Bad At Math, Good With Solutions

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At fifteen, I am socially anxious and do not really get along with most of my classmates. We have a math lesson; everyone has to solve an equation in front of the class and then name the person to come and solve the next one. I am good at math and have no problem solving mine; however, as the equations are fairly difficult and the teacher is known for being stern, I hesitate to name the next classmate in fear that they might get upset.

Suddenly, a boy who sits near me yells, “Pick me!”

He has no clue how to solve the equation and earns some strong words from the teacher. 

However, twenty years later I am still grateful that he possibly saved me from at least some hostility and bullying.

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Glad We Straightened That Out

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(This happens the afternoon after my school’s annual career day. It’s important to note that I am very much NOT straight and my parents are fully aware of this.)

Me: *talking to my dad* “Oh, yeah, we had career day today.”

Dad: *only half paying attention* “Huh? Queer day?”

Me: “No, career day, Dad. You should know that every day is queer day for me.”

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(So I am a high school student, and for my 7th period of the day I have my Theater 1-2 class. In this classroom we have a spirit chain hung up on the ceiling. On this particular day we had a sub and some of the boys in my class were messing around. Boy 1 jumps and ends up knocking a part of the chain down)
Boy 1:[My name] why did you knock this down? Why? I am so disappointed in you.
(I try to ignore him because he likes to get on my nerves, and then Boy 2 joins in)
Boy 2: Yeah[my name] why did you do that?
Boy 1: I am so disappointed in you.
Me:Yeah just like the rest of my family.
(Both boys looked at me in shock and were left speechless. They left me alone and told their friends what I said, while stood there laughing. I know my family is disappointed in me and I make them very proud.)

A Textbook Example Of Being A Slacker

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(This happens in my senior year of high school. My business math teacher also teaches geometry, so his classroom has both types of textbooks. It’s near the end of the school year and he has been pretty strict about students paying attention to his class. One day, a classmate of mine decides to open up a textbook before spacing off to make it seem like he’s being productive. Not even three minutes later…)

Teacher: “[Student], pay attention!”

Student: *snapping out of it* “Huh? But I’ve been reading the textbook!”

Teacher: “One, we’re taking notes, not doing anything in the book. Two, that’s a geometry book!”

(The kid went a bit red before putting the book away and taking out some paper and a pencil. That was the most interesting thing to happen in that class.)

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Right Here In The Vatican City

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I went to a Catholic high school, and at the time, all freshmen had to take Latin I. On the first day of class, the teacher went into how a lot of words in English have Latin roots.

“When the word has ‘bi-‘, it means ‘two.’ With ‘tri-‘, you have ‘three.’” He followed with, “And when you have ‘mono-‘ you have…”

A classmate piped up, “Trouble!”

That’s a Latin lesson I’ve never forgotten.

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