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A few years ago I worked as a customer service rep for a call center. Specifically, I helped with cell phones. I’ll never forget the interaction I had when a customer called in to request a block be placed on a number that was calling her.

Me: Hello, this is [NAME] how may I help you today?

[After getting all of the prerequisite information this is what the customer says.]

Customer: You see, I need to put a block on a number that keeps calling me all hours of the night.

Me: I can understand that ma’am. I’d be more than happy to apply that block to your line so you don’t have to deal with this anym…

Customer: Yeah, he told me he wanted to suck my a**. I’m just not into all of that kind of stuff.

At this point I was laughing so hard that I had to hand the call off to my floor supervisor. I never found out if she got that number blocked but she DID tell every person she talked too that some creep wanted to do lewd things to her, and described those things in detail.

You’re Not A-Lone Star

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(I have been living in Texas for about five years, whereas my coworker has lived here most of her life, only having moved away once for about ten years, then moving back. This is a conversation we had when she was trying to get information on a new client.)

Coworker: “Where is Texas Tech?”

Me: “Texas.”

Coworker: *while laughing* “I know that. Smart-a**.”

Me: “I’ll Google it for you.” *I pull it up* “It’s in Lubbock.”

Coworker: “That’s really far north. Isn’t it?”

Me: “I have no idea.”

Coworker: “How long have you lived in Texas?”

Me: “How long have you lived in Texas?”

Closing That Line Of Questioning

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(A customer has just purchased some material.)

Customer: “Okay, I will pick it up Friday.”

Me: “Sounds great.”

Customer: “You close at five?”

Me: “Yes, we close at five on Friday.”

Customer: “And if I come at six?”

Me: “…no one will be here?”

(Cue crestfallen face from customer.)

Customer: “Oh.”

Racists Lose Every Argument

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(My friend and I are at a popular pet store chain picking up food for my snake. While waiting in line, he is trying to teach me a few words in his tribe’s language (Native Creek). He is very clearly not white, dark eyes, long, straight dark hair, copper skin tone, etc. Another customer behind us scoffs and we both look at him but my friend keeps speaking Creek.)

Customer: “You know, he should really learn to speak American if he’s going to be here.”

Friend: “Excuse me?”

Customer: “So you do speak English! Why are you speaking that gibberish, then?”

Me: “He is teaching me some words; he can speak whatever he wants. This is America, right?”

Customer: “Yes, it is! And as an American, he should just speak English!”

(My friend is looking very uncomfortable, as he is pretty shy and sensitive about racism.)

Me: “Sir, he is more American than you could ever wish to be.”

Customer: “How dare you! Look at him! I am the most blue-blooded American you can find! Born and bred!”

Me: *laughs* “His ancestors were here thousands of years before yours or mine even knew America existed.”

(He sputtered and huffed but shut up until we checked out.)

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I never got a chance to really sit down and watch Star Wars as a child until I was about 15 years old. It became kind of a family get together to sit and watch my “first time” as our family consisted of a mix of Trekkies and Star Wars fans.

We rented a few of them and settled down in the living room. I admit I am a pretty horrible movie watcher when it comes to superfluous actions or really bad action scenes. This is more of a family wide thing as we have “bad monster movie nights” where we bet on who dies first and point out gaps in the CGI and scenery. Sarcastic commentary is encouraged and is half of the fun. Needless to say, I wasn’t too enamoured of the movies as they had been hyped up by my peers to the point of unrealistic standards.

It came to a head at the scene where Leia and Chewie are being taken away and the princess is yelling at Luke that “It’s a trap!”

Watching him go through the equivalent of the front door with a dumbfounded look on his face caused me to blurt out the first thought in my head: “Stupid hero. Goes right through the damned door with no back up plan. Good thing bad guys can’t shoot straight or he’d be deader than dead.”

My family erupted into laughter at my exasperated mutterings and half of them jokingly welcomed me as a Trekkie.

I ended up more into Star Trek at the end of it all but I can appreciate Star Wars for what it is. This is meant more as an insight to my crazy family.

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