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Customer: “Is [Stylist] available on Friday for a cut?

Me: “Yes, she has 5 pm available Friday for a haircut.”

Customer: “Great! So what time would that be?”

Me: “5pm…”

Can We Just Inter-Not?

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(There is a scheduled power-outage in our area from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm so that our power company can do some maintenance on our power lines. At about 8:55 am, my dad, who is away on a business trip, texts my mom that there is a document that he needs scanned and emailed to him. She, of course, panics, and rushes upstairs to where our scanner is to try and get the document to him before our power goes out. She comes back downstairs, having scanned the document to her laptop, right as 9:00 rolls around and the power shuts off.)

Mom: “Will our laptops even work now that the power’s out?”

Me: “Yeah, they just won’t be able to connect to the Internet, since our wireless router is down.”

Mom: “So, I won’t be able to send this email now, will I?”

Me: “Nope.”

Mom: “Okay, I guess I’ll have to go into town and find a cafe or something with Wi-Fi I can use. I’ll have to text your dad back and tell him… if I can even send a text right now.”

Me: “Yeah, your phone uses cellular data; it doesn’t need our Wi-Fi in order to work.”

Mom: “Oh, okay.”

(Then, as I’m walking away:)

Mom: “Will I even be able to open this document now?”

Me: “You mean the one you just scanned? Yeah, it’s just a PDF on your computer; you don’t need the Internet to open it.”

(And that’s about when I realized just how thoroughly she misunderstood how the Internet works. I spent the last hour reassuring her that her phone doesn’t need Wi-Fi in order to function every time she tries to do anything besides making a call. I love her dearly, and I know she didn’t grow up in the digital age the way I did, but… yikes.)

Hopes And Dreams Are Good At Self-Flushing

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(I am at an acrobatics fitness center where the staff members have a fun and funky sense of humor. I find this sign posted in the restroom.)

Sign: “Please do not flush the following down the toilet: paper towels, feminine products, q-tips, puppies and kittens, spare prosthetic limbs, hopes and dreams.”

Perhaps The Dogs Knew What They Were Doing

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(A woman comes up to the register and complains about how her dogs’ food isn’t where it should be.)

Me: *trying to sympathize* “Well, we are doing a big reset on our dog food section, and it takes a couple days to take everything down and put it back in its new place. I’m sorry that you had a hard time finding it; next time you come in, it should be where it’s going to stay!”

Customer: “It’s always something here! I’m so tired of the drama in this store!”

Me: “I’m sorry if there was any difficulty with the food.”

Customer: “It’s not just the food! It’s the employees, the other customers, everything! Every time I come here, there’s drama. So, you know what? I’m not coming here anymore!”

Me: “I’m sorry to hear that.”

Customer: *grabs items* “I’m never setting foot in this store again!”

(The customer leaves, but a minute later returns.)

Customer: “My dogs locked my keys in my car! I need someone out here to help me, now!

(The customer goes back outside. [Customer #2] is being rung up.)

Customer #2: “And she says the store has drama?!”

Wants A Wait Rebate

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(As part of our checkout process, we’re required to ask if the customer is a member of our loyalty program. This particular customer says she is, but hasn’t shopped with us in years; I try to look up her old account but can’t find it, so she decides to just get a new account. I take all the necessary information and create the new account for her, then mention that I can give her a 10% discount for signing up with us.)

Customer: “Oh, well, in that case, there was one other item I was considering buying. Can I go grab it really quick?”

Me: “Sure, no problem!”

(She steps away from the registers, and because we’ve been quite busy all day and there’s a long line of customers behind her, I put a suspend on her transaction, set her items aside, and help the next person in line. By the time I finish that transaction, the original customer has returned, and is called up by my manager, who is on the register next to mine.)

Customer: *pointing to me* “She was helping me; I don’t know what happened….”

Me: *gathering her items from where I’d set them aside* “I just put a suspend on the order, but I can finish it up for you now!”

(Up until this point the customer has been perfectly civil, but now all of a sudden she explodes.)

Customer: “I stepped away for TWO SECONDS!”

Manager: *clearly as shocked by the sudden outburst as I am* “I… I’m sorry ma’am, but there’s a line—”

Customer: *still very belligerent* “No, it’s fine; I don’t need an explanation.”

(Meanwhile I’ve resumed the transaction, but I am distracted enough by the customer’s outburst that I miss one item, and only notice that I didn’t scan it after she’s paid for the rest of her items. So, bracing for another outburst, I apologize and start a new transaction for the last item, and do an override to give her the 10% discount, even though this is technically no longer her first transaction after opening a loyalty account. Because it was my mistake — and because I know she’ll blow up at me if I don’t — I give her the discount. She glares at me through this whole second transaction, but I get through it and hand her her bag and receipt.)

Me: “Okay, you’re all set. Have a nice day!”

(At this point she just takes her bag and stays standing at the register, still glaring at me.)

Me: “Um… Is there something else I can help you with?”

Customer: *in the most snarky tone imaginable* “Well, I thought you might say, ‘Thank you,’ since I did spend my money here, and you did make me wait.”

(And then, while I struggled to come up with a response that wouldn’t get me fired on the spot, she turned and walked away. I had to step into the back for a minute until I could stop shaking with rage.)

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