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(I was in an aisle with a customer, and as I was straightening things up, I could tell he was eyeing me. He abruptly turns to me:)

Customer: HEY! Anybody ever tell you brunettes are the shit!?

Me: *suppressed laughter* I’m sorry, what?

Customer: Yeah! Your boyfriend is real lucky!

Me: Th-thanks…

(Later, as I was walking by the front, I pass him again as he’s being rung up by my coworker.)

Customer: Hey man, look at that girl, aren’t brunettes the shit!? I told her brunettes are the shit!

(My older, cooler, male coworker glances at me as I scurried away as fast as I could.)

Coworker: *laughing* Yeah man, whatever.

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(I am 13 years old at the time. My aunt has just picked me up from school and wants a slushy, so we look for a place to get one. We find a convenience store near a gas station and go in to get some slushies.)

Aunt: *Looking through cups* Don’t they have any bigger cups?

Me: Go ask, maybe they’ll have something bigger.

*My aunt goes and asks an employee if there are bigger cups, and he goes into a cabinet to look for them. At this point, I’ve decided to get a drink instead, and I’m waiting for my aunt to get her slushy.*

Employee: I’m sorry, we don’t seem to have any bigger slushy cups at the moment. You can use one of our regular drink cups, though. *He hands my aunt one of the bigger drink cups.*

Aunt: *Looking at the cup and the price.* But this one will cost me more than the other one.

Me: Well, of course it will, it’s a bigger cup.

Aunt: But they’re charging me more for the cup and not the liquid.

*At this point she goes off on the employee, and I’m very clearly embarrased by this display. I eventually get fed up with her silliness.*

Me: Just use the cup!

Aunt: No. You can buy your drink, I’ll be outside.

*She hands me some money and walks out, leaving me in the store. I walk up to the counter and pay, apologizing for my Aunt’s behavior before I go. When I get in her car, she rants about the whole ordeal.*

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I used to work at a dollar store on the really bad side of town. One day a guy comes in with a really bad attitude. He eventually starts going off about how the customer is always right. I completely lose it and tell him to leave my register and leave the store. On another location, a lady told me she was never coming back to the store. I then gladly told her ” Good. Have a Great DAY.”

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(I’m picking up two to-go orders from a restaurant I frequent. I get my food and go to pay. Side note: the elderly owner doesn’t allow anyone to work the register except himself.)

Me: *gives him the ticket for the first order*

Owner: “Your total is $7 even.”

(I pay with a $20 and he gives me back a ten and three ones. I give him the ticket for the second order, which ends up being more than $3, so I pay with the ten-dollar bill. The owner places the bill on top of the cash drawer while he gets my change, and then he hands me some ones and another ten.)

Me: *hands him back the ten* “I paid with a $10 the second time.”

(He looks surprised but looks at me and then the bill still on top of the drawer and quickly takes back the extra ten and points a finger at me.)

Owner: “I was just testing you. Have a good day!”

Me: “Riiight…”

(I keep thinking, “What would have happened if the register came up short later and he couldn’t blame anyone else?”)

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(We own a bakery and provide free wifi for our customers in case they want to sit down and relax. There’s a sign on the door to let them know that. )

Customer: So where’s my free wifi? Can I get one?