A Clean Window Into Misogyny

, , , , , , | Working | February 17, 2020

(I have recently moved to Texas and am applying for a job. I apply as a window cleaner and text the number shown on the ad. Soon, a reply comes. An old-sounding man calls me. I am female with a unisex name.)

Old Man: “Is this [My Name]?”

Me: *pleasantly* “Yes, it is!”

Old Man: “Oh… um… I notice… from your voice… you’re a female? Correct?”

Me: “Yes?”

Old Man: “Sorry, I’m not looking for a female… Only men.”

Me: *aghast by his sexism* “Wow, that’s illegal!”

Old Man: *sputters some gibberish*

Me: “Next time, put it in your ad!” *hangs up and blocks number*

(Welcome to Texas, I guess! I told my male roommates what happened and they thought I must’ve been mistaken. I don’t blame them; I wouldn’t have believed this if I hadn’t heard it with my own ears! I would’ve reported the company but he didn’t put the name on the ad.)

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Or Maybe It’s Just Because You’re An A**hole

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(I assist people who are applying for certain positions with the company I work for. When we reject an application, we always send an email to the applicant to let them know. Most of the time, the responses say thanks for giving them a chance or ask when/if they can reapply. But sometimes, I do get a response from someone who just cannot handle being told no. This is one of my favorites. This is verbatim, so the spelling and grammar errors are his.)

Applicant Email: “I am receipt of your email, rejecting my application. But I must wonder if my age has an impact on the decision? Or is it that I am a registered Republican, and support our president? Or is it that I am a white male Or could it be that I am a Christian as well? My lawyer may have some interest in your answers to my questions.”

(Our applications don’t ask anything about race, religion, or political association. There was no way for anyone in the office to know any of this until he sent this.)

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That’s Not How You Hook Employees  

, , , | Working | February 7, 2020

(My friend is unemployed and had seen an ad for an office administration course that offers a guaranteed job for selected students at the end of the course. She completes the six-week course, paying about $300 for it, and is surprised to find that she is one of the selected students even though she didn’t think she did really well. In all, about 10 of the 15 students are selected, all female. She wonders why none of the males were selected, even though most did much better than her. She calls me after she has attended the job orientation.)

Me: “So, how did it go today?”

Friend: “It didn’t; we all walked out on the orientation”

Me: “Was it that bad?”

Friend: “Worse than bad. The job was supposed to be for receptionists for a personal service company, which was actually a brothel. We were told that we would be working on commissions and that we could boost our wages by taking on extra tasks.”

Me: “Wow.”

Friend: “We all went back to our tutor to complain and were told that walking out meant that we reneged on the guaranteed job offer.”

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Hiring Him Doesn’t Add Up

, , , , , | Working | January 27, 2020

(I am a handyman and almost always work alone, but I am working on a bigger project and could use some assistance. As I am leaving [Home Improvement Store], a young man comes up to me.)

Young Man: “Hey, man, need some help? I need a job real bad.”

(The baggy clothes, cigarette hanging from his lip, and dirty appearance turn me off, but I am willing to perhaps see if he might have some skills I can use.)

Me: “How are your math skills?”

Young Man: *proudly* “I don’t need no stinkin’ math; I’m gonna be a carpenter!”

(I assured him that I did not need his help.)

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Who Dodged A Bullet, Them Or You?

, , , , | Legal | January 24, 2020

(I recently applied for a local position at a huge, multibillion-dollar corporation. I receive an email from their HR department.)

HR Department: “We reviewed your resume and think you would be a good fit for this position. I need to verify that you are under forty years old and also do not have a disability. Also, attached is a legal agreement that you can never sue us for any employment problems in the future, including discrimination, or join a class action, that you will never join a union, and that you will never have a disability or otherwise ever require any form of reasonable accommodation to perform the work.”

Me: “I can verify I am under forty years old; however, you should be aware that both of those things are illegal to request or condition employment on in this state.”

HR Department: “We reviewed your resume and do not feel you would be a good fit for this position. Good luck in finding employment elsewhere.”

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