Mom Thinks Your Problem Is Licked

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(One teacher sends drug dogs to do a search at my high school. I have undiagnosed autism and bipolar disorder. The mere idea of anyone, even a dog, touching my backpack is enough to freak me out for days. My mom is also a teacher there.)

Mom: “Don’t worry. The dogs didn’t actually sniff anything. It was just practice.”

Me: *pulls out my breakfast* “Well, someone licked the cream cheese on my bagel.”

(My mom continued to insist no one had been in the bags. I got another breakfast.)

Teacher Does Not Score A Perfect Ten

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My art teacher in high school was a piece of work. He was a good artist, but he had a very narrow view of what constituted ‘art’ — anything even vaguely cartoon-ish didn’t count, for example. He also tended to play favorites. For a while I was one of the favorites, but something changed in my senior year and he started to get hyper-critical of my work.

That year I was in an AP art class, since I intended to go to college for illustration. Some of the assignments he gave us were insane, especially for a high school class, but the nadir of the class for me was an assignment where he wanted 12(!) finished pieces, all in different styles, in two weeks. That’s almost a piece a day, and insane when you consider we had all of our other classes to consider, too.

I worked my absolute hardest, and managed to come up with 10 pieces. Not all of them were very good, but what do you expect on that deadline? I got to the class to find that, in spite of my worries over being two pieces short, I actually had the most pieces out of everyone there. Most only had three or four, and a few only had one or two, though admittedly they were all higher quality than mine.

However, I did not get any kind of recognition from the teacher for all of my work. In fact, he continually picked up various pieces of mine and referred to them as ‘crap’ in comparison with my peers, and he didn’t even mention the 12-piece goal that I was the only person to come even close to hitting. By the end I was crying silently in the back of the critique group.

Thankfully, the whole spectacle was so ridiculous that my classmates — even the ones receiving positive feedback from him — stood up for me, and one of his ‘favorites’ spent most of the critique rubbing my back and telling me she was impressed that I managed to do as much as I had in so little time, and that the teacher was completely out of line for talking about my art the way he was. But I do attribute a lot of my anxiety with my art now to that class, and the way he moved the goalposts.

Awkward For A Period

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(I’m a male but people often mistake me for a girl. It’s about fourth period and I’m feeling ill and ask to go to the nurse’s office. When I get there, this exchange happens.)

Nurse: “Hello! What’s the problem?”

Me: “I feel like throwing up and I’m kind of dizzy.”

Nurse: *without even checking my temperature or anything* “Are you on your period?”

Me: *open jawed in disbelief* “Um… I’m a boy…”

(About a minute of awkward silence passes.)

Nurse: “Oh! Well, you can lie down back here, then.”

(The nurse ended up letting me go home without even checking if I had a fever and my mother later received a very apologetic call from the school nurse.)

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(I’m in chemistry class and we’re working on a lab. My group has four people. Student #1 has gone near our fume hood to get chemicals that we need for the next part of our assignment. Student #2, who is one of the top two students in my grade, is washing a GLASS graduated cylinder in the sink. Student #3 and I are watching him.)

Student #2: *tapping cylinder against the sink to get the water out*

Student #3: I dare you to hit it harder

Student #2: *hits it against the sink a bit harder*

Student #3: Hit it harder

Student #2: *hits it harder and breaks the graduated cylinder*

Student #3 and Me: *laughing*

Teacher: Who was that?

Student #3 and Me: [Student #2]

Teacher: What happened?

Student #2: *throwing the glass in our overflowing glass bin* Well [Student #3] dared me to hit it harder and I don’t back down from a dare

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(My class is kinda big, with around 63 people, which makes it difficult for the teacher to control us, meaning that 80% of the time we can hear at least 5 people talking. This happened during the arts class. The speakers then suddenly make that horrible high-pitched noise we all hate)

Whole class: *complains about the noise and/or covering their ears*

Arts teacher: You hate it,right? That’s what i hear when you talk.

*cue OOOHH’s from 10 people*

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