them and we occasionally have one behind the register, we aren’t allowed to give out coupons unless we are unable to scan the ones they bring or we are authorized to.

[Customer #1] comes up to buy a handful of items.

Me: “Hi! Welcome to [Store]; how are you?”

I ring her few items up. She takes out her phone and scrolls through it, looking for coupons. She has five items, one that is 80% off and the other four being full-priced items under $3. She keeps looking before leaning on another register. The line gets longer, so I call for backup. Two coworkers come up, and [Customer #1] moves back to my register as the one she is leaning on is now in use.

Customer #1: “Do you have any coupons?”

Me: “We do have a coupon for [Discount] on [Store Website].”

Customer #1: “You don’t have any back there that you can give me?”

Me: “Unfortunately, no. Customers have to have their coupons with them.”

As I say this, my coworker rings up [Customer #2] and uses a discount coupon on one item, which would not have done much for a [Customer #1]. I did not see where that coupon came from.

Customer #1: “You really don’t have any back there?”

I have one but it isn’t scanning, nor would it help.

Me: “No, sorry.”

[Customer #1] gets irritated at this point.

Customer #1: “Fine, I’ll just buy it, then.”

Me: “…”

Customer #1: “I guess I’m just not the right customer to get coupons, huh.”

[Customer #1] is quiet for the rest of the transaction, snatching the bag and the receipt from me when I hand it to her and not responding when I tell her to have a nice day. She stomps out.

Me: *Thinking* “You think I’m biased against you and won’t give you coupons when you… don’t have them?”

Thank God we wear masks. I don’t think I would’ve been able to keep a fake smile for all of that!

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All Rent Out Of Shape, Part 2

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This might be an “Am I The A**hole?” moment.

I work in the office of an apartment building. Due to recent events, we have several of our renters “on hold” as far as rent is concerned, with plans to work out payment options as things get back to normal. The apartment owners have been very understanding about the whole thing and are very willing to work with renters in this troubling time.

However, one of the precautions we’ve taken is that we are only fulfilling emergency maintenance orders — things like sudden leaks, sparking outlets, or other issues that would be actually dangerous to leave untreated. All others we are holding off on until it is safer.

I answer a call.

Me: “Hello, this is [Apartment]. How can I help you today?”

Caller: “When is the maintenance guy getting here?!”

I vaguely recognize their voice.

Me: “I’m so sorry; I don’t think we have anyone scheduled as coming out today. What was the emergency?”

Caller: “My door!”

This jogs my memory a bit, and I page through to an email that came in over the weekend.

Me: “Mrs. [Caller]?”

Caller: “Yes! When is he getting here to fix my door?!”

Me: “Unfortunately, as we stated in our response to your request, a squeaking door hinge is not considered to be a valid emergency at this time, and so is not something that we can have someone come out to fix. You could—”

Caller: “Unacceptable! That’s is not acceptable! I pay you [slurs] a lot of money; you should be jumping to get this fixed!”

Me: *Not really thinking* “Oh, really? I didn’t know you’d started paying rent again.”

There was dead silence on the other side before she followed with an angry wordless shout and then hung up. I feel somewhat bad for calling her out, but on the other hand, she really isn’t paying anything to stay here right now, so I don’t think she really has grounds to be demanding that people come and risk exposure for something like a squeaky door.

All Rent Out Of Shape

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You Jinxed It

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My boyfriend and I go out to eat at a restaurant that has the wait-staff work in teams; i.e., rather than one person working a set of eight tables, it’s two people working the same set of sixteen. We always get great service when we come here and take an extra minute or so to thank them; this time, though…

Us: “Thank you so much for everything, and let the cooks know that the food was perfect; it was like they came out and asked us exactly how we wanted it.”

Waitress: “Oh, thank you so much! We always end up hearing the bad more than the good, so it’s really refreshing to be getting compliments for once.”

Me: “Oh, it can’t be that bad.”

Boyfriend: “Yeah, it’s not like people are screaming or—”

The customer in the booth across from us suddenly yells out, interrupting us.

Customer: “Hey, some of us are trying to get some service over here! Stop acting like a hussy and flirting with the boys and do your job!”

Waitress: “Oh, um…”

Us: “Go ahead, don’t worry about us!”

About three seconds later, we heard the other girl on the team being berated on our OTHER side for some other minor inconvenience. We left both of them a good tip!

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The Karenovirus Is Real

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It only took about a year and a half of being a Not Always Right reader for me to finally run into a real, live Karen in the wild. It’s currently the fourth month of the health crisis, and in New Jersey, it has been state law to wear a mask when visiting any public venue — store, restaurant, doctor’s office, etc. — since April. It’s been in every news venue and posted outside every establishment for months now.

While visiting a [Major Big Box Store], I enter — wearing my mask, of course, as is literally everyone else — and go to get my cart from the rack right inside the front door. As I’m wiping off the handle with my antiseptic wipe, a woman about my age walks in with a cart but without a mask.

She is addressed rather loudly by the staff attending the front door but appears to be completely ignoring them. Since it’s noisy and I have a louder-than-normal voice, I try to get her attention, as well. She does turn and look at me, and then looks away when I point at the staff, so I don’t think her hearing was an issue.

When other shoppers that are directly in front of her — and blocking her way — point her to the front door, she finally turns and comes back, where the staff remind her she needs to be wearing a mask to enter the store. She comes off with nothing but attitude — “Why do I need a mask?!” — and when they remind her that it’s the law, she repeats it to them mockingly, like a child would — think of the Spongebob meme with words like this: “ItS tHe LaWwEr.”

She even demands the staff give her a mask, but they remind her it’s not their job to provide them. As she’s leaving her cart with the others, she looks at me for some kind of agreement, but I just raise my eyebrows and shoulders. She does leave the store, but as I’m doing my shopping, I see her again, with a mask. I wanted to yell at her, “Was that so friggin’ hard?!”

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A middle-aged woman comes up to my register and puts her items on the belt. She is acting very strangely and is obviously under the influence of an illegal substance. She places a purple can of cat food in front of me and looks at me very seriously.

Customer: “Hmm, uh, um…”

Me: “Yes?”

Customer: “Do you know, um… this is… is this vanilla?”

Me: *Dumbfounded* “Um… no. This appears to be liver. I don’t think we sell vanilla.”

Customer: “Oh, I wanted the vanilla one.”

Me: “Yeah, I really don’t think we carry vanilla. Do you still want this one?”

Customer: “Oh, sure.”

I rang her out without further incident. None of my coworkers I told had any thoughts on the mysterious “vanilla cat food.”

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