When They Push You Too Far

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I’m a head cashier at a home improvement store, and I’m closing up the outside garden registers for the night. Our cashiers know when the registers out there close, and they know to announce to all customers present that they will be closing soon. After confirming with my cashier that she’s informed all customers present of the closing, and seeing no one present in the vicinity, I lock the gates and begin to close out the registers. After I’ve closed out the very last till, about ten minutes after closing the gates, a customer who neither of us saw approaches the register.

Customer: “What’s going on? I need to check out!”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but these registers are closed for tonight. The registers at the front of the store are still open for two more hours; you can check out inside.”

Customer: “NO! I have a heavy cart full of stones, and you want me to go inside?! I demand that you reopen the registers and let me pay here!  No one told me you were closing out here! Someone should have told me!

The cashier looks at me, worried she’ll get in trouble.

Me: “I’m sorry, sir. We didn’t see you out here; otherwise, we would have told you. However, I can’t reopen the registers. You’ll have to go inside to pay.”


Me: “I’m sorry, sir. I can’t reopen the registers. If you’d like, we can go inside, ring up your purchase, and then come back out here, and I’ll open the gates for you so you can wheel your cart to your car more easily, but you’ll still have to pay inside.”

Customer: “No! You have to reopen the registers! This cart is too heavy! I can’t just push it inside! OPEN THE REGISTERS! WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME?!”

I am a skinny, 4’11” female, but everyone in my store — and most of my regulars — knows that I am more than strong enough to perform most tasks on the job. The customer is a man at least 6’1″ and healthy-looking.

Seeing my cashier becoming visibly upset and concerned, I am getting annoyed.

Me: “I am sorry for that, sir, but if you’ll just wait one moment to let me finish my till, I’ll be glad to push your cart inside for you, and after you’ve paid, I’ll even push it out to your car and load it up.”

Customer: *Turns beet red* “That’s not the point! THAT’S NOT THE POINT!”

The customer turns and pushes his cart inside dramatically.

Cashier: “I told everyone I saw that we were closing, I swear! I never even saw him until he came up here. It had been dead for the last half-hour we were open.”

Me: “Don’t even worry about it, love. Enjoy the rest of your night off!”

I later told my manager about the exchange and the offers I made to the customer to try and rectify the situation. He said I did the best I could, and that no, I was NOT required to reopen the tills.

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Not Quite “Feeling” Your Card

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I’m a customer waiting in line behind another customer that is about to pay at the register. This store requires ID when using any sort of credit or debit card, and the customer in front of me is attempting to pay using her mother’s debit card.

Employee: “I’m sorry, I can’t ring this up because this card is not under your name.”

Customer: “But it’s my mother’s card! She lets me use it all of the time!”

Employee: “Again, I’m sorry, but I still can’t do it. I can hold these items for you and your mother can come back in with you and purchase them. It’s company policy that I cannot charge a credit card without the cardholder present and with a valid ID.”

Customer: “This is f****** bulls***!”

She turns and looks at me like I should be agreeing with her.


The girl continues to rant about what she’s doing or where she’s going for another few minutes and the employee is nearly in tears.

Me: “Why don’t you shut the f*** up and get out of here? You think she would rather stand here, listen to your abuse, and hold up everyone else in line because she doesn’t feel like charging you for your clothes?”

She stormed out.

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The Customer’s Always Right, International Trade Laws Be Hecked!

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Working in the shipping dock of a software/hardware supplier, we’ve gotten some odd requests from the sales folks. This one, however, takes the cake.

Sales: “Hey, [My Name], I’ve got kind of a wonky request on this one.”

Me: *Jokingly* “Oh, you always have a wonky request! What’s up?”

Sales: “This customer wants us to ship [two products] but only put the value at a total of $100.”

Me: “Well, we don’t do declared value unless it’s over $5000, and they’re each like, what, 1500, 2000?”

Sales: “No, not the declared value, the commercial value.”

Me: “You mean the value on the commercial invoice? For Customs?”

Sales: “Yeah, they don’t want to pay the duties and taxes.”

Me: “Okay, well, no, we can’t do that.”

Sales: “Come on, man, you know we always have to go above and beyond for the customer!”

Me: “‘Above and beyond’ does not include ‘break international trade laws’! But hey, tell you what. Get [Boss] or [Vice President Of Operations] to give me the okay themselves, I’ll print the paperwork and you can sign it.”

Surprise, surprise, he never got that okay.

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She Only Likes Servers The Same Color As Her Milk

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It is my second week at a new job at a coffee shop, and a woman who is a regular comes in. It is my first time serving her.

Lady: “Hi, I’d like my coffee light and sweet. No cream. I want whole milk. I repeat, no cream. Don’t let that Asian girl make it. I want you to make it.”

The Asian girl is my shift leader. I give the customer her total and then she pays and I proceed to make her coffee.

Me: “Okay, let me get that for you.”

As I’m making it, the “Asian Girl” goes into the back. She luckily hasn’t heard the remark from the customer.

Lady: “Thank God. That girl almost killed me. Twice. I’m highly allergic to cream. I told her milk and received cream and had an allergic reaction and went to the hospital.”

Me: “Oh, wow, that’s horrible. Glad you are okay.”

Lady: “Yeah, and I came back another time while she was working and asked specifically for milk again, and she made me another coffee with cream and I went to the hospital again. I came back a few days later and complained to your manager and he gave me this.”

She shows me her 10% off coupon that she uses each time she is there.

Lady: “That’s all I got in return. I never want to have her make my coffee again. With all of the mistakes she makes and almost killing me, why hasn’t she been fired yet?”

Me: “Actually, just before I started working here, she was promoted to shift leader. She’s in charge of me.”

Lady:What?! That’s horrible! I can’t believe they would give her a promotion! Ugh!”

She sips her coffee.

Lady: “Well, you did a good job and you gave me milk and not cream! Thank you, and good luck working for the psycho!”

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(I’m working in a family owned store on the board walk that sells the basics; T-shirts, balls, sunscreen. However, unlike our rivals, we don’t sell anything promoting marijuana. A guy who looks stoned walks up with a T-Shirt that has a picture of a cartoon tree on it.)
Stoned Guy: Is that a pot tree? I want a pot shirt.
Me: Sorry, we don’t sell anything in relation to drugs.
Stoned Guy: Oh. *pulls bong out of backpack* Can you fix this? Some of it fell apart.
(He holds up a part for it I don’t understand since I’ve never seen a bong in real life and don’t associate with drugs.)
Me: We can’t fix, uh, bongs either.
(Im starting to feel uncomfortable around this high guy)
Stoned Guy: Listen man, you either sell me a pot shirt or fix my smoker or I’ll stay here!
Me: Sir, we can NOT do any of those things.
(Abruptly, he starts raising heck.)
Stoned Guy: Aargh! *knocks a rack of sunglasses over* I’ll sue!
(He stumbles away, leaving me shocked, but luckily a cop on a motorcycle catches him and arrests him for, surprise, possession.)