Giving You The Ring-Around

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After losing one of my favorite rings at work, I searched online for a suitable replacement. I found one that looked similar on [Major Retailer]’s website, but it was being sold through their site by a third party. I ordered the ring, but sadly, it didn’t fit, so I went through the retailer’s website to process a return. The directions told me to print out a return packing slip and label, put the packing slip in the original package with the ring and seal it up — this is important later — affix the label to the front, and drop it off at the retailer’s local establishment.

I did this, explaining the situation to the girl behind the register, who could see the label was clearly not addressed to [Major Retailer], and she began to open the package. I understood she wanted to make sure I was actually returning a ring, but I begged her not to, believing this would invalidate my return. She summoned a manager who assessed the situation, printed out something on the register, taped it to the package, and tossed it aside, saying that [Major Carrier] would pick it up the next day. Satisfied, I left it at that.

Fast forward a month. I have not received my refund. I enter the tracking number on [Carrier]’s website, and they have no record of it. I contact the third-party vendor, and they say they haven’t received the ring back yet, but they graciously issue my refund after I explain the situation with [Retailer], who they say they will reach out to. I receive my refund and believe all is well.

Fast forward another two months. I get a call from the customer service manager of [Retailer]’s local store, telling me they found my package, opened, with the return label I had affixed to the front removed, in the back office. Thankfully, the ring and the packing slip were still inside — that’s how they got my contact info — and they want to know if I have gotten my refund. When I tell them I have, they say that their system won’t be able to return the ring anymore, because as far as the system is concerned, since I got my refund, the return is complete.

I will be visiting [Major Retailer]’s local store this weekend so I can meet with the customer service manager on a day I’m not working, with a copy of the original return label — the tracking number having not been used — so that the poor third-party vendor can finally get their merchandise back. I hope.

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It’s a hectic day and I’m finally on my break. I’m waiting in the check out between two customers, still in my work shirt. The t-shirt encourages customers to ask us about new products.

Customer Behind Me: “‘Ask me what’s new,’ huh?”

Me: “Please don’t.” (I immediately turn white, realizing how rude that sounded)

Customer: (she laughs) “That seems like a lot of pressure to put on you guys! How could you know every product that’s new?”

Me: (relieved, I start laughing myself) “It is! Besides, they never tell me anything!”

(We ended up having a pleasant, light-hearted chat while waiting in line. Wherever you are lady, thanks for having a sense of humor and brightening up such a tough day.)

I Don’t Work Here So I Can Say This

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(The store where I used to work is closing. They have big “STORE CLOSING 50% off” signs hung up throughout the store that detail what is and isn’t included in the discount. Anything grocery, frozen, or health and beauty is part of the sale while any dairy, meat, and seafood aren’t included. I’m standing at the front of the store behind the registers, talking to a former coworker, when a customer calls her over to a register.)

Customer: “Excuse me, this isn’t ringing up 50% off!”

(She holds up a bag of frozen shrimp, which isn’t included. The worker tells her this, and she flips out, claiming, “everything should be on sale,” and, “no wonder you people are all losing your jobs.” She checks out and I decide to leave. On my way to my car, she stops me, either recognizing me from when I worked there for nearly eleven years, or just assuming I still work there, since I was talking to an employee.)

Customer: “I’m glad you’re all losing your jobs. You people are incompetent. That sign says 50% off everything, so I don’t know why you wouldn’t give it to me.”

Me: “Okay, first of all, not everyone is losing their jobs. Some are, but others are being relocated to other stores. Second, it’s not her fault you can’t read a sign that’s literally ten feet tall. Third, I left this place four months ago, which is why I can say, ‘F*** you, b****!’”

(She was speechless as I got into my car and left. It was the only time I ever cursed out a customer there, even though she wasn’t my customer anymore!)

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Going Condimental

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(My little cousins are rather picky. My uncle calls my dad and asks him to get five kids’ cheeseburger meals with no condiments. He asks the worker for exactly this, and checks the food and sees that it has condiments. He repeats this FOUR TIMES before he finally asks for a manager.)

Manager: “Sir, I don’t see your problem!”

Dad: *calmly* “I asked for burgers plain with no condiments. That means no ketchup, no onions, nothing. Just cheese and patty and bun.”

Manager: “Oh, I’m sorry sir. I will fix it.”

(My dad leaves content, sure that it has to be right because I mean, a manager took care of it this time. He goes over and delivers the food to my uncle, and my uncle distributes the food to his kids.)

Little Cousin: “Daddy? They messed up my burger a lot!

(We looked over and the burger was dripping down her arm. They had purposely put EXTRA amounts of condiments on it to piss my dad off! This time my uncle went back. While he is a softy around his kids, he is a big guy with tattoos all over who wears all black and has a biker beard and is fiercely protective of those kids. I would have paid to be able to see that!)

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(I work at a batting cage. Customers are supposed to pick up their cages after they’re done/when the balls run out. A customer comes up).
Customer: The machine is stuck
Me: Is it stuck or out of balls?
Customer: It’s stuck there are still balls in there.
(I go out and check. Sure enough the softball machine is empty. I tell them that and they clean it up. Five minutes later the guy comes back up)
Customer: The machine still isn’t working.
(I go back out. They put the softballs in the baseball machine).
Me: Uh…you put them in the wrong machine…
(They looked at each other and groaned. After this, I had to go outside to laugh…I don’t think I’ve ever had to deal with two people like that).