A Clean Window Into Misogyny

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(I have recently moved to Texas and am applying for a job. I apply as a window cleaner and text the number shown on the ad. Soon, a reply comes. An old-sounding man calls me. I am female with a unisex name.)

Old Man: “Is this [My Name]?”

Me: *pleasantly* “Yes, it is!”

Old Man: “Oh… um… I notice… from your voice… you’re a female? Correct?”

Me: “Yes?”

Old Man: “Sorry, I’m not looking for a female… Only men.”

Me: *aghast by his sexism* “Wow, that’s illegal!”

Old Man: *sputters some gibberish*

Me: “Next time, put it in your ad!” *hangs up and blocks number*

(Welcome to Texas, I guess! I told my male roommates what happened and they thought I must’ve been mistaken. I don’t blame them; I wouldn’t have believed this if I hadn’t heard it with my own ears! I would’ve reported the company but he didn’t put the name on the ad.)

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I’m the customer in this story. I’m in a hurry one day, so I decide to go to this national fast food chain restaurant to try the new chicken sandwich that they’ve been advertising recently. This location has two drive thru ordering stations that feed into one line for the windows. When I arrive, both ordering stations are empty.

Cashier: Hello, welcome to [restaurant], may I take your order?
Me: Just a second. (I find the item on the menu). Okay, I’ll have the buttermilk chicken sandwich with no tomatoes.
Cashier: Okay, that’ll be $4.97. Please drive up to the first window.

Just as I say “Thanks,” another customer drives around the line and pulls her car in between me and the only other vehicle in line ahead of me, completely bypassing the ordering stations.

When she gets to the window, she slowly places her order and hands the cashier her credit card. The cashier hands her the payment slip and a pen, she signs it and hands it back, then the cashier hands her the receipt and some cash. I finally get to the window.

Cashier: Okay, so you had the buttermilk chicken sandwich with no tomatoes, right?
Me: Yes.
Cashier: (Looking at the POS and asking a coworker) “Where did you put that chicken sandwich?”
Me: I don’t know what happened, but that lady cut ahead of me in line and didn’t even stop to place her order.
Cashier: Oh, here’s your order. Yes, she said that she was in a hurry to get on the road. She paid for her order and yours, so we had to refund her.
Me: …
Cashier: That’ll be $4.97.
I hand over some cash.
Cashier: Here’s your change. Thank you and have a nice day.
Me: Thanks, you too.

Once she received her order, two cups of coffee, she pulled forward just enough so that I could reach the take-out window and proceeded to customize her coffees. The ironic part is that this all took way longer than if she had just done things the right way, and I was out of there and on my way while she still sat there!

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(I am shopping at a video game store for a Digimon game that was released the day prior to my visit after watching a friend stream it. I am trying to find it in the PS4 section, but not having any luck so I decide to ask the cashier.)

Me: Hey, do you have any copies of the new Digimon game for PS4?

(The cashier nods and pulls it from behind the counter only, but then I heard a mocking chuckle from another customer)

Customer: That’s not a video game! Now theese are video games!

(He shows he has a bunch of FPS, Sports, and GTA games, which I just don’t care for.)

Me: (To Customer) Actually, I don’t find those too fun, but thanks for the suggestion. (To Cashier) So how-

Customer: What the fuck do you mean they aren’t ‘too fun’ at least they aren’t some kiddy-shit.

(I close my eyes for a little bit before finally taking a deep breath of air.)

Me: I’m sorry, I don’t see the fun of just randomly killing people and stealing cars. (pointing to the GTA games) I also really don’t care much for the army-like games, I don’t care if its based on a real army ir not. (pointing to the FPS games) As for sports, if I want to play sports…I’ll PLAY sports. (pointing to the sporting games) What I personally enjoy are games that let you explore and roam about while also have some sort of puzzle or requirement to think. That’s why I enjoy RPG like this one and Pokemon, platformers like Sonic and Mario, and games that are generally like them. So they might be ‘kiddie-shit’ games but, I’ll tell you what : I like them. Furthermore, I think you’re non-‘kiddie-shit’ games are one of the main reasons the world is so fucked up.

(After I finished speaking, I just look at the other customer who seems to be a little bit shocked only to finally speak.)

