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I perform x-rays for a living. As I am pushing my mobile x-ray unit down the hallway, a patient care technician tells abruptly says oh wait, I’m pregnant, please don’t push it near me. I explained to her, I’m not taking x-rays at the moment, I’m just pushing it down the hallway. Then she further says I know, but I don’t want any radiation to my baby. I looked at her, with a facepalm image in my head telling her I would not be standing right next to the machine if it were emitting x-rays. Some people think that once we graduate from x-ray school, we have lead in our veins that we are permanently blocked from getting radiated.

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(This takes place in a store most know for its bullseye logo. An obese customer has fallen over in the returns line and required several staff to help her to her feet.)
Next customer in line: *annoyed* “I guess I’m not going to be able to return these then”
(The customer was fine afterwards, but a little shooken up from the fall.)

Working In Billing Is Not Their Calling

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(My mother has become ill, and I have to take over her finances. I call all of the utilities to have them send the bills directly to me. This works fine for all but one company.)

Me: “I would like to change the address of the bills so that I can pay them for my mother.”

Customer Representative: “She has to call us.”

Me: “She is in the hospital and can’t be reached. I can answer all of your security questions.”

Customer Representative: “She has to call us.”

Me: “So, you just need a female voice? I can have my girlfriend get on the phone.”

Customer Representative: “She has to call us.”

Me: *frustrated* “Okay, then please make a note in the file that, from now on, all the bills will be paid late, because I only come down here every couple of weeks.”

(Long pause.)

Customer Representative: “Okay, where did you want the bills sent to?”

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A Surge Of Stupidity

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(A customer asks me if we sell circuit breakers. I don’t think we do, but I work in a different department, so I ask a coworker to be sure.)

Me: “Hey, we don’t sell circuit breakers, right?”

Coworker: “No.”

Me: *to customer* “No, sorry, we don’t. [Store next to us] might.”

Customer: “Oh, don’t worry. I found them.”

Me: “Sir… those aren’t circuit breakers.”

Customer: “Yes, they are!”

Me: “Those are surge protectors…”

Customer: “Oh, that’s just what I call them.”

Me: “Okay…”

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(I work the service desk for a very popular retail store that sells everything from groceries to auto supplies. My phone starts to ring right as I finish up a return for a different customer.)
Me: [Town & Store Name] Service Desk, how can I help you?
Customer: Yeah I think I might have left a bag earlier today. I got home and I don’t have the boxes of macaroni I bought.
Me: Okay, that’s no problem. Let me just check real quick.
(Despite our best efforts, left behind items are a common mistake and in the hopes the customers will come back for them, we keep a log of anything left at the registers in a binder at service desk. As I flip to the most recent page, a second customer walks up, but politely waits when he sees me on the phone.)
Me: Alright, I see here in our left behind log that a bag with three boxes of macaroni was left at register 3. So what you can do is head back here, with your receipt, whenever is most convenient to you and pick up your missing food.
Customer: *suddenly angry* I can’t pick it up right now! My son is sick! I can’t leave him!
Me: Oh well that’s fine, it doesn’t have to be tonight. You can come whenever you like. It’s already in the log-
Customer: *cutting me off* My son has strept throat! That macaroni was for him! God, now I don’t have anything for him to eat!
Me: *becoming sort of confused* … I don’t know what to tell you? Your only option are to come in and get the macaroni now, get it later, or if you decide you don’t want it at all, come in and get a refund. That’s all I’m able to do for you.
Second Customer: That sounded interesting.
Me: *completely confused* If it wasn’t about the macaroni, then why did she call in the first place?
(The second customer laughed at that and ended up being super nice through the whole transaction, which make me feel way better after the crazy lady on the phone.)