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Me:  How can I help you today.

Customer: I want 40% off these items.

Me: Ma’am its only off certain items. see the sign says that .
I will go ahead and honor it but next time please look at the sign.

Customer behind here shook her head then said yes you should.

Sad thing is I am the one who got reprimanded and for being rude to the customer and hurting her feelings.

It amazes me the things people say.

Happiness Reduces After Employment

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(I am the customer in this story. I decide to get some snacks after getting gas. I walk into the convenience store, where I see a sign that says, “Now hiring happy people!” I walk up to the counter after selecting my items.)

Me: “I’m just waiting for the lawsuit for discrimination because you only hire happy people.”

Employee: “Yeah, discrimination against sad people.”

Me: “I should start a business where I only hire sad people.”

Employee: “I wonder what kind of business that would be.”

Me: *after thinking a second* “Political!”

(The employee cracks up, and so does customer behind me.)

Customer: “Well, at least they can’t tax humor!”

Me: “They can try!”

Un-Beer-lievable Behavior

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(I work as a server at a sports grill which serves alcohol along with grill items like wings. This exchange happens with one of our elderly regulars who has been served his second beer just a few minutes earlier.)

Me: *noticing the now two empty pint glasses* “Wow, did you just shoot your beer?”

Gent: “No, I just poured it in here.” *gestures to a big steel thermos*

Me: *beat* “You can’t tell me these things, [Gent].”

(I told my manager, who offered to dump his beer out if he didn’t keep it in the glass. He conceded and she watched him and his now clean thermos like a hawk until he left.)

To Deal With A**holes, Describe Yours

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(For the past few days, we have gotten an obscene phone caller.)

Me: “[Law Office]. How can I help you?”

Caller: *whispering* “Oh, yeah… Oh, baby.”

Me: *confused at first* “Hello?”

Caller: *moan*

Me: “This is a law office, and we do track phone logs.”

Caller: *hangs up*

(Next day:)

Me: “Good afternoon. [Law Office]. How can I help you?”

Caller: *moans and whispers*

Me: *sigh* “Hello?”

Caller: “Yeah, baby, oh…”

Me: “I’m not joking about the call logs, you know. Police will be notified if you do it again.” *hangs up*

(Next day:)

Me: “Good afternoon. [Law Office]—”

Caller: *whispering* “Oh, baby… Oh, yeah…”

Me: “So, let me tell you about this painful zit I have growing near my a**hole!”

(The pervert never called again.)

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((This all happened about 5 years ago, I was 16 at the time.))
(I’ve just recently started my first job. When I was 13 I was found to have thyroid cancer, nothing too serious. I had it operated on twice, and because of this it left a, in my opinion, very brash scar. To prevent people from seeing it I wear a scarf I made myself; despite it looking out of place especially in Texas weather, I feel it keeps people at bay from prying about what’s underneath. This starts off pretty normally, with me just ringing in a woman with a rather large cart filled with items.)

Me: Hello! Did you find everything easily enough?

Woman: (seems very hesitant) Yea, thanks…

(I finish ringing everything up without another word from her. Her total comes up to roughly 220 dollars.)

Me: Alright your total is $221.34, is there anything else you’ll be needing?

(She just shakes her head while rummaging through her purse as in to saying ‘no’ and I continue on with my work, assuming she’s just had a bad day or such.)

Me: Alrighty then! Will that be cash or credit?

(She looks up to me scoldingly from her purse and I am taken aback as I think I’ve been nice this entire time.)

Her: *pulls out credit card* Credit.

Me: Okay, just slide it in the card reader in front of you.

Her: *slides card through and signs reader*

Me: Seems everything’s gone through smoothly, would you like a receipt?

Her: Why do you wear that?

(I print out the receipt in an effort to dodge the question, which, despite the fact I’m asked it every once in a while, I hate having to answer, so much my friends usually answer with a lie for me.)

Her: Are you stupid? Why. Do. You. Wear that?

Me: *getting nervous and uncomfortable* Thank you for shopping with us!

(She then leans over the counter and quickly grabs my scarf’s base right by my neck, making me give a slight scream in terror as Im jolted forward. She continues to try and undue it, but due to its length, it just gets more and more tangled and tighter around my neck. At this point I’m putting up a pretty big struggle, but she has me pulled over the counter so I’m obviously losing. It doesn’t take long for my manager to notice, as he rushes to me quickly and tries pulling her off of me with the help of my coworker and a few customers. Once she’s finally off my manager calls the cops and she’s taken away and I’m asked if I’d like to press chargers for assault, lucky for her I declined.)

(I’m sitting against the wall, having redone my scarf and trying to catch my breath, this is the first time anything like this had ever happened, when my coworker comes and sits by me. I have a tendency to make jokes out of bad situations.)

Coworker: You okay, that looked kind of scary.

Me: Are you kidding?! It scared the daylight out of me! I thought I was going to die in the middle of a grocery store! *laughs*

Coworker: Well I’m glad you’re not hurt, if you died you couldn’t go see a movie with me next Saturday…

(I did quit that job, despite my love for my coworkers and manager, in the end. And yes, my coworker, now boyfriend, and I did see that movie together. He also bought me a new, shorter, scarf- which is now an annual thing for him to get on our anniversary. I have never been happier.)

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