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(i’m a young nurse working at an adult day care, and i helping the staff hand out breakfast. i walk by an older patient who refuses to remove his cowboy hat and sunglasses. He smacks me on the behind.)
me: (turns around)
patient (looks me dead in the eye) Coffee. (goes back to eating)
what could i do but get the man his coffee lol! like a boss!

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I was working graveyard shift and a customer comes in at 4 am and I have started running store reports that shuts down all equipment until the reports are done printing. The customer tells me,”I need to buy some gas.” I tell him,”I’m sorry sir it will  be about five minutes because my reports are running.” He tells me,”No,you don’t understand I need to buy some gas.” I tell him again,”I’m sorry sir but it will be about five minutes while the reports print.” He goes outside and starts pressing buttons on the gas pump to try and get gas. While he is outside my manager comes in and starts asking me questions about my shift and where I was with the closing paperwork. The customer comes running in from outside and says,”Excuse me sir,are you the manager?” My manager says,”Yes I am.” Customer tells him,”Look I told her that I need to purchase gas and I want it now.” My manager tells him,”I’m sorry sir it will be about two minutes more while the reports finish running.” So the customer stood there with arms crossed and glaring at us while the reports finish. After they finish,he pays for his gas and goes on his merry way!!

Might Need A New Nanny To Watch Their Privilege

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(I was just hired with this company. The chief information officer, department lead, and a couple of teammates invite me to lunch. I am sitting there listening to the CIO grumble about his home life.)

CIO: “Yeah, my wife is complaining that we need to hire another nanny for the kids.”

Boss: “Uh… don’t you already have a nanny?”

CIO: “Yes, we have two nannies. But one is the nighttime nanny and the other is the daytime nanny, and sometimes the kids have different activities going on.”

Boss: “Uh, don’t you have like… two kids?”

CIO: “Yeah?”

Boss: “And, um, your wife is still a stay-at-home mother, right?”

CIO: “Yes?”

Boss: *blink*

CIO: “Oh, well, my wife has to go to parent meetings, and shopping, and she has a few groups… and…”

(It’s still not sinking in to the CIO what an elitist a**hole he’s being yet.)

Me: “Gosh, it must be so nice to have three nannies and have all those activities! Me, I have been raising two kids by myself the last ten years, and I work eighty hours a week… Sure wish I could afford a nanny!”

(Everyone else at the table stares at me aghast.)

CIO: “Uh, yeah… um… so…. How about [project at work]?”

(After we get back to the office, my boss says:)

Boss: “OH, MY GOD, that was the best thing I’ve ever seen. I’m still not sure the CIO got what a snob he was being, but he at least looked embarrassed for the first time ever. Good work!”

Not So Hippy Dippy

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(I had only been working for a couple of months, and had already heard lots of odd things from customers. On this day, a customer comes up to my register and notices my name tag.)

Customer: Oh, [My Name]?

(I’m used to hearing comments about it, since I’m named after a state capital that’s also a Native American tribe, and is spelled the same. I’m used to comments about the spelling, whether I’m from there, or how many they’ve known. I wasn’t prepared for this customer, however.)

Me: *prepares for a usual response, just in case* “Yes.”

Customer: “Your parents must’ve been hippies.”

Me: *slightly shocked* ”Um… “No, sir. My dad is just southern.”

(I’ve still never figured out why my parents must be hippies for my name, and a year later I’ve never been asked it again, but my mom got a laugh out of it!)

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(My coworker has just split up with her boyfriend and is having a hard time of it at work. She’s already had to go to the bathroom a few times to cry. It’s at the end of her shift and I’m helping a customer with her balloon order.)

Coworker: [My name], do I look okay?

Me: Your eyes are still a little puffy, but it looks more like you haven’t slept well.

Customer: Did you hear that? She just told you that you look horrible! Not just horrible, but she said you look horrible and fat! Not just that, but she also called you horrible names behind your back.

Coworker: *Looks wide-eyed in shock at first and turns to me* Did you really say that?

Me: *Catching onto the joke* Yep, sure did. I also said how you like flirting with the guys around here and always bringing booze to work without sharing.

Customer: I can’t believe it! Not only did she say you look horrible, fat, and call you names behind your back, but now she’s saying you’re also a ho and a drunk! I wouldn’t take that if I were you. You should tattle on her to your manager about her pill-popping addiction.

Coworker: *Cracks up laughing*

Customer: Don’t worry, I’ll tell the manager for you. I’m on to her tricks.

(I cracked jokes with her the rest of the time, and I’m grateful she was able to bring a smile to my coworker’s face.)

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