Customer: (To Cashier) Are you gonna fucking let him diss the REAL video games like that?!

Cashier: Personally, I like both types of games, but I do have agree with him (points at me) a bit more about the problems they can cause and that some of the games intended for younger people can be fun. Though, that’s doesn’t excuse you attitude so you can leave.

Customer: (Storming out) Fine! Fuck this place anyways! I though this was for real gamers not kiddie-shit gamers, but I guess I was wrong. I WILL be calling corperate and have yall replaced with fucking REAL gamers!

Me: Sorry about that, so either way how much is the game?

Cashier: Why are you sorry; you didn’t turn into the Hulk because somebody didn’t have the thought as you. Also it’s about $50.

(As I’m paying for it, we start to laugh and such while talking about our favorite ‘kiddie-shit’ games, and, as far as I can tell, he never got fired.)

Getting To The Garlic Sauce Of Her Problem

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(I work at an Asian restaurant that has counter service and sauces on a table where patrons can go and serve themselves. We make our own ginger garlic sauce that contains bits of garlic in them that sometimes get stuck in the spout of the squeeze bottle. We usually cut the tip off of the bottles to avoid this problem, but I forget to use the correct lid with the cut-off tip. An adult man whose order I have just served comes over to me holding the bottle, sans lid, with his shirt covered in ginger garlic sauce.)

Me: “Oh, my gosh, sir.” *laughs slightly* “It’s okay! That’s my bad. Sometimes the garlic gets stuck in the lid. I’ll go run and grab you a bunch of napkins!”

(I go and run to the back of the kitchen telling the kitchen staff I may be a minute before I can run orders because there’s a huge mess all over the place. Before I can get to the man and hand him his napkins, an older lady, presumably his mother, stops me.)

Old Lady: “Laughing was not an appropriate reaction to what happened.”

Me: *a bit confused* “Um, okay. Sorry, I just wanted him to know everything was okay and it wasn’t a problem.”

Old Lady: “Well, laughing was not the appropriate thing to say!”

Me: “Okay, but I need to go clean up now, so he’s not just covered in sauce.”

(I basically have to push past her, as we are in a narrow hallway, in order to give her son some napkins and proceed to clean the mess up that is all over the floor and the sauce table.)

Man: “I am so sorry; let me help you. I didn’t mean to make such a mess!”

Me: “No, no worries! I forgot to put the right lid on this sauce, it’s my fault. People tend to squeeze hard and this can happen. Nothing this big, but it’s no big deal!” *smiles, trying my best not to give even a friendly laugh*

Man: *proceeding to help me clean up* “Really, I am so sorry.”

Me: *smiling* “No problem! I’ll go get some extra sauce for you since this one is now out!”

(The whole time, his mother was standing to the side, tsking and shaking her head in disapproval at the situation. She proceeded to ignore me, even though her son was clearly unaffected by it, even when I smiled and walked past her to my counter station.)

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Not Drinking In What The Cashier Said

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(I work in a sandwich shop. An older lady comes in with her two young grandsons. She orders two full kids’ meals and a six-inch sandwich, and when we get done making them, I begin ringing her up at the register. We are trained to ask if the customer would like chips, cookies, or a drink because sometimes people forget to tell us what else they want with their sandwich. Since I already know that she wants the full kids’ meals, which come with sides and drinks, I ask about her six-inch sandwich.)

Me: “Would you like chips, cookies, or a drink with the six-inch?”

Customer: *pats a bag of chips on the counter* “I have chips.”

Me: “All right. Two kids’ meals, the six-inch, and chips. That’ll be [$18 and some change].”

(She pays with her debit card, sends the kids to the table, and then grabs her sandwich and chips.)

Customer: “Does it come with a drink?”

Me: *pause* “I… would have to ring it up. I’m sorry. I can ring it up now.”

Customer: “Eighteen dollars and it doesn’t come with a drink? We won’t be coming here again.”

(She walked off to her table in a foul mood, causing my manager to ask me what happened. After I explained, he hurried over to calm her down and give her a free drink. And this is why I repeat back what I have rung up and sometimes ask a second or even third time if they would like anything else.)

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