The Contrarian Librarian: Looking For Work

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(My mum works at the library, working in the front where most applicants drop off their sheets for open positions.)

Mum: “Welcome to [Library]. How may I help you?”

Customer: “I’d like to apply for the open position.”

(She hands my mum her resume, which is put with the others.)

Mum: “Anything else I can help you with today?”

Customer: “Can you help me find this book, as well?”

(She hands my mum a paper with the name of a series on it.)

Mum: “Oh, sure.” *looks it up* “This is a really good series; I think you’ll enjoy it.”

Customer: “Oh, this isn’t for me; this is for my friend. I hate reading.”

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Starter For Ten

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(I’ve got an interview at a local company at ten am. The interviewer called me to set it up, then sent an email to confirm. I walk in right at ten.)

Employee: “Hi, can I help you?”

Me: “I have an interview with [Interviewer] at ten. My name is [My Name].”

Employee: “Oh… Are you sure?”

Me: “Yes, I got an email confirming it yesterday. Why?”

Employee: “[Interviewer] doesn’t get here until 12:30. Can you come back at 1:00?”

Me: “I… guess so?”

(Thankfully, I only live about ten minutes away. I head back home, eat some lunch, watch some TV, and drive back over there, walking in at 1:00.)

Employee: “Oh! You came back!”

Me: “Yes?”

Employee: “She’s still not here, and I’m not sure if she’s coming in. Do you want to come back tomorrow?”

Me: *trying not to show my annoyance* “No, I have another interview tomorrow. I’ll wait.”

(I sit in the lobby and wait. Thirty minutes later, a woman walks out of her office, notices me, and frowns.)

Interviewer: “[My Name]? Your interview was at ten.”

Me: “They said you weren’t here at ten.”

Interviewer: “Oh… Right… I wasn’t. Come on back, then.”

(She rattled off the requirements of the job, asked if I had any questions, then shooed me out the door. Time of interview: five minutes.)

Foiled By His Own Design

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(I am the receptionist of an advertisement company. We never advertise open positions anywhere, and each department works with a recruitment firm to pull in workers. Each department also works more or less independently, and there are ten departments. A person comes in, and I greet them like I do everyone.)

Me: “Hello there! How can I help you today?”

Person: “Your manager. Immediately.”

Me: “Oh, dear. May I ask what this in regards to so I know which manager to contact?”

Person:Your manager. You are making me wait, and I’m pretty sure that’s not how you’re meant to do your job.”

Me: “My ‘manager’ is the CEO of the company, and he’s in Cancun this week. Maybe I can help you?”

Person: “Give me his cell phone, then.”

Me: “I’m afraid I can’t give that information out. If you tell me what this is about, I can figure out which of the department heads I should call down to help.”

Person: “Wow. So, you’re just going to refuse me like that?”

Me: “Sir, I’m trying to help you.”

Person: “Look, honey, I’m a famous designer, highly sought-after. Your CEO personally requested I come and discuss a position at your company. Is that enough information for you? Can you finally call someone down to talk to me who knows what they’re doing?”

Me: “Certainly, sir. Let me personally go fetch the HR lead.”

Person: “Finally.”

(I give the HR lead a run-down of what this guy has said to me and what he wants. She snorts and comes down wearing her most enthusiastic face.)

HR Head: “Hi! I hear you’re looking for a job?”

Person: “Yes. Your CEO told me to come in and that he’d have a place for me.”

HR Head: “Oh, wow, really? That’s just amazing!”

Person: “Exactly. Here is my resume and my card. Now, may I have a tour? Then we can discuss the terms of my new position.”

HR Head: “Ah, yes. Well, so, you see, the thing is…”

(She rips his resume and card in half and puts them in my garbage.)

HR Head: “…the CEO personally hired [My Name] because she is one of the most capable people here. She knows everyone, every project, every department, and basically runs this place. Anyone who would treat her the way you did would never be welcomed here. I have to ask you to leave now before we are forced to call security. Thanks so much for coming! Bye!”

(He shouted some obscenities, and then left when security strolled up front to see what the fuss was about. Good riddance to bad rubbish.)

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Recruited Refuted

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(I just got out of the military, and as I have a college degree, the VA is not much help; their mission is to send soldiers to school or place them in an apprenticeship program. I get head-hunted by several recruiting firms, but they all turn out to be very shady, some outright scams. My church holds a job fair where I meet a woman at a recruiting firm that is legit, and I go to speak with her. After a week, I start getting interviews and I go to one for a warehouse manager position.)

Interviewer: “Okay, well, it looks like you did very well in the military, and I can see you have organizational experience. But even though it’s a manager position, you’ll be lifting and doing heavy work, and we may ask you to help out on some supply deliveries when they come in. We’re a small company, so we work together.”

Me: “I understand, and I am flexible in my duties. Also, heavy lifting is not a problem for me.”

Interviewer: “Well, I must admit, you’re the best candidate so far. We do have others to interview, but we’ll make our decision by Friday. As you came in through a recruiter, we cannot directly call you. We’ll contact the recruiter and she’ll tell you by Friday afternoon.”

Me: “Yes, ma’am, thank you.”

(I call the recruiter and tell her the good news. She is happy for me and says she will call me with their decision, yes or no, on Friday. The day comes, and I am waiting by the phone. She is supposed to reach me by two pm. The hour comes and goes, and I’m getting worried.)

Me: *on phone* “Hi. I don’t mean to bother you, but you said you’d call with an answer by two, and it’s now three-thirty. Did they make their decision yet? Please let me know.”

(I hear nothing. I call and leave messages, and send emails and texts, but still no answer. By the following Tuesday, I’m so stressed, I call the company.)

Me: “Hi. I know you wanted to contact me through the recruiter, but she isn’t returning my calls or emails, and I never heard a yes or no from her on the subject.”

Interviewer: “Yes, we called and left a message, saying we wanted you, but she never called back. And I’m afraid that since we had no reply and we had to fill the position ASAP, we went ahead and hired the next in line. I’m so sorry.”

Me: “I understand; this is not your fault. Thank you for your time.”

(I never hear back from the recruiter, and she never contacts me about other interviews or jobs. Fast-forward two years. I have a job where I am making good money, love my work and my coworkers, and am doing pretty well. One day, I get an email, and I recognize the name as the recruiter who ghosted me. Said email reads:)

Recruiter: “Hi, my name is [Recruiter] with [Firm]. After review of your resume, I would like to invite you in for an interview regarding [job] available in your area. I do have availability to schedule an interview for you on [date and time]. Please confirm if this day/time will allow you to meet with me by responding to this email to receive a confirmation email with full details.”

(Keep in mind, it had been TWO YEARS since I’d heard from this woman, who lost me a job opportunity and cut me off when I needed help. The email was also full of misspellings. I managed to keep my rage in and did not respond to the email, but if she tries this a second time, you can bet I will send her a very wrathful response.)

Strut Your Stuff… Outside

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(My store only hires once or twice a year, at most — every autumn and winter for seasonal staff, and occasionally in the middle of the year. Despite this, though, we do get people asking about applications all year around, and most are perfectly understanding when we explain why we’re not hiring or taking CVs at that time. Even if we know that we’re not currently hiring, we often tell people to check our company’s social media pages since any new vacancies always get posted there, just in case. One day I get this lady:)

Woman: *literally STRUTS all the way from the door up to the counter* “You. You have a job for me?”

Me: “Um… Sorry, we’re not hiring at the moment. If you check our social media, though—”

(The woman sneered, turned on her heel, and strutted right back out of the store before I could get another word out. I’m devastated that I didn’t get the opportunity to work alongside such a charming human.)

